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  1. Going to send him a letter for some sweet sweet copyright infringement money.
  2. It seems like this match was extremely error prone, because this was the total amount of shots blocked defending. A nearly incredible amount of 18 (!) in a single game: I randomly clicked one of them to see what they looked like: cb590ac4b02283c57e5ce47540382c42.mp4 I feel like something is off whenever stats get registered in the "analytical data" screen. I feel like I trust the "player analysis" screen more.
  3. Hi Harrison, Some other moment that I considered a quite vague CCC popped up: In this one, Jota gets credited for a CCC, but this is the ensuing highlight: 413e4cb61bcfb709ccea23d7850137bb.mp4 It's weird how Jota gets the CCC and Alexander-Arnold does not. In the first place because Alexander-Arnold, if he had taken the shot by himself, was never in a CCC position. Second, because the pass didn't even lead to a chance and third, because the ensuing header by Mané did not get considered to be a CCC as Alexander-Arnold finished the game with 0 CCC's.
  4. Hi Harrison, Thanks for getting back to me. I've made a gif of a moment that was included as being a CCC, but ended up in being a highlight not leading to something that is a CCC in my eyes. 38ec9e43a62fc651aab6a250f93791f8.mp4 In this highlight, Casemiro gets credited with the CCC. He passes to Carvajal, who then dribbles into the box and gets fouled by the leftback and gets rewarded with a penalty kick. He never really had a clear shooting angle, so I guess the CCC gets credited due to it leading to a penalty kick, but it feels a bit weird this is seen as a CCC.
  5. Hi, I've just played this game and there seem to be quite some differences between the statistics you find per player under player analysis and under player statistics. An example: In this player analysis table, it says Peres and Vormer have made 2 and 6 key passes respectively, but when I go to the player statistics screen: It says Peres and Vormer have made 3 and 9 key passes respectively. What does this mean? I have also noted a difference in determining "chances created". You could sort based on "chances created" in FMT20, but in FMT21, there's only
  6. OCTOBER 2021 A very undeserved loss against Alba Acajutla has granted El Vencedor a huge gap right now. But we're still living up to the expectations.
  7. The Uruguayan season might have been closing to end, but the season's just started in El Salvador! We've taken a little step back in terms of the country reputation, but we do get the possibility to manage close to a full season at Ciclón del Golfo. We're expected to finish at least second, which seems no hard task given that my predecessor had actually done a pretty good job. There's seventeen games to go to challenge El Vencedor.
  8. SEPTEMBER 2021 Well, that was a very disappointing end to the season and to my stay at Rampla Juniors.
  9. AUGUST 2021 It nearly looked like we would get a quadruplet of 1-1's, but a last second goal by Machado secured us of a win against Villa Teresa! One more home game against Atenas de San Carlos to go...
  10. JULY 2021 We skip ahead an extra month because there were no games due to the Copa América. We were the better side twice, but only one point. Still, we have our fate in our own hands.
  11. MAY 2021 A great start to life at Rampla Juniors with a big win over Albion, part in thanks to a hattrick from Chocho. We're now well back in the race for a playoff spot. June will be a quiet month because of the Copa América, so the next game will be in eight weeks. This will help too.
  12. THE START I've loaded up all the abovementioned leagues with the start date being 1 January 2021. It took a little patience before the first wave of sackings in Uruguay, but it's 25 May and Sebastián gets his career off to a start at: ---------- Only eight games left on the schedule for the season, with only one this month before the league takes a break for the Copa América, but that goal should be doable, with being only two points from the playoffs.
  13. EL LOCO ABREU FLIGHT CLUB THE LATIN AMERICAN DISLOYALTY MILES PROGRAMME One of the reasons for my unsationable love of Latin American football is the benchload of colourful personalities, crazy tournaments and the utter competitiveness of all teams - mostly helped by European clubs buying anything that has two feet before the age of 18. A very big exception to the rule of "anything that is good, does not play in Latin America" is Sebastián Abreu. A footballer who, to the non-South American audience, is most known for scoring the panenka that sent out Ghana from the 2010 FIFA World Cu
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