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  1. @duesouth thanks for joining in and good effort vs the 442. I'll also add, I've completely fallen in love with fb-s again... Such a good role. Think for a long while previous to my current save I've gone with wb-s or fb-a... And it's trying to force things too much. The fb-s does brilliant in recycling possession... But will drive forward with the ball or off the ball at the right time. Its definitely a role key to my success so far with lyon. I faced my first 442 eventually vs RBL in the Europa League. Away in Norway for work at the moment but when I get back I was going to show my plan and the outcome (spoiler... I did win but not really how the game plan was intended! My plan completely failed and I don't know why)
  2. @herne79 playing devil's advocate... In fm18 would you have ever used fluidity to affect a cbs behaviour? I did... Now maybe it's just to create a little more narrative and the theory may have outweighed the practice... But I think many of us used it, wrote about it, knew what it did. So I'd be hesitant to now dismiss it. The likelihood is it would be very hard to attribute any specific passage of play to a cbs mentality... I could play the same tactic all season but in some matches you could see different behaviour. Sometimes my CB plays it short sometimes he clears it... Is that his decision making? The opponent press? His mentality? If he does post a video it would be so easy to dismiss it...so its pointless. There's no solution we can provide... Its should be logged as a bug... Either it's a UI issue... Or unintended residual behaviour.... Or option 3 it is intentional and the information provided by the devs has been miscommunicated or misconstrued.
  3. Sorry, i do nothing with training... Limited playing time and my fav part of FM is tactics and transfers, so I just leave training to the coaches.
  4. I'd play on balanced mentality. I've always preferred it...let the players role/duty do the work. I wouldn't say it generates boring posession... I'm using it with lyon and if u look at the videos in my thread... When we win the ball it's recycled until one of the players decides its time... Then they play more incisively. Strong at the back, clinical on the ball.
  5. Paris Part 2 They haven't learned and history repeats itself. The only difference from the first game is that this time their right side looks weaker so I've flipped my tactic from the first meeting, putting the Regista and winger to my left. Restricted them again, though they did score off a set piece this time. We opened them up like a tin of beans with 9 shots coming from inside the area. The goals show how useful we are in the turnover, and the solid base formation you see in these clips is why they struggle to get into attack.
  6. False 9 - 4141 Not overly relevant to the thread, but I had some unfinished business with the False 9 role from my FM18 efforts. One of three things is happening here; 1) 4141 is a really good formation to use with a False 9 (when building out from the back) 2) the False 9 role has been improved in FM19? 3) The ME has improved to allow the False 9 to thrive? Maybe it's just me... the False 9 seems pretty damn good for me this time round... coming much deeper and linking up more than I've seen before. In this clip he is the player linking everything together - it's Depay. Away to Montpellier 4-0 Same tactic i'd used previously against the 42dm211 - but this time they are using an IW on the right, so I've put my DLP and winger on that side with IW and CM on the other. The F9 starts to drop deep each time we advance near the half way line.. he collects the ball on the edge of semi circle and then for the rest of the move acts like a proper support player, staying close to the ball carriers and offering himself, and it's lovely to see 3 of the midfield 4 move beyond him at one point of the move.
