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[FM21] Extreme Scottish Lower League - Vale of Clyde

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19 minutes ago, Anthrax Dave said:

@metallimuseThis is great stuff, mate. Never done a LLM in Scotland before.

Might have to download the DB just so I can manage Rob Roy :D

Cheers pal, been lots of fun so far and I'm really looking forward taking the club up and turning professional over time and trying to get us into the SPFL.

Bad news for Rob Roy this year, they've just been relegated from my division so they're now down to the 7th tier.

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Youth Intake 2025


Well, the PA is definitely levelling off year on year but the personalities are very poor as a whole. I've signed everyone with a personality not red, Ty Clarke is probably the pick of the bunch. Billy Boyd has PA and a great personality but just look at the finishing and composure :(

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13 hours ago, DazRTaylor said:

A good read so far.

I was looking at this file earlier and Leith caught my eye in tier 7.

Thanks mate.

It's a great database and the fact that Mozza has provided all the logos and badges just gives it that extra boost and help in immersion.

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Feb/Mar/Apr 2024-25


Well thank goodness for our great run in January as the back end of the season was hard work.

In saying that though we kept plugging away and got a few wins here and there so it wasn't a demoralizing run. I decided to play the kids in the final two games as there wasn't much to play for, correction, there was nothing to play for. 

As I mentioned in an earlier season update, we managed to get wins and results against the teams in and around us and we lost to the upper table teams so no real complaints in the run over the three months.


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End of Season Review 2024-25


A season in which we were meant to struggle heavily yet a season that we can look back on with a lot of pride.

With only one loanee joining the club in the close season this group of players in their first year of promotion more than held their own.

We were a literal mixed bag with our wins, losses and draws around the same. Our goal scoring exploits were actually very similar to what they have been the past four years it was just our defence that let us down as we shipped around double what we have the past two years. 


So after speaking about how our defence let us down this year it worries me to think how we'd have done if they hadn't actually played well!

Our keeper and centre of defence were brilliant with Black, Neto, McAuley and recent academy graduate Henrik Hedman all getting over a 7 for their average rating. Our full backs weren't really up to it but I have resigned Michael Baber for another year to see if he can manage it and if not he may go next year.

Other than Kieran Findlay, none of either the midfield or attacking trio did amazingly this year. Kieran and Montgomerie have been retained and I'll make a decision on the rest of them over the summer.

Jim Whyte had a solid year up top for us starting every game but one and giving us a decent return of 15 goals. His movement really troubled defences and I'm keen to see what he can do in his second season.


Unfortunately there is no Best XI or player awards this year as I let the game process a bit too far and wasn't able to view the end of year review.



Our finances are still getting worse but if my maths are right we didn't lose quite as much as previous years so that's good, maybe due to the small increase in fans.

So a great season I think. I thought we wouldn't be stuck in a relegation dog fight this year and that proved to be the case, we actually did better than I had expected so that's a great sign. Hopefully we won't have any second season syndrome next year.


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Season Preview 2025-26


A mixed preseason this summer but nothing to be worried over. Our xG was still high in all games so I'm still confident enough going into the season.

Over the summer we trimmed the fat of the club as everyone out of contract, first team or reserves was allowed to leave. This included some big names and influential players from the squad but they didn't set the league alight last year and their PA was poor in the main so I had to be ruthless and let them go so we can move onto the next chapter and start moving the club into steady ground and eventually promotion.

I brought in three players on full contracts who were out of contract at either Highland clubs lower conference clubs.

We needed right backs so Ryan Martin was brought from in Rob Roy to be the first choice starter this year. Didn't set the world alight last year at Rob Roy, and they were relegated, but he has better overall stats than what we had there and there isn't a queue of lads wanting to join so we take what we can get, within reason.

As an understudy to Martin, Hayden Hanson joins after being released from Huntly. Very young boy but with some good potential so let's see what he can do on a year's contract.

