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  1. The update file is made by the guys on the Official Catchup podcast (including me) and updates the real-life squads. Both files can be used together, or you can just use my DB on it's own.
  2. Yeah, long term aim is to reflect this but I can't get it working to change back atm.
  3. Hello again folks! Another year, another Scottish DB... This file reflects the real life pyramid & includes amended schedules as a result of the pandemic. Things return to normal in season two, with a promotion playoff appearing for the North Caledonian League to reflect the agreement in principle they have IRL. There is also an adjustment to Lowland League relegation as proposed. Available to download on the Steam Workshop, from sites like FMScout & FMBase and at this direct link. The structure is as follows: Premiership Championship League 1 League 2 Highland League Lowland League North Caledonian League West of Scotland Premier East of Scotland Premier South of Scotland League West of Scotland Conference A West of Scotland Conference B West of Scotland Conference C East of Scotland Conference A East of Scotland Conference B
  4. That's as it is IRL, yeah. Expect it either next weekend or the weekend after
  5. @anitamui It used to lead to a cup against SPFL sides - has become more of a lower league cup itself now. As requested - leagues included: Premiership Championship League 1 League 2 Highland League Lowland League South of Scotland League East of Scotland Premier East of Scotland 1st Division (A&B) Scottish Junior Leagues (All four tiers) I'll likely move on to making some kits, but it'll take a while!
  6. I'll check and fix if required... I believe that refers to the worst Brexit rules? I've not amended the Premiership at all, so that's standard in game. Expect a full updated file release this weekend folks - and thank you for the kind words @davenumber40! Appreciate you listening to the pod.
  7. It's Beta time! https://tinyurl.com/mozzaplays Pop into editor data and play away. Let me know of anything funky that needs amended - the structure works as intended though!
  8. Not at all! Happy for anyone to use it however they like. There will be. Promised Mark Dallas I’d do it to let Maryhill have a route to the top haha. I’ll do the normal pyramid first then amend it slightly for the fantasy one - makes life easier!
  9. It’s baaaaack...😉 Expect a test file this weekend folks.
  10. Unfortunately, this year's editor stops you converting a file to FMF when verifying manually. Any changes to my file will not verify... You need to export after saving, then manually change the code in notepad, import in and save again. It'll still not let you select your leagues, but it'll work!
  11. It’s any imported file. You used to be able to export, manually edit code to verify it and import back in but it doesn’t work this time round sadly. Makes things so much harder for all complex DBS out there.
  12. Right folks - temp fix is now in place. Manual verification no longer works in Editor hence the original issues! While the "league selection" box will remain blank, all will load for season 1. You can change the number running from season 2 onwards in settings.
  13. Cheers guys - will try and sort this tonight. No idea why it’s happening, was fine on my end!
  14. Steam link added to post 2 - it's alive! Only the 2,500 changes this year...
  15. They're there because the two will join the EoS next season, all being well. One extra team is promoted to make 16 in the Lowland after Selkirk's withdrawal this season. I'll double check it, thanks!
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