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  1. I've had this in FM20 in some edited databases. From what I could tell, on the day FM would sort it out and you would only play one game. I didn't notice any long term problems
  2. Thank you for doing this. I'm really looking forward to this file. I'm going to try a save with Clapton Community and gift them the Old Spotted Dog.
  3. Looking at Iceland, it looks like most of the youth teams are separate entities from the senior sides. A couple of the sides I've looked at share training facilities and have a parent relationship with a U19 club. For those of you who play in Iceland, do you make use of U19 loans rather than keeping them at the club?
  4. The loan rules for the Highland league include a maximum of four players on loan and a maximum of two players on loan from the same team. I think this may be incorrect
  5. I was hoping you'd do a db. I'm going to start with Fort William and only sign players from the Highlands or ICT academy loans. Three days in the file looks great. Mozza, thanks for your work on the Lowland League Catchup pod as well. Anybody checking this thread out that hasn't listened to it should give it a listen.
  6. If you used wikipedia at all, you may want to go double check it because I think it's been updated with some changes for this season. Just scanning it, it looks like the South West Peninsula league has changes, and I think the St Piran leagues and maybe the Wiltshire and Wearside leagues are new to step 7.
  7. You're looking for southern premier central and southern premier south now that nonleague is 1-2-4 right? If I remember correctly, they are at the bottom of the list
  8. Done. Hope this helped. Thanks for what you do. I enjoy the database. FM Kit Project (3).xlsx
  9. Updated. I'm done up through the Manchester League. I think we only have these three to go. Let me know if you've been working on any of them and I'll finish up whatever we have left tomorrow. Liverpool County Premier League Premier Division Lincolnshire League Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division FM Kit Project (2).xlsx
  10. Updated file attached. Moving on to Thames Valley Prem FM Kit Project (1).xlsx
  11. Cambridgeshire County Prem, Yorkshire Amateur Prem, West Yorkshire Prem, West Midlands Div 1 all done. I'll keep working up the list and repost the spreadsheet when we're done.
  12. Cambridgeshire County Prem is done. I'll start at the bottom of the list and work my way up. I'm going to aim for two leagues day and I'll check in periodically. My youngest has a stomach bug so if I disappear for a couple days, it's got me.
  13. Does this help? I was able to find first kits but I don't know about away kits I FM Kit Project.xlsx
  14. Good to hear. I'd started a youth save in Wales but found the game unplayable. I'm back to FM19 until it gets fixed.
  15. If you want to give me a league I don't mind doing some research. I'll try to give you a link to a picture of each club's kit if that's what you're looking for.
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