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  1. Hey @Issy, to enable access to the graphical representation of general performance and stats related to defending, pressing, creativity et cetera directly from the player profile, I edited the - player overview big selector panel.xml (located in panels/player) and the - data analyst visualisation profile.xml (located in panels/widgets). After transferring these xml-files (clear cache and reload skin) you should be able to access the graphical representation in the TCS skin as well, I guess.
  2. I was able to create this for now and it works for the role, but we still need to edit the role(duty) information on the button to just display the duty. I just replaced everything below the first line with the respective lines from the FM20 player positions indicator small horizontal.xml like this for the first role and duty: <widget class="stars_range_strip" id="roS1" row="0" col="0" image_alignment="centre" /> <widget class="info_icon_hint_text" id="hnt1" row="0" col="1" /> <widget class="label" id="roL1" row="0" col="2" /> <widget class="popu
  3. Having the information that it was about free agents, I was able to reproduce the issue you described concerning Scout reports. I tried again using the default FM skin and it happened there as well, therefore I would assume that it might be a FM-issue and no skin-issue I could affect. Using this skin, you can only replace the stars by one (similar) object, changing its colour depending on a certain threshold. So different objects (like these arrows in different angles) for different ranges is not possible as far as I discovered.
  4. Of course it might be an option to increase the width of the list on the right, but I don't feel like we gain that much while giving up the nice symmetry and comfort in picking our match squad. To be honest, I haven't heard of this problem before and I haven't discovered it while using the skin so far. But I'll keep an eye out for it. It might be due to some configuration in this preference section? The id="zzzz" isn't something I added to the panel. Even the default player overview panel you'll get by extracting via the Resource Archiver shows this section
  5. Yes, I can try: To display estimated wage and cost, you'll need to insert this into the player personal details panel.xml, but I guess it depends on the container it is located in whether its value really appears: <!-- Estimated cost --> <container id="ecco" width="150" priority="4"> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="fill" gap="0" offset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <widget class="label" alignment="left,bottom" font="label" > <translation id
  6. There's alway room for suggestions, but I'll do my best to stick as close to the default skin as possible, while only removing elements that affect the non-numeric attributes experience like the attribute octagon for example. Concerning 1): Although we'll see the bench players in the team list on the right as well, I don't feel like the bench visualisation is irrelevant. It makes picking your squad way more comfortable and in addition it creates a nice symmetry with the team instructions on the left. So i like it in this place. Removing the information on league table, the club's po
  7. Unfortunately, FM does not consider the attribute ranges in this screen and so far I had to choose between showing the numeric value, removing the number while keeping the column header or showing a red star. But with the last update I was able to fully remove these attributes as well as the column headers, so if you download the new version in the thread's top post, these red stars will disappear. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed using the StarAttributes-skin so far and that you found some kind of work-around concerning the rating ranges to create the best possible experience.
  8. Thank you for your suggestion concerning this topic. Yes, you are able to adjust the thresholds in the custom skin-colour section without any problem in-game. So you can define the areas covering an excellent, good, average or low attribute on your personal preferences. But it is not possible to add a fifth section for example in between average and good. Feel free to come back and share your thoughts on the StarAttributes-experience anytime. This will help me to improve the skin even more to create the best possible version of it.
  9. Hey there, I double-checked and the download should work directly from the top post in this thread, as long as you are signed in. Otherwise there is an option to download it via Google Drive as well. And don't forget to follow the instruction on how to make it work properly after downloading, so you can enjoy StarAttributes all the way.
  10. They should have been updated. Are you playing in [1920*1080]? On the default laptop view the panels next to the attributes-section aren't visible unless you try to adjust the text and image size.
  11. *updated March 13th* Changelog: fully removed attributes (and column headers) in Staff/Responsibilities/Advise and Reports added information on nation trained in and club trained at to the player profile replaced letters with club badges in match score panel enabled to access the graphical representation of general performance and stats related to defending, pressing, creativity et cetera directly from the player profile: IMPORTANT: How to make it work after Downloading: Put "StarAttributes" in your skin-folder open Football
  12. This is due to the person properties.xml. You'll have to choose the default skin and then restart Football Manager and everything should be fine.
  13. Looking at a player's profile with the attributes' classification in poor, average, good and excellent and our coache's report, we are indeed able to get an idea about our player's strenghts and weaknesses. In my opinion, there is not need to know whether this player has 11 or 14 passing, because his performance on the pitch is driven by the combination of many attributes. His success in passing may be affected by his ability to pass (passing), his vision, his decisions, his bravery ... To evaluate his performance we can have a look at his stats, i.e. his pass completion ratio, clear cut chanc
  14. Thank you for your feedback I've seen that graphic before and it seems to be a very impressive approach Dani_Dots developed for his DD2021 realism mod. Some kind of graphical representation of the attributes may be an option in the future of course, but at the moment there are some other things I'm working on first. And I am not sure whether I am able to create something like that at all, what makes Danis work even more impressive. But we'll see
  15. Thank you I'm really looking forward to your feedback. But isn't it a good thing to make it harder to distinguish between a (former) poor and star player by just considering their attributes? In this case their performance on the pitch (and in training) is way more important and you may tend to trust in players you haven't considered because of their attributes before.
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