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[FM24] Baltic Blitz – Lechia Gdansk


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An Open Letter to the Fans of Lechia Gdansk

Dear Lechia Gdansk Supporters,

I write to you today not just as the newly appointed manager, Dariusz Pomorski, but as one of you—a supporter, a local, and a believer in the potential of our beloved club. The path ahead for Lechia Gdansk, following our recent relegation and with the backing of new UAE investment, is one filled with promise and high ambition.

Our Commitments:

  • Climbing the European Ladder: The Ekstraklasa, currently at 23rd in the UEFA coefficients, doesn't reflect our nation's passion for football or its economic standing. It's time we place Polish football where it belongs, within Europe's top 6 leagues.
  • Filling the Stands: We aim to transform Gdansk Stadium, a jewel of our city, into a fortress with record-breaking attendance. Let's make matchdays the most attended events, surpassing even the grand Justin Timberlake concert the stadium hosted in 2014.
  • Developing World-Beaters: We will surpass the national record transfer fee by nurturing our players to be worth more than the €45 million benchmark set by Lewandowski's move.

Our Philosophy:

  • Sound Financial Moves: Each new player will be brought in with a clear financial strategy—no installments. Our economic stability is as crucial as our performance on the pitch.
  • Local and European Talent: Our scouting will prioritize the heart of our football—Polish talent, supplemented by the finest prospects Europe has to offer, foregoing the South American market in favor of developing homegrown and regional stars.
  • Respecting Player Wishes: Any player who wishes to depart will be allowed to do so, to maintain a focused and united squad.

As we embark on this journey, your role as fans is paramount. Together, we will witness the rise of Lechia Gdansk through a new era of strategic plays, youth development, and on-field triumphs. I'll be sharing regular updates and behind-the-scenes insights right here, offering a front-row seat to the evolution of our team.

This is more than a game. It's our collective dream to see Lechia Gdansk—and Polish football—soar to new heights.

Join me, lend your support, and let's begin the Baltic Blitz.

With respect and anticipation,
Dariusz Pomorski


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Pre-Season 2023/24

Stepping into the season, we faced quite the challenge: a team in disarray, limited to a roster of 17, lacking unity and solid leadership. It was a call to action, a moment to step up and transform our squad from the ground up.



Building on the base we found, to breathe new life into the team, we've made decisive moves in the transfer market. We've signed players who bring not only skill but also the right mindset to forge a solid team spirit. We've also made the tough calls to let some players go to maintain a keen focus on our strategic goals. This churn is not just about names on a sheet; it's about crafting a unit that resonates with our vision of success.


Our new defender, Jan Boller, has joined us on a free transfer, bringing a wealth of experience from the Austrian league and a solid start from his time at Bayer. Standing tall with excellent physical and mental attributes, Jan is the epitome of a team player, boasting a professional attitude that's infectious both on the field and in the dressing room. His technical prowess in heading and tackling positions him as a formidable center-back. While we're mindful of his injury history and will be managing his match load to keep him at peak condition, his slight weaknesses in bravery and core stability are areas we're confident will improve with our training regime. Jan's arrival is set to fortify our defense, promising to be a pivotal piece of our team's backbone.


Emmanuel Matuta steps into the squad with the task of filling the boots of Jan Bieganski in the heart of our midfield. His towering presence and enduring stamina make him well-suited to the challenge. With an admirable first touch and a solid technique, he’s primed to dictate play and keep the ball moving fluidly.

Adaptable and versatile, Matuta's ability to slot into different midfield roles will be instrumental in tweaking our tactics match by match. Mentally, he's equipped with the determination and concentration necessary to make crucial interventions and maintain performance under pressure.


Fryderyk Gerbowski, on loan from Wisla Plock and ticking the U-21 league requirement box, is poised to inject tactical flexibility and technical prowess into our midfield. His sharp mental attributes are a bonus for orchestrating play. While we'll bolster his physicality and offensive play, his current skill set is a match for our strategic ambitions. 


Our strategic moves in the transfer market have paid off—we've secured top talent and filled key positions. As a result, we're now the team to beat, with odds of 1.33 signaling our status as strong favorites. It's a testament to our hard work and your support. Let's embrace the challenge ahead!


