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  1. August We were great in the league, the only team to pick up maximum points. Ortiz has been on fire, winning player of the month and sitting 2nd in the goal scoring charts. Gives me a selection headache with Bartos returning. Shame though another cup final loss to Manchester City. Their manager is Marceloa Gallardo and he has them playing some good football. I thought we'd won it when we went in at half time we were ontop and second half they were just better. Joveljic was suspended and van der Meulen had his worst game in a Millers shirt. Can't win them all sadly. (That's Otalora playing at RB not RW). This draw though for the Champions League..... it's nasty. We'll do well qualifying. Watching us go in at 1st seed, PSG as 2nd, Dortmund at 3rd and Moscow at 4th I was just like... uhh... This is how September looks, can we get a green month?
  2. Strikers This is where the squad is slightly bloated but I do play them on the wings when need be. Joveljic starts every league game and currently van der Meulen starts my Champions League games. He's been playing more on the left this season and Ndombele-Kibama or Wintzheimer have gone uptop. I'm sure that's everyone who is in the first team and plays. It felt a bit weird saying this player had done this and not showing you what kind of player they are .
  3. The Squad So we're in 8 seasons in and we've had a lot of players come and go, I want to show who exactly is who in the squad when I mention players and what sort of players I have playing for Rotherham. So here we go! Defenders Right backs Ex Manchester City right back, brought in from Crystal Palace. He's my starting right back, he's been class for me. The "elite winger" right back, brought in from Schalke. He's been great playing at RB and the wing. He's one of the best players in the world to be honest. Left backs I still don't understand why Manchester United let him go. He's been class for me since coming in. Probably looks like an odd choice but Targett has been class. Hes English, last season he gave us 10 assists in 18 appearances from left back. He's very solid. Center backs The "four" that have been here for years now. They play usually as Onguene with Palmer-Brown and Holding with Djevelekaj. I could get higher CA players in but I don't know if they'll perform as well as these 4. Not sure why Holding and Djevelekaj have had a decrease in stats. Midfielders We'll start with the center players. All 5 will end up trained at club, 4 of them already are. The usual starting 2 are Ashby and Bartos. Walter and Ortiz are the backup pair and Jensen fills in. I do have Page as well but he's more of an AMC. Center-mids Attacking mid centers Djerlek is absolute class. Always the starting AMC. Page makes a good back up when needed and he's trained at club. Wide players I really only have Vinicius Junior natural at AML but Pereira is being trained there. Eric van der Meulen and Roland Ndombele-Kibama both can play there. On the right we have two class players. Hasic also covers at AMC.
  4. Pre-Season Our friendly matches went great but such a shame against City, Bartos went off injured and he's going to miss 6 weeks, we came from 2 - 0 to 2 - 2, we had chances to win but we didn't put it away and City won on pens. Such a shame, a trophy we've missed out on, even though it doesn't really mean anything. Some clubs spent, we didn't. I brought in some youngsters which will be playing in the U23 squad and sold some deadwood. Let Bonavento go out on loan for first team experience and our regen Cooper to get first team experience. So... who are they? My scouts rated him highly, his aerial reach is a bit low but good reflexes/handling. Defo worth a punt at 600k. If not I'll make money on him. Think he's the best of the bunch. Jumping Reach is great, good chance of being my backup RB in the future. Already got an international cap! Cost us bugger all, so he's worth a punt. My wages have dropped slightly and my finances look great. They'd look better if we could get a new stadium! So onto August and the start of the prem. We could see a green month.
  5. Post-season What a season. We've won everything. The save will continue. I want that unbeaten season. I want to get higher in the hall of fame. For once this has it right, that is my first team. I think my summer will get rid of some overpaid, overpriced backups and maybe bring in some youngsters. We have some players that are hitting the age of 19/20 that need first team football and they're good enough. It's difficult because we have some cracking players, world class players. Some world class players willing to join us that are English players from abroad (Joe Gomez) but my CBs play so well together and it'd cost another £150k P/W for 1 player that I'm not sure I need. I'm currently changing the back room slightly so it's better but less staff. Finances is a thing I need a keep on a eye on. We still need to sell to bring in proper money, which is what we're good at to be fair. I want to bring the wages down a little. I do have some players for that. Problem is some players want new contracts and they deserve it. It's something I need look at overall. I wasn't expecting this as my #1 seller, he's a cracking player though. I'll post a big update on what my players look like after the transfer window. Glad to see this. Our U18s did a double. Winning the league and the FA youth cup, I did take a picture of it but I've taken that many I can't select it . I want us to be the best club in the world. That we can use homegrown talent, get players in the England squad etc. See what our future holds, onto the summer! This our cabinet now
  6. May The FA Cup will be known as the Bartos final, he assisted 4 and scored 2! He was immense. It was crazy to think the team that beat me so I didn't have an unbeaten season played this way in a cup final. We were brilliant. I was absolutely stoked. The Champions League final will be known as the van der Meulen final. In 24 minutes he'd already got a brace from the AML spot as Vinicius was still injured, Joveljic got a straight red in the 32nd minute where in truth we should be off 4 - 0 up. United picked up a goal from a good header from a corner but I made a sub bringing on youth Pereira on for Djerlek, putting van der Meulen upfront and Pereira outwide which got us a 3rd. Pereira won the ball and we broke on the counter, he plays it to Eric for his hat-trick. Rashford pulled one back for Manchester United in the 67th minute but we held on for our 2nd Champions League in a row. We've had make some chances over this month with players being injured. This save, we're breaking records. So we'll now be sat on 40 goals. But we beat both of these.
