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  1. Yeah I had an issue trying to figure out how to change it once it's been set as a player grumbled a punishment was too lenient, couldn't figure out how to change it though.
  2. With out a doubt yes. If someone is bidding double value on any of my players I'm selling. I'm all about the youth though and always manage smaller teams and you would expect me to sell.
  3. I know that bit pal, but there doesn’t seem to be a “is responsible for bringing youth to the club” like in previous years just buttons for signings and transfers which I don’t want anyone else signing players but clearly one of them relates to newgens.
  4. I changed my HOYD and now it feels like my u18s manager is bringing the youth into the club. Where about’s in the responsibility’s can I change that?
  5. Rangers fan but I have in fact managed Celtic once in FM14 I think it was, I like to try and build a fully Scottish squad and try to compete in Europe and they had a great group of Scots at the time. Didn’t last the season though it just felt wrong. I think the only place I would never EVER go would be to manage that lot south of the border. I would get no joy at all taking England to a title.
  6. I've just added in the English/Italian/French/Dutch leagues which will become active end of this season, that should help yes?
  7. 3 season's in with only the Scottish leagues loaded and I'm having HUGE difficulty selling my unwanted players. Nobody wants them even at knock down prices, never encountered this before. Evan a star player valued at £9.5m who wants away, offered him out and not one interested party. Can't be right surely?
  8. I thought it had already happened in my game and I'm only August 2020. If it was Brexit in my game and I'm not mistaken then, I got a soft brexit. Remember thinking "Oh that's different" as last year it was always hard and always like the quote above...and I did manage in Scotland
  9. I'm not convinced by the whole "keep it simple in lower leagues" stance. Personally I don't adjust my tactics and play a Bielsa press type of game in any league I'm in as I enjoy setting up like that and I played like that in last years @Morrissey lower Scottish leagues database and had huge success guiding my team to the top of the juniors division. With regards to players you need to think about what it is you want from them in their positions and how you play, as previously mentioned if you have wingers then look for good speed. In midfield maybe have one with good passing the other with good tackling etc etc. I personally don't see why you can't play how you want in any division. Mind, that may change with the new club vision this year.
  10. I know I'm not for instant result I'm just pointing out what happened.
  11. I mean, we're splitting hairs here. Walter was in attendance in the stands but it is widely known that Ally was left to control the team for the cup games. You can interpret that how you will. For me, I see that as Walter giving control to Ally as he was grooming him to be his successor and he did not manage the team for those games.
  12. Hey I'm not for an instant results but you said "a manager never has the option of saying to his assistant here pal you take today's game," and I feel like Walter did do that. Just playing devils advocate here.
  13. Actually in Scottish football when Walter Smith was in his second stint he did let Ally McCoist pick the team, tactics and manage the game on the side for the League Cup, maybe Scottish Cup as well can't quite remember that detail. But still, 'just say no' to instant results button.
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