You've been our twelfth player, and we're eager to feel your energy in the stands once again as we kick off against Motor. We're prepped to deliver thrilling, attacking football, even as we miss Rifet Kapic's prowess due to injury. Your cheers fuel our spirit—let's start this season with the roar of our home crowd behind us!



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Thanks a lot @Rikulec This is the first time I saw only 17 players and no sponsors at all in-game for the club of this stature. 

Btw, I'm enjoying your Latvian journey, and would love to see Mr. Laizāns jump back to club football in the future.

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A Rollercoaster Start: The Grit Behind Lechia’s Rebound

Dear Green-and-White Faithful,

Our season’s narrative began with high expectations, yet the script took an unexpected turn. The promised dominance materialized against Motor, but subsequent chapters tested our resolve.

Against Miedz, we twice tasted the lead, only to see our efforts dissolve. Then came Krakow - a battle led by our talisman Luis Fernandez, who once was their hero. Despite his valiant strikes, the win slipped like sand through our fingers.


The Tychy game was a wake-up call, a silent whistle with no shots on target. But it was the Podbeskidzie match that stung deeply, a theater of the absurd. Early elation turned to late despair, our efforts nullified by the referee's whistle and the cruel arc of a ball that found our net thrice with surgical precision.


Enough was enough. We circled the wagons, opened honest dialogue, and channeled our frustration into strategic finesse. We fortified our midfield with a dual DM strategy and set our sights on Katowice. It was there that Fryderyk Gerbowski, our midfield maestro, seized the day with a goal and an assist, rekindling the flame of our ambition.


Then, fate benched Gerbowski against Wisla, his parent club. Into this breach stepped Dawid Bugaj, the 19-year-old dynamo on loan. Tasked with a herculean debut, he didn't just rise to the occasion—he soared, scoring a screamer and serving an assist that reignited our season’s promise.



We stand on the cusp of a turning tide, bolstered by the brilliance of our youth and the unwavering spirit of Lechia. Your voices in the stands empower us; your faith is our fortress.

With hearts united, we march forward. Come, witness the fightback, the unity, the future taking shape.

Yours in Green and White,
Dariusz Pomorski

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Hey Lechia Faithful,

What a home victory! 🎉 We promised you attacking football and did we deliver or what? A 5-0 win that had our stadium shaking!


Let's hear it for Łukasz Zjawinski – four incredible goals, leading the charge like a true goal machine. He's not just a player; he's a one-man army on the pitch, now topping the league's scoring charts. 🥇


And can we talk about our captain, Luis Fernández? He's been a beast all season, racking up goals and assists. Six goals, five assists, and now the Player of September award – a leader in every sense. 👏


This is the energy, the spirit, the drive we've been talking about. It's the start of something big, and we couldn't have done it without your roaring support.


Let's keep this momentum going. We stand together, we win together.



For the badge, for the pride, for Lechia!

Stay loud, stay proud.

#LechiaRising 🐍💚

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Follow :brock:

Had a blast of a time in Poland on FM23 with Ruch Chorzów and then getting poached by Lech Poznań after they fell on hard times, I found the league very competitive even 10/15 years in as I struggled with European hangovers after my mid-week exploits reaching 2 Champions League semi-finals.

You mention UAE investment, can you elaborate any more on that please? Is there much foreign ownership of clubs in Poland? I'd love to get a better understanding as looking to choose a club to support as visited both Gdańsk and Wrocław in the past 12 months and really fell in love with the country.

Looking forward to seeing your journey.

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🎉 Tricity Triumph! Our Derby Day Dazzle! 🎉



Dear Biało-Zieloni Faithful,

History made, records shattered! Our Lechia Lions have not only extended an astonishing 8-game league-winning streak but have etched their names in the annals with the biggest win ever in the Tricity Derby! 💚


Man of the Match, Luca Stellwagen, has sprinted from the German Regionalligas right into our Gdansk legend books with a masterclass display, dishing out 2 assists and slamming in a goal to become an eternal hero in this monumental 6-1 victory!


And let's roar for our captain, Luis Fernandez, whose hat-trick magic turned the pitch into a spectacle we'll tell our grandkids about!

