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  1. Thank you all in special to @CARRERA. After a lot of advice I managed to adapt the tactic to the style of the players I have on the team and got results
  2. I changed because Dany has more ability to finish. The other changes were overlap (left) and balanced mentality
  3. So it’s better for you to understand my current team As you can see, my team is not bad. And with a balanced tactic I shouldn't be experiencing any serious problems
  4. I think you are completely right about the euphoria of the first season in the Bundesliga But I have players quite capable of working a possession style well, it's really disappointing
  5. Unfortunately my team is from bad to worse Being dominated by a similar team in terms of attributes, I believe that my team is even better in more positions
  6. I won 2 matches yesterday after replacing my striker who had a trait that didn't match the role, had a positive offensive effect, although not so much defensively, the use of balanced can help me with that, Zemahh also recommended I have to agree, but I "reinforced" the team in all necessary positions, although that striker I mentioned didn't match my style
  7. But if I use 'stay wider' in IW I would have to use a FB instead of the WB on the left, correct? I was curious now with your observation about the combination of DLP + IF (a). I would like to continue using the IF (a) to have more penetration, so the use of an AP would be more interesting?I didn't want to change my style to something more direct
  8. I can later confirm this data more accurately. But in terms of attributes compared to other teams, my team is not bad
  9. First of all thank you very much for your feedback. My initial intention was to have more control of the actions, not to use unnecessary long balls,.The use of WB's was precisely for me to have more aggressiveness and possession in more advanced sectors, taking advantage of their technical quality. I agree with you about the coverage on the left side, the intention was to balance the penetration of the team, an IF (a) on the right and the Mezzala (a) on the left, since my Striker deeper. I'm just afraid of being too predictable, because I have more penetration on the right than on the lef
  10. Is Moves Into Channels interesting for a striker (support)? I was unable to interpret these traits well, will he only make horizontal movements or can I expect him to fall deeper?
  11. Well, it’s not difficult to explain this because all my sectors seem to be in trouble, my team doesn’t create much, I feel that it’s quite passive and tends to suffer defensively
  12. In the first season in the Bundesliga I managed to finish in 5th, but after improving the team with better quality players the performance is terrible, I can't reverse the situation. My team is not bad, and I am not exaggerating in terms of instructions at any time. I have no cards up my sleeve
  13. Guys, I was looking to use Trequartista on the flank in a style based on quick transition, but I don't know which role to use for the lone striker. Would AF be a bad choice?
  14. Haaland is a great player, but he is exaggeratedly OP in FM21, that number of goals is unreal
  15. Player unsatisfied with (individual) training means that training will not yield results? Is it worth insisting if I think the training will be beneficial for him?
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