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  1. My guess, 28th October. Won't be rushing out for it this year but I'm definitely lurking in this thread, the ONLY place to be.
  2. Tend not to go in any of the top 5 leagues in Europe and not go a top team in whichever country I choose. Try to choose a a country that has a few leagues in it and I like to try and take a club outside the top league up the ranks. If I go one step further and do some research I like to try and choose a team with a rich history who’s fallen down the pecking order or a big city that doesn’t have a team competing at the top. Basically a team in which I have to struggle with to enrich. I don’t understand people who go for top teams with huge bank and just splash the cash to win.
  3. I did a one club save with a custom database starting with no rep or badges and took Vale of Clyde from the seventh tier of Scottish football to the SPL and at the end of the first season in the SPL accomplishing survival I was approached for the Holland and Portuguese jobs despite having won nothing other then the promotions. Found it very odd.
  4. I generally do long term saves of 30+ years but I do manage a few saves each release like that as last few years I’ve had a lot of down time with the death of a parent and then COVID lockdowns and the like. Last time I had just a one save release was FM18 I think when I had a really enjoyable journeyman. Started out at Hearts I believe, could have been Aberdeen. Took them to the title and Champions League football and then left for Watford after around 7/8 years. Had a few years with them before a great 4 years at Sampdoria winning two quadruples of Serie A, Italian Cup, Italian Community Shield and Europa League before moving on to a frustrating time at the Yellow Submarine, Villarreal. Around a decade there where I could not break the duopoly of Real and Barca before going back to Scotland to take over League 1 Airdrie who I took all the way up into Europe over roughly 20 years. All in all it was 39 years, remember that clearly as I was torn to reach 40 or start the next BETA. This year I’ll probably have a BETA save and then going to try for one save with proper release doing a slightly watered down Pentagon Challenge. It won’t be heavily focused on achieving the challenge but more force me to go round the world as I want to avoid the big five leagues and really play all those countries and leagues most people don’t run towards…except America. Coz f*** that player contract bull****
  5. I’ve been playing in South America the past few months for the first time ever and I’m really enjoying being away from Europe and learning about the different league set ups down there. So FM22 I’ve decided that I will try and have a one save file journeyman around the world trying to do the Pentagon challenge, although I won’t be sticking strictly to the rules as I won’t have player masking on and will probs start with a National A licence. Plan is to start in Asia before moving on to Africa, South America, Europe then finally North America. One thing is for sure though, I will NOT be managing in any of the big 5 European leagues. I’ve made a rule with myself that I want to experience more of the game instead of doing the same thing I’ve done for literally decades
  6. This years FM, 47 years taking Vale of Clyde from Scottish tier 7 to Champions League. All my saves tend to be a minimum of 25+ years. Next FM22 could be a one save file kind of year though as planning on the Pentagon Challenge. There’s guys/girls in the Youth Only challenge who are hundreds of years in.
  7. What made Peru so much fun? I’ve been playing through South America for the first time and done Argentina, Brazil and Chile so far and thought I wouldn’t bother with Peru now as I’ve got all my badges and won Sudamerica so thought Peru might be a step back but if you recommend venturing back to it I might give it a go.
  8. I’ve been having a lot of fun in South America recently. Great talent and the money isn’t crazy in the transfer market so you can recruit well, it’s been really refreshing compared to Europe. Brazil is a lot of fun as is Columbia. I’m a big fan of German lower league, especially if you hook up an extension pack and try and work your way up. Done that with Gutersloh the past two FMs with great enjoyment.
  9. For me getting that far I'd say around 3/4 hours a day and more on weekends. Basically unless I'm out or watching a film I've got my laptop on and plugging away. Guess that will change when kids come but, they're no hassle right? What I heard anyways so maybe shave an hour off when they come
  10. Does this mean he’ll be in the game as an actual player?
  11. Was texting my FM playing pals about this last night and I would be very interested in managing in Spain in FM22 if the financial burden clubs are under was properly addressed in the game and the salary caps were in place.
  12. Is ten season's considered a "big save"? I feel satisfied in the poll but the truth is it depends on the save and how it's gone. I did 47 years with a club this year which I documented in the career thread but by the end I was thinking about my next save and it had run it's course, I was only keeping it going the last few seasons for the sake of the thread and my immediate thought was relief. I did 15-20 at Gutersloh after that but got bored once I'd got them into Europe so that felt anti-climactic. But when I look back after some time I feel satisfied as while the save was happening it was fun. The most satisfied I can be is when I end up in a save like @roykela, the aim every year is to just have one save file the entire game.
  13. I know there will be more work going into developing the new feature but I think for us as players it simply means more leagues to choose. I don’t think we will be forced to have the woman’s leagues loaded into our game as you are suggesting. If you don’t wish to play within the women’s leagues then don’t load them. For us as players that’s all it will mean.
  14. Can’t say that I feel strongly either way about it. It’s extra leagues to play at the end of the day which can only be a good thing. I think someone already mentioned it previously in here but, for us long term, journeyman type players I think it will add a new dimension to gameplay and further open up different ways of playing and taking your career.
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