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  1. vonreichsm

    [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    What i said. Best skin ever.
  2. Thanks. I´ll change it and give a report if it works now.
  3. Have a look. Again. MSV Duisburg. ID 933. Match in the 3. Liga in germany. Black adboards, but in the config is the team with the id 933. Any idea?
  4. Is it normal that i have black adboards at the field? At the next game in the same league, but an other team, it looks like this (seems right, or not?)
  5. I did what stranger wrote. Have a look above.
  6. Yes, you forgot RBL. I did what you wrote and now it works fine: Thank you very much.
  7. Didn´t know why, but at the bundesliga games i can´t see the banner of the bundesliga if i´m rbleipzig. Other teams work fine:
  8. Thanks for the update. Nice work and a file which works fine. Othe adboard didn´t work like yours at my pc.
  9. vonreichsm

    [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Thanks for spotting the bug dariox.
  10. vonreichsm

    [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    You have to pm a31632.
  11. vonreichsm

    [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Ah, you mean: "icon preview info panel19" . Thanks. I´ve found it and delete the lines. It works fine and look very fine.
  12. vonreichsm

    [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Thanks, but i hav´nt this panel: "icon preview info panel"
  13. vonreichsm

    [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Nice again. What are the green square on the right side of the kit?