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  1. Is there a way to exclude (A) and B teams (Spanish style) from registration rules requiring a maximum no. of foreigners?
  2. Anyone know why the season odds appeared in April, when the season started in July? I'm thinking I didn't tick a box in the editor when I was should have, but I've no idea which one.
  3. I think reputation is a strong factor in how players are generated.
  4. Does Division 1 have to be same as Division 2, when picking "keep teams from same division apart"?
  5. What draw rules should I tick so as when the top division teams are drawn in the FA Cup, they don't play each other?
  6. Anyone have any ideas why the news display for created squad awards is incomplete like that?
  7. Re: previous discussion about introducing a custom U20 league system. My new efforts, despite trying to work it into the reserve rules have failed in the same manner: editor either gives me team errors on verification for U20s or just flat out crashes. I just don't know how to go about it anymore, what I may have done wrong. Could anyone take a look at the data file and maybe see something I'm missing? Thanks!
  8. Ok, I solved that problem: the error as well as the relegation/promotion issues. It seems all that was needed was to change the number of teams from fixed 18 to min x max 18. Weird that.
  9. Hmm, do you think it could be that? Because the problem I'm running into now with the 6th level added in all the verification tests is "need a minimum of 108 [...] when organising teams in [level four] - found [not 108, varies] teams". Should I make the inactive level a bit larger, more teams? (And no, I didn't make the level 5 to be like regional divisions, but the db entries themselves for each of the series I've set up have East and West boundaries) Later edit: After adding the inactive level, I've verified all division except for four, which keeps giving random errors of missing teams (anywhere from 4 to 2, which isn't a lot, but consistent). This doesn't happen if the last level doesn't exist on the list, so I'm thinking it might be related, but I don't know what to change to stop the errors from happening. Here's the data file.
  10. I thought of that, too; and I added it in a separate iteration of the db, but still, it didn't work. I'll rework the steps and test for it again.
  11. I opened up England in adv. editor but it uses custom xml; where do I find the eng_u21_0/1 and u18 xml files to have a model on which to base a youth league system on? Or do I just have to match the xml id from the reserve rules to the actual league system? 'Cause that would be sweet (and easy to do)! Also, on a somewhat related note, also in my custom db (editor file here), I seem to have an issue in that from the lowest playable division, after the first season, no team relegates as no (A) team promotes from the inactive division a level under it. I ticked "allow b teams can be promoted from lower division" yet it doesn't happen and I've run out of ideas re: what to do about it. Any thoughts, please? Thank you!
  12. Hmm, okay, but it doesn't solve the issue of making them fully customizable (with playoffs and whatnot)... Since you were the one that responded to my separate thread (with v0.4.6), and since it's also an advanced issue, I finally discovered through a lot of testing that teams in the lowest level don't ever seem to relegate to the unplayable, "pool" division. I'm trying to trace the issue in the editor now, but if you are familiar with the issue or maybe see something I don't, I'd appreciate a piece of advice. Thanks!
  13. I know, but I was wondering why does it happen and how to fix it. Is it because in adv. editor youth leagues cannot be set up as senior leagues? Should I rather put them lower on the pyramid than the lowest division? There's an option in the normal reserves/youth, under nation, to choose custom xml, which would seem to imply the possibility of setting up custom divisions, but I don't know how to go about doing so. The gist of it is that I want to have a working customized youth pyramid system (in basic rules you can do this, but I want to know how to tackle it for advanced).
  14. Finally, a dedicated sticky thread! Since I couldn't find how to make custom youth leagues in the advanced editor, I turned to making them just like ordinary leagues but, of course, the teams making them up are U20s. Now, I don't know if this is why the editor crashes half of the time I try to test the rules, or gives off random errors about team number, the other half; I thought it might also be related to the fact that I've assigned the top youth division level '0' - the editor might be reading it off. But I'm hoping that someone's who has made a successful youth league system with the advanced editor could tell me where I went wrong. Here's the data editor file. Thanks!
  15. Any ideas why this might be happening? Happens only with team awards I created. Same thing here. I don't understand why the award's name isn't showing.