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  1. vonreichsm

    [FM2019][SKIN] Champions League 2019

    That´s all. Have fun with that background pictures.
  2. vonreichsm

    [FM2019][SKIN] Champions League 2019

    Hi, for all who wants to see custom backgrounds: 1. open client object browser at the panel folder 2. search for lines 9-13 it looks like that: <!-- background picture - covers entire screen --> <widget class="picture" file="backgrounds/1" id="bgnd"> <boolean id="scale_picture" value="true" /> <boolean id="keep_aspect_ratio" value="false" /> </widget> 3. delete the lines 9-13 and copy following lines: <!-- background picture - covers entire screen --> <widget class="background" file="backgrounds/default" id="bgnd"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="bgnd" /> <integer id="set_property" value="file" /> </record> <attachment class="test_multiple_globals_attachment" default_value="false"> <list id="get_properties"> <record get_property="MatS" test_mode="0" value="true" skip_if_null="true" /> </list> <integer id="set_property" value="hidn" /> </attachment> </widget> 4. save the .xml and clear cahce and reload the skin 5. now you will have the custom backgrounds like me:
  3. Is it so, that a tactic with 3 attackers is exploit? Last year for FM18 you won every game with 3 attackers.
  4. vonreichsm

    [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Yes. He will. He is working on it.
  5. vonreichsm

    club overview panel question

    Hi everybody. I´m trying to create my "own" lidle skin with panels from profi skinner. Now i have a question to the club overview panel. You see at the picture, that i can´t read the text of the city, because it is cut of. The colour i know how to change, it is at the club overview panel, but i didn´t find the control that i can do the background of the city text (Köln Deutschland) to another colour and, i want that the Köln Deutschland is a little bit higher, so that i can read all the text. It would be realy nice, if somebody could help me.
  6. vonreichsm

    [FM19] [Skin] OPZ Elite 2019 v.19.2

    And could you please tell us, what we have to change in the cluboverview folder, if we use the citypics you linked above? I´m using it and i can only see kits at the citypic.
  7. vonreichsm

    Problem with Flut Dark skin version 2.1

    Das hast du doch schon im MTF gepostet. Stell den zoom auf 100% runter, oder poste es bei Flut.
  8. vonreichsm

    Clubname abgeschnitten

    Könntet ihr die Anzeige vielleicht variabel machen damit sich das dann einfach anpasst und die Clubnamen immer zu sehen sind? Die Skinner schaffen das ja auch.
  9. vonreichsm

    [FM19] [Skin] OPZ Elite 2019 v.19.2

    Good work. Dows anybody know how i can use the citypack from dasz and not from vitrex at the cluboverview? I want to test the skin with that. Thanks.
  10. vonreichsm

    Clubname abgeschnitten

    Any news for the issue again?
  11. vonreichsm

    Clubname abgeschnitten

    And again the same: It´s your skin and i have the question: Why is the name cut off? Please make it widther that we can read the whole clubname.
  12. vonreichsm

    [FM19] [SKIN] The Rensie Custom Skin(s)

    Is this a bug that i can´t see the "Rolle" (role)?
  13. vonreichsm

    [FM19] [SKIN] The Rensie Custom Skin(s)

    Thanks. Than i´ll do it and hope, that there will no crash dump.
  14. vonreichsm

    [FM19] [SKIN] The Rensie Custom Skin(s)

    Hi keysi, sorry, but i´ve a question too. The ibh panels. You are using the panels from michael from the mod fm19. I wrote that i´ve problems with the high and width of the panels if i change the view at the match. Now my question: can i use the mod from michael from fm18? https://sites.google.com/site/michaeltmurrayuk/Skins/fm18-match-day-background-mod I mean is the only one i have to do is to copy the files from fm18 into your match panel folder and to overwrite the files?
  15. vonreichsm

    [FM19] [SKIN] The Rensie Custom Skin(s)

    I didn´t have this issue.