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  1. It might be because I'm playing lower level but this match engine is rubbish. My players are absolutely not doing what I tell them to do. I want direct counter attacking football (which I got previously) now I get the defenders messing around doing side to side passes then losing it and us conceding and I have zero idea why.
  2. I've seen the following errors with offsides in this version. - ball deflects off a defender when another defender kicked it into him, to my player stood offside, hes given offside even though you can't be offside if the opposition give you the ball. - about 4,000,000 times a player in no way interfering with play is offside and a play who is scores, it's given offside because of the guy in the bottom corner of the pitch. - Players being given offside because well the game just decides to put the offside line about 8 defenders back for some reason! This is absolutely game breaking for me at this point!
  3. Very much like my save. I absolutely walked both League One and the Championship. Eventually lost Lindsey and Williams (who turned into a brilliant right wingback) in January in the championship. Usual Barnsley way they wanted new contracts we could only afforc them with ridiculously low minimum fee release clauses. Lost about 4 million quid due to it. I bought Faruggia by the way. Decent enough player if nothing brilliant.
  4. The offsides this year seem to be horribly broken they often don't take into account if a player was interfering with play or if an opposition player passed the ball back (this is obviously not offside IRL).
  5. I've been using an asymmetric 4-4-2 WBA Cd CD WBS IWA MCD DLPS IFA PFA TMS We are currently 19 games in 17 wins and 2 draws. I'm at the point where I honestly think the games kinda broken. Also using Geggenpress. I've found with the Geggenpress you need to defend wide and force teams to play it into the middle and attack through the middle too. Just overlap on one side with Cavarre. I let Moore and Woodrow swap places throughout the game.
  6. Actually it's December and I'm unbeaten still.
  7. I'm a massive Reds fan and have started a save as them. Currently unbeaten in October absolutely miles clear at the top. Sunderland just sacked their manager because they were 7th with a game in hand, which would put them 2nd. I just smashed them a few days later 3-0 away from home too.
  8. When you first load the game as Barnsley there are a few issues with the team and squad IMO. Firstly George Moncur hasn't been nor is on the transfer list as he is in game. Secondly Cauley Woodrow should have a hamstring injury. He's yet to start a game this season. Thirdly the club should have a philosophy in place that we only sign under 25 players. This has been the clubs public position for at least 3 years now, why FM has never implemented it is beyond me.
  9. Just find the bits with Teach, he was excellent. Everyone else was a muppet tactically.
  10. I suspect it will come out around 2am here...bonus though I don't have to be at work until 6;30pm tomorrow. Then I'm essentially busy until Sunday at about 7pm.
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