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  1. You have to distinguish, though, between the match engine and the other parts of the game. I certainly agree with Paul's idea that any clear imbalances and/or exploits within the match engine should be corrected immediately, but I would think it's the single hardest element of the game to perfect as there's just so many knock-on effects that even a small tweak may throw the mechanics completely out of sync through the law of unintended consequences. Whether it's an over-powered type of tactic or an exploit with a particular role or set-piece type, I personally find it massively frustrating to see something happening on the pitch which would never happen in real life. However, there's another part of FM in which the human manager has a massive advantage: the transfer market/squad management side of things. Presently, and for as long as FM has been existence, and I imagine for a good while yet, us human managers are usually more effective at building a balanced and robust squad, both in terms of quality and depth. It logically follows that if you have a better team/squad, you are more likely to win matches. You seem to be correlating the ease you can win games with the popularity of FM: "CM/FM comes with a legacy of quick fulfillment of football fantasies for casual football fans". I disagree it's that simplistic. That doesn't mean it should be a "truly hard core simulation" as you also refer to it. On the other hand, if it were too easy to win matches, then I think it would lose a lot more of its appeal.
  2. Really, what kind of issues? Works perfectly fine in my save.
  3. I'd argue the complete opposite. Releasing it at that point in time would put it in direct competition with those 2 behemoths (well, 1 behemoth and another popular game, truth be told) and it'd be more likely that sales would suffer.
  4. YEs, google fmXML or FM Graphics Configurator. Both do the same job and are really easy and quick to use.
  5. Depends which type of graphic packs you mean, i.e. facepacks, logopacks, kits? For what it's worth I run 6 styles of facepacks concurrently, but I edit each pack's contents and config file individually so that there are no overlaps. Tbh this is more of a question to be asked in the Skinning Hideout ( as you're more likely to get a quick and valid answer there. One thing to keep in mind is that the game "reads" files in numerical and alphabetical order.
  6. claassen's file only enables the selection of the chosen leagues as playable. Doing so will automatically display the players in the divisions chosen as well as some of those in lower divisions. The same players can be displayed by choosing variations of the custom database options, with the slight speed advantage that fixtures for that country would not need to be generated. Once you've started a new game, you cannot edit the starting database settings for obvious reason. If you want to enable the selection of an Asian national team, the best bet is to add an Asian league (or more than one) in the hope that enough players are generated from that country to allow the managing of a national team.
  7. To be able to manage a national team (including U21/U20/U19), there needs to be at least 150 eligible players for that team loaded in your save game. In order to have a large pool of players to chose from (and by extension a larger pool of national team to potentially manage), I would suggest that when you start a new game, you a) select a large database, and b) pick and mix from the various custom database options. You can choose to "force" the game to load up players from a particular nationality, based nation, reputation, division, region etc. Keep in mind that, the more players loaded in your save game, the more processing time will be required. I'm perfectly happy to have a trade-off of having a larger database than processing speed, but of course it's up to you.
  8. Thanks for this. I'll have a look, but I don't have any plans to release a new version of this file for FM17.
  9. You don't have to use the editor to use editor data files. Did you download a league file or something similar? When I keep the same editor data files, starting a new game always retains the setting used in the previous save game start. When I add any editor data files, however, these settings are lost and the default league setting is then used.
  10. If you added any editor data files between the two saves, the advanced setup will not be "retained" by FM.
  11. Hmm, I'll have a look then. Thanks!
  12. Could you indicate which files you removed? So I can perhaps check to see if the potential conflict is from my file or from the other file and see if I can "fix" it for future releases...