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  1. That was an issue with user-created files iirc rather than my own file. As far as I can tell from test saves I've run (including one I've checked right this minute), full teams are available for end-of-season playoff matches...
  2. Prize money for Maltese football is quite low and I have intentionally tried to replicate this in this file. While the amounts in the file are not exactly corresponding to those in real-life (mainly because they are not officially announced), I have asked around and gathered information both anecdotally and from well-placed sources so I believe it's reasonably close to the amount received in real-life. That article you mention has got nothing to do with prize money. It's related to UEFA solidarity payments and money received from UEFA for participating in European competitions.
  3. Isn't that just the vagaries of form though? You've just described Salah last season and this season...
  4. In advance of santy's reply: This is Kane's record over 5 years at club and international level: His record at the top level is unrivalled and extremely consistent. This is Piatek's record at a similar level: A fantastic record, but let's wait and see whether he can replicate it over more than one season and also at a continental and international level. From what I've seen of it so far, he's got everything in hand to do so, but he's not quite there just yet. Also, let me challenge your reasoning a little bit - "let's see CLEAR methodology why is some random Polish dude Piatek rated with over 140 CA and PA, and how it COMPARES with other strikers. Clear comparisons and clear arguments? And more importantly, according to what methodology is Piatek's PA that high? Here we are not talking only about current performance but about potential performance and long-term development." If you're not trolling, which I suspect you are, can you provide it yourself to substantiate your argument?
  5. In the absence of a specific forum, I would say this one: https://community.sigames.com/forum/641-league-specific-issues/
  6. It's most probably a file making some licensing-related changes to Chinese teams and/or players. Due to the way FM is structured, I don't believe there's a way of manually determining what these changes are, other than visually comparing the Chinese club entries with and without the files. As with the other licensing-related files in that folder, FM still loads when it's removed.
  7. That is the case only if by doing so he is denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity as far as I know. If he goes up for a corner and handballs the ball into the opposition net, he would only get a yellow card, same as an outfield player.
  8. Let me rephrase it more clearly. League A is loaded as playable = x players League A is loaded as view-only = y players (where y < x) League A is not loaded at all = y players Hope that clarifies.
  9. Ah, I see what you mean. Not really my cup of tea, but best of luck to you
  10. From my rudimentary tactical knowledge, I would consider this counter-logical. Either you are telling your central midfielders to play narrow, or you are asking them to play wide. In a 4-4-2 narrow diamond, I would expect the DM, 2 MCs and AM to be bunched pretty close together, especially after the negative transition. That said, mrjoleeo's example seems to be a bit too extreme, but it's posted without context. What had happened immediately prior to the screenshot? Maybe the opposition keeper launched a goal kick which the team in red was favourite for and by the time he headed it to the player in possession, the opposition MCs retreated due to the AI manager's tactical instructions. Context is important, and it can't really be gauged with a screenshot. What are the 3 midfielders' roles and duties? What is the overall tactical framework? I don't speak Portuguese so I can't check these based on the screenshot. That's why providing a PKM is so important as it'll provide SI with the means to assess whether this apparent failing is due to a poor tactical setup or due to a limitation in the match engine, or even whether it's a failing at all. I'm not saying there isn't an issue, but that the screenshot doesn't give enough information for us to decide whether it is an issue or not.
  11. The only difference between leagues loaded as view-only and leagues which are not loaded at all is that the league table and other league statistics are visible, for a minor increase in processing time (certainly when compared to playable leagues). The same amount of players is loaded. Newgens are generated along similar lines.
  12. Nope. They're too low down the leagues to be playable.
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