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  1. 3 youngsters signed Jan 2021 Got no idea how they look like, one's a fullback, the other is a winger, third is center back. Scouts have raging recommendations. All are free.
  2. Two more pre-contracts agreed I've highlighted Banovec previously but Krizanovic I haven't. He's backup GK for this year and barring any change will slot between sticks next year.
  3. Extended Tomek Loan Very happy with this as we've got U19 HGN player for free for another 1.5 seasons.
  4. Dumancic Re-Signs 24 Dec 2021 A slight increase in wage over his previous contract but it will only kick in next season and he is amazing as shown below. He is only slightly below average in tackling% but due to fewer tackles he is making he is classified in the worst quadrant.
  5. December 2021 and first half of season review We sit pretty in 5th spot having regained some form after Rak got injured. Far away from relegation zone so that makes any further result a success. Stats! Going from top to bottom... Matkovic and Dumancic are rocks at the back and Dumancic has been renewed for 3 more years starting next summer. I am unsure about Matkovic due to his age but I will look into it. I will definitely try to get Tomek back into the squad on loan as he has been amazing. Mazalović, Uzelac are both getting the boot. Mazalović is not getting renewed since he wants 40k/a and Uzelac is going on loan or getting sold though his salary is not a problem. Sacha and Sinisa both under contract for next year and have performed well enough to warrant a place in squad. Pejic has been immense lately and had his contract renewed and will have a place in starting 11 next year Ricardo Oliveira is already up there in age and I will try to find a better option but his technical and mental attributes make up for his declining physical attributes. Kokalovic is probably not getting renewed as his physicals are dropping off and he's already not performing as he should. Rukavina is getting loaned back in since he's U18 and helps with squad requirements Rak...sad story but gonna be let go. Immense player but got injured and now he's a shell of his past self. Also big wages Banovec has played amazing last month and will get renewed and will get more minutes going forward Resetar, Causic both getting the boot. Both underperformed when played Bencic will not be renewed as he has underperformed and is not the biggest talent in the club Vukasovic and Gamarra will not be coming back on loan Rocha is amazing and will be a staple of this team for at least 3 more years Magdic will go on loan or be 3rd stringer Dunic is on kind of high wages and not performed. I will need to get rid of him Soldo, Marcijus and Miljanic underperformed in games and/or training and not getting renewed. Marcijus and Miljanic will be sold. That practically leaves me with 9 players I intend to bring back next year. Will need a lot of holes to fill. We've improved in lots of areas but fell on xG table. I am more focused on style of play rather than results at this stage of the save and especially not been given free reign to decide on squad. Speaking of style of play.... I've changed tactics with arrival of Rocha to following.. This is how it is set up defensively. Very Simeone-like. Deep with intense pressing on central mids. I am pushing wide players to the byline with OI so that they have to cross or recycle ball to central mids who are getting pressed immediately or center backs who I am not pressing at all. This is the perfect example. Zizic is alone on the ball and he can play a bit risky pass for this level to #8 but he'd be pressured by my #7 and showed onto his weaker foot. And offensively this is the setup that we've got usually.
  6. Youth Intake December 2021 Defensive and attacking mid look like are amazing and couple of strikers that might be good. I like this preview Let's see what they will look like when they come through.
  7. Hanging in there November 2021 Ricardo Oliveira doing bits but not enough. Luka Dumančić is a center back and I love him. Will get his contract extended. That Solin loss was devastating. Going more and more into red. Can't help but wait out next season to get lots of players off the wage bill. Analyst thinks we're a bit worse this month...have to agree.
  8. Rocha Signs! Definitely on the expensive end but as I've said, he is young and should improve. Proper dynamic, modern wing back.