And finally, Craig Miller has been brought in to freshen up my attacking AMC trio. A lot of the line were allowed to leave in the summer and Miller has come in as a starting eleven player with chances being given to a few of the academy boys as well over the new season ahead. Miller has great technique, determination and aggression so he should hopefully be a decisive player in the final third eager to make things happen.


So the bookie again are tipping us for last place but slightly better odds this year at only 950-1 to win the league. Players and board are talking of their goal to be only trying to avoid relegation. I'm going to say 10th to 14th. Again I don't expect us to be in a fight to survive and I think we might be able to eek out a few more wins so 10th to 14th I'll be happy with this year. Even if we finish slightly worse than last year if I can get the players ratings slightly better and then add in the summer again next year I think we can set a 5 year plan for going up, or at least finishing top as there's a playoff to gain entry to the Lowland League.

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Aug/Sept/Oct 2025-26


A real ying/yang start to the season, victories and loses with no draws.

I'm not too concerned over our form and comfortable with how we are coming along. Yes it would be nice to maybe have turned some of those losses into draws and be a bit tougher to break down but we must remember we are expected to be league whipping boys so to be in the top half of the table is fine by me.

The only thing that is nagging at me is we need to get striker Jim Whyte back amongst the goals a bit more so hopefully we can manage that in the next stretch of games.

We went out of the Soccer Shop Direct Challenge Cup to EoS conference side Coldstream which was disappointing but we are through to the next round of the WoS League Cup so again, just another example of our ying/yang form this season.

I've had to switch my skin up to a more basic one as I've had a few data dumps which hampered my progress a bit since the last update.


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Youth Intake 2026 Preview


We don't use wide players so that's a shame, I will have to work on converting them to full backs or AMC's. Hopefully the new intake has good personalities for us to work with and try to get the best out of the crop.

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Nov/Dec/Jan 2025-26


We seem to always struggle at the festive period and then find a bit of form in January and that's what happened again this year.

Some of the younger academy boys are starting to find their feet a wee bit now with the three AMC's starting to find the net and play some lovely link up play which has been tremendous to see and hopefully bodes well for the rest of the season to come.

In fact, the whole squad barring right back and central midfield have a decent average rating. 

We find ourselves out of both cups now but in a very lofty position of 6th. I don't see us staying that high though and I think we will find ourselves down in the middle of the pack. Pleased with how it's going though.


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Youth Intake 2026


A new intake and there is a few there of merit who I'm looking forward to working with.

Matthew Naismith has the best PA out of the group with a balanced personality so hopefully with mentoring we can improve that and he can go on and fulfil his potential. I'm going to need to retrain him to AMCL from his natural AML.

Cammy Clark isn't far behind Naismith with his PA but again his personality isn't great but hopefully we can work on that and get some results.

Chris MacKintosh and Ryan Lindsay will come into the first team squad to provide cover next season and look solid squad players with good personalities.

As always, anyone with a good personality has been signed as a standard and I've cherry picked a few others.

Not a bad intake overall I would say this year.

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Feb/Mar/Apr 2025-26


A solid end to the season over the last three months of play in general even if the last month was poor.

We had a thrilling game away to East Stirlingshire when 8 goals were all scored in the second half. We got pumped but it was still a thrilling game to watch if I'm honest.

The feeling of ying/yang continued throughout the months as we put in spectacular performances to beat top of the table Auchinleck yet a dour performance to bottom side Dunipace and came away with a hiding.

Jim Whyte continued to find it difficult to find the net over the period but has still turned in decent performances to help the side. It really hurts not having a prolific striker though and I hope he can do better next season.


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Season Review 2025-26


A great season for the club as we confounded expectations and achieved a top half finish.

It just goes to show the bookies don't know what they are talking about as we were expected to finish bottom with Troon just above us yet we did well and Troon finished top 5.

Our finances are still in decline and that won't change until we get to the Lowland League and above but we're losing less and less each year.


The squad did ok over the season. Not much improvement in terms of PA but I find it really hard to get that moving until I can turn a club professional.