  7. April We've won the league!!! We're still on course to hit record points! Wolves game had reserve players on so we were fresh for the Barcelona game which we battered them, it was class. They're not the team they've been in the past, some good players but some over hyped players for sure. Leciester was a complete performance and where we won the league. Barcelona away was frustrating, we turned up like we were already through and their striker Lincoln punished us for that. Burnley we were only 1 - 0 up at half time and some players were struggling, made some subs and we battered them. Manchester City we were by far the better team, we went in the break 3 - 0 up. They scored in the 52nd minute to try get the game going but their 2nd came in the 88th minute, it was already game over. Roma was amazing, we played them off the park and have pretty much booked our spot in the final. We hit a blow though, Vinicius Junior picked up an injury and I think he's going to be out for every game left now, that's a blow. Not sure what date the Champions League final is. Our youth teams are improving which is very nice to see. The best of the bunch, not bad for a 350k punt. Has played some fit team games as well. His star rating is higher then it should be because of form, but for his age he's still very good. Getting to the semi-final is still a great ft for the youngsters. and the club decided to finally listen to me to get better facilities! I had to basically say "after all I've done for the club, this is what you could do for me". Seemed a bit silly, we have the money, we're winning titles, we should be pushing the facilities! This is where stadium capacity vs wages comes in. Why I'll be selling some backup players in the summer. Onto the biggest month of them all, May. We could win two more titles here and set record points!
  8. March Very good month overall. Just a shame we lost our winning streak away at Stoke. We battered them, we just couldn't get a 2nd, Butland was on fire, I left the match feeling frustrated, I have no idea how we didn't win! Adrien Silva scored a cracker for them from nothing but they had no chances, we had enough! We got our revenge in the cup though ^_^. The rest of the league games just went as well as I could ask for, the only other goal conceded was a penalty vs Fulham. The Champions League game just carried on our form of beating French teams. So we're against Barcelona in the quarters, a team we can beat but they're flying high in La Liga this year, top of the league by 8 points. Their striker who always scores again me if some reason out on loan at Milan! Poor youth intake but I'm still trying to get the facilities upgraded, they rejected it the last time I asked :(. Best player this year, can't say he'll make it. I'm trying to improve a player from last years in take. He scores goals for fun in the U18s. Such a different tale from last season. We're potentially going to set record points for the league. We need 14 with 18 to play for to beat Manchester Citys 100. Golden Boot and Golden Glove look like they're going to be with the Millers at the end of the season. On that note, Manchester United have won 4 league games and a Champions League game conceding 1 goal in the whole time with interim manager Neil Ryan. I wonder if they'll keep him. Tough month, especially at the end of the month. Can we hit the record points? Can we beat Barcelona? The big plus against Wolves is their starting striker can't play against us 'cus he's on loan from us ^_^. Let's see how it goes!
