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  1. I'm away from home and don't have access until Saturday but I will upload a save. Another issue was that some teams have actually registered 3 foreigners. When only 2 are allowed under the rules too, I checked their registration screens and it had foreigner rules as a cross but they'd been allowed to register them. (Sadly I was only allowed to register 2).
  2. They'll give you X% of transfer fees received upto 29 million and then reduce it to Y% after 29 million. The only daft thing is the amount for the league you are in.
  3. The game is classing Singaporeans as foreign when I register my team. One guy is Japanese but has Singaporean as a 2nd nationality. 3 guys are actually Singaporean internationals but on the registration screen it shows they are foreign, but doesn't actually class them as foreign for registration purposes.
  4. Schmidt played all of about 75 mins for me over 2 seasons and was sold back to Austria. I dread to think how rubbish he is now...(he was L1 level on my save).
  5. Finished 5th last 2 seasons in the Prem. Was in a title challenge until February last season and fell away badly as the sheer amount of games killed us. In 2022 thanks to the World Cup in Qatar we take 2 months off in November and December. We made it to the FA Cup final (lost 2-1 to Jurgen Klopps Man City, Pep won the league with Liverpool strangely enough). Won the Carabao against Derby and beat Sevilla in Sevilla 2-0 Wilks nodding in a corner at the back post! Aiden Marsh developed to a point where he was wanted by everyone scored 7 goals in his first 11 Prem games. 60 million transfers were talked of, he's been injured on and off the last 18 months and I honestly think his career at the top level is pretty much over at 20! Such a shame cos he was brilliant for about 4 months. Sibbick is still somehow in my team haha.
  6. I've just won the Uefa Cup and Carabao Cup double in my 4th season and we are in the champions league. Honestly thought he looked out of his depth against that French non-league side we played in preseason. My opinions only gone down from there. Genuinely think he's one of the worst players I've ever seen play football. To the point I'm amazed he's even a pro at this point. He let's the ball bounce rather than heading it clear, he never blocks a cross (I don't think he actually knows how to), if a pass is more than 3 yards then watch out cos he can't pass, he jogs back after he's gotten caught out of position (a constant no matter where we stick him). As MY dad said and I quote "He's best off in midfield because hề can do the least damage to us there". It was a bit of a joke comment as frankly you've Got a thankless task rating this squad.
  7. I think the ME is much much improved from the last version in the Beta. Lots of variety in goals and passes. Players finally cross the ball much more naturally. One on one's seem to be missed but in more realistic situations than before, IE defender pressure, angle, GK rushing off his line to smoother rather than just awful shooting as before.
  8. They ended on 11 points. But yeah. It's the worst I've ever seen a team do in FM.
  9. Yeah I hope this gets fixed as I see one on one's constantly missed. Then goals just come from set pieces, mistakes or worldies. It's so frustrating and boring to watch. I really dislike this current ME. It's the worst we've had in years.
  10. Here's hoping because there is nothing worse than seeing one on one's constantly missed but 30 yard worldies, mistakes and set pieces accounting for 75% of all goals.
  11. I really, really, really hope the ME gets another overhaul in the full release because at the minute it's just a frustrating mess for me. Love everything else about the game except the ME at the minute.
  12. I'm actually not in NZ anymore. I've been floating about in Asia the last 8 or so years. Yeah it's strange how some people love an ME and others hate the exact same ME and have diametrically opposed experiences of it.
  13. 3 seasons in Prem league is as follows 21/22: Mason Greenwood 25 20/21: Lautaro Martinez 23 19/20: Sergio Aguero 22
  14. This is why the current ME is for me the worst we've had in many years. Its a frustrating mess, actual good football often results in fluffed chances or your fullback ignoring the 3 totally unmarked players to shoot from the byline. Then goals come from really weird mistakes, set pieces or an out of nowhere 30 yard worldie. I've also seen the suicidal cross into the box by fullbacks twice too (both in my favour). For me FM2019 was the best ME we've had. Every other ME has had at some point had glaring issues that really annoyed me. FM19 from day one of the Beta was great IMO and was still great right until about 3 weeks ago when I stopped playing it to play FM20.
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