From shaky beginnings to this crowning jewel of a victory, we've turned tides, proving every doubter wrong and every believer right.


Let's ride this wave, Lechia! Together, to more glory, more derbies, more wins! 🌊🏆

Stay loud, stay proud, stay undefeated with us!


#LechiaTriumph #TricityDerbyDominance #8WinStreak #HistoryMakers #BiałoZieloniForever"

Feel the rush, celebrate the win, and keep the green and white flags flying high! 🚩

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5 hours ago, metallimuse said:

Follow :brock:

Had a blast of a time in Poland on FM23 with Ruch Chorzów and then getting poached by Lech Poznań after they fell on hard times, I found the league very competitive even 10/15 years in as I struggled with European hangovers after my mid-week exploits reaching 2 Champions League semi-finals.

You mention UAE investment, can you elaborate any more on that please? Is there much foreign ownership of clubs in Poland? I'd love to get a better understanding as looking to choose a club to support as visited both Gdańsk and Wrocław in the past 12 months and really fell in love with the country.

Looking forward to seeing your journey.

Looking forward to being challenged in Ekstraklassa this year! As for the ownership, I'm a bit at a loss myself – the clubs dominantly have Polish owners. In the press release about the acquisition of Lechia the representative mentioned that they actually considered other clubs as well, so it is at least feasible without the shenanigans RB Leipzig style.

I'm not even sure the game reflects the acquisition – the overall balance in the beginning was around 4M Euro which seems kinda of high for a second-division team, but Lechia has quite a brand.

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Dear Loyal Supporters,

In the wake of a turbulent period for our club, we reach out to you not just as fans, but as the lifeblood of this team.

Before the break, we stood atop a wave of momentum, racking up a 10-game league winning streak. The energy within the squad was palpable, a force that seemed to guide us to victory after victory. Yet, football, in its unpredictable nature, has a way of humbling even the soaring spirits.


Upon our return, the games against Wisla and our foremost league competitors served as stark reminders that resilience is the companion of triumph. The ebb and flow of these matches were a reflection of a team in transition, particularly with the departure of Zjawinski (for 550K), a decision that was not made lightly.

Zjawinski's move necessitated a tactical evolution. Our recent shift to a Positive 4-3-3 DM Wide is as much about adaptation as it is about ambition. With Momodou Sonko now donning our colors, we're not just filling a gap left behind; we're looking forward to the burst of energy and innovation he brings to the midfield.


The outcomes were not in our favor, that much is clear. The disappointment we felt with the lead lost to Wisla and the defeat on our home ground by our closest competitors weighs heavy on our shoulders. But this weight does not sink us; it grounds us in the reality that there is work to be done, and success is a continuous journey, not a destination.


We've taken stock of our recent performances, and with the lessons they've imparted, we stand ready to face the challenges ahead. Your unwavering support through thick and thin fuels our commitment to strive for excellence.

As we forge ahead, let's renew our shared commitment to the club. The path to glory is often littered with obstacles, but together, we will navigate through with the tenacity and passion that define us.

Thank you for standing with us. Onward and upward.



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Dear White-and-Green Brothers,

Thanks to your passionate support and unconditional trust, we were able to overcome internal difficulties and make our play in March and April truly reflect the excellent amount of talent Lechia possesses.


Our excellent run was inspired by a winter loan acquisition of Momodou Sonko – a brilliant winger, who managed to score 7 times in 9 games and deserved 4 PotM awards. We were thrilled to witness his debut in Sweden's national team shirt. For the first time, everything was going perfectly for Lechia – after 30 games we were the best team in the league, playing our best football.


4 games left to go. We don't have a tiebreaker against either GKS Tychy or Wisla Krakow – you still feel the pain of these crushing home defeats. 


An injury to Sonko was a crushing blow. Without his dribbling and finishing, we just were not the same team. Polonia scored first, then second, and we missed all our chances. With our first spring loss, we threw the ball to our competitors.


A Frederik Gerbowki Maradona-like solo run was pure brilliance. All I see in my dreams though are two Wilak's equalizers – a kick-off and a last-second crazy attempt that cost us crucial 2 points at home.


