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  1. Apr/May 2056-57 A terrible way to end the season as we just rolled over. Our Europa Conference run came to an end against City in the Battle of Britain. This was to be expected and I thought we actually played well in the game at the Ashley Neto Arena and was hopeful that maybe we could cause an upset at the Etihad but we had the rug pulled out from under us and it was men against boys sadly. At least I can make the excuse that we actually were playing boys with half of the side actually being teenagers. Our league form was horrendous after that as we only managed 1 point o
  2. Youth Intake 2057 Review Well the hype in the preview has not lived up to the actual graduates sadly. Only three players have been picked up. Derek Hendry has been picked up for central defence. He probably won't set the heather on fire and will be nothing more than a squad player but he's one of the best of an average bunch. Will Boyd is much the same as Hendry in terms of my expectations. The best of the bunch is Craig Hutcheon. A great personality and sold potential so we will train him up as an attacking midfielder and hope that he can go on and become a good playe
  3. Feb/Mar 2056-57 With so many games over the end of the season I've split the last four months this time out. A good period for the club as we manage to overcome both Croatian side Dinamo and German heavyweights VfL Wolfsburg on penalties to set up a Battle of Britain glamour tie against Manchester City. Unless we can keep it tight and take it to penalties I suspect this is where our journey will end. I thought we'd be able to make in roads into the Scottish Cup but frustratingly we ended up going out rather meekly to Championship side Kilmarnock. The league is going we
  4. Winter Transfer Window 2057 Quite a bit of action in this period so I thought I'd give it a dedicated post. Max left as we have plenty of options up front and he didn't have the best of PA so we allowed him to make his own decision of where he wanted to go after a few clubs came in for him and he chose St Johnstone. Didn't get much for him but there is a sell on clause so I'm sure we'll see a modest fee paid to us in the future. Calum was another one who didn't really have the PA to ever really stake a claim for the first team and he moved on for another very modest f
  5. Nov/Dec/Jan 2056-57 We managed to secure our place in the knock-out rounds of the Europa Conference so I'm excited about further European football in the new year. The draw has been made but as I'm writing I've actually not checked who we will face but hopefully it's a winnable tie and we can advance to the later stages of the competition. We looked strong in the league and up until the game against Celtic in the new year we were actually within touching distance of top spot and I thought if results went our way we might just get involved in our first SPFL title fight but the t
  6. Youth Intake Preview 2057 An exciting write up this year so I have high hopes about how it might turn out, fingers crossed
  7. Jul/Aug/Sept/Oct 2056-57 A solid start to the season this year. We, thankfully, have managed to navigate our way through the Europa Conference qualifying rounds after trips to Georgia and Iceland have been rewarded with this group. Valencia is obviously a toughie and I wasn't sure what level Sivasspor would be but at the halfway point I'm confident that we will be able to get through to the knock-outs in second. We didn't make the boards request of a quarter final appearance in the Betfred Cup after we got papped out by the Dons in a mauling. How the board can request a qua
  8. Season 2056-57 Preview Betfred Cup has gone well this year and there's also the first round of the Europa Conference qualifiers mixed in there. There was a lot of use of the younger players in the squad but to be fair the whole squad, barring the recent academy graduates and one or two others, are around the same level so I'm actually starting to think we're a formidable club this year. I don't think we'll be title challengers but I'm thinking we can be a comfortable top five side again and maybe be pushing for third or fourth. However the rest of the opinions in the save
  9. Thanks mate, been one of the most enjoyable saves I've had on FM in many a year. Make sure to check in and let me know how you get on in your save
  10. Season 2055-56 Review Well seeing the stats in front of me I've got to say I'm shocked. Technically our league form was worse than last year, it didn't feel like that playing through. I thought it was a good league campaign this year, a strong campaign but I guess I swapped a few wins against the bigger sides to not losing against the smaller teams. We had some great results in the cups this year and managed to reach the semi-finals in the domestic cups and reached the 1st knock-out round in the Europa League. The Ashley Neto Arena is proving a big hit as fans flocked to i
  11. Youth Intake 2056 Review Really poor personalities this year out which is a real shame. Some talent to work with this year but nothing to get excited about really. We signed four players to contracts who can hopefully go on and be squad players in the years ahead or at the least be a stop gap if called upon. First up we have Nathan Houston. A right wing back but the interesting thing about him is he is comfortable on either foot so I might look to train him on the left and use him as a utility player as it would free up an extra space on my bench would could be valuable in the f
  12. Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2055-56 Well, a very comfortable top six finish as we were aiming for. In fact, it was a comfortable 5th place finish which will get me European football again next season. Sadly one European place has been lost by the league so 6th place would not have seen my get lucrative European ties next year. Our league form was fine over the period, as expected really. We easily outplayed teams in the bottom half and picked up the wins but we did struggle against the top six sides with the exception of Dunfermline. Who would have thought the Pars would get a top six finis
  13. The knock out rounds of the Europa League has been drawn and we've got ourselves a tough tie. In saying that though I've not done my homework yet to see how well Monaco have faired within the save previously, but by todays' standards on paper it looks a tough tie.
  14. Nov/Dec/Jan 2055-56 I mean, let's not make too much of a big deal about the Tottenham result ok folks? We were never likely to win the match so I played the kids seeing as we had Rangers up next so in that sense, despite the embarrassment of the Tottenham game, I feel I was justified. A strong period for the club though as we suffered only two losses to top of the table sides. Aberdeen had been on an absolute tare up until January and had been undefeated and I thought they might be on for their first title since the 80's but they've slipped up a bit since and let Celtic back in.
  15. Youth Intake 2056 Preview Another Kiwi striker, I'm not sure how that's come about as I don't have any New Zealand staff or scouting range there.
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