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  1. Nice carrer, i follow from the start, just one question. Can you share your 4141 tactic, which ti and pi's u use? Thanks
  2. Liverpool - Season 3 League Table: All Competitions: Player Stats: Trasnfers: IN: OUT:
  3. Manchester City : PLD 36 PTS 81 Liverpool : PLD 35 PTS 79 And then ...
  4. Liverpool - Season 2 League Table: All Competitions: Player Stats: Transfers: IN: OUT:
  5. Liverpool - Season 1 League Table: All Competitions: Player Stats: Transfers : IN: OUT:
  6. One of the best result in this fm , season 1 , group stage
  7. I follow this from the begining , and i'm really interested to see your 4-3-3 tactics , u have rly nice results . Cheers
  8. Again , crash . I decide to reinstall my pc and install windows 8.1 and see what is going to happen.
  9. Crash dumps , not always on the same situation . Once on a half time , once when i try to submit team for a match. FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043465 (2017.11.19 16.45.11).dmp I dont use logos , facepacks , skins .
  10. I use same database every FM (with no problems) , huge database , with europe and south america top division players (45000). I upload my save game . File name is Partizan. And dxdiag. Thanx DxDiag.txt
  11. Every time i click on continue it's loading like 10 mins to next day , how to fix , pls help .
  12. can u tell us more about your tactic , about TI's and PI's coz i play exactly same formation , but i don't rly have succes
  13. Some nice results here. I really like wingerless tactics , but i just can't make it work. How about team and player instructions on your 4-1-2-1-2 ?
  14. Just started new MU save . Transfers IN: Gerard Deulofeu 22.5m Yan M'vila 35m Staff: Pantaleo Corvino as Director Of Football Giuseppe Irrera as Coach Paul Winsper as Fitness Coach Flavio Trevisan as Coach Friendlies : I play 3 league games: Good for now , i keep posted results.
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