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  1. I'll post a screenshot later... But that vid is quite a good illustration. 532 but quite a passive midfield with a high defensive line... So the 6 are often close together and I use play out of defence, so get some passing going while my wing backs get high up the pitch. Tavanier is wb-a, barasic is on support the other side. So typically, as in the video we play down the right. My mids are bbm, dlp-d, car (left to right) so once the ball is pumped out wide we have the two strikers jn the box and the bbm and lwb usually lurking on edge and back post respectively. Front pair TM-a, pf-a left to right. The crosses are coming mostly from the right to I like the TM as the left striker... Tends to stay in box more where the PF can sometimes get drawn towards the ball carrier. Both on attack, not interested in them being involved in build up. It's quite one dimensional by design. High tempo, direct. Bpds and dlp often sending rangey passes to the wbs who cross it in. I also do distribute to cbs... If we start with the ball at Gk I don't want to just go long too early and give the ball away. My TM is a goalscorer not an 'out ball'. So often the passage of play is two step.. Gk to bpd to dlp perhaps a few more short passes back and forth... Then to wb who can sometimes still be quit deep, so itl go back for another phase while we get into attacking positions then it's the riskier pass back to wb and the cross comes in.
  2. Oh no... It happened again... Tavanier swings in a peach... Matty Smith plants it. Poetry.
  3. @Enzo_Francescoli Yeh this was cautious mentality. Short passing and low tempo, with cautious... Means the other roles are very passive and the Regista can direct the game better... Which is what they are for. You have very little chance of winning if you go a goal behind unless you change it up, so have a second formation ready
  4. Flatback 4, wb-s both sides. Bpd and CB both on defend. Reigsta and anchor man in DM (cook won English player of the season as the regista) Wing-s on the right side where the regista is, iw-s on the left. AF and dlf-s upfront. Lower line of engagement Lower defence line Regroup, counter Shorter passing, lower tempo Play of out of defence Distribute to cbs Had a lot of possession and some great passing moves... Cook dominated most games and actually got pretty high up the pitch in attacking situations. Djangana at iw-s was very good. Possibly as this was a beta save and my goals came more from the wide areas than my strikers... Altho josh King as AF scored 19.
  5. You probably looking at my leverkusen 532 in the first post of the thread....but yes defo TM upfront with AF. That setup is good. I'd maybe change the mez for something more defensive... But I play 532 very one dimensionally... Get ball out wide, cross it in, let the big man challenge.
  6. Pretty much identical to the QPR setup I linked earlier in the thread. I like to keep my 532 simple. I've changed the wbs to support to encourage crossing from deeper... Not liking the byline play on fm20 atm. Set them to cross more often too.
  7. OK, I'm a cheat. Started a new game with Rangers... Added manager to Millwall.. Transfer list Matt Smith.. Accept offer from Rangers. Confirm deal, retire. Now the dream team are formed.. Tavanier... Probably the best RWB I've ever seen live! And Barisic... Crossing 18 at LWB. Easier for Matty Smith to assimilate in Scotland than the Bundesliga 😂
  8. Lacina was a great player but struggled to get work permits for me in the last few years. I haven't tried on FM20, but I've found runs off of the target man to be too reactive rather than proactive... So whilst the theory of a shadow striker or other attacking runner from midfield is perfect... It often doesn't play very well. It works well with dlf, cos as they drop deep and collect the ball the others are reacting and making the fwd run. With tm, especially a long ball... He is usually further forward than any midfield player at point of contact, so flick ons go nowhere... Tms are good at heading it back to teammates tho.
  9. I don't get to watch as much football as I used to so I'm well out of touch with Championship, lg1&2. I was hoping Beric (St etienne) would be slightly better, tho target men never look too impressive stats wise so maybe I'll give him a go. Weghorst at Wolfsburg should be good. Michael Smith... Not sure if he's still at Pompey, always liked him too! I'm happy to hear suggestions as well!
  10. Regista and anchor man or dm-d a great partnership in this formation. W-a on one side... Iw/wm the other. Am-s, dlf-a/AF etc... One of my favourite formations on FM, used it to great effect in my lyon save. Check post 2 in this thread, how I used the 44112dm to smash psg. OK I was on balanced, not cautious, but you could very much use this as a 'defensive' tactic with potent attacking threat with a smaller club
  11. Don't think too rigidly, he used 3, you don't have to, especially in a 442. But the concept is to have attacking avenues of some kind. A regista is a support role, but by his nature will completely change the dynamic of your tactic. I played cautious with Bournemouth, regroup and hold shape. Low line of engagement, lower dline, short passing, low tempo, play out, defend narrow... Urgent pressing. But threw in a regista, a winger on attack and AF... and all of a sudden it becomes quite a dangerous attack. Defend with numbers behind the ball... Win it and play short safe passes until it comes to the regista and he will look for the killer ball to winger or advanced forward who are making aggressive runs.
  12. This was one of my fav seasons on fm 18. Skip to post 3 and some lovely videos of Matt Smith headbutting the ball. Is there anything sweeter than seeing a big man connect with a cross and Bury it? Wish I knew how to make a compilation video of them!
  13. Love target men. Matt Smith one of my favourites in real life and FM. I like to use fbs set to cross more often and from deep. At least one attacking winger. (or play 532 with one wbs crossing from deep, one wba crossing from byline) Ncb or bpd at the back. Matt Smith being Matt Smith in my current Millwall save...
  14. Relying on automatic counters, rather than creating your own is very one dimensional and infrequent (entirely dependant on how committed your opponent is). If you want to counter, be proactive in your choice of roles and duties.
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