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  1. Older MEs IE before FM19 has far more realistic shots and shots on target stats which were/are basically in-line with real world stats. Hence people don't find these as frustrating and complain that world class players miss chance after chance, because they don't essentially.
  2. I'm basically saying the ME is broken because we'll it's broken. You can make tactics that mitigate this and might make it marginally more enjoyable for you. I'm certainly not saying it's your tactics. I'm saying it's the ME.
  3. I've had it happen once or twice where I've competed against one team for league and Cup titles domestically over a number of seasons. It comes up as a competitive rivalry.
  4. It makes sense within the context of how the current ME seems to operate. - It creates far too many shots and shots on target. - It seems to be fairly rigid in replicating a realistic amount of goals as per IRL stats (irregardless as to how many shots on target etc you actually have). To achieve the latter of those two it makes your striker miss millions of chances. If it didn't he'd score 70 goals every season.
  5. There are other issues with this ME but I'd suggest if your shot stats were closer to real life you wouldn't be as frustrated with that result or similar results. You've essentially had over double the amount of shots and shots on target that an average Premier league game would have IRL. I bet at the end of a season though you score around a realistic amount of goals.
  6. You can't disagree with the club vision as the board just refuse to accept any changes to it.
  7. I said in the feedback thread that the current ME often feels it's working towards creating ultra realistic stats that compare to real life rather than stats my actual tactic should create. So as in your case if you create lots and lots of great chances, your striker will just miss them because the ME can't allow you to get too ahead of IRL goals scored stats. The only place the ME falls down in creating realistic stats here is the shots on target and conversion rate. There are almost double the amount of shots on target in the current ME than IRL. If the conversion rate was 30% rather than 10%, you'd have scores of 5-7 on the regular. The two things above is what creates this issue IMO.
  8. I never said I wouldn't sort them out! I do. But guess what the AI can't. So it's essentially exploiting the awful ME to give me a massive advantage over AI teams. You've yet again in trying to defend it pointed out exactly why it's so so broken.
  9. Working your way around it isn't particularly fun and just highlights exactly how wonky the ME is. A 5-3-2 with geggenpressing will see you win 80% of your games with any side and no transfers. All the people defending the ME are IMO basically pointing out exactly what is wrong with the ME. The fact you have to "work around" the MEs flaws surely points out its an awful ME. I should be trying to work out tactical flaws not ME flaws.
  10. I've had plenty who had both a beard and were grey at 16. I've seen younger looking 60 year olds.
  11. I've said before in the bugs forum that the ME does a great job of mirroring real life statistics but the way it chooses to to do that does not replicate real life football. Or football that feels real. Or football that feels as a result of your tactical choices. By this I mean I often get the sneaking suspicion that my striker has just missed 7 CCC's because if he didn't we'd be smashing the real world statistics every season and the ME can't have that. I pretty much always play very attacking football and have always accepted this comes with defensive risks as in I know we will get hammered occasionally. That never really happened in FM20. I'd average about 1.7-2 goals per game and the AI would average 0.5-07. This was pretty much within 0.2 goals either way constantly over numerous seasons. It always felt artificially forced and never a natural result of my tactical setup. (its also possibly because the AI in FM20 thinks ultra-defensive is literally it's only choice). In FM18 I'm currently averaging around 3 goals per game and conceding 1.5 goals per game. Exactly what I'd expect from my style of tactics. It feels much more dynamic and natural and a result of my tactical choices. (Birmingham in second have by far the best defence conceding less than a goal a game but barely scoring more than a goal a game). This feeling of not really having much impact, that lack of dynamism. The feeling of this is just playing to achieve some real world stat rather than creating a genuine footballing universe is why FM20 is no longer installed on my computer. * I fully accept that the above could well just be faulty perception on my part, but I've played enough games in enough leagues with enough different formations and styles and very much always had this feeling with all of them.
  12. The thing is about real life is I play FM to get away from it. Things like this are save breaking and for a game like FM, game breaking pretty much. If it's a feature it's a horrible one.
  13. I don't play FMT... I'll be honest I almost never buy new games. I've been taught by years of experience to just buy games after a year at half the price. Usually as for half the price I get the actual full game and all the DLC they cut out and sold back to people.
  14. I'm sure as someone who works in the games industry you'd be aware why Money is a dirty word in gaming in 2020. It's literally destroying it. Gambling sold to children as surprise mechanics etc (loot boxes). Parts of games cut out and sold back to people as DLC. Changes of hair colour sold for $1 a time. The list is almost endless. I must say SI are probably the only games company who doesn't partake of any of these practices which they should be congratulated on.
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