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  1. @metallimuseThis is great stuff, mate. Never done a LLM in Scotland before. Might have to download the DB just so I can manage Rob Roy
  2. Just hope that some of our U20/U17 team get some games at club level this season. Also hope that Phil ****ing Jones never gets near an England shirt again.
  3. Loved every minute of it (Even if my Liver has not!), caught up with some old friends and (I have to say) this forum has been amazing whilst bored at work. Think I am going to go sober (ala Dry January) for a month now. Well, until Hereford play Blyth on 4th August :-D
  4. Not really giving a crap as to what non-English people wish to write/gloat on this thread. Over 120mins, we were beaten by the better side. No complaints in that respect. Hope Croatia go on and win it. (Been on Holiday in Croatia a few times, and they are the nicest people I have ever met!) I feel nowhere near as down as I have in recent World Cup or Euro failures over the past 20 years. We have a philosophy, a formation and a style that suits the players we have. Rather than ramming in star names for the sake of it. Our U17 and U20 are Champions. I see such a b
  5. Work is utterly futile this morning. Been here an hour and a half and done about 2mins of work so far. The rest of the time has been spent surfing football forums. Plus trying to shoo the baby Seagull away from our Office door. As for tonight, so long as we give 100% and leave it all on the pitch, I will be proud regardless of win or loss. Never expected us to get past the last 16. A win would be nice though, so following the same routine as the previous 2 knockout rounds.
  6. Nervous as ****. Work is going to really drag today :-(
  7. Last of my days of today. Not really sure how the hell I am expected to concentrate at Work tomorrow or Wednesday.
  8. I was very drunk walking home and chatted to the Neighbours before coming home. I invited them to watch the Semi on our Big Screen on our Patio. Didn't realise that my folks absolutely hate the Neighbours (genuinely no idea why) and that I have made a massive ricket by invited unwanteds around on their Wedding Anniversary. Guess I am heading down my local
  9. A perfect performance. Best we have played at the tournament. Peaking at the right time. I am convinced we are going all the way.
  10. In my first proper run on FM18, as Truro City boss, England beat France 3-1 in the World Cup Final. Germany went out in the Group Stage. Spain, Portugal, Argentina lost in the last 16. A similar thing happened to me in FM10, when Spain beat Netherlands in extra time (Iniesta scored) to win 1-0. This is getting so ****ing weird!
  11. France - Belgium is going to be a superb game. Really not sure who would start favourites.
  12. My interview next Wednesday, which would have finished at 6PM and meant me missing the whole first half commuting home, was today postponed for 2 weeks due to illness of the person interviewing. Hope the person is OK, and everything. But when it comes home, they will be fine, I am sure.
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