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  1. So now that the Euros and Copa America are over that’s the 2020-21 season done and dusted. European qualifiers are about to get under way this week and some countries leagues/cups have already got started so the 2021-22 season has officially begun and my thoughts are now turning to who I might manage on the next Football Manager instalment. So I thought I’d get the ball rolling and ask, anyone got any early ideas for what kind of challenge/save they’re going to take on for FM22? For me, I have my long term save secure in my mind for when the full fat FM22 drops but for the BETA
  2. I’d like to say thanks to the Spanish keeper for making an arse of that to take the heat of big Marsh for the second Czech goal in our game.
  3. I’ve only just started getting to grips with editing the game i.e. adding faces, skins, logos and the like with the in game editor. I know how to add a badge in for the club in general but how do/where do I get the ID code for the small badge that shows in the league tables?
  4. We’ve no made it out of a group stage before and if you’d have said before it if we’d be able to go into the last game with our fate in our hands I’d have taken it. I genuinely think we have a strong squad and if we could just unearth someone who could put the ball in the net we’d be threat and could make it out the group. I’m a Rangers fan but I’m so disappointed Griffiths wasn’t involved more this year as I think him up top for Scotland and we’d be in with a chance.
  5. Well, all about being a disgruntled ex now and try to get an equaliser and ruin the Croats getting through. We’re clearly out.
  6. Maybe I’m distracted by nerves but I’ve not picked up on Armstrong’s poor showing. Before the game though I would have said around the 70 minute mark Armstrong should be off for Turnbull and Dykes off for Nisbet.
  7. At 1-1 we’ve got absolutely no chance
  8. How have you no seen that before? Been doing the rounds for about 2 year. Did you no know where the song came from? I’ll say it now in the hope I’m proved wrong, we’ve no chance now. One down, Hanley off, McKenna on and on a yellow already…can see us losing by more before the game is done.
  9. Game on the mora troops! Win and we’re definitely through.
  10. Austria won which means if Finland or Russia lose then if we beat Croatia we’re guaranteed to go through now.
  11. Peak Scotland, last man of the match is out of tomorrow night with COVID.
  12. Aye I thought they were talking about Gilmour getting a second wind. I’d probably keep the team the same but I’d be more trigger happy with the subs. Same side for first 45 then I’d put Nisbet on for Dykes at half time, Forrest for O’Donnell at half time and then see where we are around the hour/70 minute mark.
  13. Well, you’s we’re right. We went too defensive. Think we all forgot Scotland’s record at finals. We were never gunna beat the easiest team. We’ll lose to the English them beat Croatia once we’re out.
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