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  1. If you have the players for it it's worth trying. My guess though would be that DLP will naturally try more long passes to "create" chances, which may isolate your players up front. And B2B as MC may leave lost balls in the middle since I usually try to give that player as little movement as possible and let my AMC gravitate around. If you set your MC to B2B, my first instinct would be to set your AMC individual settings to "hold position" instead of "Road from position" to switch the dynamic. That way, you'll keep one midfield anchor and one midfield with constant movements.
  2. Awesome results!! Against 3CDs, I'd recommend to use @StewG version of the tactic (see his post on May 8th farther up this thread). It uses the flanks a little more by pushing the IWB to CWB roles so you can take advantage of the narrower defensive line. Slightly lower possession overall w/r to the base tactic, but absolutely great results! Credits for StewG for those tweaks Enjoy!
  3. About the training, that was actually a typo. Should read F9-S. As Krynz said, it's about the role, not additional individual training. My bad, I corrected it in the OP. @Egecann You point something important here that I totally forgot to mention: the individual training. Thanks for bringing it up! What I usually do is actually NO individual training as a rule of thumb, to maximise potential gain toward the role-spectific stats of my player. On the odd occasion, if there's a particularly bad attributes for one player that is NOT highlighted with his role in the training screen and that I feel this player should need, then and only then I give him an individual training that affects that particular attribute. On that point, I believe @RDF Tactics could help you more as his is to my knowledge, one of the best training-oriented FM player
  4. Strange. There seems to be no problem here. I can't really help unfortunately as the file is hosted by sigames and the format itself is locked by the FM standard :P I linked the 21.4 version here, maybe try this? If it doesn't work, you'd better check with the moderators :| TotalControlV21_4_0.fmf
  5. I know that I have never been able to produce an effective possession-based tactic with that many one-twos and center-pitch domination in FM20. I never tried THIS tactic though, so maybe I just got better at tactics-crafting during the year XD
  6. @StewG Thanks for sharing! I will try those out when I have time. I may see some things to help build a version 21.5 Great work!
  7. With a regista, the dynamic will change a little and I'd change the CM to Roaming playmaker of B2B midfielder. The reason is that normally, your AMC should run around your MC, who should remain relatively stable to provide a sure pivot to your overall formation. With DM as a regista, his forward-mindedness should make HIM become your pivot, but a little bit deeper. That way, you may need your MC have a similar movement to your AMC to make sure your Regista gets the variety of options your MC usually gets with the "default" formation. That's my take on it anyway, I've never tested it. But you should definitely give it a go Cheers!
  8. Glad to see some people are using this as a base for their own tweaks! This is what Total Control is all about, a tactical DNA on which you build your own style and tweaks @alp52 Feel free to test this tactic and any tweak you feel necessary! Hope you'll enjoy it!! @jeromethestoneI have nothing new to bring at this point mainly because 21.3 and 21.4 are, to me, as good as a "base tactic" can be. I tweak it regularly, but without much change on the tactical style it brings. Those new tweaks are more about fitting my new players, or countering specific teams. The best I can suggest is to check out the different comments on this thread which show how people modify their own versions and try some of them for yourself in case they may upgrade your results @StewG Awesome results mate! And smart tweaks considering your players. I love my centerfield-sitting IWB so much that I can't bring myself to putting them as CWB.. But from what I read on many threads is that... I should
  9. Disclaimer: I just saw that Total Control V21.4 was tested on FM-Arena.com with an absolutely ABYSMAL result. So do not despair if you have bad results, this is not a tactic that seems to fare well at all if left unattended. Confirms my point saying that it is not a plug-n-play tactic at all. Play it for the beauty of it. For actually good results, you MUST tailor your team and adjust things to your reality
  10. Hi Jammy, I've tried the tactic in many leagues and I can confirm that the EPL seem to be the toughest league with this tactic. I'd say that the main point being the huge number of highly physical and fast strikers/wingers in the EPL. Usually have a really hard time in the later stages of the season, when opponents start sitting and waiting for a counter-attack. You could try a couple of those, which seem to work well in this situation: - Drop the defensive line one-notch - Get your IWB --> CWB/WB for little bit more crosses in - Use v3 instead of v4 so you tackle harder. You'll get more cards, but should restrain a little bit more the opponents chances. - Make sure you get the tactic familiarity to max level If those do not help, you may need to adjust the tactic on a more fundamental level. The framework still works (as you have good passing rate and possession), but feel free to experiment around it, mainly on some specific player instructions. I usually get a lot of nice through balls from my AMC and MC to the F9 and IF, but if you do not, take the time to watch full-length games to see why that is. If it's about lack of movements from the IF/F9, try to field attackers with more "off-the-ball", or simply faster ones. Weirdly, sometimes a good attacker won't make the run because they are so good that they know the chances are low. Sometimes, a faster, more "basic" attacker can do better than a smart one... kind of have to test them and see which one gives you the best chances per game. In my save, I sold my star striker and keep fielding my youngster simply because he scores every single game :P If movements in front are good, but your AMC/MC keep doing lateral passes even when the strikers try for a run behind the defenders, you can always "take more risks", or field a midfielder with more "vision" and "decision". Passing and technique are actually less important than those 2 from what I've seen. Other than that, all I can say is "good luck" and I truly hope you'll find the tweak that gives your side the glory it deserves!
