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  1. I'm so sorry if this is covered somewhere or indeed if it can already be done but can we have some way of giving back transfer budgets to instead invest in club improvements? I regularly do youth only saves and find it infuriating that over time I can build up a big transfer kittie through not spending yet I can not convert this back into the clubs coffers to instead invest in my youth academy or training facilities.
  2. I know how to place stuff in the editor file but how do I go about unzipping something? The custom database that I've used previously was just a download it and pop it in the editor folder and away you go job.
  3. Nope, I’m rubbish at techie stuff. Guessing I have to do something to the download to get it to work as nothing happening? Anyone able to advise me?
  4. Yeah I went back and read through, I got confused as per the conversation in the thread. I’ve now started a new game again with Fort William
  5. Well, assuming I am able to install this database tonight and it’s straight forward from the link provided I will start this challenge tonight.
  6. That is not what has been discussed on here per the thread
  7. Ok so now I’m concerned. Pollock won the SJFA West Premiership last year but looking at their schedule played no play play off game and are still in the SJFA West Premiership, don’t tell me I can’t get promotion?
  8. In the rules and structure it just stops at Juniors Premiership as in reality that’s where it stops isn’t it? I can see by the green bar and your post about promotions that I obviously can advance so I’m not sweating it but yeah, not quite clear where I’m going lol.
  9. Wait, if it's 10 promotions then that's SJFA West League 2, 1, Championship, Premiership, SPL League 2, 1, Championship, I'm guessing Lowland League, HIghland League...that's 9, what league am I not realising I have to get through?
  10. Agreed that it is completely unrealistic however I'm guessing the hardcoding for the game just matches his reputation with the reputation of the team rather than being able to differentiate whether it would happen in reality or not.
  11. Managing Vale of Clyde so there is two other local lower league teams as well as Glasgow on the doorstep if they want top level football. I understand it's a rich picking area for teams so maybe the idea of a 'local' pull might not be there but I have a 3000 capacity stadium so that was built clearly with the idea that we can fill it from time to time if big boys come into town. I'm not expecting to sell out my stadium yet or even reach 750/1000 but surely with how well I'm doing I could be expecting maybe 3/350 to be showing up yet I only have crowds of 150 max for big games. I feel it isn't quite on the money with what I would expect to happen IRL.
  12. The thing with this that I don't understand though is why does it take so long for fans to come see you? I'm managing a team in the lower leagues, in a very competitive region in terms of clubs on offer I fully understand, and I've won three back to back titles to shoot us up the pyramid yet I've only had 100 more at home games come to see us. Now the season ticket sales I could understand being slow (even as cheap as they are) but I would think local folk would come along casually to give us a watch considering what I'm achieving.
  13. OMG had to come back and check on this as in game it doesn’t list promotion when you reach the SJFA West Premiership. 2 seasons as Vale of Clyde and I’m into SJFA Championship doing a youth only challenge currently.
  14. Oww I like the look of this, might give it a bash on FM20. Only just started dipping my toes into custom database's and having too much fun down in the bottom of Scotland's lower leagues.
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