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  1. Yes hes the player that comes to mind first for me as well
  2. Yeh... Tbf even if the trailer was 'this game is pants, we' ve actually made it worse than fm18' id still buy it. And they know it...
  3. I disagree with the terminology, it may be the case in FM (im not sure if it is) but it shouldnt be. F9 should behave like a 9 then drop deeper into the hole... DlF should start deeper.
  4. played the next 3...the stats are similar but results are as id hoped (3 games too soon to tell tho)
  5. Midseason It's not the best season I've had by a long way, but there's plenty of positives to work on. More so given that I started the season toying with a contain setup which didn't work - that cost me the super cup and a couple of early league games. things have gotten better as the season has gone on. I held off making changes, but this was the final three games of the first half of the season, and as the theme is pretty consistent... I'm going to make changes that I mentioned in earlier posts Both AMC set to shoot less and look for risky pass. TI 'work ball into box' added. I expect fewer shots but more goals Here's the squad by goals and assists (Havertz playing AMC already gets more assists than any of the others because of his PPM 'looks for pass rather than attempting to shoot' - so I will now be looking for the others to follow his lead).
  6. Excellent question. If it doesn't increase, or have an effect of some sort, based on personality for instance, mental attributes or hidden attributes.... And it doesnt affect reputation of those players... It should
  7. For me its when i offer a player out on loan for 250k a month and full wage... And u get into a negotiation and the opposition sneak in a purchase fee clause... I never check. In my leverkusen series im changing tactic every season, so i didnt need wingers one year... Loaned my best two to RBL for one season.... They were probably valued at around 60m each and id rejected offers of 100m...but RBL got them both for 20m using a loan clause
  8. Id say you are very much on the right track... Every step youve talked about, in my opinion, youve assessed the right data, made the correct conclusions and come up with a sensible solution Youve realised in many areas you are one of the weaker side. Youve created a tactic to combat your weaknesses and emphasise your strengths. The only part of the puzzle left is managing your expectation. Surviving is a good start... Youve made the best of what you have but that doesnt mean you should expect to massively overachieve. Hope it goes well
  9. Not sure you know the meaning of the word 'spoiler'... Youve given nothing away!
  10. westy8chimp

    I gave up

    Haha "im trying to play defensive but keep conceding... Im playing keegans 2-3-5"
  11. Add the clause yourself when you make the original offer... Then remove and exclude from all negotiations you pay a little extra for the fee, but dont lose mega millions a few years later if you sell the player
  12. westy8chimp

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    Really good guide... I thought the commentary around the choice of defensive centre back and his synergy with the poacher was fantastic. What made you select the other central defender as a standard CB? Was it linked to the players ability? Or that it works better (because of the safety element) to have the DCB on the same side of pitch as the poacher? Excellent low block setup 4132, not sure i could put myself through the ringer with that 433 though!
  13. If you take a dump during a cup final and win it... Would you come on here and advise that 'you must take a dump if you want to win a cup'.... Itd be just as valuable advice as 'if shots go up go to contain mentality'...
  14. Your whole post was completely correct, this part was my first reaction to the thread
  15. Do you honestly believe that or do that?