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  1. June 2023 League Playoffs The first leg went fairly well, though I'm not happy that we gave up a goal. We have work to do in the away leg. Although it looked like an even game from a statistical standpoint, the second leg was a relatively easy game. We win the First Phase for the second consecutive year! A nice sum of prize money and the praise of the board came with the victory. Coaching Course With the influx of money and the club about to go on break between the phases of the season, I requested the
  2. May 2023 Table We finish 4th and qualify for a Semi Final group. The board's expectation of reaching the Quarter Final is still possible. Colombian Cup We won our final group match while Bogota FC drew so we won the group on goal differential. Unfortunately, we drew the top team in the First Division. I'm thinking that it may be a quick exit. Results & Semi Final group Table In addition to qualifying for the next round of the Colombian Cup, we sit top of the table with one game left in the Semi Final group. O
  3. April 2023 Staff Extensions A number of staff agreed to contract extensions. Their contracts were due to expire in June. Results & Tables We started to score a bit, and Daza, hopefully, broke out of his slump. I wish the win against Union Magdalena had been in the league match rather than in the cup. Qualification for the next round of the cup seems unlikely. We need help since we don't play Bogota FC in the final game.
  4. March 2023 Youth Player Poached There goes another one, but he probably won't be missed too much. Results & Tables Apparently, we used up all of our goal-scoring ability last month. We didn't give up a lot of goals, but the frustrating part is that the goals were often the only shot on target for the game. I gave Vega, the backup GK, a start against Bogota FC, but the result wasn't any different. We have slipped out of the playoff positions in the league and likely given away our opportunity to qualify from the cup group.
  5. February 2023 Youth Intake The HoYD recommended signing the following players. It's supposedly a "golden generation" for the club. Galeano is supposed to be the top prospect Coaching License I asked to start the next course, but the president refused. I argued to no avail and wasn't prepared to threaten him. Academy Player Poached Results & Tables We had a let down in the league match between the Colombian Cup ties. Gamboa had strong performances in the league, and Palacios did the same in the cup.
  6. January 2023 This season's squad & Tactics Three players from last year's youth intake (the 16 year olds) enter the squad. The tactics remain the same as last season, but there are new faces up top (Daza) and in the back line (Asprilla and Salas). Captains With the departure of Aristizabal, I needed to name a new captain. Echeverri is my choice. Anaya will continue as vice-captain. Current Staff Contreras takes over Ass Man duties in a promotion from the U20s. I also let four U20s coaches go after their contracts
  7. December 2022 Second Division Champions Playoff As a result of winning the First Phase, we have an opportunity to earn promotion to the First Division by winning a 2-leg playoff against the Second Phase champions. Unfortunately, we continued our scoring drought in the first leg, and we lost Gamboa for the final leg. We played poorly in the first half and didn't seem to have much interest in competing. At halftime, I threw a water bottle and told them that I was disappointed. It didn't seem to have much of an effect, but with about 30 minutes lef
  8. November 2022 Mentoring He's still a balanced personality, but it's good to see some increase in ambition, loyalty, and focus. Colombian Cup Awards Results & Table Our scoring disappeared with injuries to Aristizabal, Ospina, and Gomez and an illness for Gamboa. As a result, we weren't close to winning the Semi Final group.
  9. October 2022 Coaching Courses I immediately asked the board to pursue the next level and received a familiar answer. In our discussion, they told me that they needed my presence at training. When I told them that I could see us falling behind our rivals, they finally relented. Results & Table We returned to form this month with Aristizabal and Gamboa finding their scoring touch. Aristizabal's goal against Atletico de Cali was his 15th in the league, triggering a bonus clause in his contract. We climbed into 2nd place for the Second Phas
  10. September 2022 Injuries Well, I jinxed that! Ospina was injured the very next day in training. While I really like him when he's on the field, that's 3 major injuries within 5 months. It may be time to move on from him. This happened a few days later, and we were suddenly very thin at Striker. I don't know what is going on in training, but we must have some pretty weak ankles! Colombian Cup I'm disappointed to have gone out, and it's largely my fault. I thought our 2 away goals from the first leg would have us in the lead s
  11. August 2022 Transfer News Only one transaction this window. Vargas was offered a pre-contract by Mineros. I offered a contract to keep him, but he requested $52K p/a, which would have made him the highest paid player on the squad, even though he was only a breakthrough prospect. I walked away from negotiations, and, when he agreed to the contract with Mineros, I offered to sell him now to get some money for him. Results & Table The loss against Boca Juniors was our first defeat since April (16 league games, 19 games overall). We continue to defen
  12. July 2022 Monthly Board Review Results & Table Aristizabal scored in all four of his starts this month as we rose to 1st place based upon goal differential. I'm encouraged with our start to the Second Phase as I've been trying to rotate the squad more than I did in the First Phase. Staff Changes Pedro Contreras was promoted from U20s coach to Assistant Manager with the senior squad.
  13. June 2022 Monthly Board Review The board is very happy now! First Phase Final A 5-1 victory over Deportivo Pereira earned us the top of the Semi Final group and a place in the two-leg Final. Not what I wished from being at home for the first leg. I'm pretty disappointed to give up a goal that late in a match I felt we controlled. We were very poor in the first half, and I let the team know it in the locker room at halftime. It didn't seem to have an impact. However, when I brought on Machuca and Palacios they became
  14. May 2022 Monthly Board Review My rating with the board has reached a new high, although the breakdowns are not nearly as high. Colombian Cup First Phase Semi Final Group An undefeated month leaves us 1 point from securing a place in the Final. Significant Injury In his first game back from torn wrist ligaments, Ospina tore a calf muscle that will cause him to miss half of his loan. He's played so well when healthy that I still would like to bring him to the club permanently. However, 2 major injuries
  15. April 2022 Monthly Board Review & Squad Dynamics The positive feedback from the board is increasing. Primarily, as a result of the improved squad dynamics. Significant Injuries This hurts us. Ospina has had a significant impact on our success in the First Phase. I was able to extend his loan until the end of the next transfer window, though, so he will return to the first team when he's healthy. A few days later, our leading goal scorer went down in training. Days before the final game of the First Phase Forero overdid it on t
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