New signing Ryan Martin didn't set the world alight so he's being let go this summer along with an aging Ray Montgomerie and sadly Dale McAuley will be let go as academy graduate Henrik Hedman has overtaken him in the pecking order.

Gus Crowe will also be let go and some of the new intake will take over to plug the gaps.


Again there is no team of the year but instead I thought I'd post my tactic so you can see how my team plays...


This is my take on the Stevie G Rangers side that I used in the BETA release while playing Rangers and it's worked very well for me even in the lower leagues.

Overall, as I've said, it's been a good year for the club and we're moving in the right direction. I can definitely see us getting better and being in and around promotion in the next few years. We were expected to be last and we were never in trouble with fulfilling that prediction. 

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Season Preview 2026-27


A decent enough preseason for the club and I'm raring to got for our third year in the WoS Premier League.

We've not made any signings over the summer and promoted some of the academy graduates.

I'm guessing that due to this is why the bookies have again backed us for dead last with odds of 1000-1, the next best team showing odds of 350-1.

The board still expect us to fight bravely against relegation and the players don't have high hopes. I don't know why after two decent showings no one has any belief in us. Personally I'm going to be aiming for 6-10th this season. I think the new academy boys are stronger than we've had before and hopefully we can find some constancy and form and be a good side this year.

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Aug/Sept/Oct 2026-27


A blistering start to the season has given way to solid footing in this years campaign.

We've got Jim Whyte finding the back of the net and the rest of the team is playing with confidence.

As always, the keeper and the central defenders are in top form and my young front three are playing well. As things stand my hopes of finishing 6th - 10th are on track. Hopefully we can have a decent festive period to keep the march on the league going. We do tend to struggle over the period historically though.


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Nov/Dec/Jan 2026-27


A decent run over the festive period for a change, we're on course for our best season yet in the WoS Premier Division. I think we could maybe dream that we can crack the top 5 this season. We've got a number of players chipping in with goals, the back line are solid despite shipping 5 goals to Port Glasgow. We've got no chance of topping the table but I'd like to see us put a strong run together to end the season well.


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Youth Intake 2027


An ok intake this year but the big feature this year is that we got winning personalities in Kerr Kavanagh who is the ball winning midfielder I craved and Model Citizen Antony Scullion. Brilliant to see and hopefully we can build the team around them in the next few seasons and get them to positions of influence in the squad so we can have them mentor others in the future.

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Feb/Mar/Apr 2026-27


Our best ever run in the WoS Cup came to an end against league winners Troon in the semi final sadly but the club can be proud of our run and there's no shame in the defeat.

A mixed bag in the league but we can't really complain. We played some great stuff and we have a clear identity after all these years now.

You can see below what the new owners have meant for the club as our debt has been wiped out for the time being.


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Season Review 2026-27


Well I was aiming for 6th to 10th and I accomplished that.

A great season for the club as we spent the entire season's in the upper echelons of the league. We were tough to beat, played some good football and if we can turn some of those draws to wins next season I think we'll be in with a shout of topping the league. We'll definitely be in the discussion about it. Not obviously by the bookies though ;).

The club being bought out has been fantastic news as our debt has been wiped out and I've been allowed to go on a coaching course, don't think I've been on one of them in about 5 years or so! 


We were indebted to Jim Whyte's goals this season but it's all stemming from how solid our central defence is. Neto, Hedman and Lindsay when called upon were all brilliant and Black between the sticks is still a cut above playing in this league.

We've still got a very very young squad and while they may not have much PA to grow into I think average ratings will improve as they get a bit older and a bit more experience. I'm excited with the squad and with the newgens each year. I don't think we need to go into the transfer market this summer and probably only Hayden Hansen will be released this summer.


I think Neto wins player of the year every year so no surprise. I really hope we can reach League 2 before he retires.


So to summarise, it's been a great season for the club. We set out my target for the season and we are progressing well with the 5 year plan to be challenging for promotion. The new owners clearing the debt of the club is brilliant luck and I think everything is really starting to come together. 