  9. February What a month, green galore! The cup final was great for the neutrals and a game we should of won comfortably. Being 4 - 1 up, with the O.G coming from a Dybala freekick, hitting the post and into the diving Henderson. Mulder scored from a squared ball from Juan Harnandez after a quick counter and Rashford putting it in with my defense being asleep considering United had 9 men! It was a great game. Barella was sent off for a nasty two footed lunge but Juan Hernandez shouldn't of been sent off. I have no idea how he second yellow was even a foul. Was a shame but hopefully it was already game over. Then I got this in my post-match interview. Shame, that amazing run they went on to win the league last season to looking like they'll manage to just reach a Europa spot. I have no idea what he changed but it was a bad'un! The Premiership games just went as planned, conceding 1 in 4 where we were already 3 up and our 4th against Aston Villa we only had 10 men due to Djevelekaj being sent off for a nasty challenge. We were in control in every game. Newcastle do what they always do to us, try to frustrate us but we got the goal and they didn't have any chances. The FA Cup game vs Bristol City had a lot of rotation and though we only scored 1, we played well. The Champions League game was brilliant. We were 2 - 0 up in 5 minutes. 3 away goals, that tie is over. We always seem to beat the French teams. Marseille, PSG, Monaco. We're a bogey team and considering how good those teams are, it's good! Now, I have a small problem. Barcelona want him he's that good. He's probably the best winger in the world and I've been playing him there at times... maybe training him as a RB was a bad idea? I mean, he ran the show in the Carabao Cup Final at RW and Pablo Maffeo is a very good RB and they play well together. So this is the table: Still some game in hands for sides but the league should be ours. I can see a lot of movement in the summer from the bigger clubs in Europa for better players due to players getting old/retiring, we'll see. Joveljic still quite a head for the golden boot but with rotation etc we won't get top assists, Vlasic is on a role it seems. We may get the golden glove again! March could be another full house, let's see!
  10. January What a month, we've been class. The Tottenham game could of been better but I knew when we faced them at home that we'd have the edge, turns out it was the edge of 5 goals ^_^. The Manchester United game was a close one! We battered them, they're no way near the class of last season but they attacked us and got 2 goals in 2 minutes, the first from a penalty which spurred them on. I had to play defensive and we saw the game out. The Bournemouth game was made with their goalkeeper Joe Lumley taking the man of the match award with an 8.3! He did save a penalty but he was just saving EVERYTHING, we managed to get have 36 shots and 13 on target to finally get a goal! Arsenal are another team that aren't as good as they were. They have some class players but they were so ineffective compared to previous matches. The West Brom game had my 2nd line up on and were class, they scored a good goal, can't complain. The West Ham match was amazing, Bartos got 4! Sadly neither 1 of his efforts or Djerleks effort made goal of the month sadly. So I've bought two players in. His first touch isn't the best but he looks very good for an 18 year old and he could be potentially my future #1. Yep, another striker . I wasn't going to bring him in due to his teamwork/vision/work rate until I saw this and I had to buy him. I'll always remember being a kid and scoring a free kick from the half way line on Fifa 98: Road to the World Cup as Batistuta, one of my favourite strikers. Had to bring him in! Sad to see Arias and Valdez leave, both came in at 18 and are trained at the club but there not good enough anymore. Arias had a bad injury that ruined him and Valdez never really progressed. They were taking up a bit too much wage and I don't need them. The only other player going out is Rodak, he rejected a permanent move so I'm sending him out on loan and selling him in the summer. Seeger is already better. Crazy thing is, I've made money on my January transfers. Manchester City look like they're trying to buy the title! Joveljic could be on for his best season yet, already matching last seasons goals in 15 less games! Eric van der Meulen is improving, I think he is going to be absolutely amazing. I could already put him in my first team if Joveljic became injured and I'd fully trust him. Injuries have done a number on Wintzheimer but I'd still like him to be here and play, might try re-train him out at AML, I'm not sure. He can score, he's Germanys starting striker and I'd rather not sell him but in the summer, there's a small chance I will. He's trained at club though and that's a huge plus. Because I also still have Roland, he's just out on loan currently where he's doing well. Then I still have Eddie Nketiah who plays AML/ST where Meulen and Roland can play. I also have Ahmed Dowidar out on loan but I'll be selling him in the summer. I think the idea of buying him was he wasn't very expensive and I'd be able to make money on him. OH and I also have another English striker I took a punt on. He cost 2.5mil but I don't think he'll make it above Championship level but he's been playing well at Wolves who are 1st in the Championship by 6 points. Think I'll sell and make profit on him in the summer. I tried to improve facilities, the board actually rejected training and youth facilities being upgraded! Bit wrong of 'em! I mean, I've money sat there for it, but we've got this instead. So here's the league table: It really is ours to lose! Icardi is being played again by City, will he push for the golden boot? This is how February looks, hoping to see a green month.
  11. Shaw was playing well for Manchester United as well, they just had him listed for some reason. They did have Alex Grimaldo ahead of him who's been at Manchester United since 2019/2020 season so he's taken English up as his second nationality. He's been very solid for me and if it continues I'll have Shaw as my left back until he declines due to age. The aim is just to become the biggest club in the world. We're still not the biggest club in England, Manchester United are the only team above us. I would like to have bigger stadium but due to the New York Stadium being built in 2012, that won't happen. I have come attached to some of the players in my save, especially my regen CM partnership in Bartos and Ashby. In fact, all 5 of my CMs, they make the save knowing what class I have. Joveljic and Djerlek help. This is the Manchester United team, the one that won the Premiership last season with Pep Guardiola in charge. I wouldn't say they've made many changes but my world they're no way near as good this season, I have no idea why, he must of changed tactics.
