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  2. Hi, After the latest update (20.2.0), qualification places on my league aren't displayed correctly — see below screenshots for reference. I hope this is just a visual bug and doesn't actually impact my dreams of european qualification... 😢
  3. Hi @Rob Heckman I took a save at the time this issue arose and another the day after the window. Files uploaded - Aaron Hunt Promise 1.fm and Aaron Hunt Promise 2.fm I continued to play out the 2nd half of the season with 19 players supporting a teammate and all had the issue of gradually declining morale until May. I maintain that the way the game currently handles the issue is wrong and needs to be adjusted. As I see it, The promise to Hunt on the promises screen is met on transfer deadline day, the game confirms this. He though, continues to lose morale over it even though it's met and I think that could be argued as fair enough given that he had an issue. The problem is with the players that supported him, their support and decreasing morale continued for 5 months on an issue I resolved on Transfer Deadline day. Remember it's not that I sold a star player, the issue was that the defence needed to be strengthened. Their support of teammate issue in this instance should have resolved immediately as it only related to strengthening the defence which I did on the same day. Also, just in case you missed it there is also a database bug - Interestingly, all the players on the Dynamics Page are supporting "Frank Dauwen" who is a coach at Beerschot VA so another error there. Cheers.
  4. Won't most of your team be unavailable during the international breaks as they're off playing for Cape Verde? Does Portugal have cup games and/or lower league games during the international break?
  5. Not easy for me. I manage St Johnstone, and its taken me until 2022/23 to beat Celtic. Even then it was a 2-2 draw in a Cup they don't care about, and I beat them on penalties. I've also only beaten Rangers around twice in that time. I had a game at Celtic Park where I didn't have a single shot on target as they were all over me all match, couldn't get out my own half.
  6. Its great, such an untouched part of the FM world. He's great, a few attributes have dropped but i'm in the process of upgrading facilities and coaches to help maintain/improve him.
  7. Very much contridicting your self with the style of play. Without wingers, your asking to play the ball down the left and right. From that I'm guessing your LB and RB do a lot of pushing leaving you open for the counter attack? I would change the strikers to middle as the DLF and the other two as PF or Adv. With the slow tempo you will allow the opposition to gain the defensive shape and find it hard to breakdown, adjust the temp to middle or faster tempo, you have players with a good first touch so this should help.
  8. I've decided to have a go in Portugal, and I fully accept that this might be a short effort. I've taken over EA Bragança. The reason for that is that they have almost only Cape Verdean players, and indeed, their grays are also from Cape Verde. The drawback? Two defenders in total, so I have to retrain some to play fullbacks in the first season. I might get sacked soon, but I think it could be a fun challenge. I've already cancelled the player already on loan, btw.
  9. You're doing an amazing job! Would it be possible for you to make a megapack with all your files? I think that would make a lot more people download your work.
  10. And you can also experiment with Work ball into box as an optional/occasional TI. Play both with and without it and see what works better for your team in different situations.
  11. FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.06 20.41.47).dmpFM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.06 21.02.46).dmpFM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.06 20.56.56).dmp
  12. You need to keep it simple, because when it comes to tactics - less is (sometimes/usually/often) actually more. Remove: - pass into space - whipped crosses (leave them on default, i.e. mixed) - overlap left - overlap right - higher tempo (leave it on default, i.e. standard) - fairly narrow width (leave it on default) - more urgent pressing (leave it on default) - get stuck in (leave it on default) - higher LOE (drop it to standard) Add: - be more expressive - split block/press (tell your front 4 players to close down more via their PIs) Regarding roles and duties: - change the striker into PF on attack duty or poacher - change the AML (Bernardeschi) from IW on support into a winger on attack - change the LB (Alex Sandro) from WB on attack into IWB on support - change the GK (Szczesny)into SK on support Play and report back if there is an improvement or not.
  13. thanks for the reply, will do that but this is so annoying and they have to work on that imo. Every year we wait for .3 update to play a decent game smh.
  14. My player Victor Campuzano states in his happiness that he "feels" he has a decent partnership with Borja Garces. However they don't play together and never have?!?
  15. Did I make a good decision picking this up for £600 during the Black Friday sale? https://www.scan.co.uk/products/156-asus-tuf-gaming-fx505dy-bq008t-fhd-freesync-ryzen-5-3550h-8gb-ddr4-1tb-sshd-8gb-flash-4gb-rx-560
  16. Try have defenders with pace. ease off tackles or sub them are both options I use. ease off if booked early in the game, sub if after half time.
  17. On every single save I've tried, every time I take control over "Finding Development Loans for Young Players" it keeps resetting back to my Loan Manager. This causes any loan offer to be automatically accepted by my "board". Is this a known issue? Let me know if you need any other info.
  18. I will say, I think this ME is far more fun than the previous one, if only because it can get really insane sometimes. Like this match I just played: My keeper came away with a 9.0 rating despite making a mistake for one of their goals! Granted, this doesn't happen that often (at least in my save it hasn't) but I'm pretty sure this game should have ended about 7-7 and only the slightly off finishing in this version prevented that. As it was, I won 4-2, having played with 10 men for the final 20 minutes.
  19. Started a save with ManU, but I just couldn't find Japan on the list of countries to scout. It seems to have happened only with Japan, but I might be wrong here. I have uploaded the save game as Cant Scout Japan. Cheers \o
  20. It works if you select by continent or country, but yeah, not by World.
  21. Hope this get fixed in the new update because it's weird to see all stadiums mainly brown
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