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  1. Does anyone have a list of the playable FM 20 Sugar Daddy clubs this year?
  2. Hello, Some of you may be aware, some of you may not - there is a team in the Swiss divisions called Vaduz, they qualify for the Europa League pretty much every season because they are from Liechenstein and qualify through the Liechenstien Cup. I was planning to set this up so a Gibraltan team is in the English divisions, but still take part in a Gibraltan Cup to give them a European place. I have no problems moving them to an English division etc, however how would I go about putting them in a Gibraltan Cup competition?
  3. This worked for me, thank you very much. Just curious as you seem to know what you are talking about - is there any way that we can re-add an uploadable manager picture, or is this a no-go?
  4. The thing is, I don't think SI appreciate how big their Graphic based community is. This years game has been a huge let down from a graphical side of the game, and a real kick in the face to the content creators who spend hundreds of hours creating content. It completely kills the motivation to play the game. Honestly, this has been the biggest let down of FM I have played yet. They added things that didn't need adding, broke things that didn't need changing, removed things that didn't need removing and the game is riddled with bugs. Really disappointing, and it's as if they are trying to kill the Graphics Community alone. We can't even upload a manager avatar for christ sake - even the non graphic based communities must be annoyed by that. I would understand if they looked good, but they look dreadful. And I respect KUBI, because he is the only person that ever responds to things like this - and the reality is, he is only a Moderator. Where is SI? I think it's about time they came out and said what they are actually trying to make this game be, because they are clearly taking it into a different direction to the past, and not for the good in my opinion. I have put way over 10,000 hours into the Football Manager series over the years, and I just feel let down and I am losing my motivation to play - something I have never had a problem with when playing FM, mainly because my game looks like absolute cack from a Graphical point of view. A lot of people are pointing to the reviews, and saying "They are mainly Chinese people mad" - well that fact is they are not. Read through them. The majority are negative, and for a game with such a huge loyal following it is not good. SI are losing touch with their target market, the people that have bought the game year after year. I certainly won't be blindly pre-ordering FM 2018, like they expected us too this year; which is them absolutely taking advantage of their loyal playerbase.
  5. Hi, I have been wondering. They removed the uploadable manager avatar this year - is there a way to use skins to include a manager avatar? If that means including a face on the skin and just putting it over the managers plastic avatar then so be it. Is this possible? I am just sick of the managers horrible regen face, to be perfectly honest.
  6. nb9

    Regen Facepacks

    Great post Dimitri. I would love to know why they are doing this. What in gods name was wrong with it before? Utterly bizarre, and no comment at all from SI. Ruined the cosmetic feel of the game; especially when in a long save.
  7. It's surely not impossible though? I have seen a Conference North side produce a 200 PA player in FM 2016, with no significant youth setup at all. Managed to get him for £50,000 and he scored about 200 Premier League goals for me.
  8. I got this on a similar facepack for regens, the methods to try and fix it haven't worked for me. If you haven't emptied your recycling bin the original should be in there.
  9. nb9

    Regen Facepacks

    Looks dreadful though. Just did it and all the faces are stretched wrongly, out of position and mess up your own managers face. Not a clue what the developers have done differently to the faces this year - but I fail to see how it is a positive change. Removing the ability to upload your own manager picture, which is just completely bizarre. Still yet to see a reason, or think of one in my head as to why this feature was excluded from the game. All the new regen faces seem to look exactly the same, and as mentioned above - all have massive foreheads and look like raving crack heads. At least with the old faces only a few of your regens look like they lived with Tony Montana or wanted to eat your brain. Hairstyles of regens have absolutely no variety, they all look like balding men or 12 year old children. I understand there is more pressing issues for SI, but when you get 10+ years into a save and everybody has these faces it's an absolute buzz kill. I mean, I am heavy on graphic use and as are a lot of Football Manager players, and there seems to be lots and lots of bugs surrounding the GUI, faces and especially your own manager face. From the manager faces alone I have encountered endless amounts of bugs (most of them already reported). Not sure why they made so many changes, as the cosmetic feel of the game is important to a lot of people, myself included. Apologies for the rant - I went off on a little bit of a tangent. Hope a new facepack comes up soon for regens.
  10. nb9

    Regen Facepacks

    Including the actual manager picture, too! Not sure why an earth they removed the ability to upload your own picture.
  11. I have used FM regen facepacks in the past as I hate the plastic faces. However, I can't find any for FM 2017. Does anybody have/know where one is that works with FM 2017?
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