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  1. Yeh it looks like an exploit until you realise by having no one come to stop the short corner it's just another defender in the 6 yard box to block everything to another 0-0 or 1-0 game decided by a 30 yarder or unmarked goal on a free kick.
  2. Numbers only tell part of the story. Let's say you expect man utd to score 15 long shots over the course of the season... And IRL they hit 13 and in your FM season you hit 16. The numbers would make it seem spot on. Also need some qualitive data too... I. E of those 15 I'd expect majority to be scored from wingers cutting in or central attacking players finding a pocket of space. And I'd accept the odd one or two from random situation. If in FM 10 of the 16 came from your inverted wingback who has 6 for long shots attribute and has ppm to pass instead of shoot and is on support duty and is surrounded by support duty midfielders including a DLP and an AP... And you are on balanced team mentality... You would not feel the situation is as realistic as the quantitive data suggested. Delve into further analysis and see the moment the player shot and the options he had available... Then you can see why this so called 'perception bias' shouldn't be written off quite so hastily just because the numbers don't quite back up the outcry.
  3. The stats are misleading to an extent. The goals and assists panel simply doesn't tie up a lot of the time
  4. Agree. But that variable should be the number of long range efforts. Still seeing crazy goals from players that A shouldn't be shooting due to role, ppm, ti, pi... And B shouldn't score even if they had 50 attempts from 30 yards as they don't have the attributes (technique, composure, long shots, finishing etc)
  5. Don't think the attributes matter... I'm 10 games in... My two rbs playing iwb rotating both have 3 in 7 from long shots... My bwm with ppm looks for pass and has 8 in long shots has 4 in 7 all long shots... My bbm has a couple, my iw has a couple... And my striker has a few from long shots and a few from rebounds of long shots. I'm RBL playing on attacking also with high line and urgent press. Seems like 70% or more of my goals are a square pass and then one touch spank in the corner. Or half volleys after a cross is headed out. The other 30% mostly consisting of pens, corners and dfk.
  6. Willock broke into my team and Smith-Rowe... Mostly in the cups tho.
  7. So I got to December playing the 4312 I detailed in a previous post. The results are good... I'm 3pts off Liverpool going into the transfer window. Holding me back is a lack of goalscorer outside laca and auba. I spent my budget on de Ligt, de Jong and Tierney... As if it was a long term save. If I wanted better chance in season 1 I'd probably go for more experienced players. Also the 4312 leaves Iwobi and mkhi pretty much on the scrapheap, which is fine as I don't like them, but couldn't sell them. So that's 60m resource going to waste. If I was doing an arsenal save for real I'd probably start as a 41221 wide, using the squad they have and sign some youngsters. Then progress to the 4312 once you can transition players like mkhi out. Ozil has 4 assists all from corners. As the Ap it's still mostly passing the ball out to the fbs who get most assists from crosses. Laca scoring at just more than 1 in 2, auba at goal per game. Defence is OK but lack of DM is pretty bad with the state of long shots.
  8. Like @Cleonsaid... Its not helpful, all the time, to know the stats. Player x has 90% tackle success.... OK but he played what role, position, duty? Using scout report of a players pros and cons is more useful to think about how he will fit into your own tactic
  9. Did you see many World class players take long shots with their wrong foot from 45 yards out and it dribble along the floor, whilst turning corners, to eventually hit the post at 1mph and then Canon off the keepers back... End up in some penalty area pinball...