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Season 2027-28 Preview


A strong pre-season has seen us blow away most team put in front of us.

There has been no signings with academy lads being promoted to the main squad to make up any shortfall.

The bookies are backing us to be dead last yet again and despite strong years the past 2 season's our odds have got even worse at 2000-1 to win the league. Unbelievable.

I'm going for top 5 this year. That's what I'm aiming for, that's the plan. If we can achieve that then I'll be aiming for promotion next season. That's the 5 year plan. I think we can achieve it so let's get started on the new season and see how it all plays out.

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Jul/Aug/Sept/Oct 2027-28


A great start to the season as we sit in the top 5 position I was aiming towards with only two losses in all competitions so far. Maybe we can go on a cup run this season and try and add some silverware to our trophy cabinet.

My model citizen Antony Scullion has really hit the ground running in his first year at the club since graduating from the academy which is so pleasing to see.

The whole back line is playing well and in form and I'm excited about what the season may hold if we carry on like this. In saying that though I think any hopes of winning the league is already over as Clydebank are starting to pull away and really putting teams to the sword.


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Youth Intake 2028 Preview


Nothing to get excited about this year it seems so this summer coming might see us having to look to the loan market for a couple of players to bolster us next year, free agents also.

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Nov/Dec/Jan 2027-28


A good period for the club as we go undefeated in the league over the period.

We are out of both cups after my thoughts in the last post that we might be good enough to win a cup but sometimes that's how the game pans out.

Cammy Clark has been in incredible form and climbing the scoring charts and we find ourselves third and with a thought that we might be good enough to actually challenge for the title, we're only five points behind.


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Youth Intake 2028


The PA this year is terrible, especially for a side looking to make the jump to the Lowland League.

Donald Brash is the pick of the bunch and with a winning personality I've every confidence that he will be a strong, reliable squad player for us for a few years to come.

I only signed two others and that's Will Sideserf to provide cover at right back and Josh Dunlop to beef out the cover for AMC.

I can't wait for the days when I can improve my infrastructure at the club and hopefully see my academy really take off.

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Feb/Mar/Apr 2027-28


What a magnificent run to end the season.

We briefly flirted with the idea that we might actually become champions as the lead shrank around the start of March but dropping points to Glencairn in a contentious stop start game put pay to that idea and we happy accepted that we would finish 2nd, our highest position ever.

We played magnificent football, brushing teams aside and model citizen Antony Scullion was so impressive over the period.

Full season review to follow. 


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Season Review 2027-28


The 5 year plan is in full effect and we managed to crack the top 5 this season with some beautiful, sexy football finishing 2nd to a very impressive Pollock side who have now won their play off game and managed to gain promotion to the Lowland league.

Nobody fancied us and our odds were the worst they have ever been but what do these "experts" know? Teams just can't handle "Tomlinson-ball". We were great this season and if it hadn't of been for some early season losses to Arthurlie and Troon who knows how we would have gotten on? A great season for the club though and I'm confident of us challenging next season to get promotion. 


What a revelation Antony Scullion was this season! He might not have the best average rating of the squad and yet again Ashley Neto won the fans player of the year but Scullion was the architect of so much of our sexy football this year.

You'll notice that everyone has been retained for next season as everyone played so well I thought. I could say maybe back up full backs Chris MacKintosh and Jack Murray maybe didn't set the season alight along with James Brown but for the season we had I don't want to be negative.

Kerr Kavanagh also came into the side in the BWM role this season and made the role his own so it wasn't just Scullion as the sole bright light from the academy although he certainly took all the plaudits.

Jim Whyte not quite as lethal this year but still a good return but Cammy Clark has found his feet in the side as well as finding the back of the net and finished the season as club top scorer from the Shadow Striker AMC role.


For the first time ever we had players make it into the West of Scotland Premier League Team of the Season.


A truly magical season for the club and lots to be excited for moving forward. Hopefully next year can be the year to really push on and put us into tier 5 and get us competing in the Scottish Cup and other trophies which have some prize money.

