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  1. Would be nice to know which is the attribute check since i would like to do some testing.
  2. Can you elaborate which attribute triggers that? Also, can AI copy assymetrical tactics or just the standard tactics that exist in the tactics creator?
  3. Cheers Miles, obviously you know better how to run your company and aquiring the German license shows that the game has a nice future.
  4. He is definetely not incompetent since he is running the best game there is for football management. I was saying that he could use his competence for what he does best instead of the i am director , i' m the best at everything type. By the way, info on FM 18 in august? it's sooner than FM 17 so that's nice.
  5. But wouldn't be better for the game if his focus was solely on his role of game director ? A company like SI can afford a competent Community manager , i mean they had 500k+ sales with every game in the last 5 years. But who knows, maybe he likes doing these community interactions. Wouldn't hurt him to work with someone with experience though.
  6. SI should hire a marketing or community manager with experience. I've found some of his tweets to be aggresive which can push people away from the game. I get it's lot of trolling and negativity in every social media outlet but it shows that marketing is not one of his main strenghts.
  7. I don't understand why do you think SI will not have a FM 18 just because they've obtained the German licensing. Chances are 99,99% there will be a FM 18 just because that license didn't come for free.
  8. SI has got to find a way to have this area of the game more dynamic. I guess they could employ some real life managers to provide them hints on how they adjust their tactical decisions based on the team they manage. I am sure there are many good managers who could work as consultants for SI.
  9. I don't know what causes this, but most of the time they change it to 4-2-3-1 wide.
  10. Yes it would have been nice if the editor had more flexibility from this point of view. That said, i think they removed that 3-4-2-1 from the formation you can choose for AI because it is entirely an unbalanced attacking formation and the AI would be crushed using it.
  11. Yes, transfer values are linked to the editor "transfer values" menu for each leagues Unless you bump that up before you start a new game all the transfer values will be in the range set by the editor no matter how many sucessful your team is. should be more dynamic in my opinion
  12. Also October-november is when the big AAA titles are released so it's hard to attract new players to the game. An earlier release date like september could also bring higher sales.
  13. If there is such a lack of inside forwards in long term games an ingame editor can be used to edit the wingers position so they can be effective in either flanks. Now it will up to the AI if they can use the inside forwards properly. it's the only workaround i can think of.
  14. But the question is if you can actually see AI managed players that are tutored. Or the visibile tutoring is just restricted to the human managed team.