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  1. Timetxu

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Such an unrealistic game. England usually gets beaten by these kind of countries..
  2. Ah, the old if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em-switcharoo. Classic.
  3. Timetxu

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    You've turned Bhutan in a tactical laboratory. I was hoping you'd do a 2-3-5 one day, but this tactic is even more offensive!
  4. Guess that's what UEFA had in mind when they changed the format...
  5. Timetxu

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    Where the heck do Stumbras come from all of a sudden?
  6. Timetxu

    [FM18] Vietnam national team Challenge

    Original choice of country! Are you also managing a team next to the National Team to improve the quality of your players or are you only managing Vietnam?
  7. Yes!!! This new playoff format is going to be so wacky in real life, though
  8. Good going! Already news on the Euros playoff front? *hype* *hype*
  9. Beating the record of one of the Greatest of All Time Andres Oper. He once signed my favourite scarf before it was stolen at my previous high school. Oh the memories.
  10. Are some of the players in the game actually the ones you're managing? Because if so, are... YOU in the game??!!
  11. Timetxu

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Dominating Asia so far was fun and all, but getting to play in the Sapporo Dome must be the pinnacle of this save.
  12. Timetxu

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    What's this thing with the Bhutanese teams in the Confederations Cup coming from different leagues? 🤔 Anyway, you're absolutely destroying the league. Hopefully the other teams benefit from it a bit so you can get to the CL in two years.
  13. Timetxu

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    Gábor Kitl getting a 9,9 from that match is like your teacher refusing to give you a 10 because you misspelled one word in a maths test.
  14. Have Estonia already qualified for a tournament before you took over? I feel like you have a really good shot this time out as you're obviously way too good for the D Division, but you still play those countries in a playoff if you don't manage to finish in the top 2 of this group.