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  1. Be buzzing if Italy beat German. Pelle wtf was that .
  2. What!? I want a screenshot of that! . Sell .
  3. Don't sell. You'll lose 20mil just as a flat sell. He's too important too you. Young players won't do his job yet.
  4. Scored a hat-trick against us . . Yep. Penalty! :o
  5. Season starts! We're the early game. Looking forward to this. Away - Tottenham Hotspur Pre-match Attacking 4 - 4 - 1 - 1. Normal team apart from Coman is the new addition. Ayew to the bench. Pulisic is on holiday. Tottenham are a good team. First half Close for Tottenham! Kane gets played through in the 1st minute! Butland saves, can't pick up and Shawcross blocks the second shot. We're second best and go 1 - 0 up! Coman bursts down the right flank, crosses into Rashford who's running and he volleys in! 39th minute! 3 Tottenham defenders in the box, none of them are watching Rashford come into the box. Half time! Second half It's 2 - 0 59th minute! Freekick comes in and Tottenham clear, we pass around and play through Ojo on the left. He centers in and Wilson hits in. 20 minutes left and Wanderson and Cook replace Rabiot and Grujic. 3 - 0! That's why you pay money! Rashford plays a quality ball for Coman, he crosses in and Wilson nods in, 71st minute! Dobes replaces Rashford to make his debut with 15 minutes left. Full time! Post-match What a brilliant result. Tottenham were the better team in the first half but we just made the better chances and finished the. Coman was brilliant on his league debut. Ojo was as good as he always is but Calabria got MotM, what a player he's been since he arrived last season from Manchester City. Home - Liverpool Pre-match Same team! First game since I've come back from my few days away! Let's get going! First half 33 seconds into the game and Rotherham go 1 - 0 up! Coman puts in an amazing cross and Wilson gets on the end of it. So simple. Close! Rashford shoots from the edge of the area and Mignolet gets down to save. Wilson fullows up and Mignolet saves onto his post and Matip clears. Liverpool should of equalised. Calabria blocks Iheanachos shot and it lands peferctly to a goalside Coutinho. He tries to chip instead of placing and Butland makes an easy save. Liverpool have had a good spell and I thought they'd scored but Jaoa Filipe was offside! Half time, not as exciting as the first minute. Second half Should of been 2 - 0! We play some good passing and Wilson flicks it on to Rashford but his shot is straight at the goalkeeper. We might regret that one. 20 minutes left and making 3 subs. Pulisic on for Rashford, Ayew on for Coman and Cook on for Grujic. So close! Pulisics freekick lands to Wilson and his shot hits the post! How didn't that go in! Rabiot smashes it from 25 yards and Mignolet can only parry.. into the path of James Wilson! He shoots straight at Mignolet! Wilson should of had his hat-trick easily! It's all Rotherham and with 10 minutes left can we make it count? It's a goal.. 2 - 0! We counter, Ojo plays it up to Wilson and he centers it for Ayew who hits into a pretty much empty net. Full time! Post-match Really shocked at that. Liverpool were good competition in the first half but the second we should of made it 3/4 - 0. Very good display from my Millers! I had a bid for Galloway for 8million and I tried to get Jairo Riedewald as my first team LCB. He wanted an insane amount of money, wouldn't accept less than 160k p/w! He wanted more than Magrini and that can't happen, he isn't anywhere near as good as him. Reject that and keep Galloway. Away - Everton Pre-match Same tactic but Wanderson and Cook start in the middle with Lagarde on the bench. First half Boring first half. We've been the better side forcing Everton to defend and having 0 shots to our 7. No good chances and only 2 on target. Midfield duo struggling. Second half Fluke goal... Calabaria tackles Wilshere and it sets up Clough to slot in. Come on >.<! Lagarde on for Wanderson and pump ball in box mode with 30 minutes to go. It's 1 - 1! Coman scores from a direct freekick 25 yards out in the 70th minute! Pulisic coming on for Wilson. See if Rashford and Pulisic can team up again. Full time. Post-match How the heck did we not win that? Really annoyed at how Clough got a goal. Evertons only chance but we didn't create good enough chances. We really missed Rabiot and Grujic. We're in 3rd but it's still early. Capital One Cup 3rd Round Draw: West Ham United vs Rotherham United at the Olympic Stadium! Champions League Draw: Hard group but I think I can progress from this one! Home - Manchester City Pre-match Same tactic but Grujic and Rabiot back in the middle. Rashford starts uptop and Pulisic as the SS. Wait, it turns out Manchester City sold their best striker for only £24mil to Real Madrid, I'd of paid that for him. Sold Aguero due to age. Lost Isco and replaced him with a regen who isn't good enough for first team yet and an old loanee of mine Raul Oprut. Can we beat them with the fact they don't have a proper forward? Or will their wide players punish us? First half Hart makes a great save! Pulisic plays a sweet ball through to Coman and Hart gets down to deny! Really close! It's 1 - 0 to Rotherham. Ojo tries to find Pulisic and it's cleared back to Ojo. He runs down the left and crosses where Pulisic is waiting to hit in. 29th minute goal! Coman should of scored! Pulisic makes a great pass again to him but he shoots first time and it goes flying over. What a save! A poor clearence lets Manchester City attack us, Sterling cuts in and shoots low. Butland does well to save. Half time! Second half Coman should of had a hat-trick today. Rashford picks him out with a sweet ball but it's straight at Hart. Double sub! Ayew on for Coman and Wilson on for Rashford. 30 minutes to go. Sterling plays a lovely one two and he's through but Butland saves! Was expecting it to be 1 - 1! Lagarde replaces Grujic with 20 minutes to go. Ayew has to play the last 15 minutes with a knock. What a save! Oprut plays a very smart ball to Sterling who volleys it. Butland is rushing out and makes a great save to stop! It's 2 - 0 in the 87th minute! Throw in from Calabria to Ayew, who crosses and Wilson wins the aerial challenge and it's in the back of the net. Hart makes a good save to deny Rabiot and it's full time! What a match for the neutrals! Post-match Butland was amazing but none of the players were bad(fair enough Coman missed chances). Cracking game, should of been 4 - 3 with chances but we had 4 CCCs, they had 0! Looking at the stats we were the better team but I'd say it was more an even game! We're in 3rd. Level with Chelsea. Behind.. Burnley! End of month awards I came second in manager of the month and Ojo came before Hazard in play of the month. Debutant for Italy! About time, the lad is only 22 and absolutely World Class. Another one! I need to play him more, for sure. I wish our bank looked like this real life! Squad done. The transer window has ended. It's time to start the season properly .
