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  1. it can come suddenly i think. FM23 the first one I haven't bought and now I am free from the addiction, I won't buy FM24 on impulse either. I will try the demo, and as usual the ME will be shocking... and I won't buy it. So many of their customers stuck in trance, habit, just buy year after year... but just takes one edition to be the final straw. Will take a lot for them to gain back my custom.
  2. FM23 is the first CM/FM I haven't bought. Played the demo, seemed even worse than most new releases. Now we are in April i guess all the patches for this version are now done. So at this stage - is it worth buying FM23? All i really care about is the ME and any game breaking bugs. Cheers
  3. For those saying the ME is the best ever - is this because it is playing out your tactics/instructions better than ever, or purely from a UI perspective (player/ball movement/actions)? [have not pre purchased]
  4. more how i see the roles .. saka is tricky. i would use winger because with his left footedness he will often still cut in, but also get to the byline on the outside. if you made him IF it would be too one dimensional. I'd use the duties to seperate xhaka and partey ... bbm s vs cm/bwm on defend. Odegard probably as an AP on attack.
  5. Same people who are underwhelmed by the 'headline' new features will be proclaiming, in the feedback thread once it is released, that FM should not have any new features and instead should spend all their time improving what is there. I'm delighted that they spent time (seemingly) on improving AI management. Genuine improvement, hopefully, to the match day experience. A huge part of the game. Rather than develop some new International management training. Squad planner looks very handy - good for the environment too as i'm sure there are a large number of us that churn through dozens of notepads per season with our squad plans.
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