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  1. Yes, transfer values are linked to the editor "transfer values" menu for each leagues Unless you bump that up before you start a new game all the transfer values will be in the range set by the editor no matter how many sucessful your team is. should be more dynamic in my opinion
  2. Also October-november is when the big AAA titles are released so it's hard to attract new players to the game. An earlier release date like september could also bring higher sales.
  3. If there is such a lack of inside forwards in long term games an ingame editor can be used to edit the wingers position so they can be effective in either flanks. Now it will up to the AI if they can use the inside forwards properly. it's the only workaround i can think of.
  4. But the question is if you can actually see AI managed players that are tutored. Or the visibile tutoring is just restricted to the human managed team.
  5. 17.3 update changed Mourinho pref formationat startup to 4-1-2-3 DM Wide from 4-4-1-1 Don't worry if he underachieves he swithes his pref formation to 4-2-3-1 Wide and the nightmare begins.
  6. Maybe the newgen creation is linked to the manager/clubs preffered formations when the youth intake is generated? I didn't bother to check Inside forwards as i never used one for my 5-2-2-1 formation but I notice in my 2037 save that some top teams use either 4-1-4-1 or plain 4-4-2 formations in which there is no place for an inside forward. If the AI manager doesn't have a preffered formation that includes inside forwards they will never train one to that position.
  7. yes, the results can be weird if the leagues are not in full detail
  8. Active yes, but are the results generated in full detail? you can check from the dropdown menu the league detail level.
  9. Are the competitions you mention on full detail ?
  10. assuming this didnt make it to 17.3 i hope FM 18 will be better in this aspect.
  11. Last years update also didnt had any ME updates. But i find FM 17 ME vastly superior to FM16.
  12. 464 MB update out now, assuming it's 17.3
  13. Can this thread be closed now? It's a bit misleading , i though the update was just released.
  14. For FM 2016 it was early march. The general consensus is that the update is out when ready which is a good thing since we don't want a broken game.
  15. We already concluded that AI is NOT cheating. It all goes down to tactics and players , plain and simple.