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Season 2028-29 Preview


A short, no messing pre-season this year as I was chomping at the bit to get started.

The bookies predicting us to be dead last again and the board are happy for us to attempt to avoid relegation, so that's a step up from fighting bravely against it right?

You all know the plans for this year, pushing for promotion. It tended to happen in 5 year cycles with my Gütersloh save last year working my way up the levels and I'm on course to be duking it out this year with the way we played last year. That's the goal, the sole aim this year.

Since our cash injection from the new board I have been allowed to obtain my National C licence so that's been great to tick off. Imagine 8 years in and I've only juts gained a badge! :idiot:.

There have been no signings this summer as we go with the squad who did so well for us last term.

Edited by metallimuse
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July/Aug/Sept/Oct 2028-29


A rammed opening period this year and that's due to the fact that we are involved in the Scottish Cup this season, brilliant news.

Not quite sure how we've been admitted to the competition but I would assume it's due to our high league finish last year as we didn't win any of the smaller cups to gain admission.

Only three losses over this period is championship winning form in my book, and one of them was in the SoccerShop League Cup.

We've actually managed to beat Lowland League teams Kilbirnie Ladeside and Bonnyrigg Rose in our debut year in the Scottish Cup so I'm actually quietly confident that should we go up this year I don't think we will be straight back down.

Very happy with how the start to the season has gone and we find ourselves only three points behind league leaders Troon and we haven't played them yet so if we can get a result over them we'd be right back in it. Not that we aren't in it now but you know what I mean.

Mon the Tin Pail!


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Nov/Dec/Jan 2028-29


What a run, what a run! I can smell the silverware! 

We have been phenomenal in what is normally a period when the wheels come off. I really struggle with the winter months with the Tin Pail so far but we've been brilliant this time out.

We didn't get the win over Troon but they've slipped up regardless and with 11 games left to go we find ourselves top of the league by 6 with a game in hand. I don't see us throwing it aye at this point now. We must be assured of a place in the Lowland League play offs.

Kieran Findlay has been superb and his goals along with Jim Whyte, who isn't far behind, are firing us towards the play offs.

Our magical Scottish Cup run sadly came to an end as we were pumped away at Dens Park to Dundee, no shame in that what so ever. The run as been brilliant not just for the fans but for our bank balance. It's single handedly wiped out our debt. If I get promotion then the main goal next year will obviously be trying to avoid relegation but I will putting a lot of emphasis on doing well in the Scottish Cup as that cash flow is going to be vital for us moving forward and trying to get some improvements for the club infrastructure.


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Youth Intake 2029


Absolutely terrible intake this year and for the first time ever, I think since I've ever played the game, I won't be signing any of the academy graduates.

It's really really disappointing considering the season that I'm having but with only one good personality who has such a low PA it just isn't worth it considering we are pushing for promotion.

Maybe the likes of Fraser Graham and Bobby Kerr could be signed but with their wretched personalities and our hope to keep moving up the league structure I just don't see the point. It's so difficult to turn personalities while working on a part time schedule I just don't see the benefit of working with them.

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Feb/Mar/Apr 2028-29


Well our incredible form couldn't last forever could it and as we headed into the home straight the wheels started falling off my title bus. We managed to hold our nerve though after some very tough games against sides battling it out to stay in this league.

But WE DID IT! We headed into the final game of the league season against Clydebank knowing that if we won we would be champions and a goal from the man who couldn't stop scoring this season, Kieran Findlay sent the fans into melt down as we booked ourselves into the Lowland League play offs.

We would face Kilbirnie Ladeside over two legs. You may remember the name, we played and beat this team in the Scottish Cup way back in September so my confidence was high.

It was a tense game away in North Ayrshire but academy starlet Antony Scullion struck a fierce volley running into the box just before half time to get us the win in the first leg. In the return fixture in the East End of Glasgow things were a bit more relaxed as we raced into a two goal lead in the first half before we experienced some squeaky bum time in the final 20 minutes of the second half as they came back to draw the game. End result though was 3-2 to the Tin Pail so WE ARE UP!!!


