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  1. The Almost's of the Americas.

    Great! I've been loving the "Nearly Men" saves and that together with my love for South American football should make this a great save!
  2. Awesome! So I get that the original file on the first page has been updates with the u19s? (Can't wait to start playing :D)
  3. Yeah, I get that. To be fair, as a potential player, the NCAA Tournament already looks quite like the way you want to work out the College World Series, but with double elimination. So tbh, I wouldn't really miss a 64 team College World Series. Besides, only having 8 DI-A and DI-AA "champions" gives the tournament a more unique feel and gives you a reason to push for that first place.
  4. Can't you split it up like you did with the NCAA Tournament? I.e. divide everything in 4 regions and then make four 16 team double elimination tournaments with the winners going to a fifth "final four" tournament? Or maybe even more split up, like 8 regions with 8 teams, so you can literally use the same structure as in your NCAA Tournament, but with double elimination.
  5. I was just reading up on all the info you provided on the various competitions. I saw that you encountered a minor problem which made you decide that only 8 (instead of 64) teams qualify for the College World Series. Which 8 teams are these precisely? The 8 DI-A and DI-AA conference winners?
  6. Are the Varsity teams already included in the download file in your first post? I don't think it appeared in my test save.
  7. I really, really love what you've done with this. This is something I'd been hoping for for a long time, but unfortunately I suck balls at using the editor. Can you give some insight in the value certain tournaments have to the board? Generally it looks like your conference and the Bowl game that goes with it is the most important. The College Football Playoff Bowl Games/Invitationals is the continuation of it, in which you play competitive games against teams from other conferences at the same level. The NCAA Tournament/March Madness feels a bit like a cup tournament, because it has teams from lower conferences involved as well. The College World Series is just kind of a celebratory tournament for conference winners. Btw, I noticed an error in the College World Series with teams being able to be eliminated while only losing 1 game. This is an example of a simulation I ran. You see that New Mexico and Florida State get eliminated after losing only one game. It feels like in the lower (losers') bracket, Kentucky and Kansas State should have played a game first with the winner advancing to play the loser of a Florida State - New Mexico matchup. The winner of Florida State - New Mexico would eventually play the winner of that game in the final.
  8. It ain't a Vatican league if there's no San Lorenzo involved.
  9. I would lie if I'd say I'm not entertained already...
  10. Good luck! Not against Roda, but good luck against everyone else!
  11. Serenading Sofia - The Final Attempt

    Good luck! Are Slavia in the highest league?
  12. Thanks for your answers. So I get that you don't get any youth intakes in an NCAA team?

    Really enjoying your save! Bit annoying to see the Liechtenstein board harassing you. Especially because they say you cannot qualify for the EURO anymore even though you still can through the playoffs. Good luck!
  14. This is really cool and I'm very impressed by the file so far. I haven't encountered the "random redraw of the NCAA Tournament in January" issue so this really makes me aching to have a go with an NCAA save. I just had a couple questions left: - Where do you acquire new problems from? Do you get youth intakes in your NCAA teams or do you need to offer 16/17 year olds in other leagues (like the USSDA) a contract? - Is there some sort of notification that says that your players go into the Superdraft? I watched the 2018 Superdraft in my save to see if I could count which players per team went into the draft, but there were so many available players that this was pretty much impossible. I did notice that most were 21-22 (which seems to reflect real life), but there was one guy who was already 24 and draft available. I tried to look him up, but he didn't play for a college, he had played for a Swedish lower league team the season before (he was American though). - What happens when a player turns 23? He just... goes? - The file seems to prioritize the non-conference games over the conference games. When you add a manager, you have to look up the university's name because you can't know in which regular season group they are. Their media predictions are also based on their non-conference rivals and teams are described as "last years NCAA Regular Season Group 5 winners" rather than "Pac-12 champions". - Do the spring games affect the selection of the at-large picks or are these games mere exhibition games?
  15. Wow, this actually clears up a lot about what I couldn't find out in-game myself. Wasn't aware of an option like that in the editor and I must say that this rule actually replicates real life in the most realistic way. Thanks for the explanation!