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  1. Sorry herne79 didn't intend to quote you incorrectly , apologies.
  2. Was looking at that laptop myself or this one as suggested https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/quotes/cosmosXT-15/eyAWBpYagM/ earlier on the thread. Glad your pleased and its performing well. Can anyone offer any advice on what would be better between them?
  3. My take on this is and this is from experience and reading some of the great advice and threads on here and various other sites. 1. Mentality - fully agree this is how much risk that your team is willing to take. I change this quite often. For instance sometimes away to Arsenal and other big clubs I'll start on control and look to nick the first goal and sit back. Other times I'll start on standard and feel my way into to game. If I'm chasing the game I'll go attack for the last 20. 2. Width - If I am playing a team sitting really deep and struggling to get in behind them I might go very wide to around them. Other times I'll generally leave it on its default for whatever mentality I am using. 3. Def Line - Again something I can change quite often depending it the opposition are getting in behind me with balls in over the top. 4. Shape - I have read many threads on this and still fail to really understand it. So I go with Herne79's advice and look at it as creative freedom only. If I am using structured I'll use a playmaker and if fluid I probably would use Box to Box midfielders instead. 5. Tempo - Again I change this very often depending on the game. Playing a team defending deep I'll use a slow tempo to bring them out of shape and create chances. Playing a team pressing me high up and I'll go much higher tempo to catch them out of position. Chasing a game I'll go higher and defending a lead I'll slow things down.
  4. I'd really enjoy being able to choose to become an existing manager and take control of the team of my choice. For instance become Pep Guadiola and take charge of Everton. You'd have the manager attributes of Pep, tactical tendencies and you could only use his formations and tactics which the AI Pep uses in the game. It would make for some very interesting challenges.
  5. I'd really like the option to start the game as an existing manager. You'd have all his current stats, favourite staff and tactical tendencies. Hopefully this could be something that SI can look at for FM 17.
  6. I suffer from this a lot more in the version than in previous versions. I'm glad too. Defending is a lot more stronger in fm 16 than fm 15. One of the hardest things in football, and most managers agree, is breaking down well disciplined defensive teams that keep 10 men behind the ball.
  7. I have a quick question with regards to loyalty bonuses. I understand that if I sign a player on a 4 year deal with a 400k loyalty bonus he will earn 100k of that per year. If I sell him after 2 seasons he will have earned 200k and I will have to pay him the remaining 200k up front when he leaves. If he requests a move he forfeits any remaining loyalty bonus once he transfers to another club. What If he approaches me? Asks to move to another club that is interested in him. I promise to sell him, although no formal transfer request is made by the player. Would he still be entitled to his remaining loyalty bonus?
  8. How much effect do you think tactic familiarity has on tactics?
  9. I usually have 2 tactics. I then change the mentality / shape or even player roles depending on my interpretation of what I am seeing in the 2D view or match situation.
  10. Brilliant I can't wait. I really hope we get the option to control a real life manager in FM 17 and take control of u21/u18 teams.
  11. Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I really enjoyed the way your have wrote about the fluid and very fluid team shape. I think its really useful when being able to compare them to real life teams. Thanks for your input.
  12. I like this idea or something similar.
  13. Regarding defensive line. If I choose much higher/much lower defensive line, does it affect my defenders only or does the whole team push further up or down?
  14. Tempo is something that I am having a bit of trouble with as well. During the in game hints it says a short passing game works best with a low tempo and a more direct style works best with a fast tempo. However tempo is something I change on a regular basis depending on opposition, if I am chasing the game or leading and I still haven't really found out what best suits.