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  1. I'd love to join in on this adventure, having visited Koln but never using them in FM I feel like this will be an interesting chance to. Formation me up please
  2. Cruyffsheirs

    Help building my 4-1-2-3

    If you're wanting you striker to get more involved in play I would set him to a support duty. Strikers will always be a goal threat whatever role you set due to their position on the field, and their base mentality due to being in the striker position. Adding an attacking mentality will add on to his already attacking mentality. He also has few options to link up with being that high up the pitch. Without having someone in the AM role he doesn't naturally have someone to interchange with. In this system, the only player he has to connect with is the MZ who also has an attacking mentality and is looking to get forward. Bobby Firmino is a very versatile striker who can play pretty much every role so I wouldn't worry about him not 'suiting' it perfectly. If you want a line leading striker still I would suggest even just setting you CF(a) to a CF(s), or in my experience Firmino works great in a F9 and still scores quite a bit. The F9 would also look to feed your IF(a) and your MZ(a), it might not make him an unstoppable juggernaut but could improve the team as a whole.
  3. Looks like a good interpretation of that Benfica team. Only thing that's sticking out to me is the positioning of the 10. Palo Aimar was a very old school enganche and I think that role would best recreate how he played, Not sure if it would still work that well in modern football.
  4. Cruyffsheirs

    Mario Mandzukic's Role At Juve

    I read both of the articles you 2 mentioned and tried them out in some friendlies. I love the attacking contribution that it the roles give, but both options leave the fullback with a lot of room and I find my team not being as defensively solid as I would like and that one would expect from Juventus.
  5. I've been watching Juventus in recent months and loving their play, In particular, I've loved Madzukic's new role on the left wing. I've been wondering how to best recreate his role. Instead of the 352 they have become famous for, this has been Juve's 11 lately. I have been using Mario in 2 different roles so far and haven't had the effect I've wanted yet. First as an inside forward told to hold the ball up and sit narrow. He has the positional sense I want but doesn't use his physicality to best opponents also his dribbling leaves much to be desired. The Second is, as a wide target man, told to sit narrow and to cross less often ( Mandzukic rarely crosses in games instead Alex Sandro provides the crosses from the left side). This uses his physicality, but I find he is often on the periphery of games and doesn't have much influence. I'm interested to hear how you guys would approach deploying a player like Mandzukic in fm 17.
  6. Cruyffsheirs

    4-4-2 Diamond Help Needed.

    For me when I play a Diamond I actually play a 4312. I think the 3 across the midfield is better in defence but that is just personal Preference. I usually make the base of my diamond a DLP(d) for me he plays the Pirlo role and dictates the team. I make the 2 central players workhorses, either cm (s) with Pi's or b2b, and the tip of the diamond I play an Am(a) with move into channels and roam from position, i find that way he generates lots of goals and assists and doesn't take away from the DLP being the heartbeat of the team.
  7. Cruyffsheirs

    What formation to play

    Would be better if you had screenshots, but I think your current tactic (4-4-2 diamond) makes the most sense to include all the attacking players. You seem to lack depth at full back so going with a 3 at the back system would allow you to use your strength at Centre Back. Your Wingers seem to work best as inverted wingers so going with a 4231 or a 433 would allow them to get forward and attack. You have lots of quality at every position and players who can play a number of systems. I think choosing your system and tactics based upon how your opponent plays and exploiting them would work best overall.
  8. No, my response to the Wingers not dropping back was to make them press. My DM was a ball winner so I had a defensive back 4 unit and the team was built around winning the ball back quickly. I will try out having them man mark and see it that makes a low block work better.
  9. I tried out a similar tactic with Inter Milan. Works really when in possession and defending on the break, I found problems when the team was defending deep and the opposition was in front of them. The "Wingbacks" don't defend deep enough, they're too interested in defending the opposing fullback rather than the opposing wide midfielder who is in their zone. I agree the wide midfielders on this edition of the ME don't move or perform naturally or the way you instruct them to. Really needs to be addressed ut I worry they will just fix it in fm 18 not fm17
  10. Great Thread! Wonder if the massive bags of money Qatar was shelling out Led to Europe having some crazy moments (ie Koln).
  11. It looks like a fairly straightforward 433 to me, but the left back (CWB/s) and the Ti look for overlap doesn't make sense to me in combo with the left winger (W/a). His job is gonna be to stay wide, and cross which is also going to be your left backs job, and telling him to wait for his left back to overlap him is conflicting with his default Pi's. I'd suggest switching him to an IF if you wanna keep the left back as is and Ti's as is. Other than that looks good to me.
  12. In my eye's you're doing some really good things with this tactic but there are still a few improvements you could make here in this tactic. Your team is really compressed and the two banks of 4 look hard to breakdown. The issues I can see you having with this team are in the offence. To me I see only one player getting in the box, your forward. Everyone else on the team is supporting and not doing any attacking or getting in the box. A suggestion would be to switch your AM(s) to an AM(A) or to an SS. then you'd have another player getting in the box to get on the end of crosses or have some combination play with the CF. Your midfield 4 are really hardworking and compressed providing a good shield to the defence. However again I am thinking about your team going forward and see them possibly lacking attack power. The wingers are more worker and shuttlers rather than attackers. That provides good cover for the fullbacks and helps maintain shape but could cost you when looking for a goal late in a game. Another thing to note is the role of Paul Pogba. I would think that a BBM would make more sense in this kind of formation rather than an RPM due to the BBM's tackling and their tendency to provide late runs into the box. If someone holding their position and creativity is what you're after then the RPM or AP(s) would be a good choice. This tactic looks like a fun one to try out and build. Cheers!
  13. Love the strategy and time you put into this! Hope that you'll show us how you get on in the Premier league.
  14. Cruyffsheirs

    442 Diamond Help

    Looking at your tactic here I'm noticing that it seems like your AP(a) is very crowded. The AP wants to create chances for those around him but in this test up I don't think that's happening. You have a DLP underneath him who is also being a creator and wanting the ball from his teammates, and a DLF(s) creating as well. I would suggest turning your AM into someone who can run past your DLF and be fed by your DLP. Because right now I see it as a DLF dropping deep into the space the AP is in, and the DLP(s) wanting the ball to create as much as the AP. So I have 3 ideas for you: 1 - Switch you AM to a player who will get into the box, such as a SS or a flat AM(a) 2 - Switch your DLF into a forward who won't drop deep as much, such as a DLF(a), poacher, or CF. 3- Switch your DLP into a non-creative role and make your AM your side's main creator. Do one of these or a number of these, but think about where your players are going with the roles given them and who is creating and where they're creating.
  15. Cruyffsheirs

    4-4-2 Dilemma

    I'd suggest you make your left back attacking so that he overlaps your wide midfielder and puts in more crosses. I'd also switch your striker's mentalities to CF(s) and DLF(a) so that the CF can lead the line, finish and create chances, and the DLF on attack will do the same. It will create a sort of big man little man set up. Also you can keep it on very fluid but add a playmaker. Either your WM turning into a WP or you CM(s) into a DLP(s) to add some creativity but keep the team working as one unit and very fluid.