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  1. need more info

    Try that tactic with a team from the top divisions and then report back.
  2. While we're here, why isn't there an 110% zoom? 100 is to small and 125 too big.
  3. I agree, although he already scores more than Messi in the current ME.
  4. Didn't he use to play AMR at United back in the day?
  5. Concordia Chiajna players have copy pasted mental attributes. Meaning all have the same stats 12+ which makes this team too good to be realistic. IRL they are a bottom team.
  6. To be honest, the issue is nowhere near FM 2015 levels and in fact i think it can be adjusted in the editor. Too many managers have 4-4-2 as preffered formation withouth any DM's and it's exactly those teams that score and concede more than the others. I sincerily doubt that flat 4-4-2 is that much used IRL compared to how it is in FM. too bad we don't have a beta editor.
  7. info provided

    Running in full detail here. Could be that attacking tactics are too effective. To be honest, many managers that manage lower clubs have attacking mentality in their profile. This might lead to them using attacking tactics which leak too many goals. Too bad we don't have a real time editor to check if this is the case.
  8. info provided

    I concur, it seems the goal average is a bit high. You would expect to see more 1-1's rather than 2-2's
  9. I've noticed that when the championship/relegation playoff begins the teams retain their total goals scored and conceded in the regular stage. This is not the case, the goals are "reseted" to 0 while the points are halved.
  10. How do you get manager sackings to appear in inbox rather than the social feed?
  11. A little higher than real life in my opinion. It's just a first impression though. Seems attacking play is definetly improved from FM16 and freekicks actually get in.
  12. Am I on the correct forum? sounds like economics manager not football manager.
  13. If it makes the game more challenging , thumbs up from me.
  14. Great, something to whine about.
  15. Didn't he say he had 2 favorites ?