Arka simply demolished us. Revenge is a dish best served cold indeed. Two gargantuan mistakes by Boller and Sarnavskyi decided the derby.

The last contest of the season was pretty special for the Lechia community. No rollercoasters – just pure mediocrity. Scored a penalty, and conceded a corner. Even Sarnavskiy's last-minute save (just like Emi Martinez vs. Kolo Muani in the final) was not going to add any smiles.

We simply choked. James Harden never crumbled under pressure like that. 2 points in the last 4 games for a preseason favourite, your favourite.

I hope to see you all for the next season at Polsat Plus. Lechia deserves better.

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Great to see another save in Poland! So many teams in Poland now have nice new stadiums, but aesthetically (from the outside anyway) the Gdansk arena must be the most beautiful one.

During an FM22 journeyman save I took charge of Lechia for a couple of seasons. I ended up moving to a bigger league, but always thought it would be great to have regular Champions League games against European giants at that amazing stadium.

I'll be following your career with interest.

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Dear White-and-Green Battalion,

In a season that has left us as spellbound as the twists of a high-stakes drama, we celebrate an unexpected climax. First, hats off to the U19 squad — champions and promoted heroes who showcased the verve and vitality of youth, a testament to our club’s promising future.



But for the senior Lechia side, our path to the championship was as staggering as it was surreal. Imagine our bewilderment as we, somehow, stood at the summit after a harrowing end to the season, amassing just 2 points from the final 4 matches.


This unforeseen victory comes against the backdrop of a tough European campaign for Polish football. The struggle was real, with only Rakow breaking into the group stage and securing a scant 3 points for Poland’s coefficient against the likes of Sporting and Brighton. Wisla Krakow, though faltering in the league, showed a spark of excellence by winning the Polish Cup and securing a spot in the Europa League — a ray of hope in a gloomy continental outing.


Yet, amidst this bewildering scenario, our championship story is tinged with a peculiar shade of grey. A tale where Luis Fernandez, our striking spearhead with a staggering 22 goals, will be conspicuously absent at the dawn of the next season due to injury. His firepower and finesse will be missed, as will his leadership on the field.

So as we don the champions’ mantle with a mix of pride and humility, we understand it carries a responsibility — to not just stumble to glory but to march towards it with purpose and poise. We owe this to you, and to the brilliance of talents like Fernandez, who lit up the pitch time and again.

As we look to the horizon, we pledge to transform this baffling triumph into the cornerstone for seasons to come. Seasons where we aim to not only scale the national summit but also make our mark on European soil — something that this year's hardships have made us yearn for even more.

Until we meet again, for another chapter in our storied history, we stand united, ready to honor our colors and uplift the legacy of Lechia and Poland across Europe.


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Dear Lechia Admirers,

Kicking off our 80th season in Gdansk, we've amped up the team's dynamism and physical prowess, fully prepared to leave an indelible mark both in Poland and across Europe.



Riding the wave of a sterling start in the Ekstraklasa, we've encountered familiar foes and new challenges. GKS Tychy continues to be an enigma, yet our resilience remains unshaken. The spotlight shines on Ronaldo Tavares, the gentleman forward, who's not just scoring goals but winning hearts with 9 in 7 games and a collection of 5 Player of the Match and Player of July awards. He stands in stark contrast to the other Ronaldo, making sure the name carries weight in the realms of both skill and sportsmanship. Say SIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!



Muharem Huskovic has seamlessly filled the void left by Luis Fernandez, showing us that spirit and talent can coalesce into stunning performances. This, along with Gentian Selmani's safeguarding of our goal, reminds us that every position is pivotal to our success.


Turning our gaze to Europe, Pogon's foray into the Champions League group stages is not just a victory for them but a beacon of hope for Polish football. It's a testament to what can be achieved with grit and determination. Our teams faced giants and, despite the tough draws, we've garnered 3.5 points in the qualifiers – already a step up from last season.


Yet, even in the light of these triumphs, we are candid about our tribulations. The Piast defeat laid bare the discord over the reserve keeper role, with Fernandez at the epicenter. This debacle was unanticipated, yet we reacted with a strategic mind. We've welcomed not one, but two keepers at the transfer deadline, and we navigate these turbulent waters with your unwavering support.


