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  1. January 2024 The good news...we extended our unbeaten streak in the league to 11 games. The bad news...4 of those have been draws, primarily to teams that we should have beaten. We fought valiantly against Hartlepool as we attempted to advance in the FA Trophy. Unfortunately, our lack of depth meant playing much of the first team in those games, which, in retrospect, I believe cost us valuable points against Wocking and, perhaps, Welling. We did wind up the month with an entertaining win against Margate on what was a fan day, so I hope the attendance improves based upon that. I'm afraid t
  2. A very entertaining read. I appreciate that it has validated some of my beliefs regarding tactics and the way to build clubs. I hadn't considered the idea of trying to improve a small nation's football stature. I may give that a try myself sometime. Congratulations on your many successes in Northern Ireland! It will be interesting to hear what happens with the 2nd manager in Wales.
  3. December 2023 The clock struck midnight on our Cinderella cup run. Down 2 of our regular defenders due to accumulated cards suspensions, we didn’t stand much of a chance against Burton. We set the club records for match attendance (2898) and gate receipts ($60K) so there was a significant financial benefit to getting this far, but would we be demoralized after the drubbing that we took? In the league, it could have been a month that hurt our league chances due to match congestion and little depth. Instead, we shook off the loss and grinded out 4 consecutive league wins to close the gap to
  4. November 2023 We upset Carlisle in their home stadium in the FA Cup, and after the game, they immediately fired their manager. (In our locker room, Dan Bartlett's agent approached me about a better contract. We quickly agreed to terms through June 2025.) Jordan Hamilton, a Nigerian/English DR whom I am trying to convert to MR, scored the game-winning goal even though he his Finishing ability is 1. I'm excited about my first televised game...and the $ that comes with it! We lost some ground in the league, perhaps in part due to match congestion. As a result, I played a team
  5. October 2023 The month began with an offer for a contract extension. While I wasn't concerned about job security, I'm not looking to leave, so I signed it. I signed a new coach to fill the void created by promoting Morley to Assistant Manager. A successful month saw us maintain our league standing and surpass the board's minimum expectation for the FA Cup. The team has its first leaders in captain Dan Bartlett and Brendan Ocran. They contribute to the very good team cohesion and the good locker room atmosphere. Both of those have impacted our success gre
  6. September 2023 3 close defeats saw us drop out of 1st place in the league. I turned down an interview with Forest Green, which sits last in League One. I want to see how this season ends after seeing the early successes the team has had.
  7. August 2023 New Player Signing - Rayner Silva - Brought in after a number of players were concerned about the central midfield depth. Staff Signings - Stephan Morley was promoted from Coach to Assistant Coach after a disappointing response to an advertisement. On the field, a nearly perfect start had the board in disbelief and led to an award for Jahquan Springer and recognition for me.
  8. July 2023 New Player Signings Jordan Hamilton - I would like to attempt to convert him to a winger on the right side. Bekim Berisha - Brought in on loan from our affiliate club Reading to be an option at left winger after the injury to Rubin Wilson (ankle, 3 weeks). Staff Signings Emma Constantine - Physio - Brought her back after a year away. It was a mistake to let her go. Alex Baptiste - Head of Youth Development - Working with Youngsters (12), Judging Player Ability (11), Judging Player Potential (12) Darren Kelly - U18s Head Coach Staff
  9. June 2023 I earned my Continental B license and received permission to study for my Continental A license. Player Extensions Khari Allen - Left Fullback - Non-contract with $170 appearance fee and Breakthrough Prospect playing time - 53 games, 4 assists, 6.66 (last season's stats) Jack Burchell - Central Defender - 1-yr extension, $22K, Important Player - 49 (0) games, 1 goal, 6.88 Benjamin Bennett - Central Defender - Non-contract, $300 appearance fee, Breakthrough Prospect - 50 (1) games, 1 goal, 6.91 Avan Jones - Central Defender - Non-contract, $275 a
  10. May 2023 We gave it a good run, but we continued to have difficulty scoring. The hurt went a little deeper when Eastleigh was promoted after beating Ebbsfleet on penalties in the semifinal and Chelmsford on penalties in the final. I'll try to improve the squad, and we'll give it another go next season. End of Season Awards and Stat Leaders Squad Stats Season Review Records Set Staff Extensions Ryan Dickson - Assistant Coach - 1-yr extension - He completed his Continental A license this season and has begun working on his C
  11. April 2023 Springer apparently wasn't very upset with me as he signed a contract extension. On the recommendation of the HoYD, I agreed to sign 5 players from the youth intake. The team responded well to the March disappointment by securing the final playoff spot. The day after we made the playoffs, 2 important players signed contract extensions, which brought me great relief. The month's success led to recognition in the HCoM award: We head into the playoffs on a bit of a roll. Maybe we can pull off a few upsets.
  12. March 2023 A disappointing month that showed what happens when Springer isn't scoring goals. I'm fairly disappointed with where the season appears to be headed. Right now, we're on pace to finish worse than last season with what I thought was a better team. I decided to give Wilberforce Ocran a run as the other striker this month. Although he scored a penalty against Poole, he didn't do anything else. When I finally reinstated Cerulli to the lineup, Springer broke his goal drought with a brace, leading us past 3rd place Chelmsford. The board's approval, while still positive, dropped signi
  13. February 2023 A frustrating month, as we struggled to score and dropped some important points as a result. The loss to Bath and the draw with Margate were especially disappointing even though they were away games. I think our mini-funk played a role in the loss at home to Dulwich Hamlet. On the positive side, we do sit in playoff position with 10 games remaining (though we could have been sitting in 4th) and the board is delighted with my leadership. Not much to mention off the field. I continue to send scouts to watch many potential players, but I am becoming more sel
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