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  1. I'd be interested to see supporter owned clubs in the vein of FC United for the other 5 as well. I know there's been a lot of talk of this amongst supporters.
  2. Congrats on europe! That's a major achievement. I really wish the board interactions in the game would be improved. Especially in a situation like you're in, if you have a coherent vision it's hard to imagine a board not backing it.
  3. @metallimuse Do you use mentoring in your reserves/U18's? I'm guessing you might not need to since you've signed such positive personalities. I'm debating on trying it but I'm afraid it could do more harm than good. Have you found any training in particular that you like for your young players? I know for PT players your gains are basically just going to come from personality but I still like micromanaging my training. I've made basic schedules up but can't decide if they're really doing anything.
  4. @Morrissey Really enjoying this file. Thank you for doing it! A couple of small things if you do an update or for future versions: - I'm playing with Inverness Athletic in the North Caledonian league. When I got promoted to the Highland league (season 2), I was not in the North of Scotland Cup for a season and returned in season 4. I'm guessing it had something to do with the promotion. - This may be more complicated or more of an SI issue but I'm having to play home matches in Aberdeen because of ground requirements. Based on the ground I'm playing in, I've been en
  5. There's no promotion from the Caledonian league in the first season but there is in the 2nd. There's a 2 legged tie with the team that's bottom of the highland league for promotion. I've got Inverness Athletic in the Highland League.
  6. I've had trouble with this in the past and had to fiddle with the preferences. If I remember correctly I had cache'ing turned on. I unticked it, reloaded the skin and that was it.
  7. I've really enjoyed reading about your save (been lurking for some time). I struggled to find a save in FM21 and you inspired me to try a youth only save in Scotland. Just got promoted to the Highland league in my second season with Inverness Athletic. Watching the youth develop at a small club is really my favorite part of FM. Keep up the good work!
  8. This looks like a really interesting project. Are you planning on replacing an existing nation in Europe to make the international/continental competitions work?
  9. Really minor issue but I believe Bolton's physio Catherine Beattie is female. She appears to be listed as male in her bio.
  10. @lionel messi Have you put any thought into doing this file for FM21?
  11. Congrats on the continental success! I guess not able to play in the club world cup? Out of curiosity, are you using Timo's files? I played around with Oceania but I was having trouble with the champions league not loading the correct sides but I had all countries loaded.
  12. I've enjoyed reading through this thread. Which Oceania Champions League file are you using? I think you've inspired me to finish off FM20 in Oceania.
  13. Are there a specific set of countries that need to be loaded with this? I ran a test for 3 years. The Caribbean Shield and Caribbean Club Championship only played the first season and the CONCACAF league never played.
  14. Take a look at Dan's thread. Someone just reported the same thing. Is it possible this is related to the SI update?
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