And the cherry on top – Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a living legend, now steers our ship with the poise of a champion. His tenacity is our guiding star, promising to elevate our game to heights previously uncharted.


Lechia's story this season is an odyssey – of unrelenting ambition, of tenacious unity, and of the resounding echo of your support. With each passing match, we're scripting history, and your voices in the stands are the score to our saga.

Until the next whistle, stand tall with us.


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Great start to life in the Ekstraklasa!

I can't believe that Zlatan has agreed to be a coach at Lechia. I thought retired players with his reputation usually go straight into managing a team of their own.

Are you using something like Midjourney to create the graphics for these posts?

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2 hours ago, DomD said:

Great start to life in the Ekstraklasa!

I can't believe that Zlatan has agreed to be a coach at Lechia. I thought retired players with his reputation usually go straight into managing a team of their own.

Are you using something like Midjourney to create the graphics for these posts?

I bet Zlatan was impressed to find Berbatov is already coaching at Lechia, and he at least played in the CL final. So why not join?

Yeah, I'm experimenting with ChatGPT and DALLE3 atm, but unfortunately, the model often loses context, and texts on visuals rarely function as intended.

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Hey Team,

So, we kicked off the month by setting the tone right in the locker room. Fernandez, after a heart-to-heart, stepped aside with grace, making way for Thom Haye, our new captain. Haye's not just bringing a treasure trove of Eredivisie experience (250+ games) – he's embodying the spirit we want to infuse in this club.



The saga continued with the Górnik clash, a game that teased us with the sweet taste of victory till the 94th minute's long shot turned our win into a 2-2 draw. Tough, but it’s all part of the game.


Then, Mikolaj Repka. Remember the name. At 16, he’s not just our future; he’s our present. Making his debut in the cup, he's proof we're serious about giving our homegrown talent the stage.


Against Lech, we put up a defensive masterclass. It was a game of chess, and our pieces moved with precision – less ball, more heart, culminating in a 1-0 triumph that was as sweet as they come, thanks to our keeper and Mario, the Spanish wall at right back.

And about my contract – we're locked in together till the end of next season, folks. This journey we're on, we're riding it out, through the highs and lows.


Now, about that Rangers-Pogon fixture – the atmosphere was electric at Ibrox, a real testament to the passion fueling Polish football. Pogon might have lost 2-5, but Marko Sapuha’s brilliant strike was a moment of pure magic that showed we've got the fire to compete on Europe's big stage.

And, ah, the derby. It should’ve been the highlight of our week and not tucked away on a Friday night with only 10,000 fans to witness. Despite that, the game was a cracker. We nearly had it, but those late crossbars from Haye and Ronaldo – they're what football memories are made of, the ones that keep us coming back for more. A draw it ended, but the performance? Pure gold.


Onward and upward!


Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 20.46.29.png

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2 hours ago, rkosatiy said:

I bet Zlatan was impressed to find Berbatov is already coaching at Lechia, and he at least played in the CL final. So why not join?

Yeah, I'm experimenting with ChatGPT and DALLE3 atm, but unfortunately, the model often loses context, and texts on visuals rarely function as intended.

Ha ha, you have Berbatov too?! Hilarious. Maybe when Lewandowski retires, he can join too 😄

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Lechia Fans,

As we soar through the season, our recent victories have been nothing short of spectacular. The dedication and spirit of the team have shone brightly, with notable wins over Wisła Kraków and GKS Tychy — both significant milestones that have solidified our top spot.



However, our journey in the cup has ended sooner than we hoped, a reminder that the game can be as humbling as it is thrilling. Our sole league defeat came at a heavy price — a penalty in the dying moments of the match — a tough pill to swallow, but one that fuels our determination to push harder.


In international scenes, Pogoń's journey in the Champions League was a tough campaign, ending without additional points for Poland. These moments remind us of the relentless challenge of European football.


Off the pitch, our striking force saw a change. Luis Fernández, with his hefty salary and a contract winding down, has chosen new pastures in Saudi Arabia, with the club securing a 450k deal. Meanwhile, Klimowicz, despite his potential, didn't quite mesh with our dynamic and takes a new opportunity in Saudi, leaving us with a 900k parting gift.


