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  1. No response, i guess SI is pleased to have a game in which one of the most attractive parts of it, the long term saves are devoid of any AI personality. Also the progression of AI managers stats is a bit off. their stats allocation is generally very odd. A coach with tactical knowledge 5 has 15 in tactical coaching. SI can download any long term save from.the internet and check themselves.
  2. no response then. It means that SI is pleased with a "feature" which only works for one single manager in game, the human manager.
  3. I don't think that any balcan club club will reufuse a 50 mil euro offer for a player. Any player.
  4. andu1

    How to Pay Referees?

    Maybe thats common practice in that part of the world.
  5. It's obvious that we as players can retrain the players to become Inside forwards But is the AI doing the same thing? This is the big question which was raised a couple of editions ago, i think FM 16 or 17.
  6. I have raised a topic in the bugs forum. Because i did not see it happening either and it was announced as a feature a few editions ago.
  7. I noticed that AI is not sending the players which are interested in coaching careers to get coaching badges. Is this only exclusive to Human user ? I managed to get Sergio Ramos to study for his continental B license while other players interested in coaching from AI clubs don't have any license.
  8. IS AI sending the players who are interested in coaching careers to get their badges ? I haven't seen this happening often.
  9. i also want to know why they're so bad at it at the start , why they always have national coaching badges and why they lack variety in tendencie Also, why AI doesnt send their players to study for coaching licenses? Is this only for the Human player?
  10. Seeing that even a minor update like 19.1.3 with just a few changes can break something like multiplayer i can believe that a ME update takes a longer time to develop.
  11. I think this ME brought more issues than the beta ME. It seems it was a bit rushed because people were complaining a lot about crosses. Not that the previous ME was that good. For example Barcelona scored 55 goals in a season in my save.
  12. andu1

    Dynamic Leagues ?

    What is that facility called?
  13. So if a coach has already maxed his CA to his PA and has just a continental B badge, when he will getan A badge how will his attributes increase if the has maxed CA?
  14. For the last FM's there was always a ME update in the Christmas update. However there was no ME update in March for FM 17 and FM 18.
  15. I was told that this sounds like a new feature but how can it be a new feature when all i am asking is to make the newgen coaches have more tendencies which are already in game and editor. Should not be a new feature by any means.