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  1. Reppin' the Alemannia colours at the Roda home game in between the FM'ing (Roda and Alemannia are big friends actually, so not a lot of trouble there).
  2. This is truly epic. I mean, just close this thread. Seal it. This is it. Build up a team to be the biggest in the world, then take another one to beat them. That's just child massacre, meta stuff and all.
  3. OCTOBER 2017 We picked up some good wins against Verl and Wiedenbrück. The loss against Erndtebrück, however, showed what I've been foreseeing after the first months of the season: we're missing waaaay too many chances now. We had 4 clear cut chances in which we had our two strikers going through on goal all by themselves, but at every opportunity they refused to lay the ball off and went for their own success. All of the shots were straight at the goalkeeper. In fact, our two strikers have scored 15 goals so far, with the rest of our team 15 as well. It's a good thing to have multiple goalscorers, but they really have to be more horny in front of goal, as St. Louis would call it. That loss against Erndtebrück happened at the same moment Uerdingen lost and Dortmund drew. We blew a great chance to be back in it. We've advanced to the 2nd round (Round of 16) in the Mittelrheinpokal thanks to a decent win against Wesseling-Urfeld. They actually scored a goal which was cancelled for some inobvious reason at 2-0, so we were a bit lucky, though we could've won it with a bigger margin. The draw for the next round hasn't been made yet, so I'll tell you before the next update. NEXT UP A very big month coming up. First against low flying Wegberg-Beeck should be an easy one, then we're playing our nemeses at the top in nr. 1 Dortmund and nr. 2 Uerdingen. Last match against Düsseldorf will decide who will be the preemptive "Herbstmeister" (as the winter break actually comes after the 19th matchday). The month will end with our Round of 16 match in the Mittelrheinpokal.
  4. He seems to like me so far. And he doesn't really have a choice other than agreeing me about the youth philosophy, because it's the only thing that we have, really. Potato, potato?
  5. Thanks guys! Are you sure Juskowiak played at Aachen @Deisler26? No spoilers yet as to how October went, but: First time this happened in FM18. I love you too guys
  6. This guy was voted the new chairman. I love democracy and all, but the previous guy was really pro youth development, so I hope I can win this guy over.
  7. Forgot to mention in the previous update that we snatched this Brazilian-born-but-German-as-second-nationality This brings our squad to 20 players. It's not very deep, but they're pretty good.
  8. Good luck. I like Anderlecht because my favourite team Roda has always had a good trade relationship with them, loaning players to and from them. We're having Jorn Vancamp on loan at the moment, I'm curious to see how he'll develop in your save once he comes back in the summer of 2018
  9. Yes, they're "echt" from Echt (luckily I haven't heard the joke on a daily basis since moving out of the 8 years ago )
  10. SEPTEMBER 2017 Four games in the books: Our unbeaten streak snapped at eight. The first two matches against Wuppertal and Köln were the same as the ones prior to this month. Rödinghausen was an absolute FM'ing as we missed chances left, right, under, over, top, bottom, corner, free kick. Just an inexplicable defeat really. Against Gladbach we didn't start of well, but we grew in the match until a point we absolutely dominated them. We finished with almost 20 shots, but only two goals. We actually got lucky because the 2-2 happened after this spectacular goalkeeping: The table looks like this now: Dortmund is running away with it. Don't you just love those 2nd teams? Luckily, we seem to be able to face them a stiff challenge. Unfortunately, the rest of the league doesn't. NEXT UP A relatively easy month with the Mittelrheinpokal matchup against fifth tier Wesseling-Urfeld.

    What a tough Nations League group with Finland. I'm sure you have to be able to qualify for the Euros through the Nations League playoffs one day?
  12. I agree . When I was raised, many people always went to Aachen because they played 2. Bundesliga. With all the success in the beginning of the 2000's, you can't imagine the level they're at right now. Such a historical club in such a historical city. Same can be said of 1860 München as well.
  13. Come on our EVV, blue-white magpies from the South!! Shame you're finishing 2nd again this year.
  14. [FM18] Welsh Dragons - Carmarthen Town

    Holy cow, this is something!
  15. Me likey likey. Our youth facilities are already good and this is going to make that even better. Looking forward to the intakes.