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  1. last year it was in a wednesday 2 weeks prior if i remember correctly.
  2. i always turn off the regen faces. i don't know why this could be considered a feature but anyway still waiting for the reveal to bring some improvements to the tactical side of the game.
  3. so it could be something staff related? if it's indeed staff related i believe it can only be something tactical. i fail to see what other stuff they could do dynamic in this type of game
  4. would be nice to have at long last defensive shapes and attacking shapes.
  5. as long as it's something related to football rather than cosmetic features it's fine by me.
  6. i hope it's either related to AI managers or something like dynamic player potential. just wishful thinking.
  7. I can't even remember the last 1.80 GK i've seen in real life. the "smallest" GK's i've seen are those around 183-185 like Casillias.
  8. He was talking about staff regens, not players. And the goalkeeper passing bug is something SI is aware of.
  9. I already started a bug thread on regen staff attributes and Seb Wassel mentioned it was being looked at for FM18 since I also noticed the bad stats players who turn managers tend to have. you can always open a thread on the bug forum for this one.
  10. i like the idea, and it should be made in game since top managers like Guardiola or ZIdane started as reserve team managers.
  11. this is a simulator and it should simulate real life football. it's not easy to be a football manager and the game should reflect it as accurately as possible
  12. FM really needs an overhaul of its AI system. I find it every single new FM too easy to either buy all the good young players or to create an unbeatable tactic the AI can't cope with. If they can't create an AI so good to be close to the user at least let us import to the AI somehow all the user tactics so the AI can use them
  13. already had one months ago. didn't improve too much in 17.3
  14. I hope for Fm 18 the regen staff is looked at. Most of players turned managers have extremely poor starting CA comparing to existing young managers which are in the game. What happens is there are never young manager appointments at important clubs because there is no good young regen manager. Please improve this area since to me it's the most overlooked part of the game. I always end up using third party tools to boost the stats of players turned managers.
  15. FM18 NEWS??!!

    Beta in 2 and a half months.