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  1. Traits affect a players willingness/likelihood of trying something... Not their ability to do it. So if I had a good finisher it may be beneficial to get them to place shots. If I have a bad finisher probably not... Maybe 'shoot with power' would be better... Can't go under it, can't go over it, smash it through it! Context of the chances you create are important too... If your striker is feeding off through balls you might want... Lobs keeper, rounds keeper or places shots... For 1 vs 1 situations.... But if you are pumping crosses in the box those aren't going to be affective
  2. @Jungztar yes exactly. Going back to that first game vs psg...it wasn't just about putting a playmaker in the DM strata because they had no AM... It was part of a full plan... To exploit their left side. It was about sequential decisions to achieve a plan of a attack... Decision 1) playmaker in DM 2) right adjusted playmaker to help exoit their left 3) using an attacking winger in MR rather than AMR (to get between their LB and AML, attack duty to encourage him to take the defence on at will) 4) regista to be more expansive than a dlp and look to play the riskier pass to release the MR.... The rest of the pieces followed suit - give the winger a target (CF) , give the striker support (AM), give the regista some strong cover (AN)... Solid full backs as they are up against the best players mbappe and neymar... It allowed a very raw pair of teenagers to take on and beat some of the best players. I'm enjoying the save so will probably stick with it till the new fm... But its a concept I want to try with an underdog team and open the scope completely to also change instructions and mentality game to game.
  3. When I talk about finding a pocket of space... Its all relative. Let's say the opponent is a flat 442 and their lcm is a bwm-s and the rcm is a cm-d. The cm-d is more likely to hold his defensive position whereas the bwm-s will be the one to vacate his area and chase my ball carrier. So if I line up my playmaker as a dmlc (opposite the cm-d) he's going to have more time and space than if I line him up as a dmc, dmrc or mc, rcm, lcm... Simply putting more distance between him and the opposing bwm. That way, maybe he is unopposed, or maybe the bwm chases him... Vacating a hold in the middle where I can overload. The other thing I tried to do is make passing triangles easier by outnumbering the opponent in the middle..again using the playmaker in space in a 3vs 2 he's less likely to get closed down as the opponent cms already have two players to mark...if they chase him it opens up space. If the opponent has 3 or more central areas... To avoid congestion I then use a regista and attack with width. Simple principles... Small gains here and there that make a big difference in the match. I'm still playing the save and I think I've only lost about 9 games in 4 years (in all comps)
  4. This thread is all about finding a pocket of space for your playmaker by looking at your opponents formation... The 523 is a great example as there is so much space for you in midfield...you can create 5/6 vs 2/3!!! Using a playmaker where they vacate the most space will cause maximum disruption to their shape as they have to close him down... It allows you to pick them apart
  5. I'd change two of the attack duty to support (probably the dlf and cm) but use the TI to counter. I'd play eriksen DM as dlp or reg... The DM in this match should be more about being the playmaker than a blocker, as they (city) will not have control of the #10 area anyway... You outnumber their 2cms and sterling/sane will be attacking width. Use the DM position to control the game and I'd probably have tousart in the cm spot as cm-s/cm-d or bwm. Maybe even get him man marking his opponent... He is brilliant defensively and you want to stop the silvas from having time to switch ball to the flanks. Dele alli could be the bbm
  6. I'd be looking at a 4141 (flat)... Doubling up wide to defend their main threat (sterling and sane) and outnumbering them in midfield... Should stifle their attack. Using a f9 or dlf as loan striker would mean their 3cbs are largely wasted as they aren't marking anyone... You then generate players running at defence which they hate iw, bbm are options. Keep the ball... They are bottom heavy so use ur DM as a playmaker and play out from the back... This will disrupt their defensive shape, or allow you long periods of possession.
  7. I'm currently playing a style that sounds a lot like this. I'm using typical possession based instructions, but on a positive mentality... So its progressive. I'll upload a couple of goals tonight. I'm using 'work ball into box' to try and curtail long shots. I still score from long shots but my team are better at refraining now until there is a proper pocket of space for an accurate long shot. I'm using quite aggressive full backs to help create overloads, and allows me to use IF on both flank in attack... It doesnt stop me using winger type players... But using IF instead encourages the passing rather than crossing to work the ball into the box. (crosses get headed out and 2nd ball results in long shots... So I'm reducing my crossing). The full backs are cwb-s on left.. Iwb-s on right.. I use two dms but both attacking... Rpm-s, vol-s... Need work rate/stamina but then u get much better involvement in both attack and defence than using 2 cms I. E. Bbm and dlp instead. Am-s is the master... I'm using Lee kangin for his dribbling and playmaker ability. Don't want to use ap role tho... Bit too focused... Just allowing him to naturally dictate play. Dlf-a upfront... Tho again not using a typical dlf type player... As this is the main goal threat... I'm using a poacher (Jovic) but wanted the dlf role to help create the one twos, and less offsides. (using players in contradictory roles to their style is a concept I'm toying with and may write more about... Target man as a poacher and poacher as a dlf are my two favourites at the moment)
  8. There is too much going on to know where to start... I did a wide target man thread last season, so just read the op and youl get my perspective of how to play to the strengths. Tq is a ball magnet so straight off there is detracting from your wtm. You are asking him to hit early crosses... But u don't have a striker and you have a cautious mentality, deep line... So who will be in the box? If a wide target man is your stake in the ground... Start by building the rest of the roles and instructions around that. Then tweak as you go... But at least right from the off you should have him sorted.
  9. I wouldn't say its meaningless... Just that a good tactic is more important. I'd rather have my playmaker in space and have 50% TV than have him man marked by a DM and have 100% TF
  10. Balanced mentality, fb on support...lose all of the team instructions. That would be a start.
  11. Default... Its not the skin, its the data facilities that drive how much information you see.
  12. I haven't touched set pieces since the really old exploits ruined them in early FM days. So speaking as someone who leaves them n default (including the taker) the levels are appropriate 5-15 goals from corners/idfk.. 3-5 direct free kicks per season.
  13. Standard scout report... I think you need certain roles like chief data analyst? If you are playing as a smaller side you may not have the facilities/personnel.
  14. Ah right... 'Press more often' so should help. I don't really agree, but perhaps I'm being pedantic over what 'press' is... If I'm a manager in real life I'd want a player with more work rate, teamwork and concentration/discipline? Its almost become a science of what point to press and which foot to press or which angles to block... And is done as a unit... Not one raging bull. As I say, my non-fm interpretation of an 'aggressive' player would be one looking to make the challenge... And perhaps not able to show restraint and stay on feet to press
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