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  1. FM18: Rotherham United

    This is a tough draw. They're top of Serie A.
  2. FM18: Rotherham United

    I have never won by this sort of margin over an aggregate!
  3. FM18: Rotherham United

    Think you've brought me some luck! This is just the first half in the first leg. Look how many we could of had! Yeah look how it ended! And we missed a penalty!!!
  4. FM18: Rotherham United

    January Goals goals goals! We were 6 - 0 up in the first half against Fulham! Was hopin' we'd hit 10! The Everton game was horrible, they just battered us. Chelsea game was frustrating, atleast one of their goals was clear offside! Absolutely awful from the officials. Beating City and Southampton are huge wins for us. We're still in the FA Cup but it's either Manchester City or Manchester United next, let's hope for City. There was some movement out but no one in. I tried bringing in a young Japanese goalkeeper but he chose Brighton over me and I tried to bring in Fosu-Mensah as first team but he chose rotation at Valencia. Taylor wasn't needed and Newell wanted out as he felt he wanted a new challenge. I was happy to sell both. The league is tight, people have game in hands and can over take us. Let's see where we can finish! We also got a goal of the month award!
  5. FM18: Rotherham United

    First half of the season 2021/2022 Some absolute crackin' results there. Doin' amazing in Europa and we've got our next opponent. We play Malmo FF, a tie that we could win. They came 2nd in their group, winning 2, drawing 3 and losing 1. The difference in tactic this year if we score goals and we foul a lot. I can't see any changes happening in January. I rotate the squad a lot. We've used the most players in the premier league but it's helping us out. I can't even tell who my best 11 is. One match Kubala will be AWOL and the next will be amazing. It goes the same with every striker, it's mad. That being said Kubala is top of my goals and assists. Kadlec and Reine-Adelaide hit form out of know where and it's like a selection headache. Woodrow got injured and in came Thurner who scored some crackin' goals. Reine-Adelaide probably scored the best of the lot in the 5 - 3 win over Leicester. Cutting in from the right and hitting a crackin' shot on his left peg. It's been good football to watch this season and if we continue our form and not have our post-January dip we'll do well. It's a shame about the Cup loss, we just didn't turn up. Our defense was woeful and we didn't attack well. Atleast we're still in Europa and we're at home to Fulham in the FA Cup 3rd Round. Let's see how this continues, but this 4 - 3 - 3 winger less tactic is fun.
  6. FM18: Rotherham United

    Quick Europa update. Well, we won our group. Took a few day break from the game and we've been scoring an insane amount of goals since I loaded up the save again.
  7. FM18: Rotherham United

    We managed to quality! We beat Celta Vigo on away goals with 10 men! We were lucky as we got a penalty for bugger all and both teams were awful when we played at Oakwell. Away goals for the win! This though, is one horrible group and will be tough!
  8. FM18: Rotherham United

