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  1. Thanks keysi i will try and have fun with your genial skin.
  2. Have a look. Restart and now this. My changes are reseted:
  3. Hi keysi, is it normal, that at the player profile i have to change the selector panel at every restart? Have a look at the picture and see what i mean. After restart the "Vergleich" is not there, but the statistic e.g.:
  4. Why a new thread? There is a Tad Twenty thread. Post your question there. And, try another zoom.
  5. Is it right, that i can only win in this game, if i play an attacking and pressing formation? I´m testing it since weeks and it seems to be. If i use a defensive tactic, because i´m undedog, i loos, if i use an attacking and pressing tactic, i win. Why is it hardcoded??? it´s not the reality. Please, explain me that. If i´m underdog, i can´t play like man city against everton. I have to play like huddersfield again liverpool. Why in the hell is this hardcoded?
  6. Realy nice skin my dear. If the stadium. player and so on backgrounds would work, it would be sooooo nice.
  7. Could you give us a link to the transparency skin. I would test it for me. It would be realy nice.
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