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  1. How much effect do you think tactic familiarity has on tactics?
  2. I usually have 2 tactics. I then change the mentality / shape or even player roles depending on my interpretation of what I am seeing in the 2D view or match situation.
  3. Brilliant I can't wait. I really hope we get the option to control a real life manager in FM 17 and take control of u21/u18 teams.
  4. Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I really enjoyed the way your have wrote about the fluid and very fluid team shape. I think its really useful when being able to compare them to real life teams. Thanks for your input.
  5. I like this idea or something similar.
  6. Regarding defensive line. If I choose much higher/much lower defensive line, does it affect my defenders only or does the whole team push further up or down?
  7. Tempo is something that I am having a bit of trouble with as well. During the in game hints it says a short passing game works best with a low tempo and a more direct style works best with a fast tempo. However tempo is something I change on a regular basis depending on opposition, if I am chasing the game or leading and I still haven't really found out what best suits.
  8. Good advice and I am looking forward to reading your guide.
  9. Rashidi , brilliant explanation as always. Many thanks.
  10. James9. The way I try and look at is and I am no expert so I'd be interested to hear what Rashid thinks, playing on Standard mentality I view as a 50/50 balance of risk. with a Flexible team shape I look at that as 50% of my players being more defensive and 50 % being more attacking. If I went to Standard Fluid I'd still be on 50/50 risk factor but maybe 65% of my players being more attacking and 35% on a more defensive or Control Structured would be more risk say 65%-35% but 65% of my players being more defensive and 35% more attacking. Now if I try and translate that to how the team plays. Using a control mentality with a structured setup would mean my forwards / attacking players would be taking more risks and defensive players more cautious. Wheras using Defensive/Very fluid all my players would be taking an equal level of risk. Hope that kinds of makes sense and like I say its my interpretation so by no means is it fully correct.
  11. Brilliant read this. Many thanks
  12. Absolutely love this thread has gave me so many ideas. I have taken onboard your advice ref scout reports and I am now playing a lot better. Quick question apologies if I have missed it in previous posts. Herne do you use Opposition Instructions at all? Thanks in advance
  13. I think the mentality needs to be re-written to avoid confusion.
  14. Rashid I am like yourself. I always change between mentalities and certain styles of play as I feel this gives me the most success. Glad to see though that many different opinions can be successful. This is a cracking read this thread and I am enjoying it so much.