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Season Review 2028-29


I feel like it's become a habit saying it but...what...a...season!

We had a little panic at the back end of the season there, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have doubts, but we accomplished what we set out to achieve! We have won promotion to the Scottish Lowland League. Heady heights for the club who were a Junior team 10 years ago.

It's strange looking at the tracker as I hadn't realised just how similar our form was to last year when we missed out by about 9 points if memory serves me correctly. Just shows how impressive Pollock were last year.

We had an amazing run in the Scottish Cup, we were lucky to not come up against big side's or side's that were in form. When we drew teams in the Lowland league they were teams around the bottom and we were in such fine form we were a good match for them on the day. It might be different next year as we will inevitably be involved in a relegation dog fight.


Do I have any complaints about the squad this year? How could I?

There are some out of contract you'll notice, decisions haven't been made on their futures yet and as much as I'd like to see what this squad can do at the next level it's a given that we will have to gradually improve the quality of player at the club over the next 5 year cycle to have any chance of gaining a promotion to the big leagues. Some tough decision may be made over the summer but it certainly won't be a reflection of how boys have performed, it's just we can't allow ourselves to stagnate.


So as we start to think about the next chapter in our history let's have a look at the all time best squad of players who have taken us to pastures new...


Historically full backs have been an issue for us but Baber has been a great servant to the club, indeed he's the second most league appearance's for the club behind Neto so he deserves his place in there, for now. If Scullion can keep performing at Lowland league level I'd say he's a certainty to break into the starting 11 in the next year or two.


Speaking about "legends" if you will...


I've cemented my place in the clubs history. I've become the clubs only 'Icon'. Neto has become a legend...not that I'm smarting about that. Quietly seething possibly. If he gets a stadium named after him I'll be full on raging.


Speaking of  new stadium's, now that we're going up we have been forced into taking out a loan to finance stadium improvements...


Exciting times ahead for the club and changes should be constant over the next 20/30 years I'd say. Depending on how quick we make our ascent and get into Europe I'd expect us to be making incremental changes constantly for years to help grow the club.


I'll just leave the below image to end the review for this season as what more needs to be said?


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Season 2029-30 Preview


A tricky pre-season this summer and not a lot to bolster our confidence as we head into what is bound to be a very tough year for both results and moral at the club. Could really of done with some easy wins to boost our spirits.

There have been a few signings over the summer period, mainly free agents with one loan move secured so let's have a look at the new additions to the squad.

Jaime McKenzie has been brought in after failing to become number one at Spartans. As solid and dependable as Stewart Black has been for me between the sticks, and let's take a minute to salute him as he has been a fantastic signing and servant to the club, he isn't getting any younger. He was a player who I would have had to replace in the next few years so put sentimentality to one side and brought in a younger player to usurp him.

As we know my full backs have always been an issue so I decided to strengthen the roles this summer. This has meant that Michael Baber, the clubs second most league appearance holder has left the club on a free. Cammy Williamson has been brought in on loan from Stenhousemuir as Baber's replacement and Kyle Leishman has been brought in to go straight into the squad as starting right back.

The final signing was Russell Dingwall, a journeyman striker/AMC to provide some cover for Jim Whyte as I didn't feel like any of the academy boys could really step into the AF role if required through injury or suspension.


So, what are the expectations as we embark on our first year in the Lowland League?

Well, and you might be shocked by this, the bookies expect us to finish last. Shocked :lol: 

The board expect us to fight bravely against the drop and the lads feel the same as well.

Me, I'm aiming to finish anywhere above the relegation play off spot. Anywhere from 12th to 15th is what I'm hoping for. I'd also love another run in the Scottish Cup and to still be in it come Jan when the real big boys enter but that will depend heavily on who we draw.

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Aug/Sept/Oct 2029-30


An absolute scalping in our first game against Forfar to start our new beginnings but I half expected it as I would consider them big boys of this league.

