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  1. I would appreciate it if the programmers team reviewed my 5 set piece goals. All goals appear to be from the same place and the reaction of the opposition defense seems strange Arsenal - FC Porto.pkm
  2. 5 goals from set pieces and 1 from penalty, although my team has won well I am completely frustrated https://streamable.com/hkrek I'm sorry for the external link. if you need pkm of this match I can send it in the bug area
  3. But I selected a player as an example who was only 79%
  4. The first page does not show that the level is filling
  5. An honest question to SI programmers. Do you think there is a problem with the Strikers' involvement in the matches? My strikers are scoring but do not participate in other situations. The average of my main Striker (complete forward) is 9 passes. I don't think this is normal
  6. - Improved one-on-one finishing - Recalculations regarding clear-cut chances Ok
  7. I didn't see any improvement from this new patch. My CF continue missing clear chances of goal and the opponent with weak players score at the first opportunity
  8. In a video for example, Miles presented the staff's advice to indicate players their best positions and roles, the way he presented it was like an extraordinary change. The news for FM19 was incredible, I was really fascinated. In my opinion it was a big leap from FM18-FM19 and if SI focused only on ME for FM20 most would be satisfied
  9. Exactly, they make changes that the community doesn't give a damn about
  10. Today is being a freak show 2020-02-03 23-16-19.mp4 Please do something, I paid for the full game I don't think anyone in charge of the game would like the idea of us paying half the amount before March
  11. I play in 2d and I noticed something strange with the player's button crossing mine inside .Confirmed in 3D replay
  12. Is there collision between players in this game? 2020-02-03 21-56-35.mp4
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