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  1. Pro Piacenza in Serie C in Italy this February, for a start.
  2. Absolute guesswork and complete nonsense. Every year, there are clubs in other leagues in other countries who undergo the same sad silent death, and it's never delayed a release before.
  3. I don't agree with using artistic license tbh, but hopefully they'll be in the game with the correct formats. Only one way of knowing...
  4. I remember this - used to love getting a pic of a bearded, evidently overweight lad in his late 20's/early 30's for my star teen regen forward
  5. Maybe you should KPI's and deliverables too. Makes it feel that little bit more like a job
  6. Interesting, I wasn't aware of that. Hopefully it means that SI are in a position to include it in FM20
  7. I would imagine that they would need the exact details on qualification and other logistical matters rather than the general principle of how it operates, and how the CL and EL will be correspondingly affected. As far as I'm aware (and I'd be happy to be corrected), I don't believe these have been announced yet.
  8. @FMunderachiever Another option is to only include players from the top 1 or 2 tiers from those countries (using the custom database setting) instead of loading the actual leagues. This will result in a slight improvement in loading times as the game won't have to calculate results but with the advantage of having the players in place nonetheless.
  9. Where are you getting this? As far as I'm aware, FM has been using the same (albeit modified) match engine for much longer than that.
  10. Whenever similar cases have happened in other countries, FM has always simulated them as close as possible to the situation on the ground and no doubt it'll happen again here. It's a bit premature worrying about it as a decision hasn't been taken yet, though, as @sedge11 has pointed out, which is not entirely surprising since the decision to expel Bury was made just a few hours ago. Additionally, ahead of a decision on the Bolton situation in the next fortnight, it makes little sense to take a decision till then since things can change again.
  11. You can have dozens of editor data files concurrently, as long as (and this is crucial) you do not have separate files which edit the same country. The game will quite simply refuse to start a new career if this is the case, and force you to use only one of them. I don't believe claassen released an Argentinian league file for FM19, so you should be able to use whichever one(s) of his you want alongside an Argentinian lower league file.
  12. It was a feature a couple of years back that regens could get "new" double-barreled surnames, but never heard anything about names. Is this what you mean?
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