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  1. I am frankly amazed that for some ME issues the consent is wait for FM 20. Maybe FM 20 will bring more issues than FM 19 so what then, wait for FM 21?
  2. The longer i play the more it's starting to bother me the fact that strikers are not performing as good as they should. Last years FM had issues with too few goals from free kicks but it was not that glaringly obvious and you could really immerse yourself out of that shortcoming. The same cannot be said for FM 19 since a core part of football is not acting properly. Are SI happy with how the ME for FM 19 is in it's current form?
  3. and the sad thing is that even if i wanted to go to FM 17 or 18, FM 19 is so polished that balances out the better match engines of 17 and 18.
  4. After playing some more in update 19.3 my conclusion is that the game is the best in the series except the ME which is sad. Strikers are having a nightmare in this ME and i am talking about AI strikers who are unable to score goals because of ultradefensive AI tactics which are too effective in annihilating strikers. We are left with a very polished interface and gameplay but it's fundamental part, the ME, is sadly not up to the rest of the game.
  5. - Removed a restriction on striker and creative attackers offering out ball this one got my attention in particular.
  6. I guess this ME would have been perfect if it was done in 1970's Italy.
  7. I also tend to agree. Too bad that the beta version has some issues with league rules if it didn't i would have still played that.
  8. you can't load a save game from 19.3 with the live version. It's normal since beta is a higher version. It's always good to make a backup.
  9. It is a beta though and It was made available to public to provide our feedback.
  10. Frankly 19.2.2 is much better in terms of real life / game goal ratio. They basically got that right in 19.2.2
  11. I am afraid you will be excited for any goal scored now. The current goal number is extremely low. Check this screenshot. It's like a catenaccio festival now.
  12. Sure, uploaded test_AI_motivating_drop.fm file. Mourinho has dropped to 1 Motivating, Klopp is down to 6, Simeone is on it's way down with 11, Sampaoli 1. And you can check the rest of managers of over 60 for the rest of the motivating attribute drops.
  13. And keep in mind it's even lower in 1927 ME as they've nerfed long shots compared to 1926. My tests were done in 1926 ME
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