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  1. If I remember correctly, I haven't used sound in a couple of years, currently we just have a generic crowd sound throughout, and it turns to a cheer for goals. Is that it, or is there a boo for red card? Very few instances of sound variation though, right? Even in it's limited state I never used it - not just because it's limited or I watch TV whilst playing etc... but because it sounds so unnatural. There is a cheer for the goal still going while the match clock might have advanced 20 minutes (due to lack of highlights in Extended mode) then it suddenly stops... rather than fades away. To go from that state to a model where it realises; trends in your teams form, reacts to how a player has been viewed in the media, reacts realistically to every match situation, adjusts according to attendance/match importance/rivalries, recognises when the team has done a 'children for a pound' fan day, has songs individual to the team and/or it's opponent... All whilst the ME is being recalculated 8 times per second (or whatever it's at now) ... and be able to play the sound in the same time scale of the match with no delay... Seems a lot to ask. Especially as the Social Media feature needs ££££££££££££ and time thrown at it to make it even remotely fun
  2. Sorry by real time I mean you would have to watch the game in normal speed setting and full match (never done it but I assume this would mean the equivalent of a real match i.e. it would last 90 mins). I watch the game in Extended and just 2 or 3 clicks off full speed. For me therefore, commentary would be completely impossible (it would either be out of sync or sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks as it would be in fast forward mode). Chants/reactionary boo or cheer, wouldn't be viable as the trigger point would often be obscured, or by the time a chant is triggered the passage of play would have moved on significantly. It would be hard to identify who/what a chant or noise was associated to. Also I guess I can see/think of the enhanced solution ... and it would boil down to a finite list of songs or reactions and it would quickly become as monotonous and annoying as football chants in real life. I'd imagine you would get through every iteration of sound within a handful of matches ... then possibly a few rarer ones as you start to win competitions or get in finals etc. With any added layer of coding and data you run the risk of crashes, lag, bugs etc ... for the outcome I don't see that the benefits would ever outweigh the risks (or simply the lack of user base demand for this feature). A bit like the Social feed ... if commentary and social feed were perfect, in my opinion, as a feature they would have to have completely free thinking AI. Creating realistic conversations and reactions to each FM save's football world. As recently came to view, even Facebook, with it's multi million pound investments into AI, couldn't create a sensible conversation between Robots that made any sense to the observers.
  3. West Brom Inspiration

    Structured with direct or route one football, attacking wingers and striker to keep the shot count high. Deeper line with perhaps a double pivot infront to keep the defence solid.
  4. The point upthetoon made about it not being real time was nothing to do with how the match is generated. Surely he means, like myself, any sounds would be hard to attribute to a particular player/passage of play ... as the game is not real time. i.e. you hear a 3 second boo ... but whilst that boo occurs possession might have switched several times between teams/players (depending on what speed you play your match, and in which highlight mode). It just becomes another half arsed feature, like social media, that many users wouldn't use. And yes, we can mute/turn it off... but would rather have fewer features of better quality, than a minefield of average/buggy features.
  5. Agree with both. Play online network game and when it freezes it takes us ages to replicate the results from the non-saved games. Also hate having to amend my selected league every time I create a save.
  6. I'm not that fussed about decision making in attack... but I insist on it being a key attribute for my defenders. It's all a bit confusing when he can have high passing and technique ... seems like even with a bad decision he would be picking out a good pass to someone. Suck it and see, give him a one year contract, or loan for a month first. Enigmatic probably right that the decision making might have more to say about the rest of his game... when to make runs, where to make tackles, when to pass instead of shoot. PPMs have quite a lot of power though and you tailor his PI to aid his decision making.
  7. In general terms - yes fluid would aid the team press as a whole. It would encourage forward players to be deeper when the opposition push forward and your defenders to push up if the ball is in the opponents half. It's better to hunt in packs though. If the whole team is pressing you lose all shape and spend a lot of time ball chasing. If you have attackers with high work rate and stamina it can be good to press their defenders and force them into a long clearance, where your CBs can win the ball back. If you have a lazy poacher upfront with low team work and work rate... are they going to help press? If not, let him 'goal-hang' keep it structured and set your full backs and CMs to do the pressing (for example). If the opposition has 2 or 3 attacking midfielders.. do you want your centre backs charging out to press them? Probably not. When it comes to pressing... decide where you are best able and where you most want to win the ball back. You can then use PI on certain players in your team to mark tighter and close down more... or you can use OI to set pressing instructions on specific opposition players. Whilst fluid vs structured will have an effect... I'd say the impact is minimal and the decision making has other priority.
