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  1. I 100% agree with you on this to be honest. The last ME had issues but it entertained me. I also stayed offline so FM couldn't update but had to go online for something else and of course FM updated so I'm stuck with this now. I'd rather have ME V2026, it was light years ahead of this to be honest. This ME, is like watching magnolia paint dry. It's 2019ME but worse.
  2. I think this is honestly the worst ME we have had of all of the ones we've had this year. I just can't get into it. Attackers are now just passengers. Movement is zero. Central play is zero. I've won almost all my matches, drawn a few and lost 1 competitive game and yet I'm bored to tears by the whole experience. I'll be back for FM21, as SI get a do over due to the years of enjoyment they've given me.
  3. Are clearcut chances now even a thing? In 24 matches on this ME I've had 19 in total for and against! Some of the most boring and insipid football I've ever seen. Bring back v2026 all is forgiven...
  4. So they made the ME even worse than the last one. Okay that one had the long ball problem but at least attackers (Strikers, wingers and Amc's) actually had movement etc and I felt I had at least a modicum of control over what happened. Now goals for both me and the AI seem to come from some random number generator that gifts a goal from a 30 yard howitzer or a set piece. I feel like I have zero control. Plus central play is now none existent. Players just pass out wide and get a cross in.
  5. Updates - literal first news item: "Takeover is happening and the new consortium wants to replace the current manager (IE me)" (I'm about 8 seasons in and have won 2 continental comps with an unfancied team) Total coincidence and the takeover collapsed but I'm sure there is a let's antagonise the player setting I've missed in FM20 and it's dialled to 11 at the minute haha.
  6. Check other foreign players at other clubs and see if they have any days to nationality under their Nationality info. If nobody has this then SI have obviously decided for whatever reason that gaining Indonesian nationality is essentially impossible so removed it from the game as per China.
  7. It's possibly a bug as they should be able to gain Indonesian citizenship after 5 years of residing there. I find the gaining citizenship bits in FM are very hit and miss as to whether it works or not. I know China doesn't have it, but that's fairly realistic as its almost impossible to gain Chinese citizenship IRL. Also players often take citizenship to "help their club with foreign player limits", I've got 2 players who are doing just that on my current save. Neither will probably play for the national team of their adoptive nation. I've got 1 player who has 40+ caps for his home nation who also took a second nationality to help with the foreign player limits.
  8. I've been saying for months that the biggest issue with the ME is in fact the AI and the fact it is perfectly happy to lose 1-0 rather than even attempt to win a game of football. It means you end up with games where you end up with 30+ shots and maybe 1 goal as the shots are all fairly low quality due to the AI just defending with 11 men refusing to leave their own 6 yard box.
  9. I'm not using the public beta and am in fact staying offline so the game can't update as I was scared the ME would in fact get even worse than it was (I actually don't mind V2026). Am I right to avoid the public beta? Is it in fact worse than V2026?
  10. Kids these days only like mega easy games with colourful graphics. They just wouldn't get FM...
  11. Over a short period of time, tactics, team spirit, work ethic etc can Trump ability. But over a longer period ability will always win out IMO.
  12. I've repeatedly said the AI struggles to score goals because of the fact its far, far, far too cautious. Especially teams that are struggling. I'm actually convinced that if some teams at the bottom showed even 20% more effort in attack they'd comfortably stay up. But as it is they choose to sit back and lose 1-0 every week. Top teams don't get a chance to rack up goals due to the issues well documented in these one hundred and odd pages that come from general ME issues and teams packing defence. But it is absolutely possible for us human managers to rack up tonnes of goals.
  13. The work permit rules for the UK have been IMO bugged for years in FM. Players who IRL would get a permit never do for Erm reasons that are never explained at all never mind fully.
  14. I regularly thrash those types of non-league side by 10+ goals in friendlies. I've won 2 competitive games by 7 goals this season. In averaging 3 goals a game. So it is perfectly possible to score lots of goals in this ME. My point is to be Frank and that you are scoring a perfectly reasonable amount of goals. 26 goals in 30 odd games is a fantastic return for any striker. FM has in the past been totally unrealistic with human players being able to get even mildly average strikers to score 30 or 40 goals for years on end.
  15. Since 2000 only 4 players have managed to score more than 50 goals in a season in all competitions. C. Ronaldo Messi Henrik Larsen Mario Jardel. In the Premier league the top goalscorer has been between 18 and 34 goals. Only 9 times has the top scorer gotten over 30. The average over all the seasons is around 26 goals per season to be top scorer. Most strikers don't get anywhere near 30+ goals a season regularly. Top players certainly aren't doing it for fun. FM isn't replicating the top end of goals enough. But as I've said previously I'm pretty sure this is down to the AI being so defensive. I'm into a new season and my top scorers have got 8 in 11 and 9 in a 8! So it's very possible to get strikers to bag loads of goals.
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