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  1. Realy nice skin my dear. If the stadium. player and so on backgrounds would work, it would be sooooo nice.
  2. Could you give us a link to the transparency skin. I would test it for me. It would be realy nice.
  3. Yes you are right and i didn´t know too. Will test something. edit: Which panel controls the history?
  4. Hi keysi, could it be, that i can´t see the history of managers of a club (and all other history): Your skin: Other skin:
  5. And this with your black version, but i will test to clear cache... And no, it is only with this player, not with the other regents. And now after restarting everything is ok. You was right...
  6. Hi keysi. I´m wondering why a regent have a purple skin in your skin (new version 2.5). Have a look at the picture: And the same player with an other skin: What do you mean? And: Happy eastern.
  7. Thanks for updating your skin again. Do you mean it would be helpfull if you can see the media prediction at the club overview? If one team is interesting at me, my first look is at the club overview and than it would be nice, to see the media prediction, or not? Probably next to "Tabellenplatz"? Something like this (earlier version of your skin):
  8. I like your logos, but not your downloadsite.
  9. I don´t like your downloadsite. It seems that you earn money with it.
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