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  1. 2024/25 Season Player Stats 5 players with more than 10 goals in a season and 3 players with more than 10 assists in a season.
  2. New Club Vision The underlined bit is interesting. Does it mean I have best youth system in the world? Maybe? The facilities are below and it does seem that way
  3. Topping Nationally Managed HoF Amazing achievement!
  4. Cup Winners! It can't go without the drama but oh well. Makes it so much sweeter. In what might be his last game for the club, Arezo brought us the medal as the Cup winner!
  5. Semifinals Cup Thriller April 2025 I was losing 2-0 to two stupid goals (Cabraja getting sold this summer, had enough with him ) and then in 50th min or so decided to go full on attack and managed to climb to a comeback with Arezo scoring off the bench. 2-2 going into Extra Time and Biuk just goes on a rampage! FOUR GOALS! What a lad. Shows the strength of a local lad playing for the shirt! edit- thankfully, injury is only twisted knee, out for a week.
  6. Wanted this to be seperate post 4 in a row. We have now been winners for 10 times since the formation of independent Croatia in 1991. Dinamo has 22 in total. So I have at least 13 more seasons to play until Hajduk becomes most winningest (is that even a word?) team in the country.
  7. Champions x4!!! Dominant win against 4th placed Rijeka gives us a title in 32nd round of the season, 4 games before the end. Wonderkid Brnas scored for 2-1 in 75th minute after...well, see for yourself. And victory was sealed by a long shot by our leader Vuskovic at the last seconds.
  8. Thanks, appreciate it! Lots of people lurk (almost 10k views) but rarely comment but it's always nice to get comments, means my work here gets people to react actively to something
  9. I use PRD or additional focus. Never both at the same time because then they focus on too many things at the same time and there is not growth. Also, things like concentration improve with game time. Training schedule was linked a page or two before this one in a comment to @karanhsingh, RDF schedule but I only use technical and versus top European teams I use balanced. For U19, II and First team. Also, mentoring I don't pay attention to positions, I just put mentors with good personality and determination in mentoring groups and then young lads with worse personality or determinati
  10. February March Update 2025 Started second part of the season bit shaky and even lost the first spot to Gorica but been able to recoup the form with some tactical changes and now we're cruising to another title and possibly Cup as well. Staying as best offensively and defensively even though it seemed like we were very leaky but just didn't concede due to having a good keeper. Finances getting better and better.
  11. Another International Debutant Mar 2025 Bought for €2.4m in 2021 Karlo has been a staple of my midfield and made his debut for the international team. Looks like has a bit more potential in there.
  12. I use either PRD training if there are no glaring holes in the game like JR, heading for center backs and if there are glaring hole I try to fix them to acceptable levels by using only Additional focus. This is how I set up my intensity levels with everyone in the club being on automatic Youth team has 4th option as double intensity as well. And I play youth players. I give players a chance. This was Cubelic at the start of the save. And he played a lot, except the injury ridden 2023/24 season when he tore his abdominal muscle and then broke his achille
  13. Youth Intake Lad Alert Mar 2025 Definitely one for the future and will most likely be contending for the first team in couple more years. Arezo and Beljo staying means I cannot promote any youngsters. He is either footed, tall and good finisher. Bad concentration tho but I hope that can be improved with game time. He improved a lot.
  14. Real Madrid Second Leg 12th Mar I just didn't want to lose by 3 goals again. I hit one woodwork and it could've been 1-1. But this was good experience for the lads.
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