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  2. So, who did you sell in the first season and for how much in order to generate enough transfer cash to buy them?
  3. This forum is for reporting bugs in the match engine.
  4. This is what I've tended to do in this situation. I sell one maybe two of say 4 or 5 players who are unhappy only if I have identified replacements for them already. If not I just keep them unhappy, they usually get over it within a month of the transfer window once the other teams interest disappears. Often it doesn't cause too much of an issue beyond 1 or 2 players in the squad supporting them, if they are really important players most players actually side with you. There's not a lot you can do in regards to minimum fee release clauses apart from trying to negotiate them as high as possible or removing them in the initial negotiations (it may cost marginally more in wages to do this but is IMO worth it longterm). This strategy has worked well for me so far as Barnsley in Fm20.
  5. The biggest thing I am holding out for now is I would really hope SI would adjust all the players that start with 1 in determination. They have acknowledged it as an error in the way they released it, I just hope they fix it on or before the release date.
  6. Please upload specific .pkms if reporting to add to this issue.
  7. So I was looking through different clubs to start a save with when FM20 is fully released and I noticed some clubs have a preferred culture of signing players from countries that isn't theirs. Such as a 1 Dezembro in the lowest league in Portugal. They ask you to sign Canadian and Ghuayan players, which is awesome! This seems like it could be a very unique challenge. So I'm raising this to ask are their anyone clubs that have really interest cultures that anyone has noticed?
  8. Hi! I've come across a problem that there's given way too many penalties in some of my matches. It's very often the same team in the match who receives the penalties, and it ranges from up to 3-5 penalties a game. It has been both me and the AI team who's recieved these penalties. I also feel that when looking at the penalty situations in the match engine, the decisions made by the referee often is completely wrong as opposed to there beeing to many "clumsy tackles". For me the game is unplayable at the moment because of this, and i hope that it will be better after the next patch. Iv'e attached a match file in this post where i was given 5 penalties. Helsingborgs IF v Kalmar FF.pkm
  9. Son Heung-min is Korea A-team captain. But in this game, his leadership ability is too low. It's 5. I think captain leadership stats are 5 is too low.
  10. £1.4M is a lot of money at this point!
  11. Today
  12. They join in 2019 so u have to auto sim to the mls 2019 season
  13. Last year was the exception I think. They were ready to lock down the game early so Beta users got the full issued game a day or so early. No harm in keeping a close eye on things but otherwise get some sleep now, you'll need it.
  14. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but had 4 pens in this game, not sure if it's just something highly unlikely that happened or an issue but thought it was worth reporting incase, have attached the match file. Arsenal v Ferencváros.pkm
  15. Summary: Created three kits for the club, but they aren't selected in away games Description of Issue: The secondary and third kits are not selected in any games, nor the league away or the cups away games. The only kit selected is the primary kit. Steps to Reproduce: a) Create-a-club b) Edit the kits, adding or not a third one. c) Play the game Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Kieran Sonter - London Titans.fm
  16. Yep. This is him in my save. Doesn't cost a pretty penny, and is really, really good. I initially alternated with him as a Trequarista, before settling as a B2B midfielder. Among other midfielders I've seen, only Milinkovic-Savic comes close (or can potentially get better) in terms of overall attributes. Another interesting one to note is Joshua Kimmich. Looks like he could work wonderfully as a B2B midfielder, while covering multiple roles.
  17. I'm interested in buying a laptop to play Football Manager. My questions for those who play or have played this game on a laptop are the following: does the machine get too hot while playing? And what can you tell me about the noise? Thanks.
  18. I had this very issue with a loanee from Monaco. Pre-Brexit I signed him on loan for the entire season. Post Brexit he didn't have a Work Permit, presumably because his contract was under the 8k threshold to get one. So I had a player sat around doing nothing for 6 months. Shame as he was my star player too. I raised it as a bug at the time and SI asked for a save file before it happened. Sadly I didn't have one.
  19. Well, this is a disaster. Played a whole season no and started prea season again and no youth intake in the country.. PLEASE FIX:)
  20. Played over 1 season now and have not had a youth intake... This must be a bug.
  21. Oof, that Dinamo loss must have hurt.
  22. Have anyone here played in Uruguay yet? I have played over one season now and still has not have had a Youth intake for the year..
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