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  1. Am actually Dinamo fanboy since I was a little kid
  2. I have gladly and successfully buried them in the middle of the table with my Hajduk save
  3. Appreciate it! To me that's the best part of the game, even with it's all limitations. Wish I had more time to provide better reports and discussion about tactics because it is exciting to me but I think I will have less and less time in the coming months. Would be surprised if I finish 15 seasons before FM22 comes out.
  4. Transfers Summer 2027 OUT I have sold players for quite a bit. Semper wanted to leave, so did Valenta. Sinovcic was a youth intake striker with big potential but he would be 5th choice right now and decided to sell as was already 20. Biggest problem was selling Semper which meant I had to sign a Croatian keeper that is good with feet. That left me with two choices but only one was willing to sign... IN That man was Josip Posavec. He returned, along with Lusavec, to Poljud for quite a bit of money but I needed someone like him and he knows most of the players. Des
  5. 2027/28 Formation! Since I already played a bit I do have tactic in place. Tactic and formation is following. I have gone back to the Very Fluid philosophy and it has proved to be immensely successful so far and with Positive mentality my players are aggressive enough where so many support duties does not mean we are in any way, shape or form passive. I have run into a bit of a problem here since my two best, my two most experienced players are wingers. Lovric and Muric. For Lovric I have decided to play him behind Arezo who will move to AMC spot. And Muric will play t
  6. 2026/27 Quick Update I have kind of played the whole season and then some and just didn't have time to update Sorry to anyone still reading. I was invincible in the second half of the season and won the Cup and league by a big margin.
  7. Thanks for reading it through all! And apologies it took so long to answer. I have about 160k players and below are the leagues I have enabled. I have quite a strong PC so it's not an issue. I don't use DoF and have 19 scouts with 16 of them roaming the continents and 3 of them are for short term + specific player scouting. The standard of play has certainly improved to the point I was afraid of losing the title once or twice but I just have stronger team and by the time I bounced from Europe the title was once again mine. Other teams are poop in Europe sadly. I am using z
  8. January 2027 Transfer Window OUT Been quite a few outgoing transfers. Lots of players wanted to leave with most notable being two starters in Oprea and Barbieri. Cabraja felt he did everything he could and wanted to leave and I was not one to keep him for longer than he wants to stay. Grbic got a solid offer and I had someone to step in that might have more potential. Monteiro, Radic, Quaye were youngsters/II team players that were not going to be promoted in first team and thus have been sold. IN I've only brought in two players. Both are full backs and Kim Tae-J
  9. Slovenian Player of the Year 2026 My ingenious of retraining a striker into a wing back has paid off with Panikvar winning the Slovenian Player of the Year ahead of Jan Oblak. Still got bags of potential.
  10. 101st goal for Hajduk! In the last season of the game we were man down and I had Beljo man mark their right back and it took a lot out of him to sprint to that position, cover defensively and then still contribute up front with two goals - 100th goal and 101st. This was the 101st goal. In the summer he tore his ligaments and was out for 3 months, then 2 months of recovery to get him match fit and just started playing consistently.
  11. Tactics This is pretty much the final version of the tactic. Only change is when Panikvar plays to WB-S. Idea is to form 433 when going forward with Libero stepping up to that DM spot. Both DM players are there to provide support with Volante making late runs in the channel. Striker as Trequartista is meant to have full creativity and control of offense because all my best players are currently strikers.
  12. 2026/27 First Half Season Report It has been a bit of a struggle in every competition but that is the challenge with new tactics. It feels like I have finally managed to make tactic work as intended. In league we had close to 30 games unbeaten but stupid mistakes by conceding the pen and not being able to score was the culprit of our loss. In Europe we struggled in the qualifiers and only won two points in the group stages. Really poor showing for us. This have been all the games. 523 tactic was first utilised versus Rosenborg first leg.
  13. Winning the conference league is defo in plans. But I want to get another team into CL group stages as that will exponentially improve the league standard. And the first formation is giving me headaches in Europe
  14. Transfers Summer 2026/27 IN Cachada was brought in for fairly cheap and he already provides solid overall package and was immediately sent on loan. Nygren is exciting and will be quick to impress tough Hajduk crowd when he turns 17. OUT I am really sad to see Fajt leave as he has developed into a wonderful playmaker out wide. He said he would make a fuss and decided to let him leave. Nijs never really developed and was moaning a lot so decided it was best to part ways. I really tried hard to make Musa into a proper striker but his stats, as shown below, are
  15. Strikers Stars of the show but obviously Arezo is the better one. Perfect striker. Not much to add to it. And while Beljo, with the best name in the team, is first option for Croatian NT - he is not for me. He still plays a lot of games and will play a lot of games. Whoever scores more/has higher rating in last game is the one that plays in the next game.
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