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  1. The latest ME update did more bad than good. To win games in this ME build you must either exploit shoot on sight TI, freekicks, throw ins or corners. The only downside is that AI cannot exploit the throwins like players can. I think the most balanced ME was the first beta ME, the one that was criticized because of the wing play.
  2. It seems for me it's mandatory to use the TI shoot on sight because The strikers almost never score one on ones.
  3. https://community.sigames.com/topic/459693-me1918-striker-movement/
  4. Maybe some more stability fixes? If there was something important i'm sure SI would have mentioned it.
  5. And also they have to start a new game...
  6. I know this particular bug also affected FM 18. It would be nice if the last update will fix this.
  7. Thank you, this update fixed the rule.
  8. thanks then indeed this is a worrying bug.
  9. What's the playing history of the unrecognized players? I am curios if they have a history of less than 4 years showing in game , maybe that's why the game doesn't show them as eligible? pure speculation on my part.
  10. My beta bug thread was about lesser teams having more possesion than Top teams with examples and PKM's included. There were other people who picked up on the general lack of through balls and central play in the ME. While i am at it, do you think it's normal that Barcelona AI or Man City AI to have less time on the ball than Girona AI and Burnley AI ? Even if they win 4-0 or 5-0 it's still unrealistic. this happens in the first season of the game when these things should be closer to IRL.
  11. Yes they have been backed up by data and evidence. A lot of players have dedicated a lot of their free time to help SI identify issues within the ME. You can check the ME bugs forum for that evidence. The majority of that bad feedback is because the released 19.2 ME is the same as it was in the public beta with the issues still present and probably not going to be fixed until the March update.
  12. Lack of competition mate. Competition is good, look at Intel vs AMD.
  13. ok then maybe we will have a better version in March after the Winter transfer update
  14. Is the ME version 19.2.2? like in beta?
  15. I dont want to bash SI because they do in general a very good job with their game but if they state something like "this ME is the best balanced Me we have" i ll have to take that with a pinch of salt. If a team like ingame Man City gets outplayed in possession by teams like Burnley , Leicester or Newcastle which is the absolute opposite of Real life, then your claim is simply not sincere. Why dont you start the building block of your ME with making top teams act like top teams and go down fron there. Yes, IRL big teams average much more possession than lesser teams even if they lose games. And yes there are threads in the bug forum aknowledgrd by SI.