  9. Assesing right back options... Nov 2021 This has been my right back this season an as you can see he is not great. He's not good even. Physical - yes. But lacks technically and mentally a lot. But he is 19 so let's give him the benefit of the doubt. So how did he perform? Phew... not looking good. Inaccurate crossing, passing, heading, no assists. Though he is pretty good defensively and wins a lot of balls. Definitely need to check out what's out there. So...scouting? We have scouted 17 right backs who had their contracts expired or are loan listed. One of the players looks mightily interesting but will have to scout more to see if there's something else behind those attributes or am I being fooled. Doesn't look like one of the hardest workers but is determined, fast and good tackler. Bad positioning tho. Homeless man Wan-Bissaka. What about players in the league that are performing at the top of the class? I wish we could click on players in scatter graphs... Good, accurate crossers are Marin Grujević, Hrvoje Relota, Dominik Perković, Mateo Bertoša, Filip Brekalo, Bruno Marotti, Ante Oreč. Some of them are left backs like Bertoša and Brekalo, I know that from real life knowledge - rest I have no idea. So let's dive deeper. I need them to be good tacklers as well. Doesn't have to be frequent but good. That graph is confusing a bit with center backs... but can see Grujević, Oreč, Bertoša, Marotti...maybe someone else is in there cos a lot of the dots are over each other as seen below. Passing and possession graphs are littered with center backs cos they play safe passes but can see that Grujević and Marotti are winning balls and are not the worst passers. I think crossing is lowering pass%. So, two picks that stood out in most of these graphs are Marotti and Grujević and to lesser extent Oreč. Hopefully at least one of them is a right back. Grujević is a right back! But will be 30 next season and we can see he is solid option but would cost some money. Will have to scout further as he is an interesting, HGN, option. Marotti is also a right back! He's not that talented going forward but looks to be better mentally. Would apparently be free to grab in January. But he is rather small and can't really dribble. He can cross and defend decently though. Gotta be aware that not gonna find perfect right back at this level. Ante Oreč is also a right back but a complete mistery Young, HGN, but a complete mistery. Will scout to gain some idea. Maybe my DoF has some ideas about a right back? None of these look enticing, tbh. I did get an agent offer for this lad and will go with him while keeping my eyes open for the domestic three options. Well rounded, dangerous going forward. Also he is young but he would be third FGN player in the team and would eat away at one of the u21 required players... but Uzelac is abysmal, really.
  10. Surprising October 2021 We've had the injury of Nikola Rak and that will hurt us but hopefully Ricardo Oliveira can help us avoid relegation, which is still the goal. We might be screwed if we somehow get promoted due to lack of funds and, to be, playerless club. Promising from Ricardo. Performance analyst is spot on with his assessment. Tremendous defensively, abysmal offensively. Finances a bit better now that Branko has helped.
  11. Cash injection 31 Oct 2021 Branko providing some cash to reduce debt. Maybe to make it more enticing when selling? Who knows. Maybe he'll stay forever. Se queda.
  12. No takeover? 17 Oct 2021 There's not gonna be any takeover it seems. Mon, Branko, make up your mind. Sell us to Saudi Arabia.
  13. Welp... 10 Oct 2021 That's his career done there. Old man with hip injury. Also... 7 goals and 2 ast in 9 games. I am screwed.
  14. Winless September 2021 Bit of a downer this. Only one goal in whole month. Slipped from the promo spot but the goal is not to get relegated and consolidate for next year. Financials just keep getting worse and worse.. Underperforming in xG table. Lack of quality shining through I think. Got fooled by that starting three games.
  15. More takeover talks 24 Sep 2021 Rumours are stronger and stronger...
  16. Superstar Signing Sep 2021 Yes, he's old but the scoring from my strikers is abysmal. He's still miles and miles better than anything I've got in my team. And yes, that's the former AC Milan striker.
  17. Potential Takeover? 17 Sep 2021 This could be interesting. Penniless is correct description of the club.
  18. Manager of the Month! August 2021 This was expected This is pretty cool to be honest. This little feature was announced by Miles on twitter iirc and we're gonna get praised by higher ups for awards etc. That's not my picture, btw. (I might be in the wrong about this being a new thing...)
  19. August 2021 Recap Three relatively easy wins. Only Croatia Zmijavci posed problems as they've got substantially better side than me. Finances are really bad. Hopefully a sale here or there will help us. We've also got a huge squad and it costs money we don't currently have to release on free and noone wanted none of my players. So we've got to wait a year to make any sort of progress in financial side of things.
  20. DATA HUB! Gonna leave this in full resolution so you can see how I've set up team analytics. Just got data hub after three matches.
  21. 2021 Summer Transfer Window This is who I've signed and loaned in. Screenies below. Three free transfers are older players with plenty of experience who should help with the youngsters. From three loaned in players you can already see I am trying to take every opportunity from my parent affiliates. These two are standouts.
  22. Thanks! That's the plan, already got couple of kids in. It already is fun for me I am! Play is promising, now only results have to follow. Thanks! I did a Hajduk save here last FM but league games got boring quickly after I've smashed the domestic competitions 6-7 yrs in a row. Got few things in my mind to help combat that. I do! Who doesn't love playing in their home country? Thanks!
  23. Thanks! It's gonna be interesting as I promised in title
  24. August 2021 - First League Game! Another game with 55% of possession and overall dominant performance. Game really opened up after Kovacic massacred my right back. Gotta add that Solin are predicted to finish 6th - whole 10 places above us. This just confirms we were dominant. Once again tactical changes during half time prove to be a smashing success. I've put my left back on FB-A and added get further forward to my BBM.
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