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  1. hey, do you have any solution to this? in my full release save there is still a ton of these world classs 30 someting years old newgen staff.
  2. i have the same issue with my regens. they turned dark after the new patch. Any idea?
  3. My crash dumps folder is empty. The same phenonemon occurred with the beta several times.
  4. Hi there, my game still instantly crashes at random times during games. My mac go and instatnly restarts afterwards. With latest pathces - i only use some graphics elements. thanks.
  5. hmm... I've downloaded the light version but the issue still occurs
  6. i'm using the original football manger light skin but every box is fully transparent on the screen if an enable the custom backgrounds ... any ideas? do i need a custom skin or am i missing something? thanks for your awesome work anyway
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