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  1. January 2027 Transfer Window OUT Been quite a few outgoing transfers. Lots of players wanted to leave with most notable being two starters in Oprea and Barbieri. Cabraja felt he did everything he could and wanted to leave and I was not one to keep him for longer than he wants to stay. Grbic got a solid offer and I had someone to step in that might have more potential. Monteiro, Radic, Quaye were youngsters/II team players that were not going to be promoted in first team and thus have been sold. IN I've only brought in two players. Both are full backs and Kim Tae-J
  2. Slovenian Player of the Year 2026 My ingenious of retraining a striker into a wing back has paid off with Panikvar winning the Slovenian Player of the Year ahead of Jan Oblak. Still got bags of potential.
  3. 101st goal for Hajduk! In the last season of the game we were man down and I had Beljo man mark their right back and it took a lot out of him to sprint to that position, cover defensively and then still contribute up front with two goals - 100th goal and 101st. This was the 101st goal. In the summer he tore his ligaments and was out for 3 months, then 2 months of recovery to get him match fit and just started playing consistently.
  4. Tactics This is pretty much the final version of the tactic. Only change is when Panikvar plays to WB-S. Idea is to form 433 when going forward with Libero stepping up to that DM spot. Both DM players are there to provide support with Volante making late runs in the channel. Striker as Trequartista is meant to have full creativity and control of offense because all my best players are currently strikers.
  5. 2026/27 First Half Season Report It has been a bit of a struggle in every competition but that is the challenge with new tactics. It feels like I have finally managed to make tactic work as intended. In league we had close to 30 games unbeaten but stupid mistakes by conceding the pen and not being able to score was the culprit of our loss. In Europe we struggled in the qualifiers and only won two points in the group stages. Really poor showing for us. This have been all the games. 523 tactic was first utilised versus Rosenborg first leg.
  6. Winning the conference league is defo in plans. But I want to get another team into CL group stages as that will exponentially improve the league standard. And the first formation is giving me headaches in Europe
  7. Transfers Summer 2026/27 IN Cachada was brought in for fairly cheap and he already provides solid overall package and was immediately sent on loan. Nygren is exciting and will be quick to impress tough Hajduk crowd when he turns 17. OUT I am really sad to see Fajt leave as he has developed into a wonderful playmaker out wide. He said he would make a fuss and decided to let him leave. Nijs never really developed and was moaning a lot so decided it was best to part ways. I really tried hard to make Musa into a proper striker but his stats, as shown below, are
  8. Strikers Stars of the show but obviously Arezo is the better one. Perfect striker. Not much to add to it. And while Beljo, with the best name in the team, is first option for Croatian NT - he is not for me. He still plays a lot of games and will play a lot of games. Whoever scores more/has higher rating in last game is the one that plays in the next game.
  9. Wingers Muric, after being injured and having his attributes drop, is having a resurgence at the age of 30! He signed a new contract last summer and just keeps on going! Same as Lovric who I thought was dead player after being out for most of last year. Both just keep on going and will be stars of the show for another 2-3 years hopefully. Cubelic is also really important player that covers both wing positions, DM, CM and CAM successfully he is being played mostly as winger this year with some playing time as Regista and is amazing as usual. Academy product as well. Aloisio was i
  10. Central Midfield Brnas is youth intake lad and probably best I will have for foreseeable future. What a player. Either footed and so intelligent. Kubista is turning into amazing DLP but slightly worse at most things than Brnas but that's fine because he is amazing mentally. Grbic is a youth intake lad and even tho he has the technical skills to be a starter his lack of vision is hindering him. Great dynamic player tho. Arnesen is more of a traditional DLP with worse physicals but amazing vision and technique. Nejasmic is actually 3rd option as central mid but he is more nee
  11. Wing Backs Right Barbieri, a Juve youth product, is physically and mentally up there with the best of them and technically he is just good enough for me to not look for replacements. Panikvar is someone who I am retraining as wing back due to his physicality and solid positioning and tackling. His marking is dodgy but as CWB he could be my Dani Alves. Bartolec is unfortunately someone whose abilities have regressed slightly over the years and he is mentally just not up to par anymore and has become injury prone. As far as I'm concerned he is third option until he retires. L
  12. Central Defenders Vuskovic is the star of the show, the captain and our most important player. Tall, fast, mentally impeccable and tehnically superb. You will have to pry him from my dead hands, Florentino Perez. Nejasmic is accomplished center back and best option for Libero option. Nygren was brought in during the summer and looks poised for the BPD/Libero spot for next 15 years at my club. Due to him being 16 he is unable to play for first team or II team but would be a direct backup to Vuskovic if he was eligible. Ivancevic and Oprea are two next best central defenders
  13. The Team for 2026/27 Season This year, with new tactic, there are quite a few new faces. So, let's start... This year we have 11 HGC players. Which is a let down but there are also 10 HGN players. Also, 4 players will become HGC at the end of the season - Oprea, Panikvar, Aloisio and Solomon. Goalkeepers Semper is definitely a first option and will be for another 5-7 years. Darko looks like an amazing Home Grown talent between the sticks. Big shame that he is incapable of playing as a sweeper keeper. And thus will be purely a backup/cup keeper.