  6. This is great to watch by Ireland. That cross was brilliant.
  7. Ref bottled it.
  8. I know . I think I could get away with it from Blackpool to Leeds but switching at Leeds around 16:15 so I've no chance . Ah well I'll still watch if I know the score.
  9. I'm on a train so can't watch this . Will be recorded at the other end and I'll watch it tonight . No internet after 2pm for me .
  10. Quick update before I go away! Pre-season + Community Shield. Pre-season my assistant Neil Coulter took charge and we did well. All wins. Charity Shield - Neutral - Hull City Pre-match I want to hammer them. Rashford with Pulisic behind. Ojo and Coman on the wings. Rabiot and Grujic in midfield. What a team I've banded together. I'm excited for this match. Let's start the season well! First half Grujic goes for a 30 yard piledriver and Asenjo has to get down and make a good top! Coman burns down the right and goes close! Part of thought it was in but it's site netting. It's all Rotherham but Hull are defending really well. 30 minutes in and we've had 4 clear cut chances. Will the goals come? 31st minute and it's a goal! Coman hits the cleared corner back, Pulisic centers and Rashford pokes it in! 2 - 0 in the 43rd. Coman intercepts Hulls pass and we counter. Grujic hits a lovely ball up to Rashford who hits in. Half time, brilliant so far. Second half 30 minutes to go and subs! Rashford to SS and Wilson uptop, Pulisic to LM and Ojo comes off, he needs resting. Ayew on for Coman and Wanderson on for Rabiot. Hat-trick hero! Rashford and Pulisic pull off a very odd longball one two but it's not intercepted and Rashford slots in. What a debut he's having. 5 minutes left and Galloway on for Magrini and Cook on for Grujic. Shawcross gets beat but Butland makes a good save! Full time. Post-match We hammered them. Really good performance. Pulisic sent on holiday for a week and will miss the Tottenham game. Our first time! Will be atleast a week before the next update! Hope you've enjoyed reading . Thanks man! Title was difficult but teams started to fold. Can't believe we didn't win the Europa League but I want the Champions League before I stop this save!
  11. Hey guys. Next time use a template ^_^. One can be found here. Few years in. He's alright, not blowing the world away. Did really well at West Ham in 2017/2018. Wasted at Bayern in 2018/2019 after they bought him for £20mil. 2019/2020 bought by Hoffenheim and he's done alright. Ever present for them.
  12. Come on Iceland! Arnason .
  13. I think I've somehow done my transfers already. Outs: Jordan Pickford - Wasn't needed and for that cash, I can't reject. Ryan Betrand - Started moaning when Arsenal bid for him. He played well but he's defensively a bit suspect and he's nearly 32. Divock Origi - Injury prone. Alot of money made. Easily replaced. Patrick Roberts - I bought in Coman and then Inter bid 30mil when I offered him out as a sort of joke and they bid it. 30m for Roberts is silly money. I ran to the bank. Youri Tielemans - I needed a CM gone. Lagarde is HG. Wanderson needs playing. He's not Rabiot/Grujic and he's slightly injury prone. He doesn't play that often for 38mil I'm not gonna reject. In: Rogerio - Youngster I signed a couple of years ago. Not looking great now but I sent him on loan to get first team. Teco - Same as above, youngster I signed a couple of years ago. Doesn't look too bad. Will be playing in the U21s. Kingsley Coman - Will be my first team RM for years to come. Really happy with this. Look at him! Andrew Robertson - Wasn't my first choice but turned out I didn't have one. My game seems to lack LBs that won't cost 40mil. Robertson was the best choice and quite cheap! Vaios Vitilis - Regen RB, hopefully one for the future. Will need to learn alot though. Christian Pulisic - Tracking him for awhile. Might of paid too much but he's my starting AMC and Rashford goes ST. Driss Afkir - A regen I've been tracking for the past year. I tried to buy him, they said no. He wasn't happy and alot of clubs came in. I offered more money and more wage to get him. Needs to wait on physical but going to try and get him there. Oliveria - Backup MC. Will get some cup games etc. Some may change. Burke/Galloway look like they're staying. We'll see what happens. It's the 25th of July in game when I post this.
