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  1. Alba gu Bràth We played a couple of friendlies in the build up to China '62 and just look at that result against the mighty Brazil ! A famous night at Hampden that one. So the summer came along and I must admit I was very cocky about the group games against Japan and Morocco. Things started brilliantly against Japan but then I thought that second place got you through as well so I rested my entire starting eleven and got found out against Morocco to then look at the group after to see first place was highlighted and second wasn't so thought I'd got it horribly wrong and we'd cra
  2. End of Season Review 2061-62 A fantastic season for the club as we managed a double, a second league title in a row alongside the Scottish Cup. We didn't do so well in Europe this year but we were dealt a toughie of a group, we really haven't managed to get much luck with the draws in the Champions League so far. We're improving the training and youth facilities each season and the stadium is getting expanded each year with more and more season tickets sold so I'm really managing to establish the club as one of the big players now in the domestic game. Can
  3. Youth Intake 2062 A couple of good prospects this year in the intake so let's get down to business... Richard McKeown is one of the big bright hopes this year in the BWM role. A decent personality and great PA and he might be the one to take over from Chris Campbell in the long run. Next up, alongside McKeown in midfield, we have Dean Rodgers. He could be a CM or BWM but we will train him as a CM for the time being. Probably won't be a mainstay of the squad but he'll add extra depth for a few season's and we'll hope to sell him on for some cash when the time is right/an off
  4. Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2061-62 Our first cup final! Our first major cup win! Yes, we've finally ended our semi final hoodoo and made it to a cup final and actually managed to win it as well. The semi final against Championship side Raith was tough though, we needed penalties to see us through but what a watershed moment. After that we marched to Hampden to face a Hearts team in poor form and we blew them out the water. It was late goals that saw us get the win but we'd been bombarding their goalmouth for almost the entire second half. Not only our first cup win but also a sec
  5. Alba gu Bràth The draw for the World Cup, China '62, has been made... Should be smooth sailing into the knock-out rounds
  6. Youth Intake Preview Could do with another central defender if I'm honest but it's still a very promising write up so let's see what we get this year.
  7. Nov/Dec/Jan 2061-62 Told you Brugge were no slouches! Defeat over in Belgium I thought had scuppered my chances of a third place finish but a miraculous win at home to Italian giants Juventus meant that if I played really well and kept my fingers crossed then I might actually make it into the Europa League after Christmas. But that didn't happen. Real took me apart with ease and I finished bottom of the group alongside Juventus equal on points and Brugge actually took second spot and advanced. Domestically we are still playing incredibly well and only lost twice in the
  8. Alba gu Bràth A tricky little group as we played through the China '62 World Cup Qualifiers, don't let the table below fool you. Only two games we dropped points but until the last round of games it could of been anyone between us, Wales and the Ukraine. We were quite experimental with our squad selection over the period and a few of the older heads have now given way to a younger group and I'm excited to see how we measure up against the best in the world next summer. Sadly, most of our best talent is playing in leagues outside Scotland including a couple of lads at PSG, o
  9. Aug/Sept/Oct 2061-62 A great start of the season for the Tin Pail domestically... ...f*****g Dundee though ! Absolutely hate they guys now . Yes, the Dee's have ended our hopes of a cup final in the Betfred Cup as they send us crashing out with a skelping at the quarter final stage. They've also managed to beat us at home in the league to inflict our only loss so far in the league campaign. We've had draws on the opening day to the green half of Glasgow and also the maroon half of Edinburgh but other than that we've been setting a blistering pace and find ourselves 4 point
  10. For a Journeyman save I'd normally play somewhere between 5-10 years at each club. I answered the poll wrong before I read the first post though and selected 20+ years because my current save is 43 years, sorry about that.
  11. Season 2061-62 Preview Ok folks, let's get ready for another season with the Tin Pail and see if we can do something which we've never attempted before and that's to retain our title. The preseason games went well as we played some great football and had some tough games amongst it. Beating the might Borussia Dortmund in Simon Bell's testimonial was a huge highlight. I know teams don't play their strongest sides in these games but it's still good to take a scalp like that and a boost of confidence for the lads. Some big sides are now starting to look at me and think I could
  12. Thank you for the congrats and taking the time to let me know you've enjoyed the thread, it's always good to read what others are thinking.
  13. Great feeling! I’d been planning on calling it a day after 2072/73 and I’d have been really torn if I hadn’t of won some major trophies so now I’ve ticked it off I can relax and enjoy this last decade and change.
