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  1. thanks! I'll try it. is there any way to add a list of names which from the game can pick to use for these regens? thanks!
  2. Hi there, I'd like to start a challenge in fm20 and I need some help with the editor side of it. My goal is to start a football academy (a club) in Hungary for Romani people only. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani_people) Currently as far as i'm concerned Romani people are not represented in fm20 so i guess i'd have to create it somehow. My wish is to create the club in the lowest league in hungary and to have a transfer policy to only be able to sign Romani people (actually it can be done without editor rules) and all the youths coming thru for this club should be all and only Romani as well. I'd like to be able to set the names, the appeareance, the general talent level (youth level), etc of the group as well. Maybe the general personality of the youths coming thru as well if it's possible. I think it should be something like the basque / Atletic Bilbao / spain thing but actually I dont really know how thats done in fm editor. Ideally their nationality should be Hungarian but I have a feeling that it can only be done with the second nationality thing (which is not a the case IRL but its ok for the game. ) Any ideas? Really appreciate the help.
  3. Hi, i'm not sure if its a bug but it seems like I can't train "gets into opposition area" trait to my players. I can stop those who already have it, but cant train it to other players. I think it supposed to in in the "movement" category. Am I missing something? Thanks for reply.
  4. It gets me only this basic background: Something just isn't right ... Anyway I appreciate your time and help!
  5. I've deleted the cahce folder, also deleted that "stadium" folder you've pointed out. realoaded skin - still nothing. I've managed to load in a basic background photo which came with the skin i'm using but even after I delete it's files I can't make the other images work. I'm using a Mac yes.
  6. This is what I see. Thanks for helping me out!
  7. yes I did. (although i dont have a Clear Cache option in fm20 - but the "using cache..." option is unticked.
  8. I can't make it work... : ( i'm using the fm20skin-base-skin-with-backgrounds-support/ skin mentioned above. pack downloaded and placed into ▸ Application Support ▸ Sports Interactive ▸ Football Manager 2020 ▸ graphics ▸ backgrounds ▸ stadium but doesn't seems to be working - I got a basic greengrass photo as background for everything wich happens to be palced in the skins graphics folder. pls help
  9. Thanks, I'm aware of these but unfortunately I can't find an answer to my problem in any of it. The point I'm trying to make is the inconsistency SI follows when they label player personalities: imo it's ok to keep it hard but also should be kept consistent and somehow logical. Like If I check a scout report I will see "Perfectionist" is mentioned with light green color , aka it's a better personality and my coaches are aware of this - then he gains his temperament attribute and all of the sudden now he's only described as resolute (marked with darker green sign on the scout report which tells me its less desirable) - is not quite logical.
  10. Another and (for me) more misleading addition is if I go to an other direction from the starting state and raise the pressure attribute form 10 to 16, my player is suddenly described as "spirited" and "Evasive". Whilst again in my eye he should be described as a perfectionist who can actually handle pressure pretty well as well. And from here, he can have an ambition anywhere from 1 to 20 - he stays "spirited" and "Evasive" and I can never collect any information about his ambitions. I can understand that SI wants to keep it hard but it could be more consistent when it comes to personalities - since I think in real life if you manage players and spend time with them you could get a pretty clear picture about a player's ambitions for example.
  11. Hi there. As I'm getting into the beautiful field of mentoring and in-depth player personality analysis I decided to start messing around with some guides and the in-game editor to learn more about it - but just when I thought I'm starting to understand it - i bumped into some mysterious anomalies. (Pls consider that this posts contains some informations which are normally hidden in the game - so if you feel this is cheating to know - do not go further. ) Up until now I thought "perfectionist" is one of the best personality you can get (aside from model citizen) and IF someone have high (14-20) ambition, determination and professionalism - they will ultimately be described as such. (This idea was learned from guides like this one: https://www.yekbot.com/football-manager-2019-player-personality-guide/ ) But I had to realise it's (at least now in fm20) not always the case and in some situations "Resolute" can cover a better set of hidden attributes such as in the following example: A player with the following hidden attributes is described as "Resolute" and "Media -Friendly", althought he clearly has the desirable high AMB-PRO-DET trinity: (By the way before this in my eyes "resolute" was a player with high determination and professionalism but a bit lower ambition) Determination: 16 Ambition: 16 Loyalty: 10 Pressure: 10 Professionalism: 16 Sportsmenship: 10 Temperament: 10 Contorversy: 10 But as soon as I change the Temperament attribute to a lower (so i'd guess worst) value like from 10 to 7 - my player is now described as "Perfectionist" and "Media -Friendly". If I go forward and lower his ambition value (from 16 to 12 ) he again will be descibed as "Resolute" "Media -Friendly"". Actually I never thought "Perfectionist" has anything to do with low temperature - but now that I think about it, it could be explained somehow like this: perfectionist people can easily lose their temper if things don't go in the way they want ( think about CR7 in the euros against Hungary) -but then I would feel that maybe there should be a better personality - perfectionists with high temperature ( model perfectionists ? ) although now these players are described by the game as as "resolutes" which is a bit misleading to me. What your thoughts about this topic?
  12. hey, do you have any solution to this? in my full release save there is still a ton of these world classs 30 someting years old newgen staff.
  13. i have the same issue with my regens. they turned dark after the new patch. Any idea?
  14. My crash dumps folder is empty. The same phenonemon occurred with the beta several times.
  15. Hi there, my game still instantly crashes at random times during games. My mac go and instatnly restarts afterwards. With latest pathces - i only use some graphics elements. thanks.
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