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  1. i load almost all european leagues + chinese league + Argentinian and Brazilian Leagues. I like my FM experience to be full and i find the transfer market more active with many leagues.
  2. No new stuff revealed on Twitter? I don't like twitter at all and not really liking to check that platform to find info about the game.
  3. I find press conferences the most boring aspect of the game. I always send my assistant to do these since the first FM they were introduced. It's very intriguing to me why SI focuses so much on press conferences since i know a lot of people who like me, never bother with them.
  4. Yeah, i hope this bug is fixed in FM21. Although i will definetely run a test save to check it out.
  5. Actually i find the big teams were harder to beat in FM 19 and 20 than in the previous versions. In my long term game, Real Madrid managed by Zidane in 2032 won around 6 or 7 Champions League and he also had an excellent squad at his disposal with many regens of course. What AI managers are lacking in FM in my opinion is the adaptabilty to try different formations when they underperform or to adapt to a new tactical trend. For Example, ZIdane's AI team always used the formation 4-3-3 DM with wingers when winning so many Titles, but no other AI manager tried to copy his style. I
  6. I am not going to judge a game before I even play it. But my 2 cents, since there are not that many new additions like the previous FM's had I thinks this means they spent more time polishing and fine tuning the game and ME
  7. I must in the small minority still playing most of the matches on 2D. I think i played maybe 20-30 matches on 3D on FM 20 on my long term save. 2D view is just faster and more efficient for me.
  8. Different type of games. If I am in the mood for a footie game I wouldn't play Cyberpunk. Same If i am in the mood for a RPG with next gen graphics then Cyberpunk is the way to go probably.
  9. I like the prematch squad roster where are the players are listed on top of each other. A stylish UI addition. I also like the other UI additions , plus the new skin looks better with the darker purple. I liked FM 20 ME although i do consider that there were too many goals scored from Set Pieces, especially corners and indirect freekicks. I just hope that the annoying bug of FM 20 that had a thread in the general forum ( AI managers always changing preffered formation to 4-2-3-1 is fixed ).
  10. Hmm.. I am a bit concerned about this screenshot. Highest win a 3-0 and highest scoring game a 3-2 ? A bit low if you ask me. Bundesliga is one of the highest scoring leagues in top football.
  11. Yeah i also remembered the early October part to release the new features but hopefully from next week the info starts pouring in.
  12. Besides the 4-2-3-1 Wide, i've noticed that the next "best" formation that the AI changes to is 4-1-4-1 DM , not even the one with wingers/inside forwards but the one with MR/ML. Tested a lot of new saves and these 2 pop up the most, it's like from the large pool of available formations the AI only has several that they are actually able to use.
  13. This is an idea I like very much. Imagine if the AI can adapt and try to copy your formation or your players who become managers use your successful tactics, every single save will have a much more randomized experience in long term. Also should work for AI, if the AI uses a successful formation then other managers will replicate their tactic.
  14. At this point in time we are probably around just 1 month before the FM 21 beta so I don't see the point of even trying that ME "tweak"
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