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  1. Post-season Usual two names in team of the year and we struggled when they were injured. He can't retire I want him for next campaign! Looks like I'm keeping Woodman! Should be Andy Carroll though! Atleast with the new stadium we'll get more people in! Holds another 10k! Hopefully I'll get my transfers done tonight after work. Work on a Sunday, bad times! On the money side:
  2. Cheers lads! Transfer window is going to be solid I'd imagine with brexit in play. Interesting, but solid. I plan to keep a few of the players. Players like Burton, Arthurworrey and Ashby who always perform. I'd love to keep Brown, Wrele and Bunney but they won't play. Brown's lack of heading ability will cost us here. Wrele there's just alot better and Bunney scored 0 in 16 last season. He shouldn't be given a new contract.
  3. Play off Final - will it be a repeat of last year? First half: 12 seconds - Sheffield Wednesday counter, Ramos puts in and Concalo puts in. 1 - 0. 19th minute - Chalobah fouls and it's a penalty! May steps up... rockets it in! No keeper is saving that! 1 - 1. 32nd minute - Clough goes close. Have to change tactic as they have three up top. 42nd minute - Dale crosses in and Castillo scores! 2 - 1. Half time. 48th minute - Weds hit the bar! That was too close. 62nd minute - Newell and Lawrence replace McKenzie and Einarsson. 81st minute - Sinton throws the ball to Weds... hit a ball over the top and Concalo scores. What the heck is Sinton doing? 88th minute - Castillo played in but his shot is saved! Going to extra time! Extra time first half: 96th minute - Fluke goal! Corner comes in, it's headed out. Newell htis it and it hits off Casimir and goes in! OWN GOAL! Extra time Second half: 105th minute - Casimir scores! Robinson crosses and he hits in. Arthurworrey could of done better. PENALTIES. May steps up.. SAVED. Casimir steps up.. SCORES. Newell steps up.. SCORES. Robinson steps up.. SCORES. Daham steps up... SCORES. Mendes steps up... SAVED. Carroll steps up.. SCORES. Concalo steps up.. SAVED. Lawrence steps up... SCORES! SALFORD ARE GOING UP! Maybe Woodman stays! He was brill in the final.
  4. Play off semi-final leg 2 (I forgot to take the early picture of teams) First half: 19th minute: It's 1 - 0 to Barnsley. Bradshaw hits in Sheafs cross. Half time. Changing tactic and Lawrence replaces Ashby. Second half: 63rd minute - It's 1 - 1! Good passing and Carroll plays through the overlapping Dale who hits in for his first Salford goal! 65th minute: Good chance for Salford. Cross comes in, Lawrence hits down to May but the 'keeper saves. 72nd minute - Sitter by May! Cracking ball through he's 1 on 1 and smashes the post! 78th minute - ANOTHER sitting by May! Lovely play by Lawrence and he's 1 on 1 and 'keeper saves his shot. He's coming off for Owen. 79th minute - It's the bar! Lawrence pings a lovely shot that dips but it doesn't go in! 83rd minute - We should score again! Lawrence plays in Owen but it's saved and hits the post! It's full time. WOW how did we nearly mess that up!
  5. Play off semi-final leg 1 First, we have Barnsley. We've not lost to Barnsley yet but Burton is injured for three weeks so Woodman will be in net. Let's hope he doesn't mess up. First half: 8th minute: That''s so close. Hourihane hits the bar from 30 yards out. 10th minute: It's a sitter. Einarsson shoots and Dale flicks on with his head straight at the keeper. Salford should be 1- 0 up. 42nd minute: Penalty! Bunce fouls Arthurworrey! May steps up and... hits in! Salford are 1 - 0 up! Half time. Second half: 58th minute: Close! Corner comes in and Carroll heads against the bar. 61st minute: Lawrence and Owen replace Castillo and Carroll. 65th minute: It's 1 - 1. May takes on his man and doesn't pass. Loses the ball and Barnsley counter. Bradshaw hits across to Dicko who slots in. 74th minute: It's 2 - 1 to Salford! McKenzie blocks a clearence from Hourhane, it drops luckily to May in the box who hits in. 75th minute: It's 2 - 2. Throw in to De Sa, he crosses low and Sarr hits in. Defending was awful. 85th minute: It's 3 - 2 to Salford! McKenzie bursts down the right after a good ball from Dale. He crosses low and Lawrence who's just back from injury hits in. Full time! Feel like we could of ended this tie already.