  10. First team is fine... Can upgrade lb and CB... But not bad. Targets Tierney and De Ligt Its the bench that's a worry Main team and rough idea of roles; Bench would be something like; Kolasinac, holding (koscielny when fit), AMN (for his utility aspect), Guendouzi/(or) Elneny, Mkhi, Iwobi, Welbeck/(or) Nketiah So I need improvement across the board on the bench... Need a striker for sure with playing two upfront I need two strikers who can play Europa and Cup games... Nketiah is fine as a 4th/5th choice but not if Welbeck is 3rd choice... So néed at least one as an addition, or preferably sell Welbeck and bring in two strikers. Someone cheap though as they won't start many league games... Gignac? Villa? Huntelaar? Quagliarella? Old and proven or find a young prospect... Need better midfield back up for the Ozil and Ramsey position... Guen and Elneny just about adequate cover for season 1 as DLP and Car. Savic? Probably out of price range if I need to sign 3-4 players. Could be tricky... Maybe go for a less demanding role than bbm/mez as I know I can get a player like Eva Banega or Lucas Romero on min fee release clause and I could then give Ozil full attacking licence and also make my LB more attacking.
  11. I've been struggling for a save... Waiting for an update before ploughing into a serious save. So i will give this a go, starting tonight.
  12. I got back from holiday yesterday, fired up FM to settle in and watch UFC all night... First game a few mins in, my BBM, who is right footed, hit a left foot curling bobbler from 30+ yards out... Hits the post. Then Eyounoussi scored a 25 yard volley and Southampton scored a corner. Then I scored a corner, Zouma with a 12 yard header diagonal across goal when he was facing the wrong way and the ball was curling away from goal. Lost 2-1. Won the next game 2-0 another corner and a direct free kick... Then drew at home to Cardiff 0-0 when they had a red card early on... I had 26 shots virtually all blocked Basically over 3 games had everything people have been moaned about... To the point I just shut down and watched through the endless build up and adverts to the sport on TV rather than play. Its too small a sample size to mean anything or spend time uploading Pkms etc. My point is, it feels so bad that I would rather watch adverts to stay awake at 4am than play fm. I'm still working away so in hotels mon-fri for the Forseable... Should be prime fm time but I honestly can't be bothered until another update to clean up the ME
  13. Losing 23 games and having to cheat to survive was OK... But losing to utd, pool and Arsenal was the straw that broke the camels back? Very odd. Whats more... Taking over a team like Newc and coming 17->15->13 etc would be my dream kind of save. I always seem to overachieve or on the odd occasion completely balls up and get sacked in season 1.
  14. I agree with majority of what you are saying. And a lot of the criticism is over the top. Also fwiw @summatsupeer is definitely a tactical guru I still think, however, the finer points to exploits or overpower/underpower aspects will always get lost in argument. Naturally some users won't have an issue... Half of users tactics, by luck or design, will prevent the opponent having too many long shots, and perhaps your own formation also doesn't have a bbm consistently in the hole to bang them in... So that half of the user base doesn't see long shots as an issue. Doesn't mean they aren't... Some good examples now being provided based on both comparison by % and unreal goal returns for bbm/DLP etc. I find it hard under any tactical reasoning to justify a DLP scoring 9 long shots in, what was quoted? 17 games? And 14 goals in total... Maybe pens or free kicks too... Or maybe scoring so many long shots is boosting morale so high the player is becoming Godly. Yes I can deploy a formation... And we discussed this briefly yesterday, to prevent long shots... But I don't think that should be the aim of fm? Win the league with the worst team just by not allowing the AI long shots, whilst maximising your own. It would be akin to the early fifa games on snes and mega drive where there was a certain diagonal shot from the touchline pretty much in line with the 18 yard line that went in the near post evrry time... So the game was about stopping the opponent getting to that spot (who cares if they have a one vs one from 8 yards)...
