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  1. Are you saying Roda JC territory is German? I mean.. you're probably right, but... don't need to say that out loud..
  2. Good luck with this. Are you also managing a team in Afghanistan to influence the quality a bit?
  3. Still frustrated about having been sacked by Nacional Potosí in my previous save although we managed a 4th spot and the AI in your save hopelessly got relegated...
  4. Oh sweet Jesus, not RKC again... Before we know the club board will only allow the draught of foamless beers at the Mandemakers...
  5. The plus side to the static qualification spots is that they're not divided by a spread of Kosovar teams who aren't near performing as well in Europe as you are. Progress up the UEFA ranks should come way quicker than normal.
  6. I'm doing a little research. So far, the most interesting I've found is this: http://chronicle.gi/2015/12/gibraltar-earns-an-extra-spot-in-europe-for-201718/ This article claims that the 53rd UEFA place apparently grants a country an additional Europa League spot. 51st placed Faroe Islands is the first country to have three teams in the Europa League. So I feel like there's no real regulation by the UEFA about this, it's just a matter of climbing the ranks.
  7. From Superliga champions to the Armenian 3rd Tier. It... it doesn't add up I tell ya!
  8. That Superleague Cup is another hurry-up-we-need-to-invent-something-quick Argentine scheduling sh*itshow kinda tournament the AFA invented because the Argentine league is in transition form that horrendous 30 teams league a couple of years back to a 22 team league. This means every year, 4 teams get relegated and 2 are promoted. Because of this, they're faced with a 26 team league this year, which was too much for a 50 game schedule, but too little for a 25 game schedule, so they invented an extra little tournament to go along with it. I see SI haven't continued that relegation/promotion thing as you're still stuck with 26 teams in 2049, but irl there will be 24 teams in the league in 19/20 and 22 teams in 20/21.
  9. So you're telling me you've plugged your way through two nightmares of leagues just to jump the ship to another team? I can't believe this! However, Argentinos Jrs. is pretty cool. I had to drive past their ground every day when I lived in Buenos Aires a couple of years ago. It's a really small club surrounded by some huge neighbourhoods, but they always sold out.
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