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  1. Last season in the EPL there was 988 goals of which 226 from set pieces. Around 22 %
  2. info provided

    Just finished my first season on FM Touch. In the Premier league playing as Everton there where 1056 goals scored compared to 988 scored in real life last season.
  3. need more info

    Only seen 1 match with a slightly ridiculous score. However in general I'm seeing lots of goals. I'm around 36 games in. Incidentally this was a comp v comp match
  4. Be interested to know what you intend to do with Slimani He's a hell of a target man and has excellent finishing.
  5. Really enjoyed reading so far, looking forward to following this.
  6. I have an issue on FMT where the already active PI's are showing colour as black not green on the player instruction screen. See below. For info this isn't happening my FM full fat game. Also individual instructions that are unavailable to select don't display as red coloured.
  7. Love that you can get your choose your DoF to negotiate a new contract for existing players
  8. I dont see how it can be included in the game as we aren't even sure of what the effect will mean on many issues at the moment.
  9. Brilliant news looking forward to getting home from work and trying the beta version out.
  10. What I have done and this has helped me gain a greater understanding of how different mentalities, shapes and shouts affect your way of playing. Start a game on FMT. Use a good team with plenty of options such as a Spurs or Liverpool. Skip through pre season and start on the first premier league game. Play the match say using attacking mentality and see how it plays, as the game progresses make some small changes to what you see is happening. After the game regardless of result reload and try something different. See how the changes you make affect your tactic. Also try to play a few different teams so you have a varied opposition. I have done this and it takes a while but after 4 hours or so you can learn a lot and it saves a lot of time in the long run.
  11. Found this online What are the basics of Mauricio Pochettino’s tactics? To begin, there are a few general things that can be said about it that will lay a nice foundation but not much more: Pochettino believes in a 4-2-3-1 base with a high defensive line. He typically wants one of his midfielders to sit deeper than the other in order to protect the back line and to create multiple passing levels in the team’s shape. He favors the use of aggressive pressing high up the field both to disrupt the opposition attack and to create chances for his team. Pochettino essentially agrees with Jurgen Klopp that the high press is the best playmaker in the game. That said, Pochettino’s approach to pressing is actually much more conservative than that of his former coach Marcelo Bielsa, Pep Guardiola, Roger Schmidt, or Klopp. Pochettino wants his striker to work hard in the pressing game, particularly with closing quickly on the keeper when given the chance, and will also ask him to drift out wide on a regular basis to receive the ball. The attacking three behind the striker are given a large amount of freedom to move across the front three largely because the pressing system makes it difficult for them to be too rigid in their positioning on the field. Full article is here http://theinsidechannel.com/a-guide-to-mauricio-pochettinos-tactics-at-totteham-hotspur/
  12. Sorry herne79 didn't intend to quote you incorrectly , apologies.
  13. Was looking at that laptop myself or this one as suggested https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/quotes/cosmosXT-15/eyAWBpYagM/ earlier on the thread. Glad your pleased and its performing well. Can anyone offer any advice on what would be better between them?
  14. My take on this is and this is from experience and reading some of the great advice and threads on here and various other sites. 1. Mentality - fully agree this is how much risk that your team is willing to take. I change this quite often. For instance sometimes away to Arsenal and other big clubs I'll start on control and look to nick the first goal and sit back. Other times I'll start on standard and feel my way into to game. If I'm chasing the game I'll go attack for the last 20. 2. Width - If I am playing a team sitting really deep and struggling to get in behind them I might go very wide to around them. Other times I'll generally leave it on its default for whatever mentality I am using. 3. Def Line - Again something I can change quite often depending it the opposition are getting in behind me with balls in over the top. 4. Shape - I have read many threads on this and still fail to really understand it. So I go with Herne79's advice and look at it as creative freedom only. If I am using structured I'll use a playmaker and if fluid I probably would use Box to Box midfielders instead. 5. Tempo - Again I change this very often depending on the game. Playing a team defending deep I'll use a slow tempo to bring them out of shape and create chances. Playing a team pressing me high up and I'll go much higher tempo to catch them out of position. Chasing a game I'll go higher and defending a lead I'll slow things down.
  15. I'd really enjoy being able to choose to become an existing manager and take control of the team of my choice. For instance become Pep Guadiola and take charge of Everton. You'd have the manager attributes of Pep, tactical tendencies and you could only use his formations and tactics which the AI Pep uses in the game. It would make for some very interesting challenges.