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  2. Quick summary of the 2020-21 season. League and cup won straightforwardly. Knocked out of CL qualifying to go through to the group stages of the Europa League. Qualified in 2nd spot but knocked out by RB Salzburg in the first knockout stage. Sold the deadwood and non-Yugoslavian players. Bought in some steady Croatian hands e.g. Radosevic (formerly of Napoli but playing in Denmark), Pajac (versatile left footer from Cagliari) and Bartolec (also playing in Denmark - but sold within a season after he threw a strop). Lovric, Majstrovic and Bockaj signed from other Croatian clubs - sold
  3. Sorry this is incorrect. If you buy on xbox you also own the the xbox edition for Windows 10, those games will auto sync between the two - you cannot transfer between xbox edition and FMT PC
  4. The week it comes out i'm swamped with work. I reckon i'm getting sick this week, i can already feel it
  5. It was harder to get back into international management than I envisioned but finally I'm back I'm quite excited by this job!
  6. Yea it’s multiple things. Like AI destroying their morale during the match, playing people out of position, selecting a weak team and etc. all have been reported already.
  7. Yeah, I actually just listened to that song to pass the time. Please release me, let me go...............
  8. Portsmouth Marcus Harness has declared for the Republic of Ireland and was present at their latest match, hopefully that can get listed as his primary nationality
  9. Please don't! When Miles posted this to signify the release of the Beta, I lost an hour getting reacquainted with Heidi.
  10. I can happily confirm that after removing the graphics packs, I am unable to recreate the error. Thank you!!!!
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