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  2. Apologies, just loaded up the game again after restarting the tab and it's back to running smoothly again - must have been something in the background messing it up!
  3. Are you sure ? I can see MF with no problem. He's at the bottom of the list.
  4. San Marino Calcio 2019/2020 Prima Categoria Marche B - Part 2 So far, this has been pretty easy. Played 15... won 15 with a goal difference of +64!!! We are only 6 points ahead of 2nd though - beating them at home with a 94th minute direct free kick, so we do have to guard against complacency.
  5. Finidhed 10th and 11th - Joellinton has been great 22 and 19 league goals. Got a couple of really good youth intakes, 2 cracking looking CB (one of who played 25 games last season due to injuries and didn't look out of place) and two wingers. Pretty happy with how things have gone so far - new board bought me Palacios and Bergwijn due to promises made apparently and I've strengthened elsewhere. This is the year of Freddie as I have just cashed in on Dubravka for £28.5 million. Best prospect is:
  6. Is that an exhaustive list? I'm baffled that the dutch league isn't included.
  7. Any further feedback on this tactic ladies and gents? Interested to know how it's going.
  8. Hello, I've been using this tactic for 2/3 seasons for PSV and it works very well, give it a try here are my results FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipLeipzig.fmf
  9. Git Ready to git "FM'd". (And if not, report it as a bug ASAP). :P
  10. KUBI is correct. The Welsh Universites have been set up by the relevant researcher to remain amateur. (If you're so desperate to change it, you can with the In-Game Editor.)
  11. The pre-sets help the AI probably, but the AI also makes dynamic changes, like it always does. That's actually one of my criticism as of those pre-sets. Realistically, the "Possession" preset for instance should hardcore for their to be at least one centre mid staying deeperish, and a couple advanced players encouraged to link-up with midfield. Else, it would destroy the purpose of the pre-set.
  12. The award for Goalkeeper of the year says Serie B instead of Serie A
  13. Nobody is saying that it doesnt, but just agreeing without giving the developers the evidence to fix it is pointless. Upload a pkm when it happens, please.
  14. I have short passing and play out of defence team instructions. My not so gifted central defenders are consistently playing long balls that put strikers one on one with the keeper (we could then talk about conversion rate but that's another story) and AI can't find a way to stop this, game after game. So yeah I think maybe there might be an issue with this particular area of match engine.
  15. Hello, I am looking for help in creating an European League like MSL style, 32 teams divided in 2 conferences (north-south or west-east). Playing twice between them and then playoffs for each conference and, finally, the final match between conference's winners. The idea is to use an existing country (with no international cups) or a non-existing country to recreate that league and taking out the teams of that league from its national leagues... I tried to do it copying the MSL style in the editor but, unfortunately, I have failed miserably... Thanks in advance.
  16. Thanks! It's very helpful! I used to read that page, but in some parts was very difficult to understand. This makes more simple.
  17. Who said there is nothing. Saying its happening to you doesn't make it true for everyone else. I think people find it easier to complain than admit they got things wrong in the first place. The tactic the OP linked is obviously weak to OTT balls. He has two wingbacks in an attacking set-up that are going to bomb forward. With a higher defensive line and a higher line of engagement it increases the risk. So how do you avoid it? There are ways to do it. 1. Are your players mental attributes good enough to play a high line? Look at City in real life, they play a high line, but have conceded goals this season to poor transitions. Why? They lost a world class defender, replaced him with a Fernandinho who isn't great in the air, plus they have a wingback who is very attacking and sometimes doesn't show good positional awareness to come back. 2. Look at Liverpool, teams like to attack down liverpools right flank because TAA has poor positional awareness, so what did Klopp do to adjust it this season? Even real world managers like Klopp had to push a more positionally aware midfielder in front of TAA to compensate. Here in this tactic its all wrong. In the game everyone loves to use gegen pressing, but that kind of pressing demands that you win the ball and use it well. City does it with patient build up, LFC used to do it with direct attacks, but they have changed their style of play completely this season. And they longer use direct attacks ONLY. In the game itself, we need to address the choice of roles and duties very carefully, the OP's tactic is very player dependant. Acceleration less than 15 and his tactic is in trouble. the moment i saw Grealish on the right flank, it had "fail" written all over it. If you choose to use a wingback on attack in a system that plays on a high defensive line with a very high line of engagement within an aggressive pressing system, then you better get your player choices right.
  18. I didn't make a lot of signings. I stuck with the formation, ended up finishing 3rd and winning the FA Cup! Made up, thought that's it on my way.....I was mistaken. This is a good tactic, I don't think long term I will use it only as when I beat Juventus in the CL 3-2 but the following game to find myself 0-5 down at HT to Norwich, there is no way to build on it. Thank you for the effort you have put into this tactic and thank you for allowing us to use it.
  19. The team i started to manage didnt had a B team, at some season forward it asked me if I wanted to create one and I did, it also said on the message that my B team would be playing on the last possible playable league, but they don't play anywhere and I also dont have enough players for B team Under18s and Under23s at the same time. So i wanted to know if I can now like "delete" the B team as well as how i created it.
  20. Am noticing that there isn't much movement in the final 3rd. Whoever gets in the area shoots. Even with work the ball in the area TI marked...
  21. October 2030 We needed 9 points from our 5 league games this month, and we got 7. Did the board have any sympathy for us given all that has happened during my stint at Guiseley? No These guys are apparently loyal to me, but it doesn't matter. Unfortunately this is the end of the save. It would've been nice to continue on but that run of form set me up for failure. I got this club promoted from 3 divisions, but exceeding expectations so early only makes them harder. Add that to a completely new chairman coming in which didn't help things. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time on this save and I hope you guys did too I have another idea for a save that will be up shortly, so stay tuned (or don't)
  22. I think That will be the case he seems completely lost at times on the wing
  23. Anyone have any suggestions? Please hlp. This is the only modification preventing me from starting a new long-term save. Thanks for any help.
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