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[FM18] Ta' Xbiex SC - Youth Only Malta

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So my KFR save got deleted when my PC crashed, so it is

Back to Malta!

Last year I tried to take tiny Ta' Xbiex SC to european glory, and I actually managed to get in to the CL group stages, and then my game crashed. So I will be trying again!

In FM17, Ta' Xbiex SC were predicted to come last in the Bank of Valletta Third Division, the fourth tier of Maltese football, this year they are predicted one place higher on the table!


Basically, we have nothing at all, even the stadium is owned by another team.



The Manager


Same manager as in my KFR save, only from a different country.


I forgot to take a picture of the squad, but here is the key players





Good players for this level, and they will play a key role in the first years of his save!



I guarantee we will do better than this!



A good pre season, and we are off!


And thanks to @Mons, for the DATABASE !




English is not my first language, so there will be grammatical errors.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Youth Intake 2018

As always, the first intake is very exciting, and I really want a good one!


A very good first intake! The depth is amazing, a player in every single position. Too bad that the two best ones are CMs, as that is the position with the best players.


The Three Best




They do not look like anything special. But they are 15 years old, and can really grow, at least that is what I hope!

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End of the 2017/18 Season



We surprised everyone this year, including me!

We scored the most goals by far, and conceded a fair bit too many, but that does not matter when you outscore the opponent, and we are promoted!

The FA Trophy I did not care about, and we went out the first round.



One of the players that played the most games for us this season, Matthew Fenech will leave us after the season, and it's up to one of the youth players to take his place!

Riccardo Napoli, our striker, that scored 21 goals in 22 games suddenly decided to retire after the season...




Best Eleven


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Pre Season 2018/19


Well, this is not a big surprise. We are predicted at the bottom, and this season, I think we have to play very good to outdo that.


We played a bunch of very good games though, especially the 3-2 win against Birkirkara, as they are one of the best teams in Malta.


The Squad



Key Players





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Mid Season 2018/19



Only one loss so far! We are doing much better than I thought we would do, and if we could keep this up, we can win promotion! The biggest difference this season is that we don't concede a bunch of goals.

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25 minutes ago, RioImmagina said:

The face of Mulholland, kinda "godfather" :eek:

Tough challenge, good luck!

He gives me that vibe as well :p  Thank you!

24 minutes ago, andychar said:

Very good start. First Malta, then Europe then the World! Muhahahahahahahaha!

*twists moustache menacingly*

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Youth Intake 2019


A very, very good left back, and everyone else has 5* PA as well! Great intake!


The Three Best


Already wanted by the top clubs in Malta. I doubt we will be able to keep him for a long time! He is very weak though, and that is something I have noticed with every player in the two youth intakes so far. 


12 finishing er very good at this level, the rest is a bit "meh".


Can't really say that I rate him as highly as my assman.

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2 hours ago, Timetxu said:

It's back! Still don't know how to pronounce Ta' Xbiex though... 

I'll be honest, I have no idea either :)

1 hour ago, noikeee said:

Yay, Malta is back!

I hope I can do as well as the last Malta save! :)

1 hour ago, Mons said:

It's Ta Shbeesh. Pretty damn close enough, anyway ;)


Nice to see my file being put to good use already :D

Ahh, that is nowhere close to how I have pronounced it in my head! :p

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End of the 2018/19 Season



We failed in the second half of the season, and ended up just below the play-off spot. It was still a pretty good season though, and now that the youth players are starting to grow, I think we can end up higher the next season.



Won the two games we should win, and then lost to a team from the top division.





Best Eleven 18/19



Best Overall Eleven


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Pre Season 2019/2020


We actually have worse odds this season than the last one. I don't know why to be honest.


Two losses against two top teams are pretty good.


The Squad


Just 5 players left in the club that has been with us from the start


Key Players






And the first coaching course for me


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Mid Season 2019/2020



8 points to the second bes teams says it all really, we have been brilliant! Our top scorer, Nigel Vella, got injured in the 3-2 game against Swieqi United, and came back in the 6-1 win. He is so SO important!  Żurrieq FC have three games on us, and can pass us if they win them all, but we're still in top two!

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Good luck mate i love Maltese saves,second Division looks much tougher..At least you play youth chalenge and you don't have problem with crazy Maltese match-rules....:D

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2 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

Good luck mate i love Maltese saves,second Division looks much tougher..At least you play youth chalenge and you don't have problem with crazy Maltese match-rules....:D

Thank you! Yeah, I don't need to think about that rule :p

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Youth Intake 2020


I have not been able to ask for an upgrade to any of the things we need for better youth players because of the financial situation we're in, so I think we just have to live with getting "bad" players.


The Three Best




Again, nothing great, but a whole team with 5* PA is good!

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End of the 2019/2020 Season



Almost perfect second half of the season, with only one loss! We secured the win very early, and I gave some youth players time in the first team in the last four games or so.

One thing to notice is that the team that finished second had to win in the play-offs to not go down last year! So it was really two team that over performed that won promotion.



We started the cup off with a bang and recorded our biggest win ever with a 8-0 trashing of Kirkop United! Then we hit the ground hard and got knocked out by Gudja United.




Nigel Vella just keeps scoring!


Best Eleven 2019/2020 Season


Best Overall Eleven


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Pre Season 2020/2021


I think that this will be a tough season, and we might be fighting at the bottom of the table.



We usually do better in the pre season friendlies. Should have won more games.


