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  1. Does anyone know a skin that shows the opposition roles and duties?
  2. If playing a pressing game with a high line I ask my fwds and midfield players to tackle harder in an attempt to take more risk and win the ball back higher up the pitch. If playing a counter-attacking style with a deep def line I'll ask them to stay on feet to remain compact, except CD who I ask to tackle harder as a last line of defence.
  3. I have has some excellent results away from home with a 442 direct fast style. Its using counter mentality and structured shape, TIs be more disciplined, defend much deeper and much higher tempo. PIs my defender's close down less, tackle harder, pass more direct, midfield/ forwards close down more and tackle harder Gk FB(d) CB(d) CB(d) FB(d) W(s) BWM(d) CM(s) W(s) AF(a) TM(s)
  4. So excited for FM 19. The much-needed changes to tactics and training look so exciting. I expect it will be much easier to create real life styles of play.
  5. Why when starting a new game have spurs got no mananger ? Disregard beacause I had EDT files loaded
  6. I tend to pick a style I want to play and then try and build a tactic. Thing's might change as performances and results go on but you need to start somewhere.
  7. I cant find that file or the panel/tactics folder. I have downloaded the mod and when opening up the panels folder I only have a match folder
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