  15. On a bike ride waiting for the rest to catch up, I'm using a rock formation to create a 'rugby' based play... Inspired by @VinceLombardi My front three are going to be 'the pack' who scrimmage the first ball (which will be route one direct as much as possible). The pack will consist of three support duty players; left adjusted TM, WTM on the left wing, closely partnered by a left adjusted AP in the AM strata. All three individually attract the ball, so as a trio that should be a perfect storm. On 'the blindside' there will be a WB adding threat to the overload. My central trio are going to be the 'centres'. Inside centre is a left adjusted dlp-s, picking up second ball that the pack don't win, or being first point of contact where they do win the ball as a 'scrum half'. (this could change to bwm) Then my more adventurous runners... A BBM in the middle, and a right adjusted Mez-a. The winger threat will come in the form of both the Mez and a CWB-a from the WB strata. A couple of BPD or NCB with a sweeper keeper will be the 'fullback' collecting long ball and launching the next attack Instructions... Exploit left flank, go route one, counter press, high dline, high loe. The idea is somewhat still in its conception stage...
  16. But it shouldnt be lethal to allow a shot from 25 yards... Yes the space in the '10' area should be dangerous... But that's where we want more movement and it should be dangerous because of the threat of a good pass/through ball... General attacking control. Managers like Pep are furious if their midfielder constantly shoot from outside the box...its low percentage play often resulting in turnover. That's why I say I'm purposely allowing the long shot...my defence is covering the passing lane, or cramming to the box to defend the cross... I should be fairly content for the opponent to result to long shots. I agree the tracking etc needs to be done. I also agree as I stated earlier that long shots were severely underpowered in fm18
  17. But I think the intent there would be to say tactically 'if you had a hb or DM or bwm and high pressing you could stop the shot'... I agree there are ways to prevent them. But do we all want to play the same way? More importantly...Should we have to? A lot of teams IRL do defend deep in banks of 4 and not press urgently to allow the opponents to go back out wide or take a long shot... Because the odds of scoring are low. But to my point.. Regardless of tactic the effectiveness has changed. I was Tranmere employing a low block 442very successfully (perhaps overly effective) when the latest release came live, I'm conceding long shots far too much. I'd expect to concede some... Because as I say, I am conceding that space on purpose.. But not at 1 per game (often 2-3 in one match)
  18. Noticed any other changes? I might give it a go to shake things up if it changes some of the commentary or social media terms? Like when I used to switch fifa commentary to foreign language once I was sick to death of Andy Townsends tiny repotoire
  19. Tactics will only majorly modify the sample size I. E. Number of long shots... But very small affect on the ration of long range shot to long range goal. In FM 18 long shots were very poor... Using the same players and tactics in FM19 results in more goals In fact put exactly the same save from the first public release into the newest public release and the number of goals from long shots massively increases (so that alone can rule out tactics, other than being a modifier for each individual save) It seems more a simple case of an over adjustment in terms of tweaking the success rate of long shots. Which did need tweaking fwiw
  20. IRL its often the aim of the defence to 'force' the opposition to shoot from long range. There is clearly too many goals being scored from long range. I'm always very forgiving of the ME I. E. I don't massively care if the stats like number of crosses or passes don't trend in line with Real life... Because I watch mostly in extended highlights. But when the goals are massively skewed to one style it's really a rubbish experience... Set pieces and long shots are awful. Last few years exploits were perfectly avoidable because they came from specific, largely unused by AI formations. But you can't avoid long shots or set pieces, whilst using some very common formations like 442
  21. This point is still key for me. If you poke around too much trying to understand exact formulas or exactly what everything does... It'll eventually take the fun away. It's all about discovery. Real managers don't give their players a scaled mentality... So whilst the game has to, we don't need to constantly check. There are a handful of roles and duties for the individual and a handful of team instructions... Its not that hard to use intuition and a little trial and error to get a good tactic. 5 mins creating a logical 442 will serve far better than spending a week creating a mathematical formula you think is the right distribution of attacking mentality.
  22. Lazy... Automatic duties? Bah humbug! I don't have fm, but think I'll go... P. Ap-s Am-s Car. DLP-D. Mez-a Wb-a. Cb-d. Cb-c. Fb-s Gk. Team shout: ho ho ho
  23. Cheers Herny, you too. Community challenge...come up with a successful Christmas tree formation.
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