  14. This is the sort of reason I've been playing the way I have! How many Rotherham players in the England squad . Roberts deserved it. He's been brilliant. I can't promise I'll have that many at the end of the window. Burke/Galloway may both leave. Edit: He got it! And he scored, Ojo got his first goal aswell!
  15. February Home - West Ham United Pre-match Ojo, Rashford and Wilson all go to the bench. They need resting for the Tottenham game. Ayew goes to the left. Roberts to to the right letting Gnarby go AMC and Origi uptop. First half Amiri stops it being 1 - 0! Corner comes in, Shawcross flicks on, Magrini hits at the back post and Amiri blocks on the line. It's 1 - 0 to West Ham. Berahino puts a ball through to Amiri and he smashes it in, 45th minute! Half time! Second half We're struggling. Hopefully we can come out better. It's 1 - 1! Ayew bals a ball low across the box and Patrick Roberts slots in the corner in the 58th minute! 25 minutes left. Rashford, Grujic and Wilson on for Gnarby, Tielemans and Origi. 5 minutes left and pump the ball in the box mode! Full time. Post-match West Ham defended well. We couldn't get shots on target though we had 17! Only 2 on target. We're only a point ahead of Arsenal now, this won't do. Away - Tottenham Hotspur Pre-match 4 - 3 - 3. Rashford uptop. Wilson is injured he picked up a knock at the end of the West Ham game. Ojo and Ayew on the wings. Tielemans, Rabiot and Grujic in midfield. First team. We need a win here. Origi just picked up an injury so Costa takes to the bench! First half Kane gets played through but he smashes over, he should of scored. Close from Rashford! Ojo plays a brilliant ball to him and he shoots from just outside the box and it's just over. Half time. Second half 30 minutes left and switching to 4 - 4 - 1 - 1. Grujic makes way for Gnarby. Should of scored! Calabria does well to get a cross in and Ayew is infront of the goal unmarked when it comes to him but he hits it at the keeper! Costa replaces Rashford and Roberts replaces Ayew with 20 minutes to go. So close! Tielemans makes a 45 yard pass to Costa, he dribbles and hits the post! So nearly a debut goal. Our passing in the final third is letting us down. We're all over Tottenham but some our passing has been shocking. It's a red card. Through ball played and Jin-Su for some reason takes the foul even though he's booked. It wasn't needed at all. Gnarby drops back and Rabiot goes LB. with 10 minutes to go. Full time. Post-match If Arsenal win, they go top. So annoyed at the team and Jin-Su. He feels his one week fine was unfair. I don't. Arsenal won and we move to second. Europa League - 1st Knockout Round - Away - Gaziantepspor Pre-match I've never heard of them. I've never heard of a single player in their team. But they're Turkish League holders and they're top of the league as we go into this game so they're not to be underestimated. I'm going 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 though. First half It's 1 - 0 Rotherham in the 9th minute. Rabiot wins the ball back, knocks it up to Rashford who squares it to Ojo who crosses and Ayew knocks it in. They should of scored but their tame shot is saved by Butland. They don't look any better than Bolton. Our passing is gifting them. Oh what a goal! Ojo smashes it in from the edge of the area! 2 - 0 in the 37th minute. It's 3 - 0! Rashford swings in a corner, it bounces and Rabiot hits it but it bounces off Gaztanaga and goes in. Half time. We're absolutely hammering them. We've had 24 shots, 10 on target. They've had 2, 1 on target. Second half 4 - 0. Good attacking move from Rotherham. Good passing and Ayew plays a ball through infront of goal where Rashford runs in and knocks past the keeper in the 58th minute. 25 minutes left might aswell rest players. Roberts on for Ojo with Ayew going LM. Galloway and Chambers on for Magrini and Calabria. It's 5 - 0. Ayew loses the ball but wins it back, plays through Betrand whos cross is saved but parried and he runs in and slots home the loose ball in the 68th minute. 6 - 0. Lovely passing from Rotherham and Cook plays a quality ball through that Rashford can hit first time past the keeper in the 84th minute. Full time. Post-game These are the Turkish Champions!? They're a league one side at best! 41 shots, 15 on target, 6 - 0 AWAY. I mean. What . Really impressed by Cook. Home - Everton Pre-match Not changing the side. I can change that for the Europa home game. A must win for us. Can't see Arsenal losing against Hull. They didn't, they won 2 - 1 with Adoubakar scoring the winner in the 87th minute. First half Should be 1 - 0 up in the 2nd minute! Cross comes in and Rashford volleys it but keeper saves but it lands to him and he hits the post! Willems clears! Penalty! McCarthy fouls Rashford in the box after Betrands freekick is swung in. Gnarby going off with a knock and Wilson comes on so Rashford drops back to his AMC role. Ayew is to take the penalty. He runs up and cooly slots in the corner. 1 - 0 in the 16th minute! Nearly 2! Cook crosses in back to Wilson who is free at the back post. He hits it and it's saved but his rebound should be goal bound but it's the post! 2 - 0! Ayew heads in Betrands cross in the 37th minute. 