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  1. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Rotherham United as always. Lower league, new players and should be a better experience compared to trying to stay up with the over payed players we had last season. Also this year don't have Blackstock on our books eating wages. Hopefully get to write the guide for them again.
  2. Who have people replaced Ibra with? Only players come to mind are Belotti and Kane. Never had a striker as good as him. Lone striker as a CF-A and he's done this.
  3. I'd honestly say the formation. I cannot get wingers to work for me at all on FM2017. I look for players who will work well in the formation I play. Getting players who were too good for me helped alot. Burton, Bunney, Athurworrey. Ashby turned out to be an amazing purchase aswell. Formation is here. I've given a only a small tweak(like, two very simple changes) but @shep171 did a brilliant job with this formation. Oh, I also have a really good takeover near the start. He's always had my back.
  4. So it wasn't over. I bought this lad to play CM-A. McKenzie will be going DM. Slattery and Gilligan will go B2B. Bevan has gone out on loan so I can register. Actually having freekick/corner takers this season will be nice!
  5. Transers have already been done. May sign some youth on the way but I literally have full registration. 21/25 trained in England which is quite cool. I've realised most are regens so I'll post a few pics. Oxford still has room to improve. Hoping a season playing under his belt kickstarts his career. Liverpool and West Ham didn't do a good job with him. Very cheap price. I purchased him in January but didn't need him 'til the summer. Has room to improve. Backup midfielder. Can he improve? Tried to buy him and they straight up refused. A host of American clubs came in and they straight up refused. They didn't offer him a new contract and got him for nothing. Will be my LB. My record purchase. He'll be played in the CM-A role. In pre-season he's been awesome. Had my eye on for a season. My first choice striker was one from Arsenal. They accepted the bid put the agent wanted a min.fee of 17million when I was buying him for 15mil. It was locked it so I refused and went for Connor. I'm glad I did if his pre-season form is anything to go by. He's going to be Connors partner uptop. Another who has had a great pre-season. Looks like he's been playing with Connor for years. I needed another DM and he fit the bill. He's done alright so far and he didn't cost too much. Jeff Hendrick and Joel Ward are both experienced players. Ward will be my starting RB. He still pretty bloody good even at the age of 33. He's better then anyone else I can get. The club is growing so fast! How many? Just a shame we're currently playing at the Macron stadium whilst the expansion happens. I've heard there advertisement boards are awful and make the home net quite annoying to see from the away stand....
  6. Wish I did when he was costing me games Cheers man. It's been fun. Not sure how many more seasons I'm going to do though. Brexit made it annoying and fun. I just have so many games to play and so little time :(. I did do my transfers though!
  7. Managed to finish the season off. We did awesome and as far as I know if United beat Liverpool in the FA we go into Europa. Dale would of been red cards but I sold him for 400k on January because when I gave him a chance he thought he'd dropkick his opponent. One of the youth that came in January played a few games at RB and did well. Hoping I can develop him. It's quite alarming a player I've played mostly DM and a CB who are RB and LB. I know they're positions I need to heavily invest. We're already expanding the stadium. Also every time the option for facilities to be upgraded the chairman agrees. Give it a couple of seasons and hopefully we have some very good facilities. One season in the Prem and the bank looks like this! Hoping I can invest in the squad. RB/LB and strikers are a must. Only 1 out of my 4 I'd like to keep and the fans aren't happy with him at the moment! We'd of finished higher if Woodrow and Vergos didn't go AWOL for the last half of the season. Even May saved us in a couple of games.
  8. FM17: Salford City: The Ammies

    Check out Aidan Austin, Keenan Quansah, Jonny Helm and Tendai Matinyadze. Helm can be used all the way up to the Championship.
  9. So we've hit January We're doing amazing! Think it's Manchester Uniteds title. I'll be so happy to finish in the top half. It's so nice having players who can put the ball into the net. Can't really see any transfers happening. Only bringing youth in. Maybe Brexit wasn't that bad of a thing afterall!
  10. What if Brexit doesn't happen?

    I think you're failing to troll here. I'll wait for a real answer .
  11. What if Brexit doesn't happen?

    And I enjoy the game by purchasing youngsters and making them into a quality players. I'm also a voter who didn't choose to leave. Answering my question would of been the easy solution. I'm quite aware it's a simulation game thanks. Try to be less sarcastic and more helpful .
  12. What if Brexit doesn't happen?

    Is there a way to disable Brexit then when starting a new game? Checking the editor about the agreement, is it simple enough to just disable the agreement? It's made my Salford save very hard work.
  13. What if Brexit doesn't happen?

    Can we re-join after it happens? It's making my game such hard work. Amazing french youngster for cheap, can't sign him. Amazing Swedish striker for cheap, can't sign him. Have to bring in Lee Gregory. It's horrible .
  14. Transfers are done. I loaned out Williams and Brown as I couldn't see them playing here. Williams has potential and needs to play to gain it where I'm not going to play him and it'll probably be Browns last season here. I brought in another Williams. He's the ex-Liverpool youth but his versatility should prove useful here. Especially the RB/DM slot. Only youth I've brought in is this lad. I have Williams tutoring him and hoping I can get him to improve.
  15. Now I don't care how his hair is. Stevie May . What a comeback. Going really well so far! Ignore the Morton game. We fielded a team of grey players. Turns out that my somehow we're arranged a fixture when our lads were out enjoying the sun. Transfers aren't over. I shall do that when I'm back from work. It's probably just youngsters coming in though.