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  1. FA Cup Final Big ask to our key players here. First half: 1st minute: Leo crosses, Rharib hits but it's easy for the 'keeper. 2nd minute: Hagi hits a freekick but it's wide. 7th minute: Leo hits in the freekick, Klaasen heads but it's saved for a corner. Elliot swings in, Flessers heads but it's saved. 10th minute: Leo does well, crosses in but Rharib hits over. 18th minute: Elliot hits the freekick but it's wide. 22nd minute: Leo crosses in a freekick but it's headed high and wide and not very pretty 33rd minute: There's a goal. Elliot with a great
  2. May So close, with these 3 wins it means if we didn't mess up at the end of April, we'd of won the league on GD. We can build on this. Our awards show our quality. And we have a very mad budget Now to finish our season in the FA Cup Final
  3. April The league is over. Our good form over the last couple of months doesn't matter with how we ended it. Harvey Elliot missed a vital penalty vs Brighton and another vs Chelsea and our strikers have been terrible. Sadler was brilliant against Spurs but he's been injured and massively missed against Brighton and Chelsea with Klaasen, Stewart and Palomeque being woeful. Back to the drawing board in the summer. Champs League No Leo and not killing off the first leg saw us get battered away, not good enough. FA Cup Atleast we have a chance of silverware
  4. March We continued the good form. Our strikers were poor but Zambrano headed in the winner vs West Brom after just 8 minutes. We were class vs Liverpool and Klaasen showed his class by getting a brace. We were decent against City. Owusu misses his interception and they score a great goal, they played some good football and scored again, we pulled one back through Zambrano and then they score a belter of a freekick. They had 3 shots on target and scored all 3 We made points up to catch Liverpool and lost it again. April is going to be huge and we have alot of football
  5. February Great start, 7 wins a row was stopped by Wolves who didn't do much but neither did we, they belted in a 23 yarder to kill the streak. Superb against Leeds though, we were 2 up after 13 minutes, they pulled one back after 22 mninutes and Sadler put away his pen. Rharib got a brace late on to kill the game. We kept it going against Derby, early goal from Sadler, then a brace from Sadler after a pen, they pulled one back and Serreti saw red for a horror tackle, we scored just after and then we got gifted an OG later on. I just need a way to get my strikers scoring more. On
  6. January What a month. We've been brilliant! Harvey Elliot has been immense and even though he missed an early penalty against Manchester United, he found himself in the right spot to hit in a rebound after 31 minutes. Not only have we finally beat Manchester United, we've done the double over them. We battered Bournemouth. Klaasen brace, Elliot put away his pen this time and Palomeque. They finally had their first shot, it was on goal and went in after a freekick into the box and Hall was beaten. Complete control against Arsenal as Seretti gave us the lead after 20 min
  7. December Routine win over Blackburn. Poor team, rock bottom. How we threw away the points at home to Newcastle. We were cruising, made some subs for the Chelsea match, a ball over, a ball in and Bowen equalises in the 87th minute. It should have been put to bed long before that. Turns out Layton Stewart in 12 games hasn't scored a league goal this eason. It was more of an even game against Chelsea but we led at the Bridge and a late goal from Anthony ruined the day. Again, a very bad game from our forwards. And made even worse at Goodison. We led through a crackin' Zam
  8. November Poor in the prem. We gotta do better to win the league. I say that but we were so good against Manchester City. We got a pen after just 2 minutes which Sadler scored and Leo doubled after 16 minutes. Seretti won goal of the month with his great effort in the 37th and Sadler got a brace in the 71st. We absolutely battered them. And we've had knocks, players out, last few games I've only had 6 on the bench. We have 5 players currently injured and even the players i've loaned out are injured. Might need more depth afterall. But we turned up to Spurs and did nothing
  9. October Huge blow for us. Marcos is my main B2B midfielder, 19, can still improve. Out for the season. Not a good month overall. Layton Stewart had about 6 chances to put us ahead against Wolves, 'keeper saved them all, was awful shooting and then Harvey Elliot channeled his inner Rey Mysterio to drop kick his opponent and see red. Bad day at the office, should have been an easy win. We took an early lead through Leo against Liverpool and they equalised just before the break. Both teams seem to have stayed in the locker room for the second half and both were poor.
  10. September A silly pen given by Cartagena was put away by Forss to put Leeds ahead. Pfanne got his first York goal to draw us level and Klassen in the 72nd minute on the game for us. Deserved, we were the better side. We battered Leciester and Sadler should have scored but he hit the post to sum up our day. Much better against Norwich with Rharib putting us ahead after 10 minutes, Palomeque doubling after 18 but no more goals. Compared to Derby where Klaasen scored an early pen, Palomeque doubled, Flessers tripled and a Rharib brace put us 5 up. Lovely stuff. Only on
  11. August We finally beat Manchester United! We took the lead after 32 minutes and they equalised just before the half. Palomeque was a super supb, scoring and helping Rharib in his play to win us the game. I have no idea how we didn't beat Arsenal, we missed an early pen and they scored an early pen but we absolutely battered them. Their goalkeeper was MOTM on 8.9 peaking at 9.1! Palomeque was a big miss as he had a knock. Robbed!!! We went down to an early goal through Liam Delap at Bournemouth Stadium but a Klaasen hat-trick, a Palomeque hat-trick and a Flessers goal put
  12. European Super Cup No idea what to make of this, who's the favourite but hopefully we can get another trophy in the cabinet. First half: 6th minute: Good long ball, good touch and Maxi Gomez is in but his shot is very poor and easy for Hall. They should be 1 - 0 up. 10th minute: Leo floats in a corner but Flessers heads wide. 11th minute: Corner down the other end but Flessers easily clears. 12th minute: Omer plays a ball to Stewart but his shot is easily saved. 14th minute: Very nice football from York but Marcos' long shot is an easy save. 16th minute: Rharib
  13. Opening game of the season We finally did it! Was a very close game and United had chances to score more than one goal through out the game but Rharib was absolutely class. Two goals and an assist . Took long enough
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