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  1. Can't do much worse, really, can you??
  2. Mons

    Guide: EDT, DDT and LNC Files

    To the best of my knowledge, such a command does not exist and the only way to change a club's nickname is through the editor.
  3. Mons

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    Best of luck!
  4. You overwhelmed us with information...
  5. The fact he died earlier this year may mean you won't get your wish
  6. Mons

    Guide: EDT, DDT and LNC Files

    I don't believe something like that is possible using the current lnc commands, unfortunately...
  7. Mons

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    I'll check and fix if need be
  8. Mons


    Just a heads-up: the club were named Balzan Youths, but as of June 2012, the club's name is Balzan F.C., as indicated on the badge
  9. Just put the folder containing the graphics in Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2018 / graphics (or its user data folder equivalent if you've changed it).
  10. To be honest, the most serious issue was the fact that a description of what the attribute meant (i.e. what is today known as the tooltip) was written next to the attribute, principally to fill in the space. There were only 6 attributes iirc So a chairman's profile would read: Patience 11 Will persist with poor team performance up to a point Resources 3 Has limited resources to move the club forward etc. iirc the principal issue was that a chairman was not best pleased at his resources rating and subsequent description, so SI took the decision to take the chairman profile out of the game. Google is letting me down and I'm not finding any screenshots to confirm this! Edit: as luck would have it, I've found one after I posted this: Edit 2: I think it was the Business Acumen attribute which irked the chairman in question, rather than resources. To be fair, I can kind of see why
  11. Imo those are all animation issues. Top players do give bad passes, but the current ME's animation limitations means they are represented as ball kicking against the back of a teammate's legs. Goalkeepers do get anticipated by strikers, but the current ME's animation limitations means that they are displayed as bouncing nonchalantly on the spot etc. etc. I agree that these niggles should be removed/tweaked as a priority because things like this really do break match immersion, or at least they do for me. I am confident SI will deal with it, tbh
  12. For the older members amongst us, they may recall chairman profiles being visible, with attributes such as resources and patience. Due to a legal challenge by a chairman who disagreed with his attributes, this feature was discontinued. I believe the game was still Championship Manager at this point.
  13. Mons

    Wages and Tax

    Essentially, you as a manager will look at the total outgoings (i.e. including the whole gross expenditure), while the player will primarily look at his take-home pay. I'm not sure if Monaco's lower real-life tax rates are taken into consideration by the game (very possibly, I would have thought) - but if they are, then Monaco will have a distinct advantage when courting players, as they will be able to pay players more than other clubs, while actually spending less
  14. Mons

    Negative bank loan?

    Congratulations - you're so rich, the bank is loaning money from you!