Our commitment to progress is undeterred, with over 2 million invested in training facilities to sharpen our edge — a bold move that speaks volumes of our ambition, albeit with financial caution.


The winter window saw the arrival of Viktor Kovalenko, a talent seeking to reignite his spark after a challenging stint in Serie A. He comes to us ready to contribute to our title chase.


With 15 games to go and the league's summit within our grasp, our focus is unwavering. Let's continue to dream big and support our boys as they carve out a path to glory.

Together, we are unstoppable.


#LechiaRising 🦅🏆


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14 hours ago, DomD said:

Ha ha, you have Berbatov too?! Hilarious. Maybe when Lewandowski retires, he can join too 😄

And they both speak fluent Polish now :))

Lewa scored 39 last season and finished second in the Ballon d`Or. I will follow the twilight of his career, it would be a dream to have him at the club

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Lechia Supporters,

The season's kickoff was a stark reminder of football's unpredictability. We faced a harsh lesson against Lech in the SuperCup, coming up against a team in peak form. In the league, late dramatic goals by Rakow and Radomiak snatched victories right at the death, leaving us to ponder what might have been.


Our European journey was nothing short of a rollercoaster. In Bulgaria against Ludogorets, we dug deep to secure a draw with a five-man defense that held firm. The return leg was heart-stopping; despite falling behind, super-sub Masca emerged as an unlikely hero, sending us into extra time.

Then, football showed its cruel side – Selmani, our stalwart keeper, broke an ARM, forcing us to navigate the tense final moments and the penalty shootout with a man down and a defender between the posts. The shootout was agonizingly close, but ultimately, it ended our Champions League aspirations, redirecting us to the Europa League.


As we adjust to the absence of Selmani, the squad's character is being tested. The Pogoń match was a tough pill, with long-range strikes undoing our hard work.


But we've bounced back, refusing to let setbacks define our season. We now sit ninth, but with the spirit and determination that runs through this club, we're poised to climb higher.


On a brighter note, it's a landmark year for Polish football in Europe, with both us and Lech set to grace the European stage, a testament to the progress of the nation's footballing prowess.

Our fans have been nothing short of remarkable. Despite selling the fewest season tickets, the passion and support have translated into significant revenue growth, with home games this season already surpassing the entire previous season's earnings.


We're not just playing for points; we're playing for pride and the chance to make our mark in the Europa League. Together, we stand united, ready to rise to the challenge and bring the success our fans so richly deserve.


Here's to making history, to fighting for every ball, and to a season where we defy the odds. Together, for Lechia.

#WhiteGreenArmy 🤍💚


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Dear Lechia Faithful,

As the knockout stages loom and the floodlights of Stadion Gdańsk await our clash with Olympiakos, it's time to look back at our European journey thus far – a testament to our determination and the unwavering support that echoes from the terraces.


Our Europa League campaign began with resolve, clinching a hard-fought victory over Derry City. This resolve was tested in the challenges that followed. Each match, from the loss to Union Berlin to the Strasbourg game that slipped away in the final minutes, has honed our tenacity.


Victory against Neftçi on home soil displayed our capability to dominate, but the night that will be etched in our memories is the remarkable triumph over FC Midtjylland. That encounter wasn't just about securing points; it was a statement of our spirit and our intent on the European stage.


Our journey has been a collective effort. As some players seek new horizons, we've ensured that their departure serves the long-term vision of Lechia. The ongoing negotiations with Juventus over Camilo Mena are a stride towards that future. And as we forge ahead, our record revenue from the Lazio match is a clear indicator of the rising faith in our quest.


As we now stand at the edge of a new challenge, your support is more crucial than ever. It's your voices that fortify our players, your passion that fuels our ambitions. Let's rally behind the team as they step onto the pitch against Olympiakos, ready to carve out another chapter in our storied European campaign.


Your presence is our strength, your belief our armor. Together, for the nights that resonate with the tales of victory, we march forward.

For the Green and White, for Gdańsk, for the legacy that we build with every game.

United we march,
#LechiaEurope #StrengthInUnity 💚🤍

P.S. Lech has been doing well in the Conference League too, so we are on the rise!