  12. December We won the Club World Championship in style. Another trophy for the cabinet . Great month overall. A lot of green and it's my fault for the Liverpool game. We were 1 - 0 down but pressing, I wanted to attack more, it left us open and they scored a 2nd. Our goal was just a 90th minute consolation. The Burnley game was frustrating but they didn't even get a shot on the net which was surprising as they'd just beat Manchester City prior. City we were just the better side. Chelsea was so frustrating, our defending was poor. They were shooting rarely but it ended up going in, thank goodness we were playing much better and Vinicius Junior got himself a hatrick to give us the win. Brentford I put my 2nd string on and we played well. League table: The A.C Milan game was a close affair. We went into the break behind and a few changes both players and tactics we managed to get an equaliser before going ahead thanks to an own goal. Silva pulled it back level in the 84th minute but Pablo Maffeo scored in the 92nd minute to win us the group. And we face the team we beat in the Euro Super Cup. Let's beat them again! This also popped up and he's been my sub striker as Wintzheimer has had a very injury prone season. Looks like I bought a good'un. January I'll look to sell backups that aren't getting anywhere near my first team. Seems one of them is already being looked at. How the schedule for January looks, tough month for sure.
  13. November What a great month! Goals goals goals! The Premiership games were great for the neutrals. We walked over Stoke, West Brom frustrated us, we had more chances but their midfielder Nicky Round(a regen) scored an absolute rocket and we managed to get equalise from the penalty spot, they frustrated us. Tottenham game was brilliant. They went 2 - 0 and we managed to to draw level in the 54th minute but Tottenham took the lead again 8 minutes after. I changed formation, sticking 2 uptop including Eric van der Meulen as an advanced forward who scored 2 goals in 3 minutes to seal the win. The last coming from a huge mistake from Rolando Mandragora who basically played a quality ball through for Eric to slot in. Leicester was another great games for the neutrals, they went 1 - 0 up in the 1st minute, 2nd minute it was 1 - 1 and 3rd minute it was 2 - 1 to Leicester! 2nd half I changed players, changed formation and we battered them, was great to see. The Champions League games were huge and in the first half vs Monaco we could not find the net. A tactic tweak saw us score 3 in the second half and frustrate their team. The Dortmund game was over after 30 mins when we went 3 - 0 up, they scored a consolation but it's looking good for us. It isn't over, we play Milan next. That game changes everything. If Milan win and Monaco win, we're in Europa! This is how the table looks after the first lot of games in December. December is a HUGE month, it has so many games, we need to keep our players fit as well.
  14. October Just how we wanted it. We were great in the Premiership and the League Cup. The new formation for this season works wonders in the league. Fair enough at Goodison we weren't at the races with Everton taking the lead, I changed tactic to last years and we were brilliant. Southampton and Fulham I kept the normal tactic and we were fantastic, especially with the clean sheets. Southampton game was over in 25 minutes, I just wished we could of pushed on for more for GD. Leeds I played a 2nd string and they were fantastic, It was nice to see Wintzheimer back, he got injured on international duty in the summer and has been out for a few months. The Monaco game was the big one. I changed formation to last years, I mean we're current holders of the Champions League using that tactic and it made such a difference. We only needed the one clear chance and it was put in by Joveljic. We frustrated Monaco, not letting the runners get anything but a flag for offside, was great to watch from a managers point of view. He wants the golden boot back, he's currently top of the charts. Two out of three ain't bad. I've won the award for both August and October. We're doing brilliant in the league. We still need to face the likes of City, Tottenham and Liverpool but it feels like it's our league to lose. Manchester United aren't a scratch on last year, losing 4 - 1 to Arsenal and 5 - 1 to City! It's odd though 'cus Pep is in charge there and led them through that brilliant winning streak. November is a tough month. Will be hard to see full green in that. Monaco and Dortmund are must wins. We're still in for a chance with 9 points up for grab and such a tight group.
  15. September Cracking month in the league. Done wonders for GD, even if I did have to shout at the lads when we were 2 - 0 up at West Ham and no one seemed to care anymore, got us another 2 goals. We're struggling in Europe though, Dortmund we couldn't get shots on target and I've played against Milan, we lost 3 - 2, we were the better side, more CCCs, hitting the woodwork twice, the difference in reality was goalkeepers. Henderson isn't in the form he last season and Monaco is a must win, Rodak may take his spot. Love playing Leeds and we have 'em in the cup. Hopefully make the rest of the month green. Monaco game is huge for us, they're top of the group. We have 12 points left available, we need a win.
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