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  1. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    FFS Kane.
  2. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Worst performance by England since....2014.
  3. Game 1 - France VS Romania (10/06/2016 8pm)

    Ridiculous. He works his nuts off for West Ham.
  4. Shirt Numbers 1-11

    Thanks dudes :-)
  5. Hi all. Is there any way, as a LLM, to make the allocation of your Shirt Numbers from 1-11 more realistic? For example, I would prefer my AMR to have the 7 Shirt rather than 6, my RB to have 2 instead of 5, and my big lump of a striker to have 9 rather than 11. Cheers :-) (Not OCD much!)
  6. 10.0

    That is epic, mate :-)
  7. 10.0

    Just a really random quick question. Is it possible for a player to get a 10.0 match rating? In my current save (Istres, 2nd season, in Ligue 2 after promotion) my striker Alves scored 4 goals and made an assist and got a 9.9 - Is that the maximum?
  8. FM15: Typhon - Reloaded

    Hi mate, started a brand new game with this one. Managing Marbella (thanks to the career thread on the other forum!) and decided to give your tactic a go. We were predicted to finish 16th but, after 10 games, we are 4th. Sometimes mid-match, I tinker with the formation a little. By swapping the two AMP to DLP(D) and making the central BWM(D) into a AP(S) - Works well when I want to close a game out. Other than that, great stuff so far. Will let you know how I have done at the end of the season :-)
  9. Babacar Khalifa (Olbia)

    I have absolutely no idea how to post a screenie on this forum. This is the first "WOW" player thread I have ever created in 10 years on here. At just 19, he is now considered "A first team player for most Serie A sides" and genuinely takes the **** with his skills in Serie B for me with Lecce.
  10. Babacar Khalifa (Olbia)

    Just a quick shout out....This kid is the nuts. He is 16 at the start of the game, plays for Olbia in Italian non-league. He is a wonderkid in the making, if you need a good AMC/SC. Perfect for playing the F9 role.
  11. I'll comment! On my 4th season with Lecce. Got promoted to Serie B in the first season, but have had mid-table finishes in Serie B. This season was pretty painful - After 15 games, we had drawn 9 of them. So I decided to switch to your tactic (similar to my own formation I've used all the way through) and we are scoring for fun. 1 loss in 13 games. I dragged the WB back to FB positions and made both CM's into APM's. The key player is the F9, but mine (a youth product with AMC/SC as his position) is doing great.
  12. Girls of the World Cup!

    This one!
  13. Girls of the World Cup!

    "Jane" the Colombian for me from the options available. Even though, of the entire thread, I'd have voted for the Honduran bird from page 4-ish.
  14. Memorable Moments

    The mainstream USA finally showing signs of "getting" it regarding this sport. Their fans were the loudest in the tournament - The noise on my TV when Brooks headed the winner against Ghana was off the page.
  15. The Anyone But Brazil Thread

    After watching their disgraceful antics last night, I am firmly in the ABB camp. Mon Germany!