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  1. So with that season over just a few snippets from the first season. The first a screenshot of the squad who played the majority of the games, a few really chipping in with the goals and especially the wingers with the assists. Secondly the competitions page showing progression for the year. A good run in the cup to play Everton in the third round was a highlight, if not for a missing Jake Young I think I may have taken them there. Speaking of Jake Young he really did smash it home this year, he missed some time in January when he was recalled and
  2. Title wrapped up with six games to spare, Sant will contend the play offs.
  3. First meeting between ourselves on the save and a gentlemen's four all draw. Pretty end to end with Sants winger running at me with Pace and me playing a combination of one touch and balls over the top. Conceding three penalties was always going to make it an uphill struggle though.
  4. Jake Young is carrying me with goals, scoring one a game at the moment, going to have to see what I can do about that recall in January.
  5. First month of the season over with in a brutal schedule with games every two days sometimes. A good string of results has left me 4th in the league with a good platform to push on for top spot and wins in the cup means I will face Salford for a chance to reach the second round. Young loanee signing Jake Young who has 13 in all competitions will return to his parent club at the next transfer window due to a disagreement with his role up front the mindless idiots!
  6. First bit of news from me is what would have been my star striker for the coming year is going to be out for 10 months with cruciate ligament damage so I'm going to have to bring someone in likely on loan to plug that gap for the year.
  7. Back to the same problem tonight Image below showing how only certain things are popping in.
  8. @Harry Dunning Uploaded my System information named - MacBook Pro Oliscott.spx
  9. Can I also Hijack this to report the same issue, Im connecting to the host @santy001 Im on a Macbook Pro running Catalina 10.15.4 and @santy001 will confirm his specs if need be. The match engine is running at a jerk speed and when im selecting options like Squad or Tactics its on a four second delay.
  10. So the first season ended in a fizzle really with a 4th place finish, finishing only two points behind @santy001 with a strong run in at the end I managed to save some face. I did manage to Win the Bet Mclean cup, so despite a disappointing 4th place finish the Cup win did brighten the mood. An Early exit in the Euro Cup was a disappointment as @santy001 managed to earn a cool 2.5 million from it which really boosted his war-chest for the next season compared to my 25k Transfer Budget. 2020 - 21 Season With just a budget of 25k to bring in players with I really had
  11. Having this issue also, can see the folders just fine and I'm pasting files into each folder available to try and find them but nothing is appearing at all.
  12. Cheers mate, although as noted I am playing against a human for two games a season so it does increase the difficulty against if I was competing against AI.
  13. Managed to do this in a network game I'm playing at the moment, also managed to back it up with two more undefeated seasons. We have a thread to follow the game for anyone interested although it hasn't been updated properly for a little while. [FM19 Network] A Swedish Shift | Halmstads BK & Malmo FF | Seasons Complete: 12
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