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  1. Defensive transitions there is not much difference in a DLP D and CM D Offensive transitions: DLP D if you want specific passing patterns ... i.e. encourage the defence to play to a DLP who in turn can be the heartbeat, or play direct passes, instead of defenders bypassing the midfield. CMD will suffice if you are content to let more generic TI/PI combo take precedent.
  2. are you looking specifically for players with that role or at least position? I find most strikers & wingers, especially any with pace, dribbling and off the ball, to be perfect. But I am Man City so I guess I have luxury players. My best so far has been Mbappe (season 4 onwards), Aguero, Walcott on a free transfer aged 31, Dybala... Barbosa and G Jesus
  3. In the attacking phase a SS will start deep and run into space. Do you have a midfield setup to play into space? (pass into space TI - vision, passing, decisions etc), do you have pacey SS's capable of running into that space and utilising it? (off the ball, pace etc) A CF support, DLF or F9 would start slightly more advanced and drop deep. Do you have a midfield setup to run into the space vacated by the F9? CM (a) BBM with get further forward? Inside forward or WMs on attack duty? CF attack, Poacher and Adv Fwd will stay advanced through the transition. Do you want to play a more rigid style of full backs and/or midfielders supporting and supplying a conventional attack?
  4. Yep added as suggestion... didn't include tutoring, because I'm not sure if it already has an effect or not... I've always assumed it did, especially if you chose the 'mentor' option. Maybe it doesn't... that would probably be a separate feature request.
  5. Hi I previously suggested adding a Finance Analyst to the list of possible staff members (to aid in financial stability with more direct emails, notifications on financial items such as Fair Play (linking to transfer and contract negotiations proactively rather than a quarterly retrospective report which tells you if you are on course to meet the rules or not). I'd also like to suggest adding a sports psychologist. We could identify players with low mental attributes or specific notes in their reports of "doesn't perform well in big matches" and send them to the Sports Psychologist... with similar mechanic maybe to selecting a new PPM. The benefit is an increase in mental attributes or hidden traits... the deficit would be a loss or slower progression of technical and physical stats.
  6. Not sure consistency or big game matches should change ... especially as we don't have a staff member dealing with psychological development at the moment. i.e. Dona has low consistency or doesn't perform in big matches... if that was real life you would send him to a sport psychologist to work on his mental capacity. Playing more games or more big games wouldn't be cure, necessarily.
  7. I was born in the 80s aren't I exempt from fancy stuff like that? If someone goes to the effort of watching the PKM can they also go to the effort of uploading to youtube please It was a lovely dribble... and get lots of nay sayers here saying they don't see enough skill or exceptional play from their stars. Mbappe in my save is like Messi IRL.
  8. For those so inclined to load a PKM and view highlights... this is worth a watch. Mbappe picks the ball up in own half, dribbles past three (maybe my imagination/over excitement but I'm sure he nutmegs two of them) cuts it back perfectly to Dele Alli on the penalty spot who misses a sitter (but went on to score 4 goals). I think he gets the ball at around 51.20 from Clyne. mbappe 51.20.pkm
  9. Yes unclear in my above... but I've tried to show that moving him into an AMRC behind a DLF(RC) would be the space creation and overload to that side. Not necessarily the best use of an RMD... but that's how I feel you create that role/position to be the main goal threat. I'd say he's more likely to get the assists and act like a normal IF/Winger if there is a centre forward, a right winger and AMC as in a conventional setup.
  10. Same, this is what I was getting at. I would intentionally have the AP on the opposite side to attract defenders... and then have direct & risky PIs and preferably PM "switch ball to other flank" and "plays killer balls" ... RMD should be in space for the AP to pick out. I'd compound it by right adjusting the F9 (or a DLF) into CFRC position to overload the right hand side, creating even more space for the RMD. Maybe a FB/WB on attack behind him hugging the line to draw the opposite wide mid or full back out. DLF RMD AP(s) CM(S) BBM(S) WB (A) DM (D) CB (D) CB (D) FB (S)
  11. What tactic are you using him in? The role is just a name, with some pre-assigned assumptions and a little under the hood thinking thrown in. Your tactic will be more important in determining who will score and who will assist. i.e. if you create an imbalance on one side of the pitch with say, a playmaker and a DLF (perhaps both set to more direct passing and more risky passes) and have a RMD on the other side .. he would be more likely to score goals... than if you had him on one side with an IF on the other and a CF (A) or poacher through the middle.
  12. Decent ME - but not as fun as some of the older FMs or indeed CMs. Brexit and Social feed have wrecked it for me. And something intangible ... like I feel things are more calculated [as in right and wrong way to approach each aspect] than ever, OR something's are having more impact than previously [such as team talk, form, morale]... even though im sure they aren't.
  13. Isaak from Dortmund if he is interested. Try loaning with future fee if he doesn't want a permanent move. Ignore current stats, he is amazing and gets better very quick. Iheanacho ------------"----------------- Callum Wilson - maybe not the marquee signing you are looking for... but consistently scored 25-30 + goals in my Bournemouth save... and does brilliantly for AI, so no reason to think it was a fluke or down to my particular formation
  14. @Neil Brock any indication as to whether Brexit will be in the next edition? and if it is will it be optional? I'm a loyal customer and have never really considered not buying the next FM before... but I think for the first time I may be inclined that way. Could be the fact that I'm now 30 and got married and had a baby this year (so naturally less time to commit and less enjoyment from it) ... but I really do hate Brexit and Social Feed. Whilst I can ignore social feed... the Brexit situation has stopped me playing IPL ... and as an Arsenal/IPL fan of course this really affects my enjoyment.
  15. I hate the social feed. Thought the concept was poor, the implementation was diabolical. However, I did a poll and seems a not-too-irrelevant number of users actually like it ... and a substantial figure like the concept. So I guess it's got it's place... just something I will have to ignore for this FM and most likely many future editions.