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  2. I hope you guys are going to fix this soon....
  3. I forgot to include Tameze, previously. He's a loanee from OGC Nice, and more a true DM, but don't think he has the passing attributes to be a DLP either. Atalanta comes with a ton of players in the pipeline, either in their youth system or out on loan, so you might look there, but I can't think of anyone that be ready/available for the first team. If you're not making any transfers, then I'd recommend 5212 as your primary, more attacking formation. Partly because most teams in Serie A are naturally going to look to sit back against you, but also because your squad depth is better suited for it. Ilicic, Gomez, Malinovsky, and Pasalic are all fully capable in the AM strata. Whereas your options are more limited in stay-at-home defensive/support roles in the midfield strata. As you noted initially, all their midfielders want to get forward, because that's how they actually play. It can make for some fantastically entertaining football, but a challenge for setting up with a defense-first system in FM.
  4. I previously raised this early in the cycle, and unless there has been a miscommunication, what you describe is working as intended. The two groups are separate and you need to fulfil both quotas.
  5. All good points @Travis Bickle. I feel your pain, having FM essentially become like a religion for me also. What I would say is that, although there are still issues outside the ME that need a bit of adjustment to become a bit more realistic I am still amazed at times at just how realistic some AI decisions can be. For me the game gets so much right that when it gets it wrong it stands out like a sore thumb. The gameplay outside of the ME is simply superb in my opinion. As it should be. It’s had a good few years of SI love. For me overall immersion is not the issue. The issue, as you’ve stated, is the ME. The game is so close to being what we all want it to be. The next few years MUST be focused on getting the ME right. The question is do you think SI can do it? Personally I still have faith. Mainly because I’m not as upset with this current ME as most. It’s become a little sterile since the last patch. But it’s still playable, for me. But I can see how it’s a tipping point for some. It’s genuinely sad for me that many feel this way. Especially all of us who’ve had it in our lives for so long. I grew up with Star Wars. I put Jedi as my religion in the 2011(?) census. (Bit silly but who cares) Then my religion got torn to pieces and I haven’t even seen the last film, yet. Is FM really dead? I didn’t buy it for 2 years back in ... I can’t remember when, 2010, 2011? because I felt like not enough was changing. Taking a break did me the world of good with it. This doesn’t need to be the end. Keep the faith.
  6. Additional question for anyone impacted by this - do you have Football Manager and the cache folder located on different drives?
  7. Neither of these issues you have reported are happening in our regular builds. There are 24 teams in 2019/20, 23 teams in 2020/21 and 22 teams in 2021/22. Are you using editor files or third party content?
  8. This minimum wage specifically requested by the Chilean HR. The figure is slightly incorrect in game at present but we have now fixed this to the amount the HR specifically requested, which is not the figure you quote. What is your information here? You have posted the same issue in a number of places for different nations. Can you let us know the following things: - Is this a new issue you have noticed following the update that was not previously an issue in previous versions of FM, before this update? - Can you link me specifically to an article saying that minimum wages for professional footballers are the figure you have said they are in each place you have reported this issue?
  9. What about Mario Balotelli, he has played for 20 clubs lol.
  10. Thanks for that Torlo - I'll take a look at it shortly and provide an update. Could you also upload one of the saves close to the date you mention and I'll see if that issue is linked at all. (If the first save doesn't cover that)
  11. No worries. It is a great save, and most of us have this as our flagship save in each edition and usually play for multiple seasons. The constraints are actually an advantage. Enjoy!
  12. Sorry for the delayed response Yoann. It's definetly an issue with the Nvidia graphics card, which our team are in the process of trying to find a fix for. I'll liase with them and give you an update shortly. EDIT: Just to check, is there any difference whether you play in windows or full screen mode?
  13. Ahh - I see your issue now. I'll log it with ther relevant team and provide an update in due course. Does this impact your game at all - are you abe to keep playing in the meantime?
  14. What about Nicolas Anelka? Played for PSG, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Juventus among others. And has won pretty much all there is to win. Also Laurent Blanc. Played for Montpellier, Napoli, Barcelona, Inter and Man Utd, plus others. He won loads of trophies as well.
  15. The crash was logged and a fix has been implemented, it should be released alongside the new update
  16. I am not sure if anyone mentioned this guy in this thread? Victor Orta found this guy and signed him 9M for my Palace save Been brilliant for me
  17. Post your system dxdiag, please, and I'll let you know the status of your drivers. Just to check, is the game performing worse? Or is it just the star level has changed.
  18. Hola: Tengo una tarjeta gráfica AMD Radeon 7580 HD. Cada vez que actualizo el juego, lo ejecuto y se para donde aparecen los jugadores con la camiseta morada y pone football manager 2020. Pongo las carpetas de faces, kit, logos, skins, etc... en otro sitio, luego quito caches y preferences y verifico los archivos. Entonces funciona normal y, cuando quiero actualizar los drivers, me dicen que no es compatible la tarjeta gráfica. Puedo seguir jugando, pero con algunos fallos que son los siguientes: a veces no puedo acabar las conversaciones con jugadores, estoy jugando normal y me reinicia de repente, no puedo cambiar a la skin football manager oscuro porque me da error. ¿Tengo que comprar una nueva tarjeta gráfica más potente o tal vez hay alguna solución diferente? Un saludo y muchas gracias. Agur.
  19. Yeah, it does appear that that is the root of the problem. Google may know more than I do in this case, I'm afraid. Try this thread and see if it helps at all? https://www.pcworld.com/article/2840886/if-windows-virtual-memory-is-too-low-you-can-increase-it-but-there-are-trade-offs.html
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