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  1. FM18: Rotherham United

    Awards! I almost forgot!
  2. FM18: Rotherham United

    Season went well! Close to FA cup final but a mistake from Fila cost us the game. We did amazing in the league compared to what I thought we would. Strengthen my defense and I should be able to full on challenge next season. I need a second RB, a new LB and I'm not sure what I plan to do with my CBs. We'll see.
  3. FM18: Rotherham United

    Heartbreak. Two injury time goals means we're out of the Champions League. We had enough chances to win this game as well! On the plus side. We won the Carabao cup! Then they got revenge in the league! Manchester United game as well. We led 2 - 0, they went down to 10 men. Coman came on and we couldn't cope, he was unreal.
  4. FM18: Rotherham United

    First leg. They battered me . Neymar was playing MC ffs!
  5. FM18: Rotherham United

    Mid season update, We don't draw! Even when Chelsea equalised in the 90th minute.. we went and scored again! Let's see how many trophies we end up with! Hopefully at least one! Some awards as well!
  6. FM18: Rotherham United

    How it finished. Juventus have a brilliant team but were so poor in the CL. GULP. How did PSG finish runner up!? THEIR SQUAD IS AMAZING!
  7. FM18: Rotherham United

    Champions League group half way point. We're the only team to beat Krasnodar which we did 5 - 0. Dortmund beat us 4 - 2 for our loss. Not how I thought the group would look after 3 games!
  8. FM18: Rotherham United

    Our first Champions League game. Hopefully they're all that easy. Juventus, especially Schwolow who gave us atleast two goals, were awful.
  9. FM18: Rotherham United

  10. FM18: Rotherham United

    Pre-Season and Transfers I couldn't not sell Moore and Hause for those prices. Same with goes with Jeff Reine-Adelaide. Moore doesn't even look expensive, especially as my captain but his performances were getting worse and he was dropping down and down the pecking order. I've not replaced Jeff. I've not been using wide players and I still have 6 Strikers(I play 3) and I think that's fine. Pedro Alvaro is Moore's replacement. He's a different sort of player to Moore. Alvaro is more comfortable with the ball, I wonder if that will help at all at the back. To replace Hause I bought a young Spanish CB for his min. fee. Can improve, doesn't look too bad. Either way I reckon I could cash in on him. Arsenal wouldn't sell me Robles and finding a RB was tough, I had to loan in a youth player from Manchester United. Stephens and Chalobah can fill the RB roll if need be. Chalobah can play all down the back and is a physical beast. Driven mentality like Adarbioyo who plays miles above his ability. Should be a crackin' purchase. The midfield wasn't supposed to get replaced like it did but I found the player I wanted for my CM-D. Transfer listed for £15mil and I think he looks pretty good. Best purchase is this fella. I was after him earlier but couldn't get a WP so I had to pay more and give his club a 30% of profit made, I doubt I'll ever plan to sell him. Future goalkeeper maybe? Time will tell. I have Matthew Ryan to tutor him. England do love splashin' the cash.
  11. FM18: Rotherham United

    And it didn't finish there! 89th minute equaliser and 122nd minute goal!!! Super Cup Winners!
  12. FM18: Rotherham United

    Shame about Kubala coming 2nd scorer due to games played and not being to win both. What a player we have here. The League With the Europa games our form league went a bit pants towards the end but I'd of rather won the Europa League this year, it's a huge achievement. I have some quality players on the books, let's hope they stay around. I like to sign youth and it's proving to work but I need some experience at the back. Need to strengthen my defence and CM-D slot for sure but we're building a great team here. How does this one work? Kubala should be winning hands down! End of Season A team I can agree on for once! Robles was a great loan and I'd pick him up but his value has sky rocketed being here and I don't want to pay that much. Let's see how we do next season, I think I'll spend a bit more money this transfer window for some defenders.
  13. FM18: Rotherham United

    Europa League Final - North vs South Their form is terrible and I hope it shows today. Kadlec will be a miss due to how well he played in the semi-final. Thurner and Muyumba are both on my bench. This being played in France vs Arsenal feels like an away game compared to a neutral game . I forgot to grab the pre-match line up picture so here's the formations instead. Normally I'd have Woodrow in the support role but Gribbin played so well there. First Half And the reason he is there is... 15TH MINUTE GOAL!!! 30TH MINUTE AND IT'S 2!! That came from nothing! No one closed down Brownhill! 32ND MINUTE AND IT'S 2 - 1! Cross in from Galleri and Soriano nods in! It's half time and we lead! RB and CB are both booked but I don't want to change anything yet! Second Half The post! Cross in, it's hit down, deflected and Kubala hits the post! Bit of luck and Bellrin is in but it's straight at Ryan! Kubala makes a great run but is a bit selfish and shoots instead of crossing but requires a good save! There's a goal... IT'S 3 - 1 TO THE MILLERS, 60TH MINUTE! Stephens heads in Camaras corner. Both the yellow card players! It's 3 - 2! Bellerin plays a ball down the right to Calleri and he hits in a good shot! 20 minutes left and I need some subs! Brownhill went close! It's 3 - 3! Stephens makes the mistake! Kolasniac plays a low ball and Kovalenko hits in! COME ON MILLERS! WE DO NOT WANT EXTRA TIME! 90th minute and we're down to 10, Woodrows knock has forced him off. ET: First Half We're both down to 10! Kolasniac fouls Stephens for his second yellow! Gribbins hits a freekick but it's juwt wide! No! It's a penalty! Stephens tried to put his foot in and takes down Calleri. Stephens may be lucky to be on the pitch. IT'S SAVED BY RYAN! We're still in this game, it's so close! There's a goal... IT'S TO THE MILLERS! 105th minute and good passing and Thurner to Gribbin who slots low! ET: Second Half Another penalty!!! THIS TIME IT'S TO ROTHERHAM! Muyumba gets played the ball on the right, about to hit in and Marchizza takes him out! Brownhill steps up and... PERRIN SAVES! STILL 4 - 3! So close! Corner swung in, it's headed down and Thurner shoots! Perrin just saves but Fila can't get to it and it's cleared! IT'S FULL TIME!!! Most conceded and most scored Oops
  14. FM18: Rotherham United

    Oh my! Well, they scored and thought it was game over. We missed three absolute sitters. Hands on head full on sitters. We just didn't look like the side that had been playing so well in Europa. I made a couple of changes, Gribbin, Kubala even with a knock up with Kadlec. It changed the game. Gribbins passing tore their defence apart. Kubala goes down for the assists, Kadlec is MotM for the goals but my word, Gribbin changed that game. We're into the final!!!!
  15. FM18: Rotherham United

    That game was so close, either team could of had 3 or more! They have an away goal, this is a nervy second leg! We've lost Kubala to injury aswell.