    Pre-Season and Summer Transfer Window First, we've come through pre-season well with a different tactic i'm using. I've sold some players, sadly some will rot in the deserves due to the lack of interest, even on loan and I've bought in players to fit tactics, rather than roles. Both tactics I'm using are from the tactic and training guide. One being 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 by Cleon as I have players for the AMC position this year and Oathbreaker by Mr U Rosler. Sometimes I get frustrated my wide players, last year I used a 4 - 1 - 3 - 2 but I haven't been able to re-produce this. These are the shapes they use: What I mean by tactics over roles is that I've brought in players such as Gribbin and Reine-Adelaide. Gribbin is an AMC but has been playing as a DLF-A for me. Reine-Adelaide is an inside forward who can play as a winger who's also got the stats to play DLF-A for me, Players that aren't "green" for the roles/positon if that makes sense but when looking at the stats it suits them absolutely fine. Transfers I'd of liked to of done more transfers. I lost out on a few prospects to bigger clubs. I thought I had a quality LCB comin' in but PSG stole him from under my nose. Let's be honest what do you choose? First team at Rotherham United or a hot prospect role at PSG on less money? I know what I'd choose but I'm a Rotherham fan . Martin Thurner: He was on my short list and more teams became interested. He wasn't actually a player I was going to buy but he had a min. fee, alot of potential and can play first team already. I love that he's a driven character and he'll fit in well. Literally only bought because I didn't want other teams to have him. Espen Lien: Really liked the look of Lien. He'll be playing as a AMC or DLF. I think when he's accomplished uptop I'll re-train as a MC aswell. He looks handy. Stevie Clark: He arrived in January and I thought nothing of him, I checked him out again and I think he looks bloody brilliant for an 18 year old. Absolutely needs to be played to make sure he develops well. His teamwork, vision and work rate are top notch. Like my own Darren Fletcher. Look at the money for one player! Dybala is a steal though they sold Andre Silva to Real for £55mil when he cost United £66mil and had been playing very well. Seems strange. The Team Goalkeepers: Ryan is the starting GK without a doubt. I needed an experienced GK and with Ryan I have that. Audero is backup with Ward as a future HG GK I hope. Ryan is tutoring him and I hope it'll help. Woodman isn't needed but no one seemed that interested, even on loan. I was so unimpressed by him. Defense: Stephens looks like a very solid CB and he'll start next to Moore. Adarabioyo and Hause are good enough to be breathing down their necks if they're not playing well. Bennett is a backup that I tried to sell without interest. After his injury he didn't really play and his contract will be expiring at the end of the season. My fullback positions are Camara with Robles on loan as a backup. It was very hard to find a RB which is quite surprising. I had to make do with what I could get. Henry starts with Mings as his backup. Midfield: How many players? I know, it's pretty bloated. I have alot of versatile players which is great. Mendez-Laing and Taylor aren't needed. Newell wanted to leave then rejected Blackburns offer which made no sense. Muyumba is my best MC, it's a strong area for sure. I just need to keep everyone happy. Not bad for 2million a season a go! Strikers: Very very strong area. With the likes of Gribbin, Lien and Adelaide that will also be playing there. I'll be trying to give Lunch some game time. Kadlec is backup now. Woodrow, Kubala and Thurner will be starting with Gribbin in there aswell. Lookin' forward to watching these three flourish. The bank It's looking very very healthy, I think it may be helped that I'm not spending my budgets at all. At the end of the day I'm playing as Rotherham United. Though our rep has gone up, we can't attract that many good established players and I'll only spend so much on the wages. I rejected talks with a few players, one of them bein' a very very good IF/DLF-A because of the wage they wanted. They were on a free but wanted £80k P/W, wasn't happening. The club At the end of the day I'm still playing as Rotherham United. We're over achieving but with the players we currently have I feel we can push on this season. It's about getting familiar with these tactics and scoring the chances we create this season as that was a problem with the last. I mean I'm very bloody happy what happened last season, 11th and a cup win but there was this niggle we could of done a little better in the league. We let some silly goals in and lost some stupid matches, E.G West Ham game we dominated yet lost 3 - 2. Let's see how we kick on from here and hopefully can build on these Europa wins with a good start to the season.
  9. FM18: Rotherham United

    Okay that was weird, I pressed continue and get this
  10. FM18: Rotherham United

    End of Season We did well! Told you how good Woodrow is on FM Need an expansion! Need to look at the squad and formations. Not convinced again with wide players. My best players are my CM/DMs and my CFs. I'd love to just have one formation to play, that everyone suits and we somehow push for Champs League. I'm going to sell fringe players and see how much I can bring in since some of them are so over priced it's silly! Will post a bigger update after the summer transfer window. I need to figure out how to push on from here. For a start I need an experienced solid goalkeeper, CB and LB.
  11. FM18: Rotherham United

    I'm guessing down the mistakes. Otherwise I can't figure it out.
  12. FM18: Rotherham United

    Cup Final Strange one this. So you have youth players on and Loftus-Cheek uptop to play as a target man??? You know you're team aren't playing well when this is the rating of your inside forward who's supposed to be scoring the goals. Lookman had the best chance of the game where a bit luckily dropped to him in the box but it was straight at the goalkeeper! It came down to a penalty final, where we had to the chance to win it three times and it came down to 'keeper vs 'keeper. Audero saved Courtois and scored himself CUP WINNERS! Going to be a different season next season. David Ball only needed to score to get the top spot. He finished joint 1st on goals but had more minutes.
  13. FM18: Rotherham United

