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  1. We already concluded that AI is NOT cheating. It all goes down to tactics and players , plain and simple.
  2. No worries, as i said i already have a "bypass" for this. cheers for looking into it though.
  3. Thinking about it, it isn't necessary a bug but something that can be tweaked.
  4. To make the game harder and generated managers aren't to capable stat wise.
  5. Hi Seb, have you managed to look into this? I assume you have some tools at your disposal to compare the attribute ranges of AI managers at the beginning with those generated by the game. thanks
  6. just to notify you i've replied to your question. p.s why 60+ years managers always seem to drop the motivating stat to 1 ?
  7. Hi Seb I;ve uploaded the save "mentally poor regen staff' and i've stopped the save in 2043. you can see that most of the new managers generated by the game have low mental attributes ( in low 10's even under 10's ) while the coaching stats are very good. Also they don't get many tendencies, there is no mourinho type or even sam allardyce type, they all look the same stat wise. Also their starting CA is very poor , always under 100. there is no manager at a top club with even remotely comparable mental stats to the managers set up in the database. maybe there are some tweaks to be done which could make the managers generated by the game a little more diverse so the long term save don't get extremely easy because of lack of attributes for the AI. As i told you , they can be edited but would be nice if the game could do this already. thanks
  8. Is there anyway to show entire player name on tactics pitch so instead of L. Messi it shows Lionel Messi? Without setting up nicknames
  9. Disabling the windows visual effects drastically increased the UI responsiveness for me. I play in windowed mode. I adjusted it for best perfomance and kept some minor stuff like font smoothing.
  10. Seb, i found a better solution that works for me. I used a third party tool to give all staff a PA of 200. Some of them will reach top potential while others wont. Might not be the best solution but it works for me.
  11. Hi Seb i will upload it later today, i will run it until 2035+ when all existing coaches should be retired. I'm already starting to notice a decline in new managers mental attributes. Most of them are biased towards coaching stats.
  12. i think i found an issue. Many players that retire and become staff have all staff roles active meaning the attribute distribution they receive is all around the place with little focus on managing attributes. In long term saves there are exceptional coaches but few managers with good managing stats like in the initial database because most of them are hired as coaches and increase only their coaching skills.
  13. Do you think anything else changed in yesterday's update beyond what was already mentioned?
  14. It's 111 MB, it's not such a small update.