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  1. 2021-02-27 22-27-06.mp4 I miss the ME of the beginning of December 2021-02-27 22-26-30.mp4
  2. Nop, maybe because of the agility, but I still find it strange
  3. You could remove "working ball into box" to try to create more chances of risk I believe that his midfield is very exposed, counter attacks will be frequent and perfect for the opponent
  4. Hi, Andrew. Well, what I was trying to show is that the progress points are not correct. From the beginning the player has evolved 2 attribute points but below shows 1 point. In other cases it does not show progress point when the player has increased 1 attribute point
  5. This happens with several other attributes, but I will not fill the topic. I believe this gets in the way a little when we want to see the score of each evolved attribute correctly
  6. I only had doubts about what he does with the ball, because in the functions he does not cut inside or run wide. Previously I used an IF (A), but I want it closer to the box
  7. I believe that the less attributes he trains, the more effective the evolution will be. If you need it to evolve specific attributes it is better to train only those attributes instead of ALL the attributes of the function performed
  8. Hello guys. Have you had experiences like Raumdeuter? I'm thinking of using this function to be the top scorer on my team because my attacker comes deep with the support function I wonder what exactly he does when he has the ball
  9. Your left side is very exposed, I recommend you use Mc (D) to cover the passage of your WB
  10. I changed the role of DLP to Anchor Man, I believe that with him I can have more freedom with the central players
  11. Thanks for the feedback. You are absolutely right, in addition to the problem mentioned by you, I was realizing that AF was very isolated, completely removed from the rest of the players, change is essential here In relation to the coverage on the right side, I'm thinking of making a change in the WB itself. Changing the function to support and activating overlap on the right, I believe it will not be so aggressive. Although B2B coverage is less "effective" I believe that my player has the ability to do it, if I realize that I am suffering on this side I will switch to BWM Well, I
  12. Your tips are very useful and make a lot of sense. I changed the task of my lone attacker to a collaborative role, which would be PF (SU). I'm also thinking of adding some other pressure if the opposing team uses DM or MC
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