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  1. I'm playing with a similar situation at the bottom of the conference north. I've noticed striker production is way down while long shots and free kicks are much more successful than in past versions. I'm thinking about encouraging long shots which I've never done before.
  2. Kettering are still part time. You all are right about the training. I've been dedicating 3 of my 4 sessions a week to player development and only one to match prep. I've seen it in my results but I'm not ready to go up so I'm not really bothered. Once I have the players to fill out a team, I will have to really focus on league position.
  3. Really interesting thread. I'm playing a youth academy challenge with Kettering Town and was stuck between tactics. This thread has inspired me to go all out with a direct tactic. I don't remember seeing training mentioned. What types of schedule is everyone using? I guess the best specific sessions would be physical, attacking direct, aerial defense, ball distribution (?), set pieces, resistance and quickness.
  4. Really interesting thread. My question as far as youth development goes is how do you apply this to the U18 players? If the schedule is so heavily focused on match prep, I'd be inclined to leave my younger players in the U18's and tailor a schedule more towards player development. I don't really trust the new mentoring model yet. However I know some in the community are encouraging moving high potential young players to the seniors to be mentored. I'm guessing it must be that the senior experience and mentoring while playing U18 games is enough to raise attributes? I'm holding off starting a youth development save until I get a better handle on training.
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