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  1. I think this sums up what annoys me Heck, I'm glad I got to see us in a major tournament final and it's a day/game I'll always remember, I'm proud of our team and hopefully it long continues. We have some cracking young players and hopefully this experience will help out Southgate and we can win the World Cup next year instead .
  2. He's our captain and for alot of the second half he looked so casual. We looked so much better when we were closing down and I know you can't do that for 90 minutes but I just felt tonight he wasn't the player we know he can be. I hate the fact that our striker is our captain but he didn't exactly put spirit into the team did he? He's immune to being subbed and after Chiesa goes off(who probably would of scored at some point) and both of Italys CBs are on yellow cards, he has to put pressure on them. I know it isn't soley his job but I don't feel he plays the captains role very well at
  3. And then you could see Maguire getting more and more annoyed that he had no outlet to play the ball too. I was impressed by our back line this Euros. Walker defensively has been a wall, Maguire/Stones been brilliant and Shaw has been ace. After that it just goes a bit tits up.
  4. So glad someone else feels this way. I've never seen such a casual captain, he was just casually jogging most the second half. Lift the team up, put in some fighting spirit, you're in a bloody final!
  5. Kane was absolutely terrible after the first half, he's our captain and offered absolutely nothing. I thought I'd be more gutted but I'm more angry at Southgate. His subs and our 2nd half tactics/performance were just so poor. Both their CBs were on yellow cards yet he doesn't bring on players to exploit it. Why the heck did be bring on Saka over Sancho, why leave it so late for Grealish. It's been fun but my word did we bollock this up. Sadly, Italy deserved it.
  6. Everytime I saw Peter Schmeichel in the lead up to the game I got this poppin' in my head and I've not seen anyone else mention it, it's somewhere in this thread already right?
  7. Fair enough it was awful by Wales but Moore was clearly fouled ffs Can't help but think the ref is biased, especially after giving a foul against Moore and booking him for bugger all.
  8. Community Shield Can I get revenge on Manchester City after they triumphed in our recent FA Cup final match? Both teams have their strongest line ups out. First half: Debut goal! 5th minute: Good football down the left, Elliot crosses in and De Simone heads home for his debut goal! 1 - 0 York! That was the first shot of the game for either side. 13th minute: Serretti replaces Curtean who has picked up a knock with a greta last ditch tackle. He goes toa RB and Pfanne to CB with Flessers. 15th minute: Corner to York but Flessers heads over. 15th minute: Corner
  9. Season 2031/2032 Told you we were missing a quality striker and how the difference bringing in Yordane and Greenwood last season. Our reputation continues to grow. Though it's Arsenal bringing in the matchday money, they do have a 60k vs our 37k stadium. This gave me a little chuckle. Is it based on rep? Our RB and Captain is favourite of being the top rated player of the season, no Harvey Elliot to be seen. I do like little random awards and I feel it helps towards players development He's the LM we brought in January. Talking about transfers. Out:
  10. Cheers man! Alot of hard work gone into getting the best squad for the way I like to play football. I use a Knap tactic but I've changed the FB roles from WB to FB and it suits us alot better.
  11. We already have one player leaving and one coming in by the looks of things. I'm not looking to change much. I want more trophies though. I still need that Carabao Cup. Don't get me wrong though, what an amazing season. Going undefeated for a full premiership season is mental. Shame I can't beat a record that's stud for many many years that was set by Preston .
  12. FA Cup Final Can we make it two in a row? We haven't lost to City in 7 games, we beat them just a few games ago 3 - 0, can we keep do it again? First half: 1st minute: Flessers have a vital tackle on Vini Jr to deny a very good chance. 5th minute: Leo crosses in but Klaasen heads over. 11th minute: Elliot plays in Klaasen but it's saved. 12th minute: Yordane is in but denied. The following corner is headed over. There's a goal... AN OWN GOAL. 20th minute: Hakimi crosses in and it's off Pfanne into the York net. City lead. 24th minute: Shiels crosses but
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