  14. End of Season Review 2060-61 Champions! How can I say anything else other than what a great season it was? In all aspects. From a business point of view our season tickets were up, the average attendance was up thanks to last years stadium improvements and our bank balance is swollen thanks to the Champions League group spot, something that we will enjoy again next season. On the pitch we were brilliant. The team has a nice blend of ages now, good experience and great CA and PA. We're really performing well and I'm confident going into all games barring the Champions
  15. Youth Intake 2061 A couple of really good prospects this season and a couple of others signed to flesh out the squad so let's have a look. First up, we have right back Paolo Caddeo. He could be a squad player at the club as he has some PA which means he could do a job but he has a poor personality. He's, again, more been signed as one of the clubs right backs may leave in the summer. Iain McDowall has said he wants to leave for more game time which I can't complain about so I've signed Stuart Dunn as back up in central defence. He won't amount to much at the club I don't t
  16. Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2060-61 Champions of Scotland! We managed to hold our nerve and get ourselves over the line 41 year after my first game in charge, 6 promotions & a near half century of development we can say we are now the greatest team in the country. It was a bit of a shaky march to the title after draws with bogey side Dundee and Dunfermline and then losses to the Dons and the Hibees in the top six split but we managed to get one over on the green half of Glasgow meaning we just needed to avoid defeat against the blue half of Glasgow to crown ourselves champions whic
  17. Youth Intake 2061 A good left back would be nice this year.
  18. Alba gu Bràth The draw for the World Cup Qualifiers has been made and it's been kind to us. Wales will be the toughest games but I seem to have them in my back pocket in recent games so I don't fear them. I'll be treating the campaign as an opportunity to bring through some of the younger lads and see what they can do at this level. No doubt the press will slaughter me saying my selection policy is extreme.
  19. Nov/Dec/Jan 2060-61 A strong period domestically. We've developed a 5 point lead at the top of the table and I think that we could be on course for our first ever SPL title. We're playing some good football and James Ward has been in good goal scoring form with Marc Duffy incredible between the sticks at the other end of the field. We've managed to advance in the Scottish Cup and despite a drubbing by Barca in the Champions League we've still managed to finish third and will play European football after Christmas as we take on Sporting Lisbon in the Europa League knock-outs
  20. Alba gu Bràth A really tough campaign and some real tricky games. We had a real upset in the first game as we probably didn't give enough respect to Romania and paid the price. We were so dominant in the first game against Italy and should have won but we didn't and that cost us. The friendly against China looks bad but we played a weakened side to have a look at a few players and lost three goals including a penalty in the last 10 minutes to lose. Italy in the second game were devastating on the counter but we managed to beat Wales in the last game to finish a respect
  21. Aug/Sept/Oct 2060-61 Opening day heartache but that has given way to a great run of form! We lost to the Bhoys on the opening day but since then we've been brilliant and find ourselves top of the league after the first period of time. We're playing great football and had some great results including a 4-0 win against bogey team Dundee and a 5-2 win against the Jambos which has really given me confidence. Hearts are having a shocking start though and find themselves second bottom, the reigning champions. We're out of the Betfred Cup in the quarters but that doesn't matt
  22. Season 2060-61 Preview A tough group of fixtures again for preseason and some patchy form but I never really played a full strength team in any games so I'm not too fussed. The boys are all fit and match sharp and we should hopefully hit the ground running this season as the opening day is a game against the Hoops. So the players and the board now think we can achieve a mid-table finish, the bookies as well... There has been a sale over the summer but not a major one as one of my academy graduates leaves to join Championship side Raith Rovers... So som
  23. Alba gu Bràth We sailed through the group stage of Euro 2060. We actually went one down in the opening game against Slovakia but a goal from central midfield levelled it up for us but still our first half performance was nae that impressive. I put fresh legs on in one of the AMC berths by bringing Aberdeen inverted winger Reece Scullion and he made an instant impact by going on a jinking run before curling the ball into the top corner and put us in the lead. We were off to the races then and saw out the game in command. We were dominant in the next game and easily brus
  24. Got the money to pay for it but not quite sure how much the increase will cost in the day to day running so I've been cautious about asking for it until the stadium debt is paid off.
  25. End of Season Review 2059-60 Close but no cigar. That seems to be our club motto currently. It was a good season for a club of our stature. We're improving all the time in every possible respect from the top to the bottom. Our season tickets are up, the average attendance is in the high 90% and the board have agreed to an expansion. It's not be much but it's a start. We were better on the pitch as well with the fewest amount of games lost ever since we came up to the Premiership so on and off the pitch we are doing the right things and improving. I can not wait for 2063 when th
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