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  1. I don't like pissing around - I hate the bids take your cash balance! On FS you can place loads of bids and its just whichever ones get matched reduce your balance, if you don't have the money in balance to fulfil the order your orders are parked. with that in mind... I always do top bid if I want a player (not buy, just penny up from whatever the IS value is). I then check it a couple times a day to see if ive been outbid and decide if I still want them at the increased price … either up my bid or cancel it. some of my sell orders were looking a bit optimistic after the chaos this
  2. Depends on the players I guess...but im thinking the opposite... ive been using the matching engine to buy lots of cheap shares at good discounts. Ive now set sell orders on them considerably higher than I paid… and I believe these players are worth it and will sell. 50p strikers scoring goals in the next couple of weeks will fly due to the 5x IPD promotion still being on. 10p for goal from 12th Sep to end of the month! A lot I've also picked up because they have won pb in the past. Now just one Bronze day win will represent a good dividend yield and/or a spike on which to sell. I
  3. I'll buy it and give it a go. Haven't enjoyed FM20 at all really. The ME in my opinion is very poor... but im willing to put it down to a work in progress as we had new functionality put in there. what im tempted to do is not look at this forum at all for the first few months. Sometimes we have too much information from other people over what doesn't work or what is an exploit and then you get possible confirmation bias... or you just don't enjoy winning as much cos the style you've chosen turns out to be an exploit. Lets say I want to recreate a very direct tactic next year and I
  4. I've been a little loose with the formation too; The 3232 is there tho as the WB is essentially winger. Volante the left sided mid of the 3 joins attack, as does BBM. Parolo and Savic have traits to emphasise this too. TQ is a bit of a con not naturally going to form a front two. Perhaps should be a SS or DLF instead... but its Luiz Alberto and i'm in Italy. Bastos should make a good Lib. Some of the key players and their traits; How we look in attacking transition.. not many numbers in the box, but the runs coming from SV and BBM.
  5. very sensible as long as you keep an eye on the deadline to get them in the free roll. RE bigger collection... if you don't want to put too much more money in, but do fancy still having a bit of fun and a go at tourneys... I think a lot of people seem to buy the cards they want for the GW sell them after and use the money to buy cards for the next GW. There's no commission … and if you plan far enough in advance you shouldn't be paying too much of a premium or taking too much of a hit post match. It's certainly an option you could experiment.
  6. also @Jorg hope you don't mind me asking... out of interest (to see how their marketing is doing etc) how did you hear about footstock? and what about it made you sign up and give it a go?
  7. its a private channel setup by a user... just needs email address and name I think.
  8. does it ever get raised as a bug? id hoped when they went to the effort of changing it from a sweeper to a CB theyd also review its behaviour. maybe a new role will come out to address the increasing role of CBs in the attacking phase... get some Sheff Utd recreations on the go! its killing my setup a little bit, as in the short clip would help me recycle possession a lot better if the libero would come and show for the ball.
  9. interested particularly to see anyone who gets a libero working nicely. early days, but looks to me like the 'invisible wall' is still there. Little example here of build up where he does bring the ball out (has player trait to bring ball out and get further forward) .. lays it off... advances... all good but gets to halfway line and stops dead... and ends up in a flat 3. no difference in his behaviour from that point to his CB(d) partners. starts as the ball carrier … end of video you can see the player on the ball crying out for the libero to come and receive the pass short (tho
  10. @Gegenklaus Dortmund might be a good choice. I know its a big team...but I don't plan on making this a 10 year project and build a team for it. Gona have a look through some other squads now...finding a ready made libero writes off a certain level of team
  11. good challenge as I was looking to just have a go at a quick 1 or 2 season save. you gave the game away a little bit in your second post.. my immediate thought was the middle image. But there's scope to be very inventive with roles and positions to achieve the right shape. ill let work know not expect me getting anything done this week.
  12. similar. takes getting used to as instead of threads there are 'channels' and basically lots of long running general discussions... so often you just have to join in … or interrupt one line of discussion with a new question or thought. I prefer forums cos you can have very specific threads decluttering main chat. but its definitely worth joining as there is invaluable experience, advice and news in there. The Footstock team are on there engaging a lot too. should have got an invite to the channel in your welcome email. --- First talksport advert went out today - Kammy t
  13. Also holding 200 max. Fi forum funny old place...I'd held top spot in terms of forum rep for more than a year...first forum member to appear on one of the big pods...lots of the regulars happy to dm me for a chat and support...then I aired my concern (disgust ) about removal of IS back to fi and I got lynched. They made out I was only being critical cos I'd joined footstock lol. Didn't matter that I had 5x more invested in FI...and ran an fi related website! Exciting time to be on both.
  14. yes shame hes not running it for the GW1 monster qualifiers... got my ticket last night and had a few top 10 finishes. reckon id be top 10 again! how you faring in this round? RE football index - have you adjusted strategy much?
  15. when I joined packs were good value cos the market had boomed. they act as a form of market cap... once they become good value 1 of 2 things happens... the market gets flooded cos everyones buying packs and lots of new cards are in circulation.. so prices come down. Prices come down and then packs aren't good value again …. so its to and fro between market and packs. OR FS, as they did last time, nerf the packs... make the odds worse or the content worse. This makes market the better value and in essence increases market cap i.e. if they make the chances of packing a legendary card
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