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  1. Waiting for FM 2017 but i hope they spent less time on cosmetic addons and more on ME and core gameplay.
  2. Or another suggestion is that managers have a dynamic mental trait based on how succesful they are rather than fixed stats. Managers who fail over and over again should find it harder to get jobs and this should reflect on their stats and the other way around. the whole AI management part of the game should be much more dynamic in order to provide a better user experience.
  3. I have these types of games 5 or 6 times per season. usually when i need a win the most.
  4. This area should be improved. Players who become managers should be more unique and stat wise look more like managers at the start of the game. Right now they are too generic and their stat allocation is very weird at times. Maybe I can offer a suggestion, players who have a manager or managers as their favourite perssonel could "learn" from them if they become staff and have similar traits. It could improve the "role play" in long term saves.
  5. Best skin for 2016, thanks.
  6. This is the only FM that is beyond my power of comprehension. I see a lot of people having success with weird combination of tactics that should never work and tactics that do have a commons sense to them are absolutely trash. I am not ranting , it's just that the game became too complex for it's own good.
  7. Juventus used 3-5-2/5-3-2 consistently throughout the last season.
  8. I've seen games IRL with 2-3 penalties missed by a single player. No issues with penalties, i hope it stays like this in fm 17
  9. Ronaldo scores a lot from direct free kicks. Might have something to do with ppm " Hits direct free kicks with power"
  10. Most frustrating moment is playing attacking with short passing and opposing team having 60 % possesion. It's like even teams like Stoke can play a Barcelona type defensive passing game while under pressure. Things like this which will never happen In real football made me put this version on the shelf for good.
  11. Cross "issue" with a devilish twist.
  12. It's too rigid, would be nice if something more user friendly with more options could be added.
  13. Maybe SI will implement both layouts in a future game. I think this would be a great tactical addition.
  14. If and when FM will add tactics for attacking shape or defensive shape we will be able to replicate the RL tactics more. thinking now about the old CM series which had off the ball positioning.
  15. Yes, he uses 4-1-4-1.;1