  11. Weirdly, all notifications just... stopped so I couldn't see your reply @ozumbaran. With Barça, I suppose you must have much fun with this tactic! Both IWB to CWB is generally a loved swap from many users. For underlapping/overlapping, I'd say it's worth checking how the game plays out. Remove underlapping for sure. But ticking the overlapping instruction may lead to too many "dead-end" scenarios where you get no other choice but cross the ball from close to the end of the field, which is not an ideal scenario with the kind of teams that fits this playstyle. So look at your games and make sure your CWB act accordingly to the philosophy. BWM to Anchor I never truly been a fan, but HB could be a good idea! Especially if your IWB-->CWB, then your HB will drop and help your central defenders spread a little. IWB tend to sit where DC would sit with a HB, so the switch makes sense! As for the F9 into a T, I've noticed little less impactful one-two's. I personally tried F9/T switches here and there and I am a big fan of the F9 dynamic, he gives more options for your AMC and it translates into less long shots. It's all dependent on your roster and team selection, so feel free to share your results!
  12. Fantastic! You're more than welcome to share any version you find interesting or efficient! My initial goal was to provide a "template" for a good-looking possession football tactic. I'm actually glad you find it interesting enough to build your own version based on it. Cheers!
  13. Version 21.4.0 is up! I call it the "Gentlemen version". It's not necessarily that much better than V21.3.0, but for those who are tired of having too much yellow cards in their season (I personally hate being that goon team that wins by breaking legs...), this is for you! I've seen a lot of tweaks, adjustments, comments from different users and I can't thank you all enough for the help bringing this playstyle to the next level. What's different?: - Stay on feet + Some PI variations. I've always wanted my team to play clean football, with less cards. First and foremost, because I'm a softie and I don't want talented players to get hurt. On a tactical level, I want to avoid having to make substitutions based on suspensions or based on fear of suspension. With this new approach, I had the chance to stop replacing both my DC in the middle of the game... and actually sub in my offensive players for more punch late game. Finally, the tactic is as "aggressive" as ever when out-of-possession, aiming at high-pressure and getting back the ball BETWEEN players instead of at their feet. You press, they have to make a quick decision. Since their tactic won't ever have the structure to help them make that decision (like Total Control does), most likely they'll try a pass that your players can intercept. Never need to go to the ground, you outsmart them. Clean team, still wins ! - Set pieces: Some tweaks to strengthen the capacity of getting back possession if the set piece fails to find your dangerous players in time.
  14. This is sorcery! Hahahah. Was it against a 10th division youth team in a friendly or did you just humiliate a fellow Ligue 1 manager? Working on it, but for now, many tweaks slightly change the STYLE itself, which I don't want. I'm looking to keep the general playstyle while getting better results. I think I'll post my V3.2 later (not yet V4 since I'm not 100% convinced it's better), but still worked a bit on reducing yellow cards and optimizing set pieces....
  15. Hey buddy! This is uncanny! Feel free to share this thread and tactic as much as you want. The more people get to experience, comment on and tweak this playstyle to their liking the better! For clips and screenshots, I strongly encourage you to check out @RDF Tactics's showcase of this tactic (check higher up in the comments!). He did a breakdown of the tactic that help seeing how it goes! If you want more I can check out how to upload clips... haha I will DM you for more info on my Boston Utd save Cheers!
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