3 - 0 in the 40th minute. Own goal. Looks like Rabiots head is going in, Utvik volleys it, hits the bar and bounces all over, hits Pratto and goes in. Half time! Grujic replaces the booked Rabiot. Second half 4 - 0 in the 53rd minute! Good Rotherham move. Cook to Wilson who plays through Rashford who slots in. 30 minutes left and Chambers on for Calabria who is booked. Butland makes a great save to keep his sheet currently clean! Full time! Post-match We were brilliant. Just need some help now. Europa League - 1st Knockout Round - Home - Gaziantepspor Pre-match Alot rested. Pickford in net. Chambers, Burke, Galloway and Jin-Su at the back. Ayew, Roberts, Grujic and Lagarde in midfield. Wilson uptop with Tielemans behind. First half It's 1 - 0 to Gaziantepspor. Ball comes over and Burke heads out. First time ball bame in and Gianetti is unmarked by Burke and slots home in the 5th minute. That was unexpected. 1 - 1 in the 21st. Roberts played through Tielemans and he slots down low. It's 2 - 1. Burke gets down by Giannetti as Ayaz puts the ball throguh and he smashes it, crossbar and in. Burke is showing why I'm thinking of selling him. Feels like he has to be carried and why I've dropped him in the first team for Shawcross. Sasal makes a brilliant save to deny Ayew. Now another to deny Tielemans. Half time. Shawcross on for Burke. No idea how we're behind either. Second half It's 2 - 2. Galloway heads in Jin-Su's corner in the 57th minute! 30 minutes to go. Cook and Rashford on, Wilson and Grujic off. It's 3 - 2 to Gaziantepspor. Freekick comes in and Goulibaly heads in. Pickford makes a shambles of it and Arokoyo hits it into the open net. Full time. Post-match Not sure how we lost. Resting players was needing though and we rekt on aggregate. Away - Fulham Pre-match Normal first team but Wanderson and Cook start in the middle. Going 4 - 4 - 1 - 1. First half Taken awhile but it's 1 - 0 in the 38th minute. We're finding it hard to break the defense down but Rashford plays through Ayew and he slots hard and low past Logan. Half time. Second half Close! Borini hits the bar. Ojo coming off as a pre-caution. Do not want him injured. Roberts replaces. Bathh goes close after a corner lands to his feet but Butland saves! Callum Paterson handles the ball after Rashfords corner and it's a penalty. Can we make it 2 -0? Ayew steps up and.. Logan gets down and saves! Butland keeps us in it! Ji Dong-Won is played through and probably should of scored! Wilson and Wanderson come off for Tielemans and Grujic and go to 4 - 3 - 3! 15 minutes left. 87th minute and it's 2 - 0! Roberts plays through Rashford and he slots low, Logan could do nothing about it. Full time! Post-match We're top as Arsenal haven't played yet. Good win for us. Fulham made us work for it. Yes! Arsenal drew to the team that beat us, Derby. End of the month awards We didn't get any! Magrini came second in Young Player, that's it. March Europa League - 2nd Knockout Round - Away - Fenerbahce Pre-match 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 with first team. They're at the same level as Gaziantepspor so why not try and hammer them aswell? First half Wilson manages to find space between two defenders but Unnerstall makes a great save! It's 1 - 0 in the 35th minute to Rotherham! Rashford puts a ball in the box and Ba tries to clear it bounces off Wilson who's straight infront of Ba and Ojo pokes it in! Half time. Second half 30 minutes left and Tielemans goes to AMC and Cook comes on for Rashford. 15 minutes left and Wilson has a knock so it's Roberts on playing 4 - 4 - 2(AMC). Bringing Lagarde on for Rabiot aswell. It's a penalty! Ball comes over and Jin-Su pushes Nani! 84th minute and it's 1 - 1, Haller hits the penalty well into the side of the net. Thought it was 2 - 1 but he's Ayew is offside! Should be 2 - 1 but Ojo hits the post! Full time! Post-match We might of had 23 shots but only 4 on target where Fenerbahce had 3 shots, 3 on target. We struggled uptop. They were alot better then Gaziantepspor keeping my forwards quiet. Fenerbahce manager says it wasn't a penalty aswell! I've not commented. Home - Burnley Pre-match 4 - 4 - 1 - 1! Some tired players here though. Gonna have to rotate. Having Galloway and Burke at CB isn't feeling good though. Arsenal won so I'm currently 2nd. I'd need a win to get back to 1st. Costa starts upfront. First half Such a quiet first half but changed Costa's role and it's a goal! Betrand crosses in, Costa muscles with two defenders and the ball manages to drop to his right foot and he finishes low in the 44th minute! Half time. Second half 69th minute. Costa picked up a small knock so Rashford and Costa come off and Kolehmainen and Koller come on. Wanderson comes on for Gnarby aswell. Cook goes to LM to play WP and Wanderson fills in Grujics role who takes over Cooks. 2 - 0! Good attacking move! Kolehmainen to Cook, he plays it over to Koller who slots in Roberts who slots in the bottom corner past McCarthy. We've picked up 6 yellow cards so far this game! It's 2 - 1! Good move by Burnley and Chalobah plays in Brekalo who slots past Butland. 7 minutes to go! Goal in the 93rd minute! 