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  1. I was talking about the features released recently by the official twitter. I'm looking forward to seeing if the AI has been improved and players make better decisions in the match
  2. Another day with uninteresting features. I just wanted SI to make me happy again
  3. This example of Phil Jones as a striker doesn't really reinforce the fact that ME is flawed. Although he does not have good attributes like finishing and off the ball the technique, physique, antecipation and heading can prevail in several situations in the match
  4. If there were only 1 video showing improvements on ME I would be satisfied until the day of the release
  5. I hope that ME has been a priority. I'm absolutely sure they can do a better job
  6. It would be interesting to create a new hidden attribute so that AI understands how careful the player is with his physical ability and that he does not decay so much 30> If creation is not possible, I find it interesting to combine the PROFESSIONALISM attribute with physical care, that is, the greater the professionalism the better the physical capacity the player will maintain
  7. 2020-09-21 22-07-21.mp4 2 defenders ignore the ball and basically ask the opponent striker to score
  8. I suggest creating statistics to balance the goalkeeper rating. I believe that everyone recognizes the problem of the amount of saves that is not converted into a good rating "Difficult saves" The idea is to have a redesign in the code so that the game can understand these complicated saves and thus increase the rating of the Goalkeepers
  9. Out of the Champions League because the FM unfortunately gives preference to the most dangerous team in set pieces So so frustrating
  10. @Christopher Lewis You're right, the number of injuries is being very real in this FM 20, but one thing you need to be aware of is what was said in the topic. There are a lot of injuries (not many players at the same time) before matches, not two, not three, not four and yes 1 day earlier, ALWAYS. This occurs mainly before important matches. I would like this to be verified by you This has happened quite often with me. You could say that it is the training load or frequency of matches, but injuries only happen to me in these situations
  11. The best thing I did to improve my AMC performance Abandon the use of 2 MC's My AP(Harry Pooster) has a lot more freedom of creation vvrue0.mp4 wk99pv.mp4
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