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  1. Looking at the XG map for the championship in the second season only 9 teams are classified as being clinical. If as some would have us believe strikers are OP then surely this would be far higher...
  2. I add the options in regards to me clubs transfer policies. They are in a drop down menu in the top right corner. Usually I just select all transfer policies. Other times I just pick some of them. I also tell them to only scout within the UK as due to Brexit most foreigners can't get a work permit anyway. I've yet to struggle to get a player recommended for a position.
  3. Mine have been really successful so far. I give them quite a bit of info to go off though. Getting them to scout re my clubs transfer policy and giving them a month rather than what appears to be the default 1 week.
  4. Last year I was both conceding less than XG predicted and scoring way more than it predicted. It was one of the reasons I wanted to tweek my tactics for this season as I knew that wouldn't last forever. The way the ME is this year even when a striker misses a great chance I'm just oh bloody hell because it's a fairly rare occurrence.
  5. Finally gotten around to finishing a season and man I don't think I've been this engrossed in a FM save in years. As always on the Beta I took charge of my beloved Barnsley and try to get them promoted. The season can be broken down into 3 periods. Period 1 where I tried to recreate our real life tactics, which was fairly effective but really relied on the AI missing a lot and me taking all my chances. Then a period of just not being able to buy a win for about 2 months then a long period where I'd finally perfected my own style which after an 11 game unbeaten run was actually named by the pre
  6. Ruins the save. I really hope they patch it out for the full version or make it easier to get a work permit. I really can't see it being so restrictive IRL.
  7. Under the system in FM21 (note not FM19 which is 2 years old) wages don't come into the Work Permit system...amazing that 2 completely different games work differently.
  8. And now I've just realised Brexit has essentially ruined this save. All foreigners now need a work permit, but due to the work permit rules that means almost zero players willing to come to a Football league club are ever going to qualify for a work permit of course! It's a million percent unrealistic it's never going to happen IRL like this. I really wish they'd give you the option to turn Brexit on or off as it's literally save breaker.
  9. I really hope they don't because I find it fairly boring at minute to be honest. Most games are fairly drab affairs.
  10. No mate it has been moved to team report > analyst report. All the information is under there now.
  11. Burnley MK2 IE Barnsley who IRL the BBC and Sky constantly get mixed up with Burnley got 600k...no help to you but it is what it is!
  12. Played a few games now. ME is a massive improvement over FM20. Movement from strikers is massively improved. Defenders get caught out of position in a far more realistic way. Strikers actually score when 1 on 1! In fact in one game I lost 4-1 it was almost like I was watching the team I support in real life where we have loads of the ball then get hit horribly on the counter. The ME UI however is a massive step-back with so much info thrown at you most of it useless or difficult to interpret. Press conferences are essentially a re-skin and something my Assman will be doing within the d
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