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  1. I haven't seen it in the 3 games i played. Players react quicker to keep the ball at their feet rather than leave it to the opposition.
  2. Oh good, the latest ME update made my 4-4-2 even better. That visit to the tactics forum was so useful.
  3. With no update in sight on the short term, i made an extended visit to the tactics forum to see if I can improve my 4-4-2 without thinking too much at the flaws of the ME. Not surprisingly, there are many useful threads which helped me make a more balanced tactic and somewhat enjoy the game once again. I discovered that using "counter press" is a magnet of inviting the opposition to make through balls over your defence. If in FM 19 counter-press was a must have, in FM 20 I genuinely will not touch that instruction unless i manage the best team in game.
  4. He can't hit a barn door to save his life. Thank you for the laughs and i know how it feels when it happens to me ( way too often ) , but I got used to it. ( reply was meant for Nick_CB )
  5. At this point i think it's just better to wait for the winter update since they will have more time to iron out the ME and other aspects of the game. As for me i am really thinking to purchase any further releases on March when all the issues are sorted, rather than in Oct-Nov. I also think that FM 20 will be a very good FM after the latest patch to the ME so it should be enough to satiate my FM needs until March 2021 when FM 21 will probably be a better game
  6. Spot on review and it also sums all a lot of my concerns about this ME. I hope SI doesn't get upset at what I am going to write, but given the magnitude of the issues present in this version of ME, this feels like a beta test and not even close to a finished/polished version. And what is worrying is that the last ME update was at the beginning of December and whilst they aknowledged a lot of the current issues, the speed in which they can fix them is very slow from a customer point of view. To sum it up, it's been a frustrating month and a half as a Football manager fan and SI customer. The only thing that is keeping me from returning to FM 19 is the newgen system which is really a very good addition to the game and also, the newgens seem to be more varied in their stat distribution. This is a good addition and it's so annoying that the core function on this game , the ME , is dragging down the immersion.
  7. Go buy yourself a striker with likes to lob keeper ppm. Kidding, i think he was too far away to the keeper to be considered a one on one. Beautiful goal anyway.
  8. Yes, the game is harder , but it's harder because of the wrong reasons in my opinion. It's not that the AI has become so much better at squad building or in it's tactical prowess, but because the ME it's in a worse shape than ever before. I am still left befuddled by this ME and not because it's good , but because it has the potential to be good and it's frustratingly flawed in so many aspects. Sorry , i don't want to criticise the team at SI because i know how dedicated they are, but it's frustrating to know that they we are so close to a briliant ME but yet, still too far.
  9. Klopp is fine, he always performs as expected compared to Guardiola which has better stats and generally underperforms in game.
  10. Game seems faster and more responsive since the last update.
  11. Can't say I am not dissapointed about no ME updates and one thing I can't understand is why they rushed 20.2 at the start of Dec when the 20.1.4 ME was not so bad that needed such a quick update. We could have had a ME update today and the stability fixes before... Doesn't make much sense to me
  12. Yeah... i didn't saw Neil's post from yesterday in which he states it's unlikely they will update the ME until the holidays. I'm gutted as I enjoyed the game much more on 20.1.4. And i still don't underestand why 20.2 ME is considered better than 20.1 ME, just because the wingers didn't cross the ball enough? now we have so many 1 v 1 misses per game, i don't even want to touch the game until march, when they will probably update the ME.
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