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  1. 55 goals scored by Barcelona? that is terrible.
  2. I don't but i certainly cannot see that the game can replicate in any way or form how the top teams play. The fact that in the current ME a team like Barcelona scores only 80 goals per season should be spotted in tests.
  3. I would prefer one year dedicated to such improvement to the AI instead of pompous new features like dynamics. The game cannot replicate the current tactical footballing trends and i think the developers should dedicate more time to this area which only briefly mentioned improvements were done every single year.
  4. Another big LOL seeing the picnic benches and burger vans. Do people really go to a football game to have a picnic? Surely the park is a better option.
  5. because FM cannot replicate Napoli's style of play. Same like Guardiola at Man City, they almost always underperform and United overperforms because the game is tuned more to a direct approach rather than a passing style.
  6. You kept this comment for your 666th comment ?
  7. Last 3 years they scored. 110, 112 and 116. Almost the same numbers for Real Madrid. Either the defenses are too good which i doubt or the top players do not play like top players. I wouldn't know since i manage Padova.
  8. 82 is on the low side for a team that scored over 100 in the last years.
  9. something went wrong with the ME this version. There are too few goals scored by top teams. For example Real Madrid has 40 goals in 25 games and this is with full detail on.
  10. Probably blind.

    I don't understand who approved this decision to hide the match stats panel so far under all the cluncky UI? i always monitored my stats and opponent stats for passes made, shots, crosses etc. Now we have to click several time to access this tab. i agree with mbchuz, the designer of the UI and who approved it should be put down.
  11. Again, the discussion was about the average possession that top teams have in game. Attacking football is subjective , but one thing that most top teams have in common in real life is that when they face an inferior team they tend to have superior possession stats than in game..
  12. the point of this topic is that top teams do not have a possession football that resembles real life. I think it's down to the ME as I tried to thinker with managers stats with the ingame editor and i couldn't improve the possesion of their teams one bit.
  13. As much as i enjoy FM the gap between the sim and real football has increased exponentially. Top team now favor possesion based football and most teams that are inferior will play very cautious formations in which they give posession away easily. In football manager defensive or counter mentality will sometimes have more possesion than an attacking mentality which should never be the case. the fact that teams like Barcelona average a 50% possesion per season should really give the developers some food for thought. The ME still has a lot of work before it can be even remotely close to real life football