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  1. July 2024 Interview Opportunity I declined the offer. I felt it wasn't to walk away from the club to a rival so soon after being promoted. I want a better read on how well Tigres can perform in the First Division. Player Contract Extension Oliveros had begun receiving precontract offers from other clubs. I quickly extended him for 2 years. He has been impressive in training recently and has earned first-team time. Youngster Poached Transfer window recap I'm disappointed to lose these two as it decreases the
  2. June 2024 Performance Review by Board The board seems to be happy with how I'm doing at the midway point of the season. Squad Dynamics Staff Contract Extensions Player Contract Extensions Daza has been inconsistent, but I attribute that primarily to his youth. There have been flashes of brilliance. He has a pretty good personality and a strong work rate so I hope for a lot of improvement from him. Cuero is currently the 3rd choice GK, but coaches say he has been improving rapidly in training.
  3. May 2024 Colombian Cup A draw in our final game against Deportivo Pasto wasn't enough to continue in the cup. Results & Table An undefeated month in the league saw us climb to mid-table at the end of the First Phase. Considering where we were earlier in the season, I am satisfied with this finish. I'm optimistic for the Second Phase.
  4. April 2024 Although he made a big mistake resulting in the only goal against America de Cali, Vera has performed decently in goal and will continue to receive the starts in league games, minimally. Stiven Oliveros had a solid month and is pushing to take the starting spot at Attacking Mid (AMCL - s) from Ospina, who missed a penalty against America de Cali. Colombian Cup We have been disappointing in the Colombian Cup and are unlikely to qualify for the next round.
  5. Congratulations on the championship win on the final day of the season! Brilliant achievement! I've really enjoyed following your career!
  6. Congratulations on the successful start at Luzern! I hope the 4 necessary wins for promotion come quickly for you.
  7. March 2024 Academy player poached We lost another one. Player contract extension Orozco has become a solid, if unspectacular, player as the MCR - Cental Midfielder (s). It was a very easy contract negotiation. I'm glad he'll continue to be here for the next few years. Results & Tables We're getting plenty of chances, but we are not very good at finishing them. Ceballos - DCL, bpd (d) - is our leading scorer. He has 5 goals, all from set pieces. Ortega was pulled from goal at halftime of the Deportivo Cali game and bench
  8. February 2024 Attendance and Gate Records Set The first sellout crowd helped us to defeat the first place team. Academy player poached Results & Tables The attack is struggling, and while the defense has been playing fairly well, Ortega is not performing at the level we need in goal. We need to turn things around in the cup group soon if we want to have a chance to qualify. Youth Intake Not much to see here. We signed the first seven and Fabio Chacon. Carlos Alberto Monroy is supposed to be the t
  9. January 2024 My career track Performance Review by Board Squad Dynamics Staff Promotion Since the board added a coaching position to the senior squad, Welington Ortiz was promoted from Head Coach of the U20s. John Cardenas replaced Ortiz, which means we only have 1 more coach than the board would like for the U20s. Discussion about club improvements The president asked my thoughts about improving the payroll budget for the General Manager position. I said I would prefer to see the money sp
  10. Congratulations on the double and consecutive titles!
  11. Here's to continuing your success at the new club!
  12. End of Season Summary (December 2023) Overall Best 11 End of Season Team Awards, Stats, and Best Team Season Performance Data Commercial Summary Staff Increases The board informed me of some allowed staff increases. Improvement Requests They initially refused this request, but I was able to convince them that we would fall behind our rivals. Interview Offer I declined. I wasn't interested in leaving Tigres weeks after getting them promoted.
  13. December 2023 Player contract extensions Wilmer Nazarit is an exciting prospect at left wing back - wb (s) - playing on the U20s team. I'm glad to have extended him. Marlon Vera is the backup keeper. He hasn't received much of an opportunity, but the 3rd keeper is a bit young to bring to the senior squad. Juan Ceballos has provided good cover to De Nilson Echevarri at left central mid - bwm (d). It was really important to me to keep him on the team. Kury has been starting most of the time at left wing back - wb
  14. November 2023 Table A 5-0 rout of Atletico Huila and some help from other teams raised us to 7th place and Semi Final qualification. Semi Final group On the strength of our defense, we managed to qualify for the Second Phase Final! Coach poached from U20s I asked him to stay, but he opted to leave. At least we're solving our overstaffed problem through attrition, and we're receiving money for it, too.
  15. October 2023 Player contract extensions As we approached the end of the season, I began extending some player contracts. Salguero is the regular starter at right wing back. He is approaching his 100th appearance for the club. He provides a decent number of assists due to his crossing ability. Ceballos has integrated into the club very well in his first year, taking the left most center back position. He has exceeded the expectations that I had for him when he signed on a free transfer prior to the First Phase. Coaching license
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