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 12.52.09.png

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Dear White-and-Green Faithful,

As the frost of winter thaws, our hearts beat with the fire of anticipation for the battles ahead. Our journey in Europe was a valiant one; we stood tall against Olympiakos, with Selmani’s heroics etching a memorable chapter in our club’s history. Though we bowed out with heads held high, the spirit of our campaign is etched in the echoes of our cheers and the pride of our colors.


Domestically, the winds have shifted favorably as our sails catch the gusts of resurgence. Late goals that once robbed us of victories are now the harbingers of triumph. Our derby win in Szczecin has fortified our stance, catapulting us into a position of strength with 12 crucial games remaining.


The talismanic form of Masca, our striking spearhead, demands a chorus of ovations. Let his name ring out in every corner of Gdańsk as we rally behind his prolific prowess.


Together, we are unstoppable. Together, we are Lechia.

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I promise to return with another letter to the fans when Lechia reaches the next significant milestone. For the time being, I'll do quick updates.

The 2026/2027 season might have been tremendous for Polish clubs in Europe – with all 4 teams reaching the league phases if not for one unfortunate penalty shootout.


Of course, it was us. Legia (the 2025/26 champion and cup winner) and Pogon will play in EL, whereas Lech will try to repeat their glory in UCL. Despite my failure, Poland can move up in the rankings even more.

The league is going well so far. I feel this season with no midweek matches in Europe will go far better for us.


With the results regressing to less impressive, our financial position is as strong as ever.


What made it possible was the record transfer window. First of all, with the outgoing transfers of Mena and Selmani, we have beaten the returns of the Vanja Milinkovic-Savic transfer.



The influx of income allowed us to start paying for incoming transfers. Well, not yet – most of the deals were arranged as loans with the option to buy the players next summer (because 17 y.o. refused to discuss permanent deals at the time).

The notable additions are Robert Musial, who already made 55 appearances for Jagellonia in the league.


Lukasz Skiba from Pogon will be an excellent wing addition alongside Repka, our youth academy star.


This year I will be able to focus on developing the next generation of Polish talent. Hopefully, we will bounce back to make some noise in the Champions League (qualifier :)) next year. In the meantime, more outgoing transfers might happen since we don't need as much depth as I anticipated in July. 

Despite our newly-found financial stability, the board refuses to invest in junior coaching and youth recruitment – they rejected me 10 times by now. We will improve the senior facilities by January the 4th time in 2 years though.


P.S. A funny note – last season I declined several interviews with top-league sides such as Eintracht and Ajax. Now, in spite of my 17 determination, the game considers me as UNAMBITIOUS. More motivation to prove everyone wrong!

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Nice journey and story so far. You've done a good job taking them to this stage and surely you will get even stronger in time.

Poland seems to be popular in FM24 on the FMCU forum, as there are a few stories from there.

In fact, it's a country I only briefly dabbled in before and might make a good change from the countries I normally go to in Europe.

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13 hours ago, Jogo Bonito said:

Nice journey and story so far. You've done a good job taking them to this stage and surely you will get even stronger in time.

Poland seems to be popular in FM24 on the FMCU forum, as there are a few stories from there.

In fact, it's a country I only briefly dabbled in before and might make a good change from the countries I normally go to in Europe.

Yeah, Poland is a very nice country to manage in indeed. I'm excited by having practically no restrictions when choosing the squad. 

Also, it seems there would be an intense battle at the top every season, this time I have a very clear top-6 and the rest.


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We are doing great in the league! 


Several late goals gave us the wins we craved so much last season, Janis Antiste is the hero (he also leads all the goalscorers with 11).


I feel the squad has more talent by a significant margin now, the summer additions of Franjic and Amiri certainly played a part.


Our transfer balance is weird tho...


I look forward to bringing Lukas Nielsen, he has a 3.9M clause which we just activated.

Racing to the title now! Bye!


Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 14.32.34.png

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Oh wow! Looks like there would be no race this spring since over the span of 6 games our lead jumped from 3 to 16 points!


Perhaps, all of the energy went to competing on a European stage. By far the best Polish season in recent memory!


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