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  1. I'm working on my usual Maltese file, which I have been releasing for 5 or 6 years and which I really don't want to have to stop doing, so I'm looking for some assistance on a lower division promotion issue I'm stumped on. I'd be more than happy if somebody could direct me to a similar file I can use as a guide, I don't expect somebody to do it for me So, I have a division which has 3 groups (Group A [8 teams], Groups B and C [7 teams]), from which 4 teams are promoted in total, the 3 group winners + the playoff winner. Here's where it gets tricky. There are 9 teams in
  2. It's not possible to change entries made in editor data files with lnc files, I'm afraid. The only way to change it in your case would be to use a save-game editor.
  3. Any idea about this @Wolf_pd? I'm looking to see if you can convert editor data files and put them in the dbc folders for use in Gamepass. Thanks in advance
  4. Is it not \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\\GAMEPASS\editor data ?
  5. Is it possible to create dbc files with the FM20 editor?
  6. Thanks @bluestillidie00 and @ElTugaDiablo, that's worked. Lovely stuff
  7. I see. I'll find a skin which has one and use it to be sure it works. Looking forward to getting home now
  8. Nope, folder structure is exactly as in the file I sent you: No file named default in the whole of the folder structure as far as I can see, either.
  9. Thanks again for persisting with helping me I'm assuming that in the above screenshot, the xml on the left is what I uploaded and the one on the right is how it looks like after you've edited it to work. I had tried that originally, but it didn't work. Tried it again: Still doesn't work Could I be so direct as to ask you to forward me the amended file(s) if at all possible?
  10. Here you go, and thank you for your help: https://www.mediafire.com/file/166yv5jz8eil8qb/FM20_Rensie_skin_Dark_v2.0.rar/file
  11. Thank you for the speedy response. No I did not, didn't see anything referring to that There was no folder in the Renskie skin folder so I've moved the whole folder over from the base skin link above (including the paper.png, paper.xml and paper@2x.png files), but still no luck there. Tried without the png's and with just the xml and that didn't work either.
  12. Echoing @alisDZN's initial query, I still can't get it to work. I wonder if you, or any other kind member of the community, can assist me. I'm attaching two files - the first one is the xml file in the Rensie skin, while the second one is the one I've edited (to no avail) following the steps in the second post and also copying the text from the file uploaded to mediafire. The backgrounds are fine and work with the base skin, but I just can't get it to work with the Rensie skin original client object browser.xml modified client object browser.xml
  13. And you are 100% positive that you're using the same account on both the laptop and the PC? Screenshots if possible please
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