    January and Winter Window Some great results here. Tottenham we stole it, they were much better than us! They looked so uninterested though. No fire to beat us, it's like they thought they'd won the second they turned up. Manchester City were utter pants, we deserved that game. They're currently sat in 13th looking for a new manager. Norwich were the better side in the cup sadly, we hit the woodwork twice but the lack of shots on target and no different tactics seem to be able to change my fortunes, my front 3/4 were just not good enough. That being said we're in the Carabao Cup Final vs Chelsea! We have a chance! It's Manchester United title to lose and they've just improved their squad! They need to give Rashford more game time though! We had to players arrive. First was a player I bought last season he was just waitin' to turn 18. Hopin' he can be a good player in our midfield. I like the look of him, his teamwork, vision and work rate are top notch. I purchased Adarbioyo for 1.4mil. Felt like a steal. Wasn't too happy with the wage I had to give him and nearly cancelled the deal but he's just playing too well. Havin' a powerful, driven CB seems to fit at the back perfectly. Mutch should be on his way out. I've had bids of 1million from both Philadelphia and Sporting Kansas City. Let's see where we finish and if we win the cup!
  14. FM18: Rotherham United

    First half of the season We're doing absolutely bloody brilliant. It's a shame we've just ended our non-losing streak to Leicester as we were the better side, we missed our chances and they just knew were the net was without making any clear chances. It's the same with the Southampton game we lost 2- 1. It was an even game, they managed to get a very late winner, we then scored and it was ruled offside but I don't think it was but I kept my mouth shut! Managing to draw against the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool is a huge confidence boost to the team. We're still in cup competitions as well! We've been a bit lucky and given out of form teams. Newcastle have a quality side but my word they should be doin' better. West Brom game was mad, when we played in the league both teams were rubbish and couldn't hit the target. Next game is a game that will of been loved by the neutrals! Brownhill is still playin' superb. Woodrow can miss some chances but he fits in my team very well. The difference this season is how we defend better. We'd of been joint 5th with Arsenal if it wasn't the 3 goals we'd just conceded that's put us to 8th. Still, 8th for a newly promoted side is great. Leicester are top of goals scored aswell. We're joint 9th with Everton and West Brom when it comes to goals scored with 27. That could be a better stat due to chances created. Still, the fans must have some fun considering we've scored for 13 games in a row! The formation I'm using this season (I rotate alot, using the highest of 27 so far). It's basically Cleons tactic but I'm using an AP-S instead of AMC-S due to the players available to me and it's working totally fine, well it's working well. I wanted a tactic that had more stability. It's the same sort of set up with 3 midfielders, 2 wide players and a lone striker I've been using but a different set up. I like the idea of two DMC roles, Ipswich Town used two DMCs when they won the Championship in the 2018/2019 season and they were a really strong team. Last season was about attacking but I couldn't do that in the Prem or I'd be probably sitting down where Newcastle is. I always prefer playing with either a DLF or CF up top but last year I didn't have the players that could fill the role. This year I bought in Woodrow for just that purpose. I've kept the AML-IF and W-S like I played last season, especially since I have the players for it. The midfield is a different set up which you can read about in Cleons post but the Segundo Volante is an interesting role and my regen Roman Fila is playin' well there. He's only 19 so I'm hoping we can improve his stats for that position. Kubala has finally arrived. I wonder how good this player will turn out. There may be transfers this January. There's a 19 year old Ivorian DMC who's been on my shortlist and is wanted by clubs so I may look at bringing him in. Kasey Palmer may come. I refused to pay the wages he wanted in the summer but I've put another bid in for him but I'm not the only side after his services. Tosin Adarabioyo has been playing really well at the back for me, he's actually currently playing instead of Hause. I've enquired about his services due to other teams being interested in him. It means players will need to leave, the first being Mutch. I'm actually on his favoured personnel list but he's behind players in the MC slot and if Palmer joins then he won't get much football at all. He has 6 months left and I currently have no interest in keeping him. He was too of a swear word in the summer. I'll still be looking to bring in more youth players. I do play them and we have some positions that could with some younger hungry players with potential. Namely a second RB and a LB. A CB wouldn't be a bad thing either. Bennett picked up a bad injury and has been out for most of the season so far. Hopefully he'll come back and play the standard he was doin' but he's my 4th CB and I can't see him wanting to stay for that. Hovstad is a young CB with some potential but he never really performs when I play him. I may loan him out for the reason of the season to see is he can improve his game. I kept him around so Moore could tutor him and for cup games. Up top we have the Irishman Lynch and Czech Kubala to put pressure on Woodrow. Let's see what January brings. I mean they did give me this. And I don't think I've had a player score this many goals in any game, this was an U23s. My Irish prospect.
  15. FM18: Rotherham United

    Two games so far have been crazy! Neutrals would of loved them! Leicester won 3 - 1 with Adrian Silva scoring a potential goal the season. They got the luck, ball fell to them in the box for their 2nd. Wasn't our day. Max Clark filling in for the injured Mings headed it off the line and gave us a huge win!