3 - 1 to Rotherham! Betrands corner swings in, Burke heads down to Koller who drills it into the net, nice hit! Full time. Post match We were fined 25k but that's fine with me for a win with backups. Really happy with how 17 year old Koller played. Wasn't expecting him to play that well after replacing Rashford. Also how the CBs played considering how they have played together. Europa League - 2nd Knockout Round - Home - Fenerbahce Pre-match First team out, we can win this! 4 - 4 - 1 - 1! Origi is back from injury and is not at all match fit but he's my best option uptop. First half Fenerbache score in the 4th minute! Sinan goes down the wing and crosses in, Haller volleys in. Bad defending. It's 1 - 1 in the 12th! Corner comes in, cleared out to Calabria. He looks like he's going to give it to Rashford to hit back in but does it himself. Cracking cross to Ojo who is free to nod in at the back. Close! Rashford hits a ball across and Origi hits at the back post but it's the side netting. Half time and we're easily the better side so I've given them a shouting at. Second half 30 minutes left and 3 subs. Gnarby on for Origi, Cook on for Tielemans and Chambers on for Bertrand letting Calabria go on the left to play attacking wingback. WHAT!? Ayew has gone himself sent off! A ball comes over to him and there's a foul. He's pushed the Fenerbahce player and he's off, 10 men! Gnarby goes to RM and Rashford on his own. This isn't good. Extra time is needed. Extra time: first half Encourage. I can't be horrible with 10 men. Thought Gnarby had done it but he was offside! Penalty! It's two defenders vs Rashford. He steals the ball plays it back and we run up with numbers. Ojo plays an absolutely amazing ball to Gnarby, who runs down in the box and before he can square to Rashford he's fouled. Well done to those 3 and Rabiot, something out of nothing. It's Calabria with the penalty and.. it's in! Sends the keeper the wrong way! Should of been 3! Gnarby is free and runs down the flank, crosses in for Rashford but it's a tame hit and keeper saves! Ba then makes a quality tackle to deny Ojo. Half time! Extra time: second half It's 3 - 1 in the 120th minute. Ojo plays a brilliant ball over two players, Rashfords first touch allows him to hit it with his right and that he does into the corner of the net. Full time! Post-match Wow, how we played with 10, all the subs played really well. Ayew will be getting a slap on the wrist for sure but so happy with that. At the end of the match we had 34 shots, 11 on target. They had 6, 4 on target. We had 3 CCCs, they had 1. We had 4 half chances, they had 0. We were just better. Ayew got two weeks fine, he was unhappy but I spoke with him and he accepted it. Now we have Manchester United with an absolutely knackered squad. Lovely. Away - Manchester United Pre-match 4 - 3 - 3. Burke and Galloway back in. Wanderson, Lagarde and Grujic in midfield. Gnarby and Ayew on the wings. Changed my mind and Origi goes upfront, Costa is on the bench. Ojo and Rashford will make the bench as they're too tired to start. First half It's 1 - 0 to Manchester United. Wanderson makea a good tackle but somehow that sends Douglas Costa running down the wing and crossing in for Martial in the 32nd minute. Butland makes a brilliant save! Luan crosses for Douglas Costa and he hits it well but Butland gets to the other side of his net to palm out! Half time. This tactic isn't suiting. 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 it is. Second half So Ojo, Rashford and Costa on. Gnarby, Origi and Wanderson off. It's 2 - 0. Ball passed back to Butland his kick is awful, straight to Herrera who puts the ball through to Martial who has no problem smacking it in. It's 2 - 1! Some really good waiting, passing and moving and Betrand puts the ball into the 6 yard box where Ayew smashes in! 20 minutes left to go, can we equalise!? Pump ball in the box mode with 10 minutes left! Full time. Post-match First half tactic did not work and Manchester United were the better team. Need a Tottenham favour on Weds to stay first here, even a draw would keep us first on GD. Tottenham won 1 - 0! Dele Alli scoring in the 45th+1 minute! We sit first by 1 point and 3 goals. Internatioal Call Up For some reason my injured striker James Wilson has been called up. "May" be fit for the matches but in form Rashford hasn't. Wouldn't mind but Rashford has a better record then Wilson . Europa Draw: Saturday happened. Arsenal drew! They're 3rd. We're 2nd! Manchester United are 1st! We have a game in hand which we play tomorrow and they're +39, we're +36. Interesting. Away - Watford Pre-match They're 18th. I can't sit back. 4 - 4 - 1 - 1. Tielemans playing behind Rashford. Ayew, Ojo on the flanks and Rabiot and Cook in the middle. First half Would of been a great goal! Calabria burts down and steals the ball, runs down half the pitch but knocks wide. Not real chance and it's half time! 4 - 3 - 3 might have to be an option? We have the players on now. Will try for 25 minutes or so. Second half It's 1 - 0 to Rotherham! Magrini nods in Ayews freekick in the 65th minute. 20 minutes to go. Origi, Wanderson and Grujic on. Cook and Rabiot who have both been booked come off and so does Rashford. Full time! Post-match That was a hard game. They didn't have chances but defended well. We won, that's all that matters. Origi injured on international duty and we've lost him for the rest of the season. End of month awards No winners. Costa came 3rd in the Young Player and I came 3rd in the Manager of the Month. April Home - AFC Bournemouth Pre-match Same starting upline. Wilson is back and takes Origis spot on the bench. Grujic is out and Lagarde takes his. United win and take top on GD again. First half 1 - 0 Rotherham in the 7th minute! Tielemans to Cook who plays it out to Betrand. He crosses in and Rashford smashes it in! Bournemouth defend well! Corner comes in and they block 4/5 of our shots! We're up but not playing that well really but still the better side. Second half It's 2 - 0 in the 49th minute! Ojo plays it out to Betrand who crosses in for Rashford again and he hits in. Callum Wilson scores but as I thought he's well offside! 