  6. We just cost ourselves 2nd. We missed so many chances and Ipswich and Brentford both blew there leads. Play offs it is. Our forum is awful. A couple of players got injured - our best CB and CM tbf. We just weren't anywhere near as good without them. I'm not happy with Woodman. He'll be dropped for the play offs and sold in the summer. He's been pretty disappointing to be honest.
  7. Any 4 teams can win the league! With the new tactic our form improved alot. Oh and Andy Carroll has been bloody brilliant. So has May but he's in a bit of a drought at the moment and finds Owen(the striker I have in from Burnley on loan) ahead of him.
  8. We're lost both of our young good CBs to minimum fees. Strange bit was that Ghievo really wanted Kritsjansson but I wouldn't sell for anything less then his release. They randomly pop up and bid Geshevs release and Blackburn who are in League 1 bid the £9mil I wanted for Kristjansson. £17million for two CBs that didn't cost me a penny and have played well for me is pretty bloody good. They're going to be hard to replace. I'm looking at an 18 year old Irish youth who may have some potential but he's only costing me 50k and Man City youth who may become good. He's 21 and he'll be my 3rd CB but may improve after playing. I need another Goalkeeper. My backup wants out on loan. Will Mannion looks ideal but Hull want way too much money for him. Nevermind I've just found this guy transfer listed. He's going to cost me 10k p/w on wages but he looks bloody good compared to everyone else I can get! We've proper hit form. With the use of two tactics it's really great to see. Look at the table! It's so tight at the top.
  9. Well this is alot harder then last season. We started so well and it went so bad. The midfield didn't create chances. The strikers misses so many chances. My fullbacks suddently went awful. My goalkeeper started making silly mistakes. We cannot score penaltys. We've gone from top of the league to trying to get back into the play offs. When it comes to January there will be chances. Yes, I signed big Andy Carroll as Kaye and Bunney are playing awful this season. It's May(who's doing alright, he's just injured), Gregory, Carroll and a regen named Owen on loan from Burnley as my strikers now. Bunney is 5th and Kaye is transfer listed. Transfers - We'll see. We have money to spend and two of my CBs are wanted. We've changed shape and we're getting rewards from it. We've done tons better since Ashby returned from injury. It's basically this tactic but I've slightly changed to suit my team/strikers more. Damn Brexit means no Iceland/Finland stealing now :(.
  10. Quick end of transfer update. Not alot to say on this. We let some backup players and people not worth the wage go. Rosenqvist kept being injured and fell down the pecking order. I offered him out and felt 250k was pretty good. Miklovic wanted to go and 3million was silly money. Best bit is he isn't even playing for Wolves. He's out on loan playing for Burton Albion in league 1. Ins were a couple of young regens. Two new strikers, Newell and a regen RB. The campaign has started really well. Pre-season went strong even though we lacked players for the first few games. May and Gregory started so well but they're both out of form currently. Let's see what happens! Still have my eye on Andy Carroll. We're getting more fans in! And just 9mil better off compared to this time last year. Funny isn't it ^_^. 2021 and May is only 28! I've brought in Newell who's still only 28 and quality. He was bought by Ipswich for 2.2mil in 2018/2019 but didn't play many games. Looked at Danny Ward but he was pretty bad to be honest. He's transfer listed at Birmingham. They bought him for 3.6mil in 2018/2019.
  11. Was either May or a 35 year old Matt Derbyshire ^_^. Brexit has made this so hard with my rep. It did go up half a star atleast .
  12. Fans are so fickle sometimes. Miklovic wanted out. He only had a year left, worth £300k and wasn't going to get any better. Wolves bid £3million. I sold him. Fans are not happy I sold a first team player. Idiots. We're Salford and getting that sort of money so we can build up the facilities and pay off the stadium loan, oh and replace with Joe Newell who's a better play imo. I wasn't joking either. Brexit has forced this upon me.
  13. Brexit is ruining my game. I can't even sign a quality Swedish striker because he won't get a work permit or a French youth who's 22 but still has potential. At this rate I'll have Stevie May and Lee Gregory upfront for me.
  14. More entertaining that way! Absolutely. I'd of probably set record low. My rep is still awful and getting players is hard. I'm lucky to have Chelsea as my parent club still. I've just got a CB/DM and a CM/AM from them. My 4th CB wants 4k p/w to stay and he can jog on at that price.
  15. End of season: Nice one for our Mini-Lampard! Didn't even name it after me! Buggers. Wow! This seems madness. I'm keeping most my side aswell. Even Bunney and Kaye. New RB/2 Strikers really.