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  1. All the more impressive given we have 50 years of extra virtual PL records to take into account
  2. DECEMBER 2018 Aaaaand just like that our 7 point lead has disappeared. Again we lose against a team bottom of the league. We quadrupled their amount of shots on goal, but nope, we can't seem to score for the life of us. I thought we could've been preparing a promotion party by now, but it turns out the second half of the season is going to be a very tense one.
  3. NOVEMBER 2018 Unbeaten but uuuurghhh we keep we missing such an incredible amount of chances. We should've absolutely beaten teams like Gryf and Trzebinia. Dominated play against them and especially that last game - at home against the no 17 - should be an easy 3 points. I thought we had promotion in the bag, but that one game turns around everything as you will see. We had a 7 point lead over 4th place after the Znicz game. However, that lead decreased to 5, 3 and 1 over the next three draws. Come on guys, focus here!
  4. POLISH CUP - QUARTER FINAL, 2ND LEG Well, we were rubbish.
  5. POLISH QUP - QUARTER FINAL, 1ST LEG Great comeback! Zaglebie scored their two goals on their first two shots of the game, frustratingly, but we managed to comeback for a deserved draw. The return is going to be a nightmare, though, as we lost both our central defenders in this game. Najemski picked up a 3-4 week injury and Grolik got an automatic one game ban after getting a yellow card.
  6. OCTOBER 2018 Some tough away games, but we did pretty well this month! It's starting to look a lot like Christmas... In the meantime I've been linked with two Ekstraklasa clubs. I obviously refuted them to get a free board confidence boost.
  7. I remember two earlier Kosovo threads on this forum which were stopped because the author were too bummed about that static European places thing. It's obviously a huge pain in the ass, but if you're able to consistently build a good side, it shouldn't really matter I guess. Less other teams who can drag your coefficient down should make it easier to shoot up the coefficients ladder.
  8. SEPTEMBER 2018 Shame about the unnecessary derby loss, but aside from that we're doing great! It's all very tight at the top. Hope the loss to Lódz doesn't turn out to be too vital.
  9. POLISH CUP - 3RD ROUND Holy cow, we did it again! Such an exciting game in which we showed how much we've grown. We pushed Piast all the way to the end and scored two beautiful team goals. We're into the Quarter Finals and we face another struggling Ekstraklasa side. This round will be played over two legs.
  10. Even though we don't manage to score as much as I want to, I do feel we're absolutely one of the better teams!
  11. AUGUST 2018 The month started off brilliant and to be fair, there wasn't a lot to complain about in the last three matches either. However, we faced a triple FM'ing the likes I've rarely seen. Legionovia managed 6 shots, 2 on target; Bytovia 4 shots, 1 on target; Odra Opole 6 shots, 1 on target. That's right, 16 shots in total against of which 4 on target and they scored 3 goals. Our numbers? 63 shots, 18 on target, only 2 goals. Really FM?? We were up in first until that last game against Odra Opole. Everything still very close. Our definitive transfer overview. Our main strategy was trying to sell the players who've come off a great season but only have one year remaining on their contracts. If you look at the squad overview, you might think I'm losing our most important players, but I'm very confident that we have enough backup to sort that problem out. In the meantime, we have brought some new, young Polish kids with promising attributes.
  12. POLISH CUP - 2ND ROUND Whoa, this has been the best game I've managed at Belchatów by far. We absolutely dominated Bruk-Bet. Piotr Basiuk made his debut even though he was on a slight injury and won the Player of the Game award straight away! We're into the Round of 16! Piast are only three spots above Bruk-Bet and we're playing at home, so who knows?
  13. 2018/2019 PRESEASON No complaints here! We managed to get Los in for another season. The other guys are new young Polish guys. Janasik and Kendzia had been complaining about first team football last season, so I'm happy to respectively dump their big contracts and get some money for them. Rachwal retired and Bartosiak and Wiejak were of lesser value than way younger kids in our squad. All in all, we managed to dump over 5K in salaries per month! And still the bookies think we'll be doing a better job than last year!
  14. POLISH CUP - 1ST ROUND Pretty damn impressive! We dominated the entire game. Luckily Olimpia missed a clear sitter in the 90+2nd minute. We face the famous "smallest village ever to play in a professional first tier league". I'd say we could've faced a more difficult Ekstraklasa side.
  15. POLISH CUP PRELIMINARY ROUND Easy peasy. They're one league above us.