We have managed to pick up some points over the term though and we aren't being totally out played in games with a decent xG in most games so I think that we may be able to hold our own and avoid being sent back down at the first time of asking.

We've managed to advance ourselves in the cups albeit needing replays but I welcome any chance I can get to take this great club as far as I can.

Jim Whyte has struggled to find the net so far which is a worry but at the other end new signing Jamie McKenzie has started well so that is a major positive. The same cannot be said for all of our signings sadly.


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Nov/Dec/Jan 2029-30


A solid performance from the lads over the winter period as we managed to eek out quite a few wins to keep us away from the relegation zone. Maybe I'm being a bit over confident but at this point I think we won't even be involved in a relegation fight. I don't think we'll finish much higher, if at all, then we currently are but I think the way we're playing we can avoid being in a dog fight.

Jim Whyte is still struggling to find the net, Dingwall coming on as a sub has more goals, but he's playing really well and helping to bring others into the game and Scullion love arriving late in the box and firing the ball past the keeper. The new Frank Lampard.

Not many games left, we're out of the cups, but I think we will survive and cement our place in this division.


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Youth Intake 2030


A slightly better intake this year with regards to personalities but not much in the way of talent. We really need to go on a few cup runs to help boost the coffers so we can increase our junior coaching and youth recruitment.

Chris Boyd has the best PA and a balanced personality so I've signed him, hopefully he can be a good squad player. 

Jamie Yeats has the second best PA and again a balanced personality so we gave him a contract, I will convert him into a central midfielder I think.

One of our central defenders just hasn't cut it this season so will be let go. As a result of this I have signed Allan Gray as he has a decent personality so hopefully he can, like Chris Boyd, be a decent squad player for us when needed in the event of injury.

And finally we signed Connor Smith as although he isn't the most impressive PA wise he has a winning personality so I've snapped him up and will convert him into an AMC.


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Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2029-30


A really tough February gave way to a mixed March before a great April finished the season off and ensured our survival in the Lowland League for a second year in our history. 

I but my loyalty to one side and took the misfiring Jim Whyte out of the side and played Russell Dingwall and what a difference that made as he finished the season as the clubs top scorer even in the short amount of games he got. I guess I got that wrong this season as who knows how we would have done if I had been more ruthless with my selections?

I thought the season was over at that point and started compiling data for my end of season review only to discover that we were involved in another cup which hadn't previously been listed on my competition page, not sure why.

We made it to the Lowland Cup semi-final before exiting to league runners up Albion Rovers, no shame in that.


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End of Season 2029-30 Review


Look at the jump up in season ticket holders, we're starting to grow as a club. The average attendance has really swelled as well which is brilliant.

We've lost some money over the season but we're still in the black just, we will need a decent Scottish Cup run next year to keep that the same.

Our first season in this league and we did ok. We were never really in danger of going down I don't feel and we actually achieved my goal of finishing 12th to 15th by finishing 13th. We did concede more goals than we ever have but we only had a GD of -5 which is remarkable considering our main striker finished with a goal tally that could be counted on one hand.


Again our full back's struggled this year. It just really is a position I can't seem to get right or get any consistency. Williamson is only on loan so he will be off, not quite decided on MacKintosh yet.

You'll notice that club legend Ashley Neto is out of contract this summer. After being 'Mr Dependable' for so many years and fans player of the year year after year...he really could not perform at this level. He's going to be let go. It's not because I'm jealous of his status and worry that he'll be the person getting a statue before me, it's for purely football reason's I promise. But he'll be leaving this summer.

The centre of midfield was average/poor this year. Hugh Robertson is out of contract and will leave, Miller will probably go as well but I'm not quite ready to fully admit that yet. Their PA is low, they do have good personalities though so it's a 50/50 decision for me but I will probably let them go.

Jim Whyte has been retained despite his poor return of goals as he did play well and bring other's into the game. He deserves a second year.

The attacking third of the field all did ok considering we stepped up a division, like Whyte they deserve a second season to see what they can do.