25 minutes left and Gnarby on for Tielemans and Wanderson on for Cook. It's 2 - 1! Bournemouth attack well and a slick ball through to Wilson he pokes it past Butland in the 76th minute! Lagarde on for Ayew and going 4 - 3 -3 for the last 15 minutes. Too close! They counter and somehow they outnumber us! Ball is squared but Lerma only hits the bar! Shawcross makes the interception so we don't concede when the ball drops down! Should of been 3 - 1! As we counter back, Gnarby does really well and he crosses for Ojo. Ojo heads it into the keepers hands though! Again! Gnarby gets it to Ojo who takes on his man but blasts it at the keeper! This has all happened in the last 2 minutes aswell! Full time! Post-match Wow that was a hard fought game. Lagarde played well in those 15 minutes. Wanderson not so much when he came on. Still, we win it'll all add up! Betrand and Rashford being the dream team today. Away - Aston Villa Pre-match Going to stay 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 but with the Europa League being the next game it'll be "back ups" playing. Koller starts behind Costa. United have gone top again on GD! First half Nothing has happened and it's half time. Perhaps the better side but no clear chances. Second half It's 1 - 0 to Rotherham in the 54th minute! We counter and Gnarby did brilliant. Runs down and puts the ball across the box where Patrick Roberts hits in! 20 minutes left and Wilson comes on for Costa to get some match fitness. Cook also comes on for Lagarde. 79th minute it's 1 - 1! Zekhnini beats Chambers to the ball, crosses and Moi Gomez who is totally free in the box hits in. Pump ball mode with Rashford on for Koller. 10 minutes to go. Full time. Post-match We're first but that was a bit poor. Chambers cost us the game in the end Even Burke and Galloway played well. Europa League Quarter Final First Leg - Home - Borussia Mönchengladbach Pre-match Alot of suspensions so we have alot of defenders on the bench! A good first team though and Wilson starts utop with Rashford behind. First half We go close! A freekick into the box and a cheeky one two lets Wilson free but Sommer makes a good save! Half time! Second half It's 1 - 0 in the 58th minute! Gnarby puts in an absolute brilliant ball and Wilson half volleys it into the net! It's 2 - 0! Ojo puts in a quality ball to the back and Gnarby hits it in the 76th minute! 3 - 0!!! Rashford puts a ball across the box and Ojo hits in! 83rd minute. It's 3 - 1! Calleri puts the ball across and Youan hits in! 90th minute. Full time! Post-match I'm fine with the away goal, that's a cracking win! Home - Southampton Pre-match Same lineup but Rabiot starts ahead of Lagarde and he goes to the bench. First half Cillessen makes a brilliant save to deny Gnarby! That was a right good'un that. It's half time but we're been the better side and Cillessen has been superb. Second half It's 1 - 0! Betrand puts in a brilliant bending ball and Rashford hits in. 48th minute! 50th minute and Cook and Ayew come on. Wilson and Tielemans go off. Gnarby goes AMC, Ayew RM and Rashford ST. Cillessen makes another great save and Rashford and Betrand one, two and Rashford smashes it. Gnarby picks up a knock. Costa replaces and Rashford goes back to SS. 91st minute should of been 1 - 1! Short corner, pass to lay off Oliver and he hits a shot and Butland saves. Should of been a shot that flew into the net. We'll take that for sure. My defense is playing well. We're catching them offside really well. Full time! Post-match Back to the top, It's vs Manchester United now. Arsenal have messed it up. We're 8 points above them. Europa League Quarter Final Second Leg - Away - Borussia Mönchengladbach Pre-match 4 - 4 - 1 - 1. Tielemans behind Rashford. Grujic, Rabiot in the middle. Ayew and Ojo on the wings. Gnarby and Wilson are injured again. Now Roberts is injured. First half Ayew is played through but his shot is saved, should of probably been a goal. Shawcross blocks Kruses shot or it'd of been 1 - 0! It is 1 -0! Dos Santos curls in a freekick and Calabria loses Calleri. Calleri is first to it and smashes in. Will the away goal come to haunt us? Half time! Second half Away goal for Rotherham! Grujic plays a lovely ball between the defense and Rashford who is onside slots in! Lagarde replaces Rabiot in the 60th minute. Chambers and Burke replace Calabria and Magrini with 20 minutes to go. It's 2 - 1 to Rotherham in the 91st minute! Betrand floats in a freekick and Rashford loses his marker, volleys it in! Hits the underside of the bar and in! Full time! Post-match Quality. Winning both legs it a really great effort from the lads. Proud of them. Here comes the crunch. In my last 5 games I have Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Blackburn to play. This is going to be tough! End of month awards Just Wanderson who is second in the Young Player of the Month. May Home - Liverpool Pre-match Same lineup and tactic. We can do this! Liverpool always seem to somehow beat us. Usually a red card! First half Ayew and