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  1. westy8chimp

    Brazil vs Costa Rica, Friday, 1pm BST

    They did unlock the defence plenty of times though. To me it seemed that there was a touch of complacency in the Brazil team. Like scoring a beautiful goal was worth more than just scoring. Times in the box Neymar just wanted to cut back, having already beaten his man and opened space for a shot, so he could curl it to the far post and look better. And some little flicks to one another inside the box. I like that kind of football, especially when Brazil are at it, but surely you just get 1 or 2 up first and secure qualification.
  2. westy8chimp

    Brazil vs Costa Rica, Friday, 1pm BST

    Disgusting game really, so much histrionics from both sides. The vitriol players like Neymar show the ref and their opponent needs to be stamped out of the game. Forever talking about respect campaigns but no progress. To the point where I really don't think I want my son (who is only 1 at the moment) to be encouraged to watch football. The Costa Ricans were slightly worse, because not only were they faking injuries throughout the second half to waste time... they took every opportunity to cynically hack down any Brazil player who went on a dribble, More protection needed for players who run with the ball, then perhaps they wouldn't need to dive so much?
  3. I think I need a break from my Leverkusen save this weekend so was thinking of doing this challenge... my first thought was a narrow tactic as I always end up with overpowered wingers (Bailey at the moment is a world beater). So I thought ... Arsenal in the window update (lost Sanchez, Walcott and Oxe... brought in Auba). I'll take either a 4312 narrow or 442 narrow diamond. Bellerin and Kolasinac (or new LB) providing attacking width, Xhaka as DLP, Ramsey Mez (maybe sign Savic) paired with a Carilero support. Ozil AP behind Laca and Auba. Laca probably a DLF or CF (S) Like your work with Aubameyang... my favourite bit of your post - the number 14 I assume you purposely chose it, rather than a coincidence? I'm going to pinch that idea
  4. Sv-get further forward.... Its in the panel so cant be under the hood? Lol round and round and round Seriously Herne like i said before its relentless please lock the thread or delete back and lock. I know its a pain but this will not stop... He isnt getting it Im actually going to get banned for defending my sanity when you understand me perfectly well?
  5. westy8chimp

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    yes for sure, or if not doubts ... may give the ref more bravado to make the big call when actually their initial instinct to air on the side of caution was correct.
  6. westy8chimp

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    Genuine question... is that what the VAR assistants are saying [that the ref is wrong] when they call an incident to the refs attention? I thought it was more a case of "you may have missed this, we've seen it hit his hand, make another assessment" not, "we've reviewed the handball and think you are wrong, it should be a penalty take another look"
  7. These ridiculous, idiotic statements were your start point though. We have proved there are roles that have BOTH selectable PIs that are also hard coded under the hood. PPM > PI so if you have a player with 'runs with ball' PPM it would be logical not to select the PI ---------- If you are gonna keep repeating the same thing so will I
  8. westy8chimp

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    Isnt the PC thing to fancy fatties now? Surprised this thread allowed. Not many black choices either... Racist, sexist and fattist
  9. westy8chimp

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    I agree with you. Letter of the law I don't see how that incident met the criteria. Compounded by a ridiculous yellow card. What I would say however, the rule needs an update. For me the ball clearly hit his arm, natural position? Possibly, but if you jump like a starfish (John Terry book of defending) or with an emphatically flailing arm and the ball hits your arm to prevent a possible goal/pass etc then it should be a foul. Not saying this incident would have met that criteria either. But the rule lends itself to people jumping very unnaturally to increase the chances of ball to hand.
  10. Watching Denmark vs Australia, this is the second or third time during the WC that I've heard Ally McCoist as commentator. I think he's doing a great job. He seems like he is just commentating objectively on the game as it unfolds, talking about what is happening there and then, with enthusiasm and a sign-song voice to boot. This is all I want from a commentator. Too many seem fixated on preconceived ideas and agendas i.e. if Keown was on instead of McCoist, he would have highlighted pre-game how good a passer Eriksen is, then gone on about it for 45 minutes. Other commentators also tend to drift off talking about one players whole season for 10 mins, or the previous game, or the next game... or a different game altogether. McCoist is in the moment... it's really refreshing.
  11. Fence or no fence... Logical or illogical... My point was it was irrelevant and i didnt want the topic becoming a thread about my sanity. The description of the role is that it can dribble through the middle. It used to be a selected PI... Noe it wasnt i assumed (rightly or wrongly) it had just been made part of the role. This is why i didnt add it as a PI... Also on top of that the player i used has ppm to run with ball through centre... The PPM takes precedent over any PI For those interested in F9... As per my summary... I found the player, in my setup, chose too often to ply the killer ball rather than exploit open spaces with a dribble. Herne helpfully tells us dribbling isnt hard coded. So you may wish to use the PI and see how you get on
  12. Jesus, elvis and the beatles?
  13. westy8chimp

    Leverkusen Season 5: 4-2-3-1

    End of season Jump straight to CL Final lineups; I'm missing Arthur, Tierney and my best (only) striker Hernandez. Up steps Yalcin 17 yr old in his first season in the main squad. Confidence is par (form good but injuries add doubts). Biggest concern is it looks like the Utd FBs are either on defend duty or certainly support. Our strength is attacking the wings. Utd took an early lead then this happened... best goal ever? Utd are attacking and a cross has gone too far, headed away by my LB Rhuan to Bailey just outside our penalty area After skinning 4 players Bailey has run about 80 yards to smash in from the edge of the 6 yard box. Incredible scenes. Utd take lead again Now I'm panicking, with no striker on the bench to call upon and Yalcin getting lost in the occasion, I make my first in game tweak (or tweak of any kind) all season And the Mezzalas combine for equaliser number 2 Extra time, anything can happen! Oops 3-2 Utd, I've left my tweak in place and the attacking mentality has really cost us at the back! And you are probably expecting the fairytale comeback at this point... but alas our first real attempt at CL success ends in close but no cigar territory Gutted! Here was the journey though, and we broke the CL record for goals scored by a long way. Rest of the season, well very good. Form looks bad but I was so far ahead I was able to play reserves and kids as and when I liked. Here's the key goal scorers - great season from Bailey, Sane and Malcom and good first season from Hernandez. ------------------------ I still plan on padding out the reserved post with some bad examples of 4231, but this is pretty much all I wanted to show for this topic.
  14. Or a bunch of bald people look like a carton of eggs.