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  1. Reported it back in beta for FM 21 and they said it was something under review. Clearly they couldn't fix it for FM21. Here's hoping FM 22 is better in this regard. And i Have a hunch why this happens. It's because the game generates too many players with AMR/AMC/AML natural position and the game uses the best formation there is for those players, in this instance 4-2-3-1.
  2. After around 1000 hours put in FM 21 its time to for me to let it go. Hopefully for FM22 they reworked how 3 at the back systems work. Right now the back 3 stay too rigidly in the defense and there is no way to replicate a modern 3 4 3 or 3 4 2 1.
  3. Yes, and when they receive the ball the don't advance with the ball at their feet even if the have space to get into. They rarely ever get past the halfway line and i use much higher def line, BP Def with Dribble more. Their movement should at least resemble a libero on support.
  4. Game is good, the best of the purple trio ( 19,20,21 ) My only gripe with FM 21 is that there isn't a role for a Wide Center Back in a 3 man defense. I love using a 3-4-1-2 but there doesn't seem to be a way to make the wide CB more attacking and do overlapping runs. The wide center back role is a must for FM 22 since so many teams use the 3 man formations ( including at the Euros )
  5. Great idea, i am expecting to see it implemented in FM22 TBH as many English teams have adopted the use of 3 at the back formation.
  6. I hope for FM 22 they revamp how 3 at the back formation works. While it's perfectly feasible to create a human tactic that can somewhat emulate a real 3-4-3 or 3-5-2, the AI is extremely limited in this instance. I haven't seen any successful AI manager that uses a 3 at the back formation in my save ( they all end up sacked ). We need some new roles for defenders, something like a hybrid between CD and Full back. And definetely some new wingback roles that push higher up the pitch. There is a reason that IRL a 3-4-3 is not named a 5-2-3 irl or a 3-4-2-1 a 5-2-2-1. Either
  7. I don't think it's that easy as it was in the BETA but i don't use and have never used downloaded tactics. I am currently in the year 2032 managing Man Utd in my career save in and It's quite challenging to win the title. Liverpool beat me to the title 2 years in a row and now Leeds United have some fantastic players which took me by surprise ,they scored 73 goals in 24 matches managed by none other than Brendan Rodgers. By the way Liverpool won one title by scoring 100 and conceding 60. So i think it's also a matter of AI managers ( some use defensive tactics others are offensi
  8. I listened to that too. To summarize, the host was saying he was having success with long throws and Jack said that in the upcoming patch SI has made some changes to throw ins although he didn't provide any specific details. We will have to wait and see...
  9. Frankly i am seeing AI using way too much 4-2-3-1 Wide Formation. I have no issues against 4-4-2 but it seems the AI defaults way too much to 4-2-3-1.
  10. Already reported this but the HR is probably sleeping or not aware that this forum exists.
  11. Also Getting some microstutters in game although i am playing 2D. 1660ti GPU, i5 8400 CPU Never had any problems before 21.3.
  12. All this talk about super keepers I think is having a placebo effect on my save Anyone seen a higher rating for a keeper? And they almost equalized but they missed a clear one on one.
  13. There are less corners in 21.3 than before. There is an improvement on this regard. In 21.2 there were matches with 30 corners, now there seem to be around 15 per game ( still a bit high )
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