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  1. Wow, this European campaign might be your saving grace this season. Holy moly, I did not see you slaying Midtylland, Radnik Bijeljina, or Rosenborg so handedly. Impressive from Mariano, Van Looy and co so far, keep this up Clive and you are most definitely receiving a heroes welcome back on the island!
  2. Gunna try this out when I get home, been itching for a Polish save for a while. Thanks for your work on the file Bigpole
  3. Wow...that is........not great Clive Nea Salamina have your number this season it seems. Since you have been promoted, what has your teams record facing the big 4 vs the rest like?
  4. Enjoying your club in the lower leagues of the English pyramid. Keep it up!
  5. It's always weird STILL seeing Shalke in the 2. Bundesliga. Hope you can right the ship and bring them some glory in the future!
  6. Nice start to your save with Sutton Coldfield! Let's see how it goes!
  7. Great final there, Dalbeider. die Löwen are definitely a force to be reckoned with now. Knocking the Gunners out in a final is no easy task. Good work!
  8. Oh excellent stuff EvilDave. Ligue 2 is always difficult to stay afloat in, gotta have the right mix of youth and experience to win games. Let's see how you get on!
  9. Nice promotion, Dane! How many leagues do you run at one time? Do you have them all loaded from the start or do you add and subtract while your save progresses?
  10. Nice promotion! Time to see how your Greek side fares against bigger opposition!
  11. Hang in there, I bet you can right the Lanús ship.
  12. What has been going on in Uzbekistan league and NT wise in your save? Always love obscurity in FM journeys.
  13. What a sweet ending! Carry on Carambau
  14. Easy promotion in the end really. Good work! Let's see how you fare in the top league.
  15. Love a good "rebuild/old owner is out, lets finally have some fun saves" good luck!
  16. Always love calcio! Let's see how you progress!
  17. Bummer about the Tottenham homecoming. Let's see where you land!
  18. Great stuff here, Terminal Portugal. I was sad about your Climb The Latter series but this new idea is exciting! Let's see where this new adventure takes you!
  19. I didn't know where exactly to post this just for a quick question. Just used the create a club feature. Does anyone know how to enlarge the logo and shift it so it properly lines up with the rest? I added the proper sized logos to my folder but nothing seemed to happen. Do I have to go into the config file for this maybe? Any ideas?
  20. Good luck. Love black and gold on teams!
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