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  1. Same again. Can´t click on it. Day for day. And after a few day it´s not there that i can click on it:
  2. Will try it, but i think it will not work. It was very often that i couldn´t click on it.
  3. It´s done to si cloud service as anonymos upload. Title is xxx (censored) – FortunaDüsseldorf_01.10.2031 2031.10.22.fm
  4. Gerne. Es hat sich aber nichts geändert. Diesen Wunsch kann ich nicht stellen. Same as you see with default skin from si.
  5. Ich kann den im Bild dargestelten Wunsch nicht anklicken. Zumindest wird er nicht angenommen. Das kann ich jeden Tag machen, bis er automatisch verschwindet und ich den Wunsch nicht mehr äußern kann.
  6. OK. I didn´t know. I´m using championsleague skin.
  7. OK, but why? Here is the skin from skinmaker for the fm23, or not?
  8. So nice. Hope everything will work after the full release
  9. Does anybody know how i can see the stadium in my club overview? I thought there is a panel which i can use to see the stadium in the club overview.
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