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  2. I'm looking at purchasing the app from Amazon but it shows my device as 'not compatible' - according to the following it should easily work; https://www.footballmanager.com/games/football-manager-2019-mobile I'm on Android 9. Resolution is above 480 x 320, and not Tegra 2 chipset. I went through with the purchase but had to refund as it didn't show in the AppStore? Anyone else had this or know what this is about? It looks like I can get it from Google play without any issues but I have some amazon coins to use so would prefer to purchase from there.
  3. The same with me. The first save it´s ok. but when i tried the save a second time it crashes...
  4. Some of the best mastermind in tactics vetted those roles and you want to know a secret, i play the exact same way in the beta and only lost 3 matches all season. There is on law that states that you need a support duty player its all the other roles and instructions. Stop looking at things in isolation but look as a big picture
  5. First thing first, nobody has any kind of obligation to you, so if you want help you wait. Secondly, you didn't say anything at all, you just whined about having 35% of possession, that honestly I don't believe at all. So it's hard to help when you didn't ask nothing and then didn't provide any in depth. In third place, you should know that it's a little dumb to trade completely styles of play mid season and expect results just by clapping fingers. That just says it all, you didn't deserve to win jack **** because you don't know jack **** about the game or whatever. You are just chasing luck.
  6. Bloody hell, a Faramir story. Its good to see you back here posting. Even if its only a short story
  7. I have some queries about the scouting system, some of which may be a bit stupid but, nevertheless: - If I give a scout an assignment to look for players between the ages of, say, 15 and 21 with a scouted potential ability of, say, "very good" how will this affect the reports that I receive and the club's data base of players? - will the scout only provide reports of players with those specific attributes and ignore all other players? - assuming that he does only provide reports of players with those specific attributes and ignores all other players, will the club's data base become populated by other players that he inevitably observes when scouting for players with the above attributes? - will he scout the youth leagues as well as the main leagues or do I have to add the youth leagues of specific countries to his assignment?
  8. Qena SC - Premier League - Youth Intake - 2023/24 The Intake The Hot Prospects Manager's Thoughts Not a bad intake as there are some players who will prove useful to us with a few years development.Fawzy,Galal and Abdel Ghany could make for good backup players in the future while El Sayedd will be joining up with the first team from next season as he is the third best striker in the entire team.I bought in a new Head of Youth Development at the beginning of the season who has a determined personality,we still have a lot of different personalities so it will be interesting to see if this will change in the coming seasons.
  9. Same both this and the 'win the league three times in a row achievement' wont unlock for me Uploaded my save as well under "Feyenoord 1 achievement". @Connor Winks / @Ben Allingham do you think we will get another update that fixes this bug.. in other words, is it worth it to wait continuing this save so I do get those achievements? Edit: now that I think about it... there are more achievements that I have not gotten: using photofit for my manager, goal of the month/year and downloading an item from steam workshop also haven't unlocked for me.
  10. I find it funny that so much of you are experiencing lag but yet i just posted 10 different test cases where i have no lag and lag and all of this is on high and very high. And to the idiot that said its not the OS its the game, Apple has a record for breaking things with software updates. If you roll back as i did before, the game worked fine now if the game worked fine before the update and broke after the update but there was no update to the game that means that apple broke something.
  11. I pretty much do the same as you - I always prefer the auto '1 by 1' draws but do the 'full at once' in the larger rounds. I think it does seem largely just to be down to me/my luck/my saves rather than any trend within the game itself, but now I've started it'd be rude if I didn't/don't continue - at least I can try and use it to gain additional sympathy in future seasons etc
  12. @yipster1986:Youth Challenges seem to be like the lottery because of the intakes. You can be a tactical genius, but if you don't have a player for a certain position your screwed because you can't buy or sign a replacement @Muttley84: Your youth challenges on the forum show what can be done without cheating and or a bit of luck. Keep your head up your making great progress. In my own Youth League save I am only hoping for survival in the VNN (England) as Stalybridge Celtic!
  13. Sounds awful. But its strange for me because I never saw the same. Players few times asked for new contract after I denied transfer from other clubs where they could better wage and actually it had a sense to ask better salary. Also possible you are GREEDY manager? You dont want to spent a lot of money for wages and players try to win every coin ASAP
  14. Aug 2041. Expensive Basque? Pre-season didn't really go as pre-season goes because we hit double figure goals not once but twice. All that without (39b) Xabier (Res) * who was at the U19 Euro Championships with France. I didn't know what to think when we won the opening game of the league season 7-0 away from home, but 3 losses and a draw later suggest that it might have been a one-off. What i would say is that my young left winger (39a) Jesús (Fickle) (2039) * was injured for that game and didn't play, and where as he plays as an inverted winger, all my other left wingers play as normal W(s). He scored in the last game and I love him. He's going to be brilliant, but I'm not sure if an inverted winger is the answer when I'm already playing with inverted full-backs. I may have to just ask him to play normally, or even swap him to the right flank. I have a couple of good "righties" though so I think I will just ask him to play properly wide left. It should be added that (39a) Jesús (Fickle) (2039) * came through the 2039 intake ahead of (39b) Xabier (Res) * and that probably shouldn't be ignored considering the latest transfer. I got all excited with the opening day 7-0 demolition of Dijon, but we threw away a lead to lose at Montpelier and let a 2 goal lead slip against Sochaux so there is still work to be done. We have a great GK, great wide players and great attackers, but our central defenders and central midfielders mean that we have a very soft centre at the moment. I am going to have to spend some of this transfer kitty I think. It's hard though when you can only sign Basques.
  15. Do you have the game sort out the Cup draw's all at once or one at a time? or do you "manually" pick the matches? I always have the program do them all at once for the larger rounds but I always "manually" pick the matches for Quarterfinals or better (if I'm involved) And I find the Cup matches relatively balanced but I will pay attention starting this season.
  16. Sorry I don't. I could possibly provide a screenshot of the items in my inbox if that helps. This has happened twice, both times when the total offered amount was within 1m of the promised amount. So maybe someone should just give the code that does the comparison a look. It is possible there is some rounding error happening there.
  17. Yet more terrible man management. Every season the same 2 players throw a fit and stage a locker room revolt because I don't put them on the Champions League squad. They're not "first team", I never promise them I'm going to include them, and yet they are furious every single time. Yet somehow their unhappiness always runs out just in time for them to sign a new contract, only for them to throw another fit. It's so unbelievably tiresome.
  18. How would it be if you just start trying to help or alternatively just don't answering, instead of threatening me and other users and acting like I'm stupid, as you did before?
  19. Well, I'm back. Dewi Colbert 24f is the one I think can do well here. First season and he scored 6 goals. A solid start.
  20. Starting to get the movement I'm looking for now I'm running with a TM (attack) and an AM also on attack. The IW (a) is causing havoc. The TM stays central which is what I was looking for, holding it up for the AM to run into the area. We have lost some defensive solidity as you might imagine with those 3 on attack duties so that's something to address.
  21. China made the 2022 World Cup in my save 😮
  22. So ive done two 'careers' in fm19 so far and am getting bored of it but i still love the game, any suggestions for what i could do in the editor?
  23. Would rather keep him here to steer his training than loan out
  24. If you have a player that is ineligible but 18. Can he still play for my U20 or U18 until a slot opens up. future transfer, was expecting to sell a Non-Euro but change of plans. He’s a wonderkid from Columbia, but needs the tutoring (low determination) more than game time. Can he play in Cups?
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