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  1. @Seb Wassell i think you acknowleged injuries in matches were a little high. Do you still need examples logged as bugs? (i just had 5 in one match) If its accepted as a bug will it be a hot fix, or more likely try and get it sorted for the main release? Cheers
  2. Summary: Disallowed Own Goal shows on wrong team in the timeline bar Description: Bong (Brighton) scored an own goal vs me (City) in the 46th minute, but it was disallowed for pushing. On the timeline the event shows as a disallowed goal to Brighton. Reproduce: Only disallowed own goal I've seen, don't know if this will happen every time. Didn't save the match, so I've uploaded my save to the cloud - Westy Chimp - Man City. It is the recent 3-1 win vs Brighton
  3. True but i can also get the same numbers, or better from average players. Human will always have that ability... I can get a pure pace striker like werner scoring 50 a lot easier than i could messi. And i can easily get average joes like ben yedder and lapadulla to score a goal a game. Messi and a few other elite players need to be a class above everyone else... Then the next band i. E. World class players need to be a long way ahead of other top league team players who have to be a lot better than average league 2 players who have to be a different class to average non league players...
  4. @anagain Quite a few have asked the same questions as you. Seb and others have provided some good feedback on training and mentoring in the tactic and training forum. In particular this thread is discussion based.
  5. westy8chimp

    Tutoring (Mentoring)

    @enigmatic in your savic example, was he actively put in mentoring groups? Or did he pick up all those ppms from general squad behaviours? (in the way a highly driven side could have a positive effect, without tutoring, in fm17... And more so determination consistently dropping in 18 because of one bad apple) As long as it is via mentoring groups it shouldnt be a huge issue... Assuming AI is sensible at choosing relevat group. Savic is probably a bad example too as he has high determination, great personality and i assume good professionalism...so whilst being 23, still more maleable than your average player let alone ravel morrison types... Its 100% better than tutoring (altho i will miss that exploit!) but i do share some of your concerns. Seb made a great point tho, that learning traits tranferrable to the pitch is far more realistic than changing personality over night. Im guessing its going to be magnificent when used in the right circumstance i. E. Chuck phil foden and brahim diaz in with david ailva and de bruyne so they learn to curl the ball, try kiler balls and switch flank etc. But more detrimental too if used unwisely i. E asking a classic TM to mentor a poacher so they end up back to goal etc
  6. Drop iwobi and guendouzi This has to be tactic based... Ive even got morata getting goal per game ratio. Are you allowing auba space to use that pace? Lower line of engage with pass into space, more direct passes? Youd think he will score in any setup, so none in 6 is strange...but i guess if youve gone gegen or vertical tika taka its not playing to his skill set.
  7. Ive seen play brought back for a foul and yellow card when play soon broke down after (really nice touch, that didnt happen on 18 did it?) But do we know if they also have retrospective bookings next time play goes out, if the advantage works beneficially and play isnt brought back? One of my players seemed to get away with a bookable foul where the ref had signalled advantage.
  8. The numbers are alway staggering tho, fm isnt a game you have to turn off. Well played to the man if hes had active 30... Has his life in good order!
  9. I think we agree to some extent. Though you speak in riddles and hyperlinks so its often hard to tell Im saying the reason he isnt getting the requisite attempts at goal, is due to rest of the team not being better (enough) than the oppositon. Let alone Ronaldo himself having attributes that truely merit how much better he is than a league 2 player, let alone a la liga player. If i can easily mark kroos and modric out the game by simply making a 3vs2 then doesnt matter how good ronaldo is, he isnt getting the ball. Increase attibute range so that modric and kross can have 1000 in the relevant attributes to recycling possession and a non league player can have 1... Will help the ME show real dominance for the master teams. Then we would see even an AI managed Ronaldo score 50+ a season.
  10. Does he not shoot more because; his team are better at controlling the ball... Its harder to get it off modric and kroos than felliani and herrera, right? Is marcelos crossing not more consistent and higher quality than a lg 2 left back? Is iscos visions and passing not far superior to mark noble?
  11. But in essence you are saying it comes to luck... But why do barcelona and madrid consistently win, why do those players consistently hit great numbers? Thinking you are as good as messi but just a little unlucky is a miconception
  12. Personally, in some part, i feel like it boils down to the limited attribute spread. 1-200 just doesnt feel big enough to differentiate the best in the world from the worst. Irl messi and ronaldo are beasts and in the game they do stand apart with the number of 20s they have. But does messi having 20 (200) and a conference striker having 10 (100) for say finishing and composure really tell the story? And more so when you consider the whole squad. Irl barcelona and madrid are able to consistently buy the worlds best talent... With juve and bayern next in line. Players like alba, rakitic, roberto are nowhere near messis level, but they should be a hell of a lot better than say seamus coleman and granit xhaka. But they arent.. And thats where a much bigger attribute value range would help....by making the supporting cast at the biggest teams a lot better than the next band, you can put messi and ronaldos of the world at the pinnacle of a great team (like IRL)
  13. westy8chimp

    Anybody else had to zoom in?

    Thanks @anagain ill give it a go on my next sesh. I might be able to read the player ratings from the substitution screen during a match
  14. Im assuming they arent his tactics unless he has a; west ham, arsenal, man utd and dortmund save already But for all those moaning about lack of variety in goals... Have you lacked variety of tactic/personnel? If you play the high pressing game all the time you will see similar patterns of play. Play deeper you will open up opportunity for more long ball/through ball as @kpsia518 is illustrating beautifully
  15. westy8chimp

    Anybody else had to zoom in?

    I am struggling with a lot of the text. If u play on 125% is it adding lots of scroll bars? Obvs we all play diff size screens, mines 15. Is there a recommended resolution?