  7. I'm facing a lot of 4141 and 4231 which I think are really hard to pick holes in... so would be good to get several different perspectives on approach to those formations. I've found my preferred solution:
  8. Midseason Unbeaten in all comps - although that hasn't helped me in the CL - 5 clean sheets out of the 6 games and 0 defeats but still knocked out, with a measly 8pts from 5 draws and a win! My two toughest opponents so far have been Dortmund and Madrid. Two 0-0 with Madrid but in games I was on the backfoot. They dominated me with a 424 strikerless - made it very difficult to play out from the back Gaps in the central midfield - so playmaker in the middle looking now I probably should have gone for a box defence with a second defensive minded DM .. instead I focussed more on dominating midfield with a flat 4 in all the space. F9 to link. 4141 had been working excellently for me. The issue I had was they pressed very high and closed down urgently - my cbs were caught on the ball and my DM often had to play long and concede possession to avoid the press. At HT I changed DM to HB to try and make it easier to keep the ball at the back... I also changed the AP to a DLP to come deeper to pick up possession. I changed my IW to support whilst giving Ndombele the more attacking responsibility. The changes were to no avail and we were dominated throughout and got a lucky 0-0. This is one example where in normal gameplay with no self imposed restrictions - you would kill them by going a little more direct Dortmund were also a problem. They played a 4231 wide with very good choice of roles. I think when I wrote about my Leverkusen 4231 I suggested it was the formation that I believed gave best coverage of the whole pitch. And that's still how I feel when I see a scout report and try to find holes in it. They don't have a DM so I was going to use playmaker in AMC. The trouble is how to get the ball past 2 solid CMs and the high press from front 4. So I went double playmaker with a DLP. The threats are central and wide... they have a DLP to build out from the back … there is nothing weak about this setup... however, BWM is a role I often avoid using, especially in a midfield duo... and the wing back alongside made that side of the pitch more appealing than the other. So for lack of any bright ideas I thought Id go assymetrical and overload the bwm/wb in the hope I could get past them or draw them into getting booked. In overloading the left I was torn between a right adjusted SS or the RMD. I went with RMD (he didn't get a kick so I changed to SS at HT!) We didn't really dominate the left hand side, altho my goals did come from traore and aouar… it was another game in which we were lucky to come away with a point. The Aouar goal was quite nice and shows the overload working a bit, with the BWM pulled out of position early in the move by DLP/AP combo. Then the space on the right hand side was for the FB (by this stage the RMD is now a right adjusted SS). Never mind Europa might be more fun! Here's the schedule for first half of the season - plenty of clean sheets - shows perhaps nullifying the opponent is easier than exploiting them?! No major surprise we dominate the possession and defending stats.
  9. Yes I'll do a bit on this later... Its hindered me vs a couple of teams where a more direct route was necessary... Adds to the challenge... One team played 4 players in AM strata in a striker less 424 and we couldn't play out from the back at all they kept swarming us... Got a lucky 0-0 but was one of the first games I was completely outplayed.
  10. I've pretty much reached mid season and not faced a single 442 yet! Hopefully I will as that should be the easiest to exploit... I'd be playing between their lines with DM and am for sure
  11. @Ouroboros I like what you went with... Good roles for the fbs to get forward with your wingers and attack their weak flanks. Regista in plenty of space... And good to see you dive straight into the theme by playing Havertz deep... Not frightened of the 'red circle' You can't read too much into one game... But when you win 4-0 it can't be bad.
  12. Do the personalities drive the coach report? ... I. E. Coach report 'this player is inconsistent'... Would inconsistency be a trait of a particular personality group? Or is it two completely seperate elements...where you might get one resolute player who is consistent and relishes big matches and another who can't stomach it?
  13. Breaking down a packed defence? Home to Nimes - ok it's not quite catenaccio stuff, but they have a DM and Ball Winner protecting a back 4. The space is clearly central midfield between their AM and DM (you can see unlike my use of SV/RPM - they aren't really bridging the gap to attack). So I will use a playmaker in CM There is short shrift for an attacker vs that block of 4 so I am also going to trial a CM(a) to work with the playmaker and break from the spacious midfield Their left side (common theme with AI) is a little unprotected with the IW coming inside and a WB in defence on at least support if not attack judging by his position compared to the rest of the back 4. I'll stick with Winger (a) to exploit this. To try and disrupt the defence block I'll use my tried and tested IW and F9 A DM to directly prevent their most attacking threat Savanier - and again FB(s) to protect flanks. I'll position my playmker on my right side and make it a DLP to protect against the IW drifting in. Completely dominated the ball and my CM(a) proved worthy with both goals. I wish they were a bit better - breaking into the box or getting on the end of a cross from RW... but still 2 goals is 2 goals. Both were long shots... this one illustrates again the space my midfield can operate in and therefore control play - DLP the heartbeat of it all
  14. Keeping the fbs on support kept things stable... Meant worst case was often going to be equal numbers. But SV and RPM are quite good in the DM position... They stay back when the opponent builds but get forward adequately when you attack... Only really going to get caught out by a more attacking side. This was at away to Reims we had 58% possession but got hurt on set pieces. Fekir bagged a brace from amc... Just looking now I think my mistake was using Dembele as an AF... He played poorly so was possibly isolated.. Or the build up too slow to utilise an AF. I've hit that problem a couple of times so in the last match vs Psg using a CF has helped. And in most other games I'm using dlf or f9... Learning as we go what works and what doesn't against types of team and formation.
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