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  1. Really liking it so far. 15 games in with Hereford. Testing out the Wide Centre Backs. Some of the colours hurt my eyes a bit, so will look forward to any Skins that come out.
  2. If I pre-order the game, when will the Beta access begin? Just so I can take a day off work. Also, I presume that games started in Beta can be carried on with at full release?
  3. I managed to do it several times with Hereford (United), but it usually took me a good 15+ seasons to make it to the Premier League. I did it on FM2020. I basically abused the Loan market as much as possible every season and had a house rule for myself that I would only sign players under the age of 21. Apart from the jump from Championship to Premier League, the biggest jump in class was actually from Conference North to Conference National; Nearly every club in Conference National is/was full time. I survived 3 seasons in the Premier League (finishing 16th, 9th and 14th in respective seasons) before my save got corrupted
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