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  1. Unfortunately, this year's editor stops you converting a file to FMF when verifying manually. Any changes to my file will not verify... You need to export after saving, then manually change the code in notepad, import in and save again. It'll still not let you select your leagues, but it'll work!
  2. It’s any imported file. You used to be able to export, manually edit code to verify it and import back in but it doesn’t work this time round sadly. Makes things so much harder for all complex DBS out there.
  3. Right folks - temp fix is now in place. Manual verification no longer works in Editor hence the original issues! While the "league selection" box will remain blank, all will load for season 1. You can change the number running from season 2 onwards in settings.
  4. Cheers guys - will try and sort this tonight. No idea why it’s happening, was fine on my end!
  5. Steam link added to post 2 - it's alive! Only the 2,500 changes this year...
  6. They're there because the two will join the EoS next season, all being well. One extra team is promoted to make 16 in the Lowland after Selkirk's withdrawal this season. I'll double check it, thanks!
  7. @markypark14 This should now be fixed in my final release file, coming shortly. Cheers for the heads up! @TheBoss_FM Should be fine to keep going hopefully.
  8. Yup, this one was an oversight on my part. Any chance we can remove the Spartans one from the DB and move the free transfer version to the club @Stuart Milne?
  9. In his defence, FM is generally only concerned with ‘active’ clubs - that’s where I come in! The to-do list is: Club Reputations Update Squads Add Managers Add Media Sources Adjust Scottish Cup
  10. It does, yeah. I'm currently experimenting to see if I can "break up" the regions. The other thing that'll have an impact is club reputations, which are wildly wrong (most Juniors etc are rated just below SPFL level, with exactly the same rep). They'll be updated along with other details etc.
  11. Right folks - here is the first proper DB file for testing. I've removed the other one as it didn't work properly. Save this (My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > editor data) and it'll be ready to go. IMPORTANT - new games will be slow to load up. Don't worry, this is normal from the point you click "New Career" and the game will be as quick as normal once loaded up. All I need to do now is add detail (awards, real managers, update squads) and get the graphics done. Let me know if you find any issues Scotland - The Full Pyramid (v1).xml
  12. IRL, the three EoS conference winners are set to play off against each other to become EoS champ, then face the SoS winner in a promotion playoff. However, Selkirk going bust has given us an issue, as now 2 teams will be promoted - no confirmation of how it'll work as yet, I'm going to throw all 4 into playoffs with 2 emerging as winners.
  13. I’ve kept the SoS cups to one a year. FM wouldn’t cope with bi-annual and any squad would be decimated by injuries having so many games. Licencing is a tough one. Given that all the EoS and SoS clubs have it re-opened, I think I’ll leave it as the “best” sides qualifying regardless. Junior champs and Amateur champs will continue to qualify.
  14. @Wavelberry I will indeed! The crafty so-and-sos appear to have changed the small icon size, so they'll need changed (all 220 odd!) So...who fancies a test file? (REMOVED - see below!) This one has the structure totally in place, after I sorted some gremlins out. Hopefully it works...mainly simple changes after this, and then the altogether more complex issue of league reconstruction! NOTE - Selkirk and a couple of other sides find themselves in some sort of EoS purgatory. Don't worry, I needed two sides in each of the two - they become 12 team leagues in 2019/20.
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