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    Winter Update?

    yes there will be and if you check steam db Football manager 2018 page you will see there is already an update uploaded to Steam just that it's not yet publicly available
  2. this game is called football manager and it's AI can't make tactics decision like changing formations suited for their team... Instead we get social media features and anything but tactical features...
  3. In the staff member profile you want to change his formations, click the ingame editor arrow, edit staff details and you can change his formations from the dropdown menu
  4. Long shots are so broken. It seems Liverpool are using the current 18.2 Match engine.
  5. In my save they are not that dominant, they won 2 titles, the third was won by Liverpool managed by Guardiola and now they are sitting in 5th place 15 points behind 1st place. Mourinho still in charge.
  6. Very fluid/ control 5-2-3 WB does wonders for me. I am using 2 Defensive forwards and 1 false nine/ Short passing, hit early crosses and take a breather while passing.
  7. I've seen some scored against me when the position was slightly to the right or to the left. The perpendicular ones are never scored.
  8. 3 central forwards formations are OP in this ME. i don;t know if it's the same for AI but for a human player, 5-2-3 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 is the way to go right now. it doesn't make any sense but there you go.
  9. Dinamo Bucharest average attendace in game is 31542 which is absurd. Their average ratings are 2194 this season. A list of average attendaces can be found here. http://lpf2.ro/html/clasament_spectatori Also their home stadium is The Arena Nationala is also owned by Dinamo Bucharest and FCSB pays rent 500k per year? Arena Nationala is owned by the city hall and all team that play on it must pay a tax which is 13k euro for games in the national league, 28 k euro for games in UCL, 23K euro for games in UEL. Please check and fix it for the next release.
  10. Has been reported before. it could be one of the issues why the managers become worse as the time progresses.
  11. 55 goals scored by Barcelona? that is terrible.