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  1. Looks good to me. I’d say the full backs are much more cautious than under Silva so I’d leave on both support duty for now. I’d have the LW sitting narrower and playing between the lines similar to what Bernard has been doing. CM looks like what we have been doing and I’d have DCL as a target man(a) and Richarlison as a DLF(a) and see how that plays.
  2. https://theresonlyoneball.com/2018/11/04/fm19-how-to-play-without-attributes/ Not sure if this works for FM 20
  3. How has the ME developed so poorly since FM 19? FM 19 was fine for me, not perfect but certainly simulated real football. Don’t know how it has become so poor.
  4. I just cannot enjoy the game given the current issues with the ME. The 1 v 1 issues, balls over the top and players ignoring the instruction to make low crosses makes most games seem too random for me. This is not about me not losing games but seeing my tactical changes make tangible differences whether it be positive or negative. I have said before, given the complexity of the ME, a fix won’t be easy and will also require a vast amount of testing before release. That said, I feel it is necessary on this occasion, SI changes their stance on providing updates for patches even if the news is not good. The SI team do a fantastic job and I am sure they are working as hard as they can on fixing ME and other issues. I really hope they can make some fixes soon as the game and most parts of the ME are very good.
  5. Agree with the points here except I have had to go back to FM19. The current ME is just too difficult to watch. I do appreciate all the hard work from the SI team, working on patches and constant improvements to the game etc, but it feels like there is so much work to do with the current ME that a fix won’t be along any time soon.
  6. I agree, the ME changes aren’t going to be a quick fix. If one v ones got fixed the goals scored per game would be ridiculous. The balls over the top also needs some work. Penalty conversion and players ignoring the low cross instruction are also somethings that require looking into.
  7. All the best, I have often benefited from your sound advice. Don’t over complicate tactics is the best bit of advice I ever received. Thanks.
  8. A few days off work. hope Beta arrives in the next day or so.
  9. Great stuff. I Would like to see this for other formations, particularly the 433.
  10. Tackle harder for both IF and CF Hold up ball for the left side IF Get further fwd for BBM Sit Narrower RWB Stay wider, dribble more, LWB Press less and stay on feet both CB Thats them all
  11. Very good work. This tactic seems to be very succesful fror my WBA team. Promotion and FA Cup winners first season. I am using counter press and extremely urgent pressing with CD both set to press less. Seems to be very solid in defence.
  12. Does anyone know a skin that shows the opposition roles and duties?
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