Rashford both injured within 20 minutes. Wow. That's harsh. Costa and Gnarby replace. Tielemans should of scored. Great ball to him and should of been 1 - 0. Firmino misses a quality chance aswell. Not as good as ours but still. Half time. Second half Gnarby should of scored! Good save but that should of been the opening goal. It's a goal to Rotherham!!! Betrand pulls a ball in the box and Matip and Mignolet mess up! Gnarby hits it in the open net. So close! Shawcross hits the bar from Betrands corner. Phew! We made a bad pass but Heung-Min is offside when he recieves the ball over. Full time! Post-match 3 points at this stage is huge. Ayew and Rashford out for 3 weeks. I've no idea who I can play upfront vs FC Schalke 04! Prem update: United lost! Chelsea won 1 - 0 and we're 3 points ahead but they have +2 GD on us. Europa League Semi Final - Away - First Leg - FC Schalke 04 Pre-match So many injuries. Tielemans will have to play upfront. A regen named Ronnie Bussey comes on the bench. I just have absolutely no registered players fit to play uptop! First half 19 seconds it took for Schalke to score. Betrand absolutely messes up his clearence, he somehow heads the ball on. No idea why he's heading it. Donsah takes it, crosses, Eggestein nods in the cross. What a goal! That one needs uploading. It's 1 - 1 in the 7th minute! Ojo plays the ball back. 25 yards out Grujic smashes it and it flys in! Butland makes a great save to deny Eggestein a second. It's 2 - 1 now though. Ball comes back in, flick on and Goldaniga hits it. Butland makes a great save but Goretzka hits in the rebound in the 26th minute. Half time. Second half 20 minutes left and going 4 - 4 - (2) going to give myself two SS's. Gnarby and Cook go AMC. Chambers, Jin-Su and Burke come on for Shawcorss, Tielemans and Betrand. Calabria goes to RM. Injuries have ruined me here. But if I keep it 2 - 1 I'll be happy as I should have Wilson for the home leg. Full time. Post-game Happy with just a 2- 1 loss. I can win this at home. Should have Wilson back. Away - Chelsea Pre-match "Second side". Chambers, Burke, Galloway and Jin-Su at the back. Roberts, Gnarby, Wanderson and Lagarde in midfield. Costa uptop with Koller behind. Not a strong squad but it's the best I can field. Alot of tired players and I need them for the home match vs Schalke. United drew 0 - 0 with Blackburn! Some breathing space for sure. 2 points ahead with 2 games in hand! That has changed. First half Nothing at all has happened in the first half. I have no problems with that! Chelsea have all the shots but nothing even remotely mentioning. Second half Chelsea go close thanks to what I can only call as full on stupidity. So, we have a freekick. Burke takes it with Galloway and Lagarde stud next to each other just ahead. Burke goes to try and put a ball through to Roberts and smashes it straight into Galloway. They attack from this but Butland saves. What keeping!!! Burds the Chelsea left back crosses in. Willian hits it but Butland saves, it lands to Hazard who strikes it but Butland saves! 15 minutes left and changing it. 4 - 3 - 3. Cook, Kolehmainen and Ojo on. Gnarby, Koller and Costa off. Ojo on the left, Roberts on the right. Just want the draw. Butland makes an amazing save after Wanderson loses the ball when he pickes up a dead leg. Wanderson is playing awful in the DM spot and because of him losing the ball again Chelsea counter and score. 89th minute Hazard hits in Willians cross to make it 1 - 0. Full time. Post-match We really needed a point. We defended well enough but we lost in the end. We spent too much time defending. I don't think 4 - 3 - 3 was the way to go. Oh, again it says it was Chambers that cost us. That'd be two games in a row he's played in? Checking stats and him and Jin-Su have given most goals away. Jin-Su has 4, Chambers 2. None of them are currently first team either. Europa League Semi Final - Home - Second Leg - FC Schalke 04 Pre-match We have a striker! Rashford can play for 20 minutes at the end if really needed but Wilson starts! First half 1 - 0 to Rotherham in the 5th minute! Grujic again! Ojo does well, goes down the left and crosses in. Diego Reyes heads out. Grujic runs in, takes the ball down and hits it in. Roberts on in the 15th minute. Tielemans is injured. No! Wilson plays it in for Roberts but he knocks well wide. Half time. Switching Roberts and Gnarbys positions. Second half Penalty! Roberts takes down Eggestein the box. Butland saves Goretzkas penalty though!!! 15 minutes left so Rashford on for Gnarby. Shwcross makes a good block but it's a corner, thankfully comes to nothing. 5 minutes left. The whistle goes... Post-match We played so well. Grujic the hero. He's played so well in these two legs. Valencia beat Tottenham! Home - Blackburn Rovers Pre-match Resting players again. We'll need the first team for the Arsenal and City games. Costa starts uptop with Koller behind. Rashford and Wilson are on the bench incase. It's United vs City first. We could win the league today. City won!!! Wow, 1 more win or 2 draws in 3 games gives us the title. I have to play with this second squad though. First half Penalty! Galloway is taken down in the box. It's Costa who steps up.. that was nervy! Keeper went right way but it's low and we're 1 - 0 up! Dinga who is already booked fouls Costa off the ball and he's off! 30 minutes in and Blackburn down to 10! Roberts went to close with the freekick aswell! Gnarby goes close aswell now! This time though the ball back in from Roberts, Gnarby drills it past Rajkovic! Half time. Wanderson comes on for Lagarde. We're playing well! Second half Oh that's a goal. Kevin Yamga picks up the long ball by Byram and smashes it from the edge of the box into the top corner. 