  14. Top Goalscorer Hunt The only Hajduk legend is Frane Matosic who has scored an amazing 729 goals in all games, official and unofficial, for the club in 739 apps. With Arezo extending for the next 6 years I wanted to see if it is even slightly possible for him to reach that number. So this is all official competitions and all friendlies. first season - 30 goals second season - 32 goals third season - 23 goals fourth season - 30 goals fifth season(current) - 7 goals That is total of 122 goals, for an average of 28.75 goals a season. Which means he'd hav
  15. 2026/27 Tactic This is how we are going to line up for this season. Tactical style is pretty much the same as always, it was just a matter of finding the roles that would work together.
  16. Arezo Extends! By far the highest earner at club, 55% more than next highest earner - Robert Muric. But this means that he is here for at least 6 more years because his 5 year contract starts at the start of next season.
  17. Just wanted to clarify that when each formation gets selected I cannot use it again. This means that in 47 years I will not play with same formation.
  18. New Rules!! Since it has become painfully obvious to me that I will be dominating domestically but kind of struggle in the Europe I have decided to add two new rules starting from now. Every season I will go to random.org and it will select the formation that I must use for that season - no exceptions! If I am stuck with 541 I must play 541 for the whole season no matter if I am playing 5th tier team in the Cup or Barca I must play the same formation. I will not accept any offers for a player that has been in first team for 5 full seasons or a player that has 100 league caps
  19. I was actually thinking of @-ing you but I mention you so much in my posts that didn't want to bother you haha. I am in the stage in save where I can field my II team completely and I would still be first in the league and due to my HGC restrictions the progress in Euro competitions is kind of slow. I have over 200m in transfer budget (will probably go to around 300m when I sell Arezo) but buying foreign wonderkids does not appeal me and paying 10m for domestic talents seem wrong. So I am stuck in a place where I will probably have 10 same seasons next. Was actually thinking about so
  20. Anyone else hits the wall and struggle to progress with the save?
  21. It's not a problem. Can be confusing since I have both Dinamo and Hajduk in the title. Good job on these!
  22. @Muttley84i think you got my save wrong, it's Hajduk Split and not Dinamo UK is cluttered but it is the most popular one.
  23. That's exactly the stage where I'm at. And the best foreign players have 2-3 yrs of contract left and everyone and their mother is interested in them so no one wants to extend contract. That was the case with Erismar, that is the case right now with Arezo. I actually accepted few offers for Arezo with highest being 95m from Norwich and he declined. But he also declines negotiations with me. I also made some big changes in first team in a long time so there will be update regarding first team just like in first few seasons. I had same 18-20 players in first team for like 2-3 seasons.
  24. Another Romanian Wonderkid August 2026 This is the third Romanian wonderkid that I have nurtured. Solomon reminds me of a bootleg Ibra. Has heaps of potential and looks amazing.
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