The Squad



Key Players





For the first time, the CMs that we have used from the start has lost their place in the starting eleven. If we get a better keeper in the next youth intake, we have eleven regens in the starting eleven!

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Mid Season 2020/2021



When we won the first game 5-1, I thought it was a fluke, and then we lost 3 of the next 4 games and I thought we would fight in the bottom of the league. Then suddenly, we started winning, and did not lose another game in the first half of the season! The league is very tight, and a bad run will see us fall down the table.





More upgrades!

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Youth Intake 2021

After upgrades to both youth recruitment and youth coaching, I had high hopes for this intake, and it delivered!


Both Russell Spiteri (JR04a) and Kenneth Farrugia (JR04b) goes straight in to the starting eleven! And Lydon Borg (JR04c) is not far behind. Other than that, there is two players that "only" have 4.5* pot, and that shows us that the players are getting better and better.





A bit tiny for a GK, but I hope he grows a git.

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End of the 2020/2021 Season



I have no idea how we did it, but next season we're playing in the Bank of Valletta Premier League!

I waited the whole season for a bad run of form, and the closest thing we came to that was two losses in a row. Other than that we were amazing all season!

Lost the league win in the last game of the season though, but I really don't care about that. We already placed higher than I thought we would do.



We bea the team that ended 11th in the PL in the 3rd round, then lost to the team that finished 6th in PL the next round.





Best Eleven 2020/2021 Season



Best Overall Eleven



And I passed 100 games this season!


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Pre Season 2021/2022


I know I have said this almost every season that we will struggle, then we have won promotion. But this time I really believe we will struggle!



We lost only one game, and that was against our U19s...


The Squad



Key Players


I doubt we will be able to keep Spiteri for long, some teams have already bid money for him, and it's just a matter of time before the club accepts without my go...




More upgrades!






Hibernians FC is the first teeam in Malta to turn pro. They have already spent more money on two players than ALL the other teams in Malta have spent so far in this save!

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Mid Season 2021/2022


We won 4 of the first 6 games, and I thought that we actually could get top 4 or so, then we really failed. I have never, in any FM, conceded 9 goals... Man that was a horrible game...



We are still a mid table team though, and all in all I'm happy. I just hope that our form continues to be this bad...


I really need these badges, as the coaches that is available in Malta really are bad!


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Youth Intake 2022



A few days before the youth intake I realised I have never checked out our HOYD, and it turns out he as total sh*t... 2, 2 and 2 on the stats that matter... So in panic i fired him and tried to get a new one, but I did not have enough time to do so. So the U19 manager was in charge of this intake, and let's just say he did a good job!



Three players that goes straight in to the first team!


The Three Best




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End of the 2021/2022 Season



There is a HUGE difference between the top four teams and the rest, and we really got to feel that this season! 30 of the 65 goals we conceded was against the top four teams, and that is really something we have to fix if we want to challenge them. Other than that I'm pretty happy, we have been above the relegation zone all season, and we got a bunch of good players in the youth intake, so I believe we will do the next  season.



We won 4-1 against Valletta, and that was perhaps the best game all season, including the league. We even got a man sent of in the 57th minute. Hibernians beat Mosta 4-1 in the final.




I would really like to get some winger in the next youth intake, as that is the positions we struggle.



2021/2022 Best Eleven



Overall Best Eleven


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2022/2023 Pre Season


Nothing new here.


This certainly looks good! Well, all the teams should really lose to us. I kinda forgot to add a "good" team...


The Squad


Key Players





Three of the best players are from last years youth intake...



Our first senior international call up!


And here is the reason the top teams are hard to catch


This is the best eleven according to the media, and every single player is a Valleta or a Hibernians player. 5 from Valleta and 6 from Hibernians.

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Mid Seasons 2022/2023



We are doing way, way, WAY better than expected! It's really all thanks to our two CMs. Russell Spiteri (JR04a) has a 7.64 avg rating, and Warren Azzopardi (JR05a) with a 7.57 avg rating. Only two losses this season, and two big ones at that, but still, we are second! And we even managed a draw against Hibernians.

Russell Spiteri turns 17 in a few days in game, and then he will probably leave to one of the top teams. Hibernians have made offers for him almost every day for the last transfer windows, and now he can leave on a free transfer. We will probably start to lose more games then :(


He's also a full international now, 16 years of age!


More upgrades!





And I got a new HoYD. This guy is the best Malta can offer, so I'm really happy with this.


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Youth Intake 2023


Wow... That is all I can say really! This is an amazing youth intake! The new HoYD really did something amazing here!

I know I'm not allowed to say anything negative when I get players like this, but I would have liked that the 5* CA was everything else than a GK, as that is a place we have a really good player already :p


The Three Best


Looks very good for this level!



He is not as good in the CM position as in the DM position, but he's still 3* better than third best one.


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7 hours ago, Humbby said:

unfortunately your best player has low determination :( I usually find that people with bad personalities not only develop badly but also play worse

Yes, that is the biggest problem at the moment :(

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End of the 2022/2023 Season



We outdid ourselfes this season, and ended up in the third position! And with that we have qualified for the Europa League nect year!

I expected us to finish maybe mid table, so this is a big surprise. It's really thight in at the top thought, so we have to play very well next season to do this again.



Not only did we outdo ourselfes in the league, but we actually did it in the FA Trophy as well, and won the whole thing after a crazy final against Hibernians!






Best Eleven 2022/2023 Season



Best Overall Eleven



And we ended up the season with more upgrades for the club, and a badge for me




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