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  1. It will indeed modify the strategy strongly. I've seen developers mention that PPM > Player instruction > Team instruction when it comes to actual behavior on the field. For Hazard, the "look for pass..." is not too bad and can actually be good if you have fast and lethal IF. He'll score a little less, but will provide a lot for the other 2! The "likes to switch ball" is a little more tricky. But since the formation makes it so everyone is close to one another, I doubt Eden will land huge-ass passes from side to side.. since there's no one there. I would keep him as F9 and not worry t
  2. I tried it but I've seen that the asymmetric diamond shape was more effective to make sure the F9 wasn't isolated. But I did try it only for 4-5 games, haven't tested it over a full season to clearly see the difference! If you ever try it over a longer amount of time, please let me know how it turns out!
  3. Really glad you enjoy it! Do not hesitate to share any tweak or results! This is the most entertaining form of football for me and I love when people get to witness it Hope it'll get you back on track mate! After a disastrous season, you clearly need a little fun I know that it can be hard at times to break the defensive line. As soon as the opponents start parking the bus against you, games can become little frustrating. From my experience, here are some things that can help convert a little more chances into goals: 1) Change your corner routine from "short" to "near post" and b
  4. Tactic Version 21.2.0 has been released. See OP for the modifications
  5. Hi Giacch! Since this is a public and generally english-speaking forum, I'll answer in english, but french is my first language too 1v1 against your goalkeeper are unfortunately a real struggle that I have too. I managed to minimize this problem. I'm still getting one of those once in a while... it's unfortunately hard to avoid. As I mentioned, this tactic is amazingly beautiful (to my taste), but is not perfect for easy wins... If it can help you, this is how I reduced those occasions: Since we play far from our own goal, we leave that space behind. I do not recommend getting your line
  6. If anyone is trying it out and actually enjoying the tactical style, Switching the AM role to Advanced Playmaker makes him even more involved in the passing game in the center. Results are mainly unchanged, but I felt like it tweaked it even more toward what I wanted!
  7. Hi there! I added a little bit of infos (in the original post) on my first season in the Canadian Premier League (shortened season). I'm currently in a season in Vanarama North with Boston United with the same tactic. I'll try to update with those results also
  8. Total Control 21.2.0 4-2-3-1 Highly entertaining - High Possession - High Success - Not Plug'n'Play -- General comments -- This is my first uploaded tactic ever, and the reason is simple: For the first time, I've managed to make my players play the actual way I wanted them to play. Like many others, I've been inspired by Barcelona's high possession approach of the golden days '10-'11. Match engines of diverse FM editions have been tough on tactic creators with a possession-oriented mind. After testing and tweaks, I can finally present a tactic that covers all my personal needs:
  9. FC United 21/22: First ascension Squad | League Table | Transfers The Story so Far: The first season gave us a solid foundation on which to build. We made it to the playoffs but failed to secure promotion. Our star striker Olowabi signed for a second season after his 37-goals campaign last year. We had to sign a pre-contract to Matt Law 21a, last year’s intake Golden Boy, because of all the hype around him and the vulture clubs who wanted to poach him away. On the other side, we lost Donohue, our starting right midfielder without any reasonable replacement in the squad...
  10. If you keep all your transfer responsibilities for yourself and do not hire a loan manager, I believe you'll be fine.... But I can't guarantee it 100% :S
  11. If it goes well, you can take credit for the switch. If it doesn't, you can just say it was a "bad year". XD But I believe it was a good switch! I mean, his personality is still pretty great so the trade-off seems positive to me! Mine has good stats, but only balanced personality. My first intake provided good players with pretty mixed personalities... Got some unambitious... got some light-hearted. With yours, I'd expect better players still with positive personalities, it's not like you went from "Model Citizen" to "Sociopath".
  12. FC United of Manchester 20/21: The Legacy Begins Squad | League Table | Transfers The Story so Far: First season with the fan-controlled FC United of Manchester. The initial squad gave me a solid starting XI, except for a lonely 16yo amateur goalkeeper. Not much depth outside of the starting team. My aim for the season was to survive and find what is the DNA of that squad... We were expected to finish the season 23rd on 24 teams. How will we fare? The Season: Experienced a roller coaster start of season until we settled for a simple 4-4-2, high-pression, wide-p
  13. Quck question: If there's a newgen in your team who was produced during the "holiday season" at the beginning, do you usually give them a tag? (Like YP00a) Or do you start from the first prospects when you take charge (so second year)
  14. 4 Months in with United FC Mid-table for now, switched to a simple 4-4-2 high-pression mix with wide play. Best thing at the moment? This:
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