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  1. I'd love to keep Ogbene but he is refusing to stay, Lapado is on 3k a week and isn't going to be offered a new contract. I'll try find some cheap purchases to replace them.
  2. August So close to being perfect. A poor pass from REG to Harding, they knock a ball over and Ikky messes up for Plymouth to take the lead, Smith equalised straight after and I'm thinking we've still got this. Change formation, attack, 93rd minute corner is swung in, REG is free and he hits wide! It was an absolute sitter. Thankfully after that even if we've conceded, our players have found Smith who's been incredible. Sadlier is actually pretty good in the striker role and he scored the winner against Wigan. I didn't change much of the side that battered Fleetwood and they Wigan tore Richard Wood apart, he gave them an early penalty so a win was huge. Both Ikky and REG did score against Morecambe and Ikky again against Donny so it isn't just Smith . Grigg has been poor though. Our 5 - 3 - 2 formation is now our main formation, though we could be losing a player pretty soon. We couldn't afford the wage he wanted, he said about exploring options and then got offended when I said Rotherham is close to his heart, I mean we stuck with him through all the time he was injured. Sadly it looks like we're losing Ogbene to an MLS side but I'd rather take a mil now then nothing at the end of the season. I have players who can play at RWB. Carabao Cup Huge win, Freddie was class as we played 4 - 3 - 3. Midfield were brilliant, big difference and Brighton come to the New York in September. JPT Straight forward. Wait, my board. A 2 - 0 win was classed as a B- with no negatives. I think I need to make a seperate save and post this as a bug. September has some big games, hopefully we can keep the form going.
  3. Oh well, atleast we got to the final . Cheers man .
  4. With FM22 comes my annual Rotherham United save. The title is tounge in cheek, our squad was hit with Covid twice meaning we had to postpone fixtures of the 2020/2021 season. Just look at the fixture list for April We were staying up until Cardiff equalised in the 88th minute to send us down back to league one. So it's my job to take us back up. If there isn't any issues I'll be carrying the save over to the full release. My database: Always like a big database to find gems. I sorted exploited that with my York City save as Colombia had some insane cheap newgens . Not alot of history for us Millers. I think our biggest achievement is the League Cup final but that was many moons ago. I mean our squad for League One is incredible. This is what the game thinks my strongest 11 is. In truth the squad has no weakness. We've had a fantastic summer bringing in players to not fill the gaps but massively improve them. The only improvement that's needed is a left footed CB to play in the back 3 but in FM I've never felt this has been an issue. The difference in real life compared to FM is in FM we also have an extra CB who's been unable to play for Rotherham this season in Angus MacDonald. Also have to note Rotherham United doesn't have an under 23s side. The team: Johansson is one of the best goalkeepers in the league and Vickers is an excellent backup who could push #1 spot. Magic Hat Richard Wood, MacDonald, Ihiekew, Edmonds-Green, Harding and Mattock can all play CB. Bola is a great backup for Ferguson at LWB and they can both play backup for Mattock at LB. Harding is the teams best RB with Odoffin playing backup to him. Odoffin will also be playing in midfield. Barlaser is a Championship MC and can still improve and you have the quality Wiles and the two duracell batteries in Rathbone and Linsday. Odoffin and Shane Ferguson can play back up to those four and we have six that can play in the center. Ogbene is the best RWB/RM/RW at our club. Miller is great as an IF at RW and a good backup at LWB. Sadlier who is with the attackers is great as an IF at LW. Upfront we have the 6'3 Smith who will be leading your line in whatever formation you'd use, or I'll use. Grigg should be his partner but he's been lackluster so far. Kayode still has great potential and Freddie is Freddie. Ladapo is my 3rd striker if Grigg can find his boots but Kayode has been decent in pre-season. The biggest problem at Rotherham United is I've managed to keep Johannsson, he'll be a Championship goalkeeper easily. Smith, Ikky and Linsday have agreed to have their contracted extended. Ogbene wants far too much and his agent now dislikes me. The others can wait 'til the end of the season. Rotherhams best formations are The way we're set up in real life, Ogbene would be at WB but he's currently injured. I play with this a tiki-taka style. To fit in our fringe players this is my second formation It plays Sadlier and Miller but it's been very strong in pre-season. I mean we have a good enough squad to play 4 - 4 - 2 but our MC four are just too good that I want to be playing three of them. This is how good we've been doing pre-season Sheff Utd managed a late equaliser but we've controlled every game. I can't see why we can't win the league. And if Smith keeps his pre-season form going he's scored 5 in 8 I'll think he'll get the top goalscorer. With that, it's time to start my season
  5. Tried a couple of different tactics so far. The attacking movement, from tactic one my wing backs and tactic two my inside forwards feels like such an improvement. Everything at Rotherham seems great.
  6. Rotherham United until I'd played too much and need a break and then York City, probably after the Winter patch.
  7. Listen to Biffy Clyro Hunger in your Haunt and then Human Male 01. Both songs are in the same video on YT.
  8. New Biffy Clyro will be on Spotify at midnight and I'll get to mess around with Rotherham United on the beta to see if anything needs tweaking. This is a good day
  9. I think this sums up what annoys me Heck, I'm glad I got to see us in a major tournament final and it's a day/game I'll always remember, I'm proud of our team and hopefully it long continues. We have some cracking young players and hopefully this experience will help out Southgate and we can win the World Cup next year instead .
  10. He's our captain and for alot of the second half he looked so casual. We looked so much better when we were closing down and I know you can't do that for 90 minutes but I just felt tonight he wasn't the player we know he can be. I hate the fact that our striker is our captain but he didn't exactly put spirit into the team did he? He's immune to being subbed and after Chiesa goes off(who probably would of scored at some point) and both of Italys CBs are on yellow cards, he has to put pressure on them. I know it isn't soley his job but I don't feel he plays the captains role very well at all. Half time of ET the camera panned to England, it's Henderson doing the job of what Kane should be doing.
  11. And then you could see Maguire getting more and more annoyed that he had no outlet to play the ball too. I was impressed by our back line this Euros. Walker defensively has been a wall, Maguire/Stones been brilliant and Shaw has been ace. After that it just goes a bit tits up.
  12. So glad someone else feels this way. I've never seen such a casual captain, he was just casually jogging most the second half. Lift the team up, put in some fighting spirit, you're in a bloody final!
  13. Kane was absolutely terrible after the first half, he's our captain and offered absolutely nothing. I thought I'd be more gutted but I'm more angry at Southgate. His subs and our 2nd half tactics/performance were just so poor. Both their CBs were on yellow cards yet he doesn't bring on players to exploit it. Why the heck did be bring on Saka over Sancho, why leave it so late for Grealish. It's been fun but my word did we bollock this up. Sadly, Italy deserved it.
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