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  1. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    Agree Customisable camera very nice.
  2. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    some nice animations... a bit of curl on the ball movement map really good
  3. First FM Team

    Arsenal until CM Italia came out, then Parma on that and Madrid on the Spanish edition a year later... then back to Arsenal, but always liked York City in the mid 90s because Richie Cresswell was a machine.
  4. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    you will find out in a minute. My guess is no - it's probably yet another media interview for us, maybe half time in the tunnel!
  5. Not 100% on how those roles translate into English. I'd guess the same as I'm about to advise. This formation - exactly how you show it - has been my most successful in FM17. I tend to play Shadow Striker - Enganche - Shadow Striker as my front three... TIs to pass into space, quick players as the Shadow Strikers. Both central midfielders on CM s A DM D or Anchor Man Basic back 4 - full backs on support central defenders on defend. Standard, Flexible
  6. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Utter nonsense - no manager in their right mind uses man marking as a way to set their defensive shape! you can be pulled all over the pitch. Mourinhos wide players full back into a zone to make a back 6 This was vs Liverpool last year, Rashford and Young were the attacking wide men, clearly here dropping back to pretty much a flat 6 with the full backs squeezing in.
  7. President !!!

    wouldn't it be 'FC' or 'Football Chairman'
  8. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Hopefully - this forum is a good example to show that lots of fans are really thinking about real life managers tactical DNA/identity...and want to either create their own, or emulate a historic manager/tactic - rather than just creating a winning FM tactic.
  9. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    misunderstood you.
  10. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    I get your point that probably doesn't make sense or wouldn't be feasible to set two formations - because transitions can happen too quickly. But if we think about extremes, like Mourinho vs Liverpool 2 years running. He has his wide attacking players virtually playing as full backs in a back 6, where his back 4 all squeeze centrally in sort of a 631 In attack, the wide men like Rashford/Miki become classic inside forward/shadow strikers behind Lukaku. And the back 4 readjust to be more conventional with full backs offering supporting runs, 2 of the CMs push forward. We can't get close to this sort of behaviour and that's without even thinking of the intricate type of forward roles. It would be easier to go down the instruction based solution if the starting formation was a generic average position sort of setup - (as it is in appearance at the moment) and then have an extensive list of both defensive and attacking instructions. Pressing is another ball park - absolutely not an individual instruction based on a scale of less to more with 'sometimes' in between. It needs to be done on zone and/or intensity (time spent pressing). So a quick win for pressing would be top level changing from 'less'/'more' to something more like the defensive line where on the pitch do you want to press "higher->lower" that's not great but better than we have. If they wanted to make it a lot better they need to let us think about specifying pressing groups by zone. Set an intensity i.e high intensity might be press relentlessly for X seconds before going into defensive shape
  11. Football Manager TV: Fantasy Draft

    That not withstanding... I really don't understand the cap on squads. Is it purely because SI have come up with some AI squads that match those budgets and therefore don't want to code them to flex for an unlimited budget? I'd have thought they could be really simply coded to draft preference in rank and position. And then have the AI manager personality to determine which positions they go for first. i.e. AI Mourinho is defensive so signs the best keeper and defenders possible first. AI Guardiola is attacking so goes for the best playmakers and strikers first... Budget removes the fun as you can't create a 'fantasy' team. I want to see the elite face off not have a squad worse than Burnley.
  12. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Fair point - for those of us that could happily spend hours doing tactics and less time doing the media side of the game... there will be people that aren't as interested in tactics. My question/query to you would be; yes you can observe how your team defends and attacks... but can you change it as you please? if you play 442 and your strikers don't come back and defend, what do you do? You can go strikerless ...but then you limit your options in attack - you can't for instance have a poacher... you can have a shadow striker but the build up play will have to be different. If you had two tactics you would have far more flexibility in how you instruct your team to defend or attack... and the observation would be all about the transitions - do you have players with the right intelligence and work rate to go from a 541 to 343 for instance? Or are you demanding too much and need to bring your attack more in line with defence or visa versa?
  13. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    100% disagree that this in itself solves all the issues. The representation is minor... you can show me my two strikers in my own half or as it is now... doesn't matter - what matters is their average position during the match, their position with the ball and their position without the ball. The average position currently nearly matches the starting formation (especially if you use standard/flexible) So strikers still operate (on average - or infact even without the ball) within the opponents half. So showing me a tactic where they are in my half is useless, until they are also coded to drop deeper during the defensive phase. EDIT: and to save a fractious discussion about this, i'll find time tonight and login and actually document it with several roles and setups ... i.e. if I play contain with defensive forwards on defend how deep can I make their position with/w.out the ball. And likewise at the other end of the spectrum... and a vanilla standard setup 442 with a DLF and AF for instance.
  14. Football Manager TV: Fantasy Draft

    Ah right, makes sense .. I didn't pay that much attention, was my first go - didn't look at the AI teams I chose, just scanned their squads and they had a reasonable spread of positions and money.