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  1. Need a lot more info. What kind of club are you (big/middle/small for your league?) ... are you playing attacking, standard, defensive? Deep line or high line? For instance personally I would never play a staggered centre back pairing, unless I had a deep line, defensive strategy with a holding DM in the mix. I'd never play two attacking wide men unless I was boxing it off defensively (double pivot infront of two cbs) I'd never play a F9 without someone in front occupying the defenders I.e. an AF or IFs ... Your AM A will occupy similar space. What are you trying to achieve and what problems are you seeing?
  2. Removing Gameplay

    On the graphics side I kind of agree... I don't get any more enjoyment now seeing it in 3d than I used to on commentary only ... and in fact there are more frustrations when the movement is buggy and shots are atrocious etc. But at the same time, when I switch back (as best as can be achieved) to a commentary only screen I feel like I'm missing out on something. RE the avatar... completely agree ... hate even seeing it let alone spending any time setting up my cartoon appearance.
  3. I've only setup one save so far and quit after one match because it was extremely laggy...i should have checked the specs before purchasing! What i did notice in preseason; AI squad building supposed to be better... Considering current and future needs. I was Chelsea and City paid 52m for a transfer listed Pedro... Not sure in what way they need him now or in future. Not the most ridiculous transfer but did raise an eyebrow I had a squad meltdown on day 2 of the window simply because i bid for Chielini. Cahil came to me saying he was concerned i was replacing him... I said dont worry... He was upset and the next day whole squad wanted a chat about it and i was unable to solve. Scouting hard to get used to... As in you scout a player and dont get the report in the inbox... But once i worked out how to use it i was pretty impressed. May go back and try 2d or get a new laptop so i can see any tactical improvements. I didnt like the match day UI but ill put that down to poor laptop performance coupled with the need to adapt to the changes
  4. "Coming out" feature

    I don't think it should be included. 1) the rarity with which it happens will only increase the feeling that it isn't normal 2) it isn't football related 3) by including gays but not Bi's are they then further isolating BI's? 4) tacky merchandise boost seems like landing on chance in a game of monopoly
  5. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    Well then surely everyone is PA200 ... given the best facilities, best training, best advice how can you tell any 10 year old or 15 year old what their maximum potential is? IRL there's no fixed figure. You go to a trial match, an experienced scout will watch positional sense, physical attributes and look for 'natural' football intelligence. Will feedback a handful worth signing. Once in a youth squad they get a chance to shine and over the next few years then you see some have more 'potential' than others to be stars. (as they change physically and show aptitude for learning tactically) then take into account that a local club like Eastleigh isn't going to have good enough scouts to judge the potential compare to their bigger club neighbours Southampton... that should have an effect. (ok this sentence is more about perceived... but shouldn't the game show a perceived PA? There is no such thing as a fixed PA really)
  6. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    Playing devils advocate because I think @aditya made a good point. If you are 16 at a local non-league club. How can they possibly know your maximum potential? How can anybody... you suddenly jet off to Barcelona with state of the art facilities and coaching and strict training regimes... You are going to develop physically in a way that couldn't previously be predicted. and they may be able to teach techniques that were previously unknown to the player. I get that potential is basically a game mechanic and if having it fixed is the best thing for building the game.. that's great. But IRL potential is based on scouting experience, best guesswork, good physical attributes for age. It's certainly a moveable object IRL.
  7. I wouldn't necessarily go looking at all the abundance of help guides etc too quickly. Set up a game - get used to the screens, find out where to set your coaches training, how to scout players, how to sort your own squad out (transfer list the surplus, promote any talent hidden away in your u23s) Have a go at building some tactics, don't be too complicated. Don't rush too much to the first match of the season, explore the menus etc. Play a few games and see how you get on. When you have a clearer idea of what doesn't work tactically, or which options you cant find, or something you specifically want more help with ... then come to the relevant forum and review the threads or create some asking for help. Good luck
  8. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Last year in the premier league West Brom scored the most goals from corners with 12 Scoring 20-30 is ridiculous and definitely exploitative. I think @El Payaso like me is trying very hard NOT to score over 10 a season. It's not that we can't ...it's that we don't want it to be easy. What I would love is to be able to be a team like West Brom, use a philosophy 'make the most of set pieces' and have that give me either more options or a slight boost to set pieces to get from 5-10 a season to 10-15 to mirror real life.
  9. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    It was more that I incorrectly thought it was the goalkeeper, in which case it's nonsense being told they keep or lose possession. Even still ... it's not that helpful "P ROB wins the most possession.. great i'll keep him in the team then in that role" "P ROB loses the most possession... oh ... I better get rid then and try someone else there" Not really sure what you as a manager can glean from any of those messages. Out of 84 forays into the opposition third we have had 13 shots. Great but what's the league average? Does it take into account my style of play as to whether it's a positive or negative? If I'm playing slow and short I'd expect more conversion.... if I'm playing direct I would expect far higher turnover and therefore less chances per attack. I just don't see a tangible benefit from that kind of advice... and it's probably another little feature that gets ignored.. it's not even aesthetically pleasing really.
  10. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    cant remember which one it was ... FM13 or FM14 ... I had Lampard score something like 200 goals one season because he was set to lurk outside area. knock on effect I've not touched set pieces on any FM since. When playing network vs my brother we would spot check each others goals to make sure they aren't from suspicious set pieces. Luckily with it on default and changing nothing the goals from set pieces on 16 & 17 have hovered between 5 & 10 per season.
  11. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Pro - Paul Robinson has won back more possession than any other player Con - Paul Robinson has lost more possession than any other player Please tell me that isn't the GK just taking goalkicks... will be the same for every team. None of the other pros and cons are very useful - little context.
  12. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    How many players on the network game? If just two I've found the network play in FM17 to be far better than all previous versions. I never host and the lag is only on certain screens (loading training categories, scout list, loading landing screens such as social feed). Reminds me of the old days on CM01/02 playing via Hamachi to create a VPN and the lag would be like 10 seconds per click!
  13. The full backs are the only guys I change during a game. If I can't break a team down, I switch the to attack duty. Then they go outside the shadow strikers and stretch the defence. The enganche is untouchable and with 'pass into space' the shadow strikers make good runs and he picks them out.
  14. What did you note to come to the conclusion that you are performing better? simply results or specifically scoring more goals etc? Your original setup is pretty good, no glaring contradictions, well balanced, perhaps a little cautious. Your instructions are again on the cautious side (play out, retain possession, short passing) can be slow and allow the opposition to settle. By moving to control your team is taking a little more risk and attacking intent - so I imagine you are scoring more and still solid at the back.