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  1. I’m not the savviest with computers but since we’ve all been indoors the past year I’ve been teaching myself how to get all the add ons for FM. Today I figured out how to get facepacks working for newgens. I’ve downloaded a few packs one of which will auto assign mass blocks and understands ethnicity, the other you have to manually assign to the player ID’s. I prefer the pictures that you have to manually assign but this is obviously very time consuming. So my question is, if I were to remove the pictures from the ethnic folders already there and replace them with the pictures I
  2. July/Aug/Sept/Oct 2033-34 Well, I was not expecting this start at all. I must front up and say though that, after my last post saying I was planning on still playing attacking football, I actually did switch to a more conservative 'positive' approach to my play after the Partick game and never looked back. I thought the games against Stirling, Kelty and Heriot-Watt were winnable games and expected to lose to then second placed Peterhead and actually rotated players due to the packed fixtures yet I still came out of it with a convincing win. Unbelievable form really. I don't
  3. Season 2033-34 Preview No preseason this summer as I decided to use the Betfred Cup group games to get fitness up as there was no way we had any chance of advancing. Despite the fact we had so many losses I'm not too despondent with the results as we actually played some good football and were very competitive in games against teams that are all in higher leagues then we are. I decided to continue playing attacking football rather than try to be cautious as I think over the season ahead we will stand a better chance to survive if we manage to pick up 3 points here and there inst
  4. Thanks mate. Been a brilliant journey so far. Hopefully we won't go straight back down and can look to try keep moving forward.
  5. Season Review 2032-33 Well, it feels good to again say 'what a season'! I was hoping for a top 5 showing and to be able to keep pace for the majority of the season, add a few more faces and perhaps get promotion next year but the stars and planets all aligned and we managed to take the lot this year. It was a great season and it started with us hitting the ground running and finishing strong also. 21 wins in a season is my third best return ever and we were deserved winners this season. The cup run was a dream with our match against Hibs and you can see the effect it's had
  6. Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2032-33 Well after a shaky February we managed to rediscover our form and finish the league in a strong fashion. It came down to a final day showdown with Pollock of all teams. It must have been written in the stars. We were far too strong for them though and we managed to brush them aside and record our highest ever finish in the Lowland League in what transpires will be our last season here barring relegation in the years to come. We ended up having to face Forfar in the Highland-Lowland Play Off final and after we conceded a late equaliser in the first game, 9
  7. Youth Intake 2033 Another intake and another year of hurt. Nothing to write home about and nothing to get excited about. Jordan Stafford is the best of the bunch so I'm going to sign him to keep the bench warm and let John Henderson go. We've managed to get some money thanks to our Scottish Cup appearance against Hibs this season, more on that to follow, so we've actually been allowed to invest in facilities this month so hopefully next year the intake's will go up a notch. For League 2 player I would judge them to have a minimum CA of between 41 and 80 so that's the level
  8. Nov/Dec/Jan 2032-33 What did I say previously, definitely starting to carve out a grudge with Pollock. The only defeat of the period came at the hands of Pollock but that is one hell of a run we've gone on to find ourselves top of the tree and still with two games in hand to hopefully open up a gap. We've been phenomenal in both cup and league and the new signings really have taken us to another level. In saying that though Kieran Findlay has been playing out of his skin this term and he's probably the lowest CA/PA in the entire squad. We've again managed to get through to
  9. Intake 2033 Preview Well, if we're going to look at this glass half full, we do need a back up keeper ...
  10. July/Aug/Sept/Oct 2032-33 What a blistering start to the campaign we had before we went up against some of the bigger teams in the league and came unstuck. It's still been a very strong start overall though with just the two losses in the league and advancing in the cups. We are still within touching distance of top spot though so I'm still hopeful of a strong showing this season. Our defence have been brilliant so far with the keeper and back four all on over 7 point average performance so far and the rest of the starting eleven all in the high 6's. Let's hope we can keep
  11. Season 2032-33 Preview A strong preseason has brought confidence back up to a strong level and we're all excited to get the league under way this year determined to give a better showing than last year. A few new faces have arrived over the summer to add a better overall CA so let's take care of that before we make any season predictions... Marc Fraser has been brought in to be my starting right back having failed to make the grade at Stranraer and having spent last season on loan in this division playing for Edinburgh Uni and doing well. His lack of consistency is a worry
  12. Season 2031-32 Review Well...not written this in a while but I'm quite disappointed with the season if I'm honest. I would of expected this type of performance last year and last season's finish this year so I'm a bit frustrated by the way the year has gone. We did still manage to lift silverware this year and we also had a brilliant cup run so things weren't all bad but our league form was definitely not where I would of expected us to be in year three. The Scottish Cup run has boosted the coffers massively though and it's also allowed me to slightly improve our youth rec
  13. Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2031-32 A really strong way to end the season and I'm not just talking about our first ever Soccer Shop:Direct Challenge Cup trophy. We were knocked out quite easily by Killie in the Scottish Cup sadly but it generated us a high five figure pay day so that was the best we could really hope for in a game we were never going to win. We only lost once in the league in the final months which was pleasing and we turned in some good performances to and really fond some form. This carried us through the cups as we went on to win silverware in the Shop:Direct Cup ne
  14. Youth Intake 2032 Sadly for the second time in this save I will not be signing any of the intake to contracts. The PA is just no longer viable for the level I want to reach.
  15. Nov/Dec/Jan 2031-32 A decent run in November gave way to a turgid run in December and January which has left my hopes of a top 5 finish all but dead. I think at this point I'm playing for a mid-table finish now and hoping for a good run in the cups for the financial benefits it will bring. This is more akin to the season I was expecting last season so clearly last season I over achieved. Sadly I think I will have to go out in the summer and see who I can bring in on the free market as I don't think the squad we have, despite last seasons heroics, are good enough to propel m
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