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  1. Hi there, I would like a built in feature with zero input from the user. When selecting a team in the pre-match tactical briefing, I would like the selected 11 to be made unavailable for the reserves even if a player is selected as being available for the reserves. This would hugely save me a massive headache (right now) because now my player is ineligible for the first team game. Thanks for reading. Jack
  2. I believe its been said before that it wont be allowed due to licensing. I guess it comes up a lot in the Si Games office... I imagine everyone looks over at the lawyer in the corner, who sternly shakes his head. IF they allow the stadiums to be modded, are they encouraging copyright infringement? but is the same not said for in game faces, or people modding the German leagues of previous versions?
  3. HI, been a while since I posted. I would like to see which of my substitutes had warmed up and body language of wanting to get on the pitch to make a difference. Its only a small suggestion, but I could have someone who just cba and some young whipper snappy dying to play. JC
  4. I can see that some of my players are wanted by another club. For example, Dybala is wanted by Real Madrid and I am not interested in selling him, but no doubt he will become unhappy if I reject a bid. I am not planning on replacing him, or looking to replace him, but I will lose out on potential players early on because of this. I would like to ask my player how he feels about the interest in them and see where they stand. A few examples of answers. He could tell me is loves the club and never wants to leave, give me a 10 year contract and i'll prove it That interested club is massive and I would like to consider my options should they make a bid I feel I have achieved all I can at the club and would like to try something different. I ****ing hate the club and you, you sack of **** manager, why did i even sign for you in the first place you *****.
  5. If your game freezes, then you should find out why, Autosave after each game just suggests that you want to cheat.
  6. I love the idea of more player interaction. I suggest we can interact with players on the bench, I want to see their mood, too many times in a game where you bring on subs when the result is undoubtedly yours and the subs become complacent, I understand this would happen as the competitive edge has diminished, but if i could see their attitude before bringing them on, then I could avoid this complacency. I want to tell subs to warm up, or behave and pay attention if they are 'bored and acting up'. I want to be able to fine my players for bench attitude because they decide to eat some malteasers or even a pie. I would also like players to have thoughts on their team mates based on a previous game. Weekly/monthly reports from the captain based on attitude he sees around the squad.
  7. Currently have Coutinho just being passed from his rehabilitation and now he needs match time for match fitness and physical fitness. I can mark him down for x amount of minutes until fit or on going, but that only makes him available. I want the option to force his use, to guarantee that he is getting game time.
  8. Hi there, I would like the ability to reject a loan offer because of squad status. I don't my young prodige's to move and play in the other clubs reserve team. I would also like the option to add payments for missed game, Say if the club offers for loan and has them as a key player, but decide to bench him or not even pick him in the match squad (}if fitness less than 80%{) then they pay money for that. I want to interact with my on loan players too, ask them how they are doing, to which they could say they enjoying life and the game, or missing home, not getting much game time, doesn't get on with manager etc etc.
  9. What Maaka said. I have been asking for years.
  10. I think licensing is the reason why we can't have real stadiums in the game.
  11. No clock required, I don't need reminding how much time I spend on FM.
  12. Currently, we receive a transfer bid and we accept or reject. If we reject the player most of the time doesn't say anything, but if you reject and he wants to move, he is pissed off and straight into the public claim unfair treatment(pricks) So I would like the ability to 'chat' with play on receiving a bid, regarding what the player would like to do. I still want the ability to reject or accept the bid without the need for the interaction, but I'd like the interaction.
  13. I have to second this, I would love a stadium editor. Yes you might not have the rights to include real world stadiums, but if you could allow us to create our own 'made up' stadiums. Infact, all you would need to do is allow the stadium files to be readable in other formats.
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