2 - 1 in the 46th minute! So close! 30 yards Wanderson volleys it but Rajkovic gets down to save! Byram gets there before Roberts and clears! Was a scrappy half after with no real chances and it's full time which means. CHAMPIONS!!!! Away - Arsenal Pre-match Keeping players fit for the Valencia game. First team plays now, second team vs Manchester City. Origi is back but lacks match fitness. Will bring him on as a sub probably. Not sure if he'll play another game this season. Could use him on the bench for the Valencia game though. We're playing 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 counter. Arsenal need to win for Champs League. First half Arsenal should of scored! Shawcross missed the interception but Alexis hits wide! It's 1 - 0 Rotherham! Calabria passes back to Roberts instead of crossing, he cuts inside and fires in! 20th minute. Half time and we've been the better side! Second half So close! 25 yard freekick and Rashford just hits the bar. Wow, that'd of been a great goal. Alexis goes close but Butland makes a brilliant save. It's 2 - 0! Good attacking move and Wilson threads throiugh Ojo who puts it cross the box and Roberts hits in for his 2nd! 15 minutes left. Origi, Gnarby and Wanderson on. Grujic, Rashford and Wilson off. Awful news. Ojo has picked up a knock. It's a facial injury so should be okay! Origi scores and it's 3 - 0 in the 90th minute! Gnarby plays him through and he slots low into the corner. Full time! Post-match Never expected to win 3 - 0. I know this tactic can beat Arsenal but we were great. Ojo will be fine for the Valencia game, phew. Away - Manchester City Pre-match "Second squad" on. Roberts playing on the left as he won't start in the final. If Ayew is back he won't make the bench. Origi starts uptop with Tielemans behind. Cook, Wanderson in the middle. Jin-Su, Galloway, Burke and Chambers at the back. 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 counter. First half 1 minute in and it's a penalty to City! Cook takes down Sterling and John Stones slots in to make it 1 - 0. Roberts now picks up a yellow 17 minutes in. Switching to attacking instead of counter. Just before the break Origi hits in Jin-Sus cross after a lovley ball from Roberts to make it 1 - 1 in the 42nd minute! Half time. We're second best. Second half 20 minutes left! Rashford, Ayew and Grujic on. Gnarby, Tielemans and Cook off. Hart makes a good save to deny Roberts! Sterling makes it 2 - 1! A brilliant cross from Stones and Sterling jumps and heads in. 10 minutes to go! Full time. Post-match We were 2nd best throughout. No complaints, had to rest players for the big game next! Two years in a row for Ojo! End of season awards One for Rashford! Butland came 2nd! Manager of the year! Team of the year! Europa League Final - Neutral - Valencia Pre-match 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 attacking. Butland, Calabria, Shawcross, Magrini, Betrand. Gnarby, Ojo, Grujic, Rabiot. Wilson and Rashford. Bench: Pickford, Chambers, Jin-Su, Tielemans, Cook, Origi and Ayew. Let's get down to business! First half It's a fiesty first half with both teams getting involved. Wilson has had the best chance so far. We just need to make more of the possession spells we have. Gnarby goes close from the edge of the area but Trapp saves. Rashford should of scored. Wilson did brilliant and played him through but Trapp denies. Half time. Second half It's a game of ping pong in the Valencia box but a block denies Rabiot and Trapp manages to smother it. Butland makes a good sabe to deny Birgahi as Valencia have gone more attacking. End of 90 minutes. Ojo has to come off as does Gnarby. Ayew to RM and Cook to WP, he did well when I had to play him there. Wilson is playing his heart out. Stats before extra time: Extra Time: First half Red card! Cook dribbles down the left and Mustafi fouls, picks up his second yellow! Can we make use of the extra man? Betrand crosses for Wilson but his shot is blocked! Extra time: Second half 3 minutes left and Tielemans on for Rashford to take a penalty. Pens it is. Valencia go first. It's Valencia - Feghouli: Butland Saves! Rotheram - Ayew: Misses! Valencia - Andre Gomes: Scores. Rotherham - Grujic: Scores. Valencia - Perisic: Scores. Rotherham - Tielemans: Scores. Valencia - Soler: Scores. Rotherham - Wilson: Saved. Can Valencia Win? Valencia - Cancelo: Crossbar! Rotherham - Calabria: Scores. Valencia - Gaya: Scores. Rotherham - Magrini: Scores. Valencia - Mkhitaryan: Scores. Rotherham - Rabiot: Scores. Valencia - Abdennour: Scores. Rotherham - Betrand: Saved. Post-match Easily the better side yet somehow we lost! Not happy with that! Trapp was brilliant in net. End of Season Part 2 Good season really! Really happy to of won the Premier League again, Euro Cup I was glad to get to the final. We should of won but end of the day we didn't. I need to replace some of the ageing players and sell people who will make me a profit and replace with better. I'll try. I'm excited to see how this goes. Champions League need to be won though, not Europa!