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  1. Maybe look for Playing style, tactical style and Preferred formations of your HOYT?
  2. Season Review 2025/26 First things first - we won the FA Trophy! Great team effort, got through twice via penalties.Hopefully a sign of better things to come. In the league i tried to experiment and "teach" new tactics to the squad. We now can play (beside our trusted 4-3-3) a flat 4-4-2 and a wingerless 4-1-3-2. I hope this flexibility will pay off next year. Even despite all those experiments we managed a nice 13th place. Since some young players are developing nicely (and we often lost while having an higher xp-rating) i have hopes that next season we will have a
  3. Youth Intake 2026 Well not the best intake in my opinion. Quite some talented players - I am especially happy about a new GK-talent - but the personalities are mostly not great. Will sign only those where i really believe they can be of use.
  4. Season review 2024/25 A season of ups and downs. I wasnt able to extend some contracts of our initial players, and they left us on various times during the season. The youngsters were not able to fully replace them on a consistent basis. Additionally we were hampered by many injuries, and our main striker, Linney, seems to have had his peak last year. He isnt that effective anymore and starts get slower. And so after a nice autumn we were falling down again the league table in spring. While we stayed in the league, which is positive, it was a drawback compared to last year.
  5. Season 2023/24 Review Well an amazing season it was. I am not sure what was causing it - the change towards a more attacking 4-3-3, more quickness training, key players entering their prime years or using many more youths in order to let older one get more rest - probably all of it and quite some luck. Anyway, in the end we reached 7th place and the playoffs. There we lost to Wrexham 0-1, we played not well and Wrexham was anyway a team we always lose against. Despite this I was very pleased with this season, encouraging signs everywhere. Will be hard to repeat it, but at leas
  6. Youth Intake 2024 Changed my HOYD to someone with a better personalty. Its now "Professional" , and it was before "unambitious". And it showed already in this intake, better personalities now Generally speaking I am happy that the initial report was wrong. What iI currently need most in the youth system are more central midfielders, and here i got now some. I will sign those with the most promise, and some additional ones with good personality. But could this be a "golden" generation"? I doubt it. Oh and the one goalkeeper i will sign as well, really never want to
  7. Season 2 Review It was a quite awful season until mid November - lost many, many games, last position in league. In desperation i decided to switch to a 4-3-3 with emphasis on possession. Not that i got great passers in my team, not at all. But i hoped that possession is the best defence when you got bad defenders Thankfully it worked, we slowly crawled out of relegation-zone. After New Years i slowly incorporated some of our 16 year olds into the senior squad - mostly because we already had clear signs of fatigue, and those appearences in the first team hopefully will help their develo
  8. Youth Intake 2023 Allegedly a golden generation... I am missing good central defenders and midfielders. Also a bit too many "unambitious" for my taste. But we will see. I will sign them all - got enough space in our system for them for now, and we are way below the wage budget. First 3: Jake O'Reilly 23a Biggest prospect, I am not happy with his physical attributes an especially his personality Neil Bailie 23b Could become a nice winger, but his vision and Flair are disappointing Ryan Burgess 23c
  9. 2020/21 End of Season Review It was an amazing season. Started very well thanks to great cohesion, and the whole first half we were among the best teams of the league in every aspect. But then a long lasting injury to our best player (Luke Griffiths) and obvious fatigue in the whole team caused us to concede many draws and lose some games which we would probably have won three months earlier. But in the end we secured a playoff spot, and there had great luck: two times we won on penalties, and gained promotion. Our great form in the first half helped as well in persuading the
  10. Like in that example of Richard Roberts above: how does one get that coach summary etc. in the profile view? Is it a skin? Richard Roberts
  11. Youth Intake 2022 First intake, could have been worse. As I am lacking players everywhere on the pitch due to injuries and fatigue, every additional option for the future is welcome. Believe it or not, Dale Lake 22b is instantly my second-best right defender (third best without injured player)
  12. Right now in English National North i am using a 4-3-1-2 with two Mezzalas and a BWM at the center. Nothing fancy, but works quite well. But "my" league has less quality then yours ...
  13. Imho it makes it more likely (but not for each and every player) that the players fit in a 4312. But often i noticed as well that the personality of the HoYD is obviously reflected in the intake.
  14. Well, got sacked. Trying my luck in England now
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