  8. Interesting - been talking about a new tactic with @jc577 exploiting direct vertical football. I've recommended a Regista in his particular setup to act as a quarterback. It can be achieved, in my opinion. We'll be starting off with a highly structured approach Double pivot infront of a back 4, one of which a simple DM or Anchor the other a Regista. Slightly deeper line Higher tempo Back 4 and DM set to shorter, less risky passing. Regista set to more direct, riskier passing. A BBM infront, with 3 strikers (DLF and 2 Shadow Strikers) trying to encourage forward runs and reasonable space ahead of the Regista. Probably starting with a Standard mentality The aim using the structured approach is to have a deep defence focussing their passing to the Regista. There will then be plenty of space ahead of him, with runners to pick out with his direct risky passing. If we used a DLP, RPM or AP higher up the pitch I think it would be easier for the AI to set a marker on them. Regista ought to have time and space to pick out the pass. Not sure when JC will start using the tactic but no doubt he will be happy to share if it works or not, or the tweaks needed. It's not intended to be a possession based style at all ... it's supposed to be direct incisive football.
  9. If I'm Barcelona I'd play very fluid in a control or attacking mentality. The effect of this is to make my defensive and support players more attacking. (see the map above we can consider this in terms of a mentality score out of 20... a CB on defend in highly structured and contain is a 1/20 ... a CB on defend in a very fluid overload might be 15/20) Why would I want my defender to have a slightly higher mentality? I'm Barcelona, their defensive players (Pique, Mascherano, Alba, Roberto) are good enough to be involved in the attacking phase I'm likely to frequently face deep defences so I don't want my midfielders or attackers dropping too deep to start off my attacks... I want my defenders to bring the ball up I'm playing a short, slow passing game so I need lots of passing options as I progress up the field. If the defenders stayed back or had a low risk mentality they may result to hoofing the ball, and certainly wont progress up the field for short pass options When would I not want a fluid team? If I'm playing direct football... I don't want my strikers tracking back to far, as when the defence or DM plays direct, I want my strikers up-field to receive if my defenders aren't technically capable of joining an attack (they would be more detrimental if involved) Likewise, if my attackers weren't physically/mentally capable of aiding the defence There are more pros and cons of course, but these are a few of the considerations to make. I can't stress enough though, you have to tie it in to the overall tactical philosophy you are trying to adopt.
  10. Good in theory... but would only be viable in a normal - low speed on full match for it to make sense. On full speed, key only it would be like a constant boo-cheer muffle with no discernible way of attributing the boo to a particular player. As others have said... good thing about FM is it's a good background game whilst watching TV. And no matter how much effort SI put into the sound... a huge number of us still wouldn't use it. Weigh up cost & time of enhancing the current (or implementing a new) sound solution vs how many customers play in slow speed and would want to play with the sound on? Disband it altogether might be a preference... because there is no benefit to the current half-arsed approach that annoys the players who do want sound.
  11. What I would be interested to know is if there is invisible (under the hood) effects. Other than the tangible mentality change. i.e. Nic or Neil confirmed last week that whilst we can represent the visual PI or a BBM using a customised CM support ... the two roles will still act differently. So is there similar with fluid vs structured... does the engine know to make the lines more compact? Or does it only affect player mentality? @Nic Madden Hi Nic, in the 'PI vs Role' discussion you were able to confirm there is some under the hood functionality attached to specialist player roles. Are you able to confirm if the same can be said of team shape - or does it only affect the player mentality bar (which we can view)? Thanks
  12. Sorry FMFut ... seems I am the only one who thinks this is slightly wrong/misleading in the context of the thread. Everything represented in your diagram is correct RE mentality change. But - actually in a match we cannot just focus on the theoretical average position of a player over 90 mins. We have to consider the difference between a CB on 7 or 3 and ... the difference isn't a few feet average standing position. The difference is, on occasion the defender will maraud forward and be involved in an attacking phase. Or other times, dependant on build up play, the whole back line will push that much higher to be closer to the midfield. Same with your striker on 17 or 19 .. it doesn't equate to them standing a yard closer to goal, in my opinion, but rather they will take more risky runs or shots - as well as spend more time attacking than defending (which as a consequence might see a higher average position) For instance in a standard flexible solution... the difference between a CM on support and attack... is the number of forward runs they make, the number of attacks they get involved in, the number of through balls they attempt. As a consequence they may then have a higher average position ... but that isn't what I consider first and foremost when deciding whether to use attack or support duty.
  13. Pretty much Very fluid on contain is as defensive as you can possibly be (midfield and attack will drop deeper and play with less risk, reduced attacking mentality), very fluid on overload is as aggressive as you can possibly be (defenders will take a more attacking mentality and join the attack)- assuming all other conditions are the same. This will be helpful knowledge now if you reverse engineer a tactic. i.e. think of the answer (the way you want to play) first... then piece together each instruction, formation, role, duty, shape and mentality to achieve it. Making sure every decision enhances the tactic, rather than contradicts it.
  14. In my Paris save I had to pay these kind of fees anyway. Pogba 120m, Dybala 180m, Alli 180m, Isaak 65m when he was 18 and in Dortmund II !!
  15. Very simply they already do. As I said, every player I sign is greedy. They are on 3m per annum and I have to pay 7m, if a bigger club comes sniffing a year later they either put in a transfer request... or demand a pay rise from me. Basic functionality of the transfer engine. Not sure what you expect to suddenly start happening differently?