I think if I focus this summer on trying to recruit a new left back and a couple of central midfielders I'm comfortable with the rest of the squad for another year.

Let's finish off the squad review by showing the team of the season along with player awards.




So to finish off the review, a good year I would say. I know I do say that each year but I don't think we've really had a bad year as of yet. The goal was to stay up, we did that. The goal was to have a decent run in the Scottish Cup, we did that. The squad mainly held their own which is pleasing, over time we will improve the squad and advance but baby steps. Not quite sure if there will be a 5 year plan at the moment, we'll need to judge it after next season to see how we are coping. 

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Season 2030-31 Preview


An undefeated pre-season has meant we can go into the new season with a bit of a swagger. Just look at the form Russell Dingwall has been in though. I probably made a mistake last season not starting him, I was too loyal to Jim Whyte. 

Bookies have again got us as being relegated and the squad think the same as well.

We've let a few players go who were out of contract and trimmed the squad down, we have made two signings though on the free agent market so let's take a look at the new boys to join the club. With the relatively young age of the squad I decided that I wanted to bring in players of the 24-27 age range who could go straight in but be seasoned pro's and ready to hit the ground running.

So Ryan Haynes has joined the club being released by last season's league champions Forfar, clearly deemed as surplus to requirements or not good enough for League 2 but despite not even starting many games for them last year in the Lowland league I think he can do a job for us.

We only signed one other player over the summer and that was another Ryan, Ryan Shanks who has joined from Cowdenbeath who have actually just been relegated into the Lowland league. At the age of 26 and with some solid enough stats he will slot straight in as my BWM and hopefully add a bit more steel in the middle of the park for us.

That's all we signed this year, it is a very streamline squad with the idea to share plenty of playing time around the few that we have.


So, my thoughts for the season ahead.

I don't think we will be in a relegation fight. There was more than enough about us to suggest we can be a mid-table team this year. That's the plan. If we can accomplish that, say 9th to 12th, then I think that we might be in with a chance of having a 5 year plan in place. If the new signings can mesh and perform well and Dingwall and McKenzie are in form then yes, I think we will have the building blocks in place to start to assemble a side to challenge for promotion in a few years time. 

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On 27/12/2020 at 00:25, iGoldenBen said:

Nice read, In currently in my sixth season with Loch Ness 

Nice. Loch Ness might be a future save idea in a few years as I come from the Highlands and Islands.

How are you getting on with it? 

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Aug/Sept/Oct 2030-31


Well what an unexpected start.

An incredible run of form over the three months and we're undefeated in the league. Sadly we are out of the Scottish Cup so we will be in debt by the end of the season.

We started the season incredibly. Russell Dingwall was absolutely on fire and running the show. Then disaster struck. Dingwall went down with a hip injury in the match against Berwick and ruled out for 4 months with a hip injury. I thought my season was crumbling in front of my eyes. With Whyte's inability to score at this level I had to go out and get myself a new striker.

Chris Mitchell joined on loan from Elgin. to lead the line. He slotted in so easily I was astounded and luckily we managed to get by without Dingwall.

Some great football has been played and we sit second as we go into the winter months. I don't think we will finish the season top and I'd expect us to drop of but this is a promising sign. Maybe we don't need all that much added to the squad to turn us into title challengers.


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Youth Intake 2031 Preview


Always with the full backs but they never quite hit the heights I need.

Still, I'm quite looking forward to seeing what will appear this year as it seems relatively positive this year.

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4 hours ago, metallimuse said:

Nice. Loch Ness might be a future save idea in a few years as I come from the Highlands and Islands.

How are you getting on with it? 

It's been a pretty hard challenge, but welcome. Took me 2 seasons to get promoted from the North caley and now in my 4th season in the highland league after finishing top 3 last 3 seasons, and dominating this year, but still no guarantee I'll win the promotion play-off lol. Its at least been considerably more challenging than the English lower leagues where I would have been promoted every year.

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