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  1. You have to read the readme. There you will find an answer of all your question.
  2. Yes. Thats the right. You have only to copy the lines and than it works fine.
  3. I didn´t know if you will answer, but i´m testing your skin and because of my resolution the team names are cut off. At other skins i can solve the problem in "competition news panel", but at your skin nothing happend:
  4. Ah. Thanks for that info. Now i understand.
  5. Sorry. I don´t know what is "match caption..." in german. Can´t find anything. It would be nice, if somebody would explain it for me.
  6. Please, let pikawa94 do his work for his skin.
  7. Hi, try other club overview details panel and club overview panel from different skins and have a look if it works. I would do the same.
  8. Please - first read, than ask: https://pastebin.com/ukxaAcuc
  9. Could me please anybody say, which panel this is? I want to change something between the teamlogos. Instead of the "-" i want a "vs": Edit: For the next one. I´ve found it. It´s the "processing upcoming fixture badges" panel.
  10. There it would be realy nice if SI would say what changed with the update 19.3 at the skin.
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