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  1. Game looks like the 21.5 update of FM21 but nevertheless i like what i see. Cant wait to try the Beta. And i also noticed an unusual amount of corners in one of their game ( over 20 ). Hopefully it gets tweaked a bit before beta otherwise this is the first ME thread in the bugs forum
  2. I say 25 or 26th October are the most likely dates for the Beta. Only 2 long weeks to wait.
  3. Curious if there will be a twitch stream from the devs like in the previous years. I liked those more than the features videos.
  4. Someone from SI must really like long boring meetings. But i like the skin, the dark tone is so much better than the all purple of FM 21. Since there aren't many groundbreaking additions this year by the looks of it, i hope they spent more time on the AI squad building, tactical decision and tactical flexibility.
  5. This issue was present from at least FM 19 onwards. I have opened myself a thread in the bugs forum when FM 21 was in BETA and several others have also reported the issue in other threads. I hope that the AI is more flexible when it comes to the formations it uses for the next FM.
  6. Simeone to Inter and Bielsa to Barcelona or Real Madrind.
  7. In my opinion the wide center back option could be a game changer if the AI managers will make use the role properly. Although FM 21 was so much better than FM 20 i found that in long term games the AI tended to overuse the 4 at the back formations like 4-2-3-1. I hope that FM 22 is much more varied with how AI is using their tactical setups considering the addition of this much needed role.
  8. I like the changes made to the skin. Looks easier on the eyes and they removed the excess purple from a lot of panels.
  9. Can't wait to try a 3-4-3 or 3-4-1-2 / 3-4-2-1 with the new DC role. Many IRL teams have adopted the 3 at the back system some with more success than others, like Inter winning the Seria A with a 3-5-2/5-3-2 or Chelsea winning the UCL with 3-4-3 / 5-2-3 systems which were very hard to replicate due to DC's static movement at the back. I can think of a few more like Atalanta's Gasperini, Leipzig, Dortmund under Favre , The German national team, Atletico Madrid have used over the last 6 months a 3-5-2/5-3-2 and surely there are others too.
  10. Finally Wide Center Backs. It's been a while but glad they're here.
  11. Cant wait. My biggest wish for Fm22 is better tactical versatility for AI managers.
  12. i remember the days when the game was out around last week of October and beta around 10 October... Those were the days
  13. No they don't contribute enough. It's clearly you haven't played a 3 at the back system else you would have known that it's impossible to replicate a modern 3-4-3 because the back 3 are too static.
  14. At least they spent the money on a beast of a player
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