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  1. Didn't you see the sticky post ? The only feedback you will see is FM 21.
  2. This will not be fixed in FM 20. Wait for FM 21 and decide if they deserve your money again. The fact that they left the ME in this unpolished state for FM 20 makes be doubt for 21 things will be different.
  3. Not really, this is the third FM in a row they missed the mark with the ME in my opinion. I certainly hope that for FM 21 ( if there will be one this year ) the Match Engine will receive a substantial and much needed revamp.
  4. I don't see how you can do it otherwise. Without top players it's next to impossible to beat the big teams.
  5. There are issues at first with players not wanting to come, especially the South American players. After several seasons and the team reputation grows they want to come but they demand slightly higher wages. The leagues is currently 8th in the coefficient list and I am aiming to get it to the 5th place. I think i need to win another UCL since the other Romanian teams don't to to well in Europe cause they don't have the financial power to attract much better players. Also, the Dutch and Scottish leagues seem to make a return to glory in the last couple of season with Ajax and Celtic both reaching Semis.
  6. Took me 10 Years to win it with a Romanian team, FCSB. The English teams are unstoppable in my save, They won 8 out the last 10 finals. It's very hard to keep good players when they have offers but what i did was buy cheap and sell expensive, especially Easter European and South American Players. In doing so I managed to create a good enough budget to pay the players absolutely ridiculos wages for the Romanian League. This guy is an example of the players i managed to buy at a ridiculosly low price ( 5 milion Euros ) It takes time and patience to build a powerful squad and even then , the Super AI English teams can still trounce you with their infinite transfer budgets.
  7. I also think that part of the problem is that they create too many chances, that's why they don't score too much. If they created less chaces, say 100 shot and 60 on target with 20 goals it would become more realistic.
  8. The ME happens. The whole development updating cycle of FM 2020 had issues with strikers scoring 1v1 and the latest update is certainly not excluded from this. Altough the issues were somewhat alleviated.
  9. Just a quick look on the ME bugs forum and they aknowledge many issues with the game which they claim they are aware of. This surely must gives credence to all the people here who point out that this year's ME is not in such a good state ?
  10. Ok, you won 7 nil against a top side with another top side but I don't understand why you hide your formation? We can't even see any team instructions from that screen, it only shows the formation and players and that's it. And why not share with us the PKM with all those beautiful goals so we can learn how to enjoy this ME better?
  11. My Young Andorran striker. Not to bad i would say and he's either footed.
  12. I am enjoying FM20 and although the ME is not perfect i still find it better game overall than FM 19 and FM 18. Looking forward to FM21.
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