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  1. Currently the game is crashing once a month it seems with the attached pop up. Im running the game on a Macbook Pro using Mojave 10.14.13
  2. Cheers mate, although as noted I am playing against a human for two games a season so it does increase the difficulty against if I was competing against AI.
  3. Managed to do this in a network game I'm playing at the moment, also managed to back it up with two more undefeated seasons. We have a thread to follow the game for anyone interested although it hasn't been updated properly for a little while. [FM19 Network] A Swedish Shift | Halmstads BK & Malmo FF | Seasons Complete: 12
  4. So it's been a while and we've progressed ten season since the last update, below are the league tables from those years. Season 2030 Season 2031 Season 2032 Season 2033 Season 2034 Season 2035 Season 2036 Season 2037 Season 2038
  5. I will do a proper update tonight at some point but I am running away with it now in the domestic setting anyway, Won that 13th straight title last night and did so only conceding eight goals in thirty games and going undefeated. That means in the league the last two years I haven't lost in sixty games and have only conceded I think fifteen goals in sixty games. However the Champions League is eluding me, I'm managing to get out of the group stages fine but cant get past the first round knockout. This needs to improve so that the league status can and the money starts rolling in properly. @santy001 is at a heavy loss already but it was similar to this as in our Harrogate/Salford save and he went on to dominate and overtake all records set by me. Im sure Sant himself will say that as soon as he starts getting to the knock out stages of the champions league and the money comes in a bit better for him he will be able to afford and attract the players he wants then things will start to change.
  6. Will have to do a proper update this week but the below images sum up things at the moment.
  7. End of season 12 The perfect season pretty much, won the title on goal difference from @santy001, the Swedish Cup also from @santy001 and last but not least I brought home the first major European Trophy. The Euro Cup was won by myself after wins against PSV, Spartak Moscow, Monchengladbach and Hertha Berlin saw me in the final against Lyon who I beat 2-0. The momentum seems to be gaining now and with Sant pushing for the title and progressing in europe hopefully the swedish league can start to rise up the rankings. As it stands in December I've just drawn Southampton in the champions league first knockout round. I managed to win my group this year losing only once in a group of Monaco, Anderlecht and belenenses. Ive blown a small fortune this year strengthening the squad, I was given a 15 million budget for the season which I pretty much spent in the pre season. Then one of my former players moved to Liverpool and due to a sell on clause I got 17 million that let me go further and reinforce the squad. Due to the numbers signed this year Ill post some player profiles later in the season. All in all 63 million was spent on the squad this year. Stand out players this year would have to be the entire team, not one player I have has failed to put a shift in however Joao Carlos smashed home 37 goals this year in 42 games. Im really hoping the chairman doesn't screw me again by selling him from under me. Signings have already been made to strengthen next year with a new striker, right back and centre back already in. If I can find a Left midfielder ill consider the team complete for now. Aims for next year as always the league and cup double and to progress as far as possible in the champions league.
  8. End of Season 11 Probably my best season to date, 26 wins from a possible 30, 3 draws and 1 loss meant I broke the Points record for a Swedish Premier League season. Scoring 96 in a season and only conceding 20 added the most goals in a season record to my ever growing CV. Sant came in 7th but ultimately decided to leave for pastures new. The Swedish Cup slipped through my grasp in a 2-0 loss to Hacken and the Champions League was lost after being drawn in a group with Dortmund, Man Utd and Bordeaux. 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses meant I qualified for the Euro Cup and well Ill report back how that went on next seasons review. The season was marked however by my chairman again cashing in on players and going over my head. Robin Karlson my young Swedish CF was sold to Real Madrid for 13 million, he's currently valued at 50 million. Mateus was sold to Napoli for 13 million, hes now valued at 42 millions and Waalkens was sold to Leverkusen for 12 millions, hes now valued at 20 million. All three players were under 23 and would have been the bedrock of my team for the next five years at least so a bit of a blow to see them sold. The only new incomings this year were two keepers in Lambert and Talhadas, Lambert started out really well but Talhadas has cemented his place as of now with Chelsea sniffing around. My chairman will no doubt be waiting in the wings. Alexandrov was also brought in to replace Karlson but he hasnt been able to displace Carlos or Gribbin just yet. Aims for the coming season are to Progress in the Euro Cup, win the league and cup double again and to qualify for the champions league through the qualifiers.
  9. End of season 10 Just a quick one for season 10 as we motored past the end of season and got stuck into season 11, wrapped up the league finishing 15 points clear of second. Never really in doubt at the moment until Sant gets his act together or the morale issues he has. Four solid signing in Mateus a solid Anchor Man to hold the midfield in place whilst Diakhate rages forward. Waalkens who is an upgrade on my right side of midfield, he chipped in 27 assists this year to kick off his first season with the club. Joao Carlos a young forward who I hope will grow into a replacement for Gribbin. Last but not least Ndomba a left back borught in to provide steel at the back and certain upgrade on what I currently have. The chairman decided to go over my head twice this year selling Johansson and boti for 7 million and 8.5 million. I would have preferred to keep both and build the squad with them but with the offers being accepted at least I can go out and buy some more cheap replacements and the money can go back into the club. The years Champions league was a write off, was drawn against Spurs, Gladbach and Napoli and only managed to beat Spurs in the first game before losing my next five. Didn't even qualify for the Euro Cup. No such luck in the Swedish Cup either getting knocked out in the group stage by Sant, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS.
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