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  1. There is no truly professional club in Malta, i.e. with all the football employees being full-time. Most clubs will have the foreigners on full-time contracts but, to some extent or other, local players will also hold a full-time 'real' job alongside their football career.
  2. When drifting off down memory lane, all you need to remember to sober up is that there might well be members on this forum who not only were born after it was released but who have also had a child of their own. #justsaying
  3. Course there was Was released towards the middle of the 1998/99 season iirc
  4. You can try changing the kit colour scheme using the code outlined here. However, it's very time consuming to find the RBG code for the desired background and foreground colours, plus you cannot modify the kit style (e.g. from stripes to hoops) nor add missing kits or remove existing kits.
  5. I imagine @majesticeternity copied over the full name to the short name but it's 2 characters too long for a short name. All that is needed is to manually input a short name for this award in the editor. 'Team of the Year' is enough
  6. If I may add to this error, which is still not solved after the latest update, this error exclusively happens when the changes in this file are from a previous database version (e.g. 2040). @wkdsoul& @krlenjushka
  7. God knows how you managed to get in a CL final with Mellieha in 2033, but more power to you! Thanks for you kind words, I do try to do as thorough a job as possible and it's feedback from people like you, who have been using my files for years now, who makes me persist with it No new clubs at all and the Gozo teams are still in their own little world. Just so you know, the old D2 and D3 have merged into a 3 group National Amateur League with the winners going up and the 2nd-4th placed in each group going into a playoff for the remaining promotion spot. Oh, and it's pro
  8. As has happened over the past few years, we have been working hard to enable the Maltese and Gozitan leagues in FM21. It has taken us a fair bit longer this year due to the league format restructuring, which has taken a while to sort out. DOWNLOAD HERE Apart from the playable league files, this download also includes: a) Around 3,000 Maltese and Malta-based player cut-out faces b) Logos for all Maltese clubs and competitions c) Kits for all Maltese clubs, both on the information page and, for the first time in this patch, also during matches Thanks to @Musest
  9. Hiya there. Great stuff all round, not just in this file A minor suggestion, if I may. It's lovely to see Malta being tweaked in such a file - but I'm not sure why you've specifically listed Cyprus as the most important nation because the volume of transfer movement between the two countries is quite low and it definitely doesn't warrant that categorisation. I can think of maybe 10 transfers between clubs from the two countries in the last years. I'd probably even argue that having it in the optional/recommended list would be overkill, let alone as the most important one
  10. I'll try and find it and see if that works. Such as?
  11. Putting the final touches to my Maltese file and I discovered the intriguing possibility of having a stadium pool for competitions, which is essentially how it works in Maltese football, where the concept of home and away doesn't exist since nobody plays in their home stadium because they're not large enough. However, it's not really working as I'd imagined it. Having a stadium pool of a set number of stadiums doesn't overwrite the stadium which the club has set as its home if it's not in the pool, and removing a club's home stadium means their nominal home matches are played at an
  12. No idea about edt files, but I wouldn't think it's possible.
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