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  1. Transitions like that are interesting... That's kind of where I saw the limit reached. Now in that still... Its a perfect position... In space with good passing lanes in the channel... But say he received it and slides in the wb #17... Who being more advanced draws the dline back towards goal... I'd expect the Lib to then find a pocket on the edge of the D... That's what I didn't see. But maybe work ball into box and so many support dutys.. I didn't push the opponent dline back far enough. I'll have a go with a more progressive tactic
  2. I'll have another go... I'm going on memory... Think I had cb-d either side... And wb-s either side... Car-s, cm-s in front, with dlf-s and cf-a in attack. Instructions would have been bland like balanced mentality, standard dline and loe... Mixed passing and normal tempo... Probably work ball into the box to encourage patience (to allow for the libero to keep up with play) The player was Harry Maguire
  3. westy8chimp

    Re-Group Option

    Counter mentality is gone... So by counter attacking tactic... Do you just mean the selection of roles/duty you have gone with? Regroup in essence is the opposite to counter... Your players will get into shape, and when they win the ball, will follow the guidance of your TI, PI, roles and duty. But yes, you can use aggressive TI like direct passing and higher tempo... To spring a 'counter attack', without relying on counter or counterpressing instructions
  4. As a tactical asset I managed to get things working with a libero. But focusing solely on that role and how I expect it to play I was disappointed. 'high' is all relative... High for a cb, yes. But high up the pitch? Not really... And I'm sure the description on attack duty mentions scoring opportunities...so at a minimum I would expect the role to allow the player to get in pockets of space 25 yards out for a shot. I never saw the player get beyond...what cleon aptly termed... The invisible Wall. Mostly the edge of the centre circle in the opponents half. My Lib had perfect ppms and good attributes... And I have a fairly good grasp of not blocking the running lane... So there was no DM or AM in the way... Plenty of mundane support dutys around that wouldnt move the ball forward too quickly etc. The setup really was built around giving perfect conditions for the Libero.
  5. Sounds like you are asking for something out of Harry Potter... Seemingly little space, but magically play a through ball past a team parking the bus? If you are managing Burnley and parking the bus but teams just slice through you with magic through balls... Wouldn't that be worse? There is definitely a lot of over exaggerating as to how many through balls are played IRL, the situation from which they are played, the quality of the player providing them etc
  6. westy8chimp

    How to warn player for sending off

    It also changed... Before you could fine your player and appeal... Now you can only do one. So if you fine the player, you can't appeal. And I assume if you click appeal, the option to fine also disappears. To me this is a tiny but relevant improvement
  7. Average rating doesn't matter if you are winning? 6.8 is fine anyway... That's above average, then if they score I imagine they creep into the 7+.... The setup looks fine to me... But with that setup I would expect solid results.. Not goals galore. Of course there are striker roles more intent on scoring...or you could use a more positive formation or more attack duties... Or higher team mentality... Or different TI.... What is it you want to achieve?
  8. No, finally defending has taken a forward step. There are one or two very specific player movement issues already logged and under review that are affecting attacking play. Once those are tweaked... I hope, and think, we will have a really nicely balanced platform for a positive fm19 experience. Then next year more improvements.
  9. I just learnt a new language... That says... Please raise it in the bug forum. @Neil Brock a few days ago you mentioned having a test version of the best ever ME. 1) sorry if I missed it, but did you confirm if you meant the current public beta version that we are collectively testing? Or another version still in internal testing? 2) if it is the best ever... Hand it over, now :D, and then carry in improving it internally I'll pay... , platinum membership? Secret masons handshake?
  10. westy8chimp


    I assume he is hosting? Probably network issue/disconnecting from the DB momentarily. I haven't played online fm19 yet... But have had the issue a number of times on all versions of FM when I play online and I'm not hosting. Raise it as a bug... But also build some of your own safeguards to the saves with some sensible rules... Like you send your friend a picture showing you've lost control of the game.. And you just reboot without saving so you play again... Save after every completed game,as well as auto saving weekly. It's annoying when you drop out and they don't know about it... Because suddenly they can click continue and advance the game without your knowledge... I've lost out on significant transfer deals in the past due to that! The worst is when on your game you watch the match and say.. Win 2-0 but when you continue and see the weekly round up it shows a completely different score... That tends to be unrecoverable!
  11. Nonchelant posting style throws out a very unique creative formation like it's Tuesday morning porridge! It's one of those lovely moments, I was on the train and suddenly remembered your thread about American Football translated to FM... Logged in to look for it as I just wanted to read in more depth... at the time you posted it I was only able to skim it (don't know what made me think of it after so long)... Then I stumble on this... Not only have you linked it but youve done another excellent post. I don't think the formation is boring to begin with.... But then you go and add that AmFo style to it.... Excellent. May seem simple to you, but considering the FM thread 'market' is so saturated... This is really interesting, different perspective.
  12. westy8chimp

    Average Gamer Age

    32... For gods sake man create a poll!
  13. westy8chimp

    Tactic Help

    It auto updates the official releases. This year there is a public beta. In theory it should be a risk because the MEs can be more trial and error... Or perhaps new stability issues... But so far, in my view, each update to the public beta has been an improvement. One of which was to pressing. Instructions and info to join can be found sticked as one of the top threads in the general discussion forum.
  14. westy8chimp

    Tactic Help

    The defensive shape in that particular picture is ok/fairly normal... What happens when the ball is played to the right? They should all shift over, and with the added defensive width your lwb should be willing to get out to the touchline if necessary. Can you post a video of the goal (either record a custom highlight in game and upload to YouTube, or use a Gif capture?) If not show us the next couple of pictures as play progresses... E: The extreme pressing is an issue that's why your rb and midfield are being drawn to the ball carrier... Probably the same thing occurs as the ball moves across. This was a known issue for the retail release so I'd tone down your pressing urgency until an official update... Or join the public beta.
  15. Also playing attacking mentality, but I'll hastily add...im not playing for possession, nor obtaining possession... So not in disagreement with what I assume Roche was eluding to