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  1. This usually happens when people are playing a cracked version of this game, I tend to find.
  2. Mons

    fm players pics problems

    The graphics folder should be in Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager, not in Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager/db setup
  3. Mons

    fm players pics problems

    Make sure your preferences are configured in this manner: If that doesn't work, it will likely be an issue with the way the files were installed, in which case uploading a screenshot of your installation folder would help, ideally displaying the path and the amount of images contained.
  4. Depends on how good they are in respect to the level they'll be playing in, their personality, the importance of the match, and many other variables...
  5. I see. Not each attribute is equal, though. A player with 190CA doesn't have 19 across each attribute, after all, which is the logical progression of your argument. That's what I meant earlier when I said that an attribute in isolation isn't enough to understand how well a player executes a related task in-game. CA weights attributes by position so that attributes "needed" for a player's position are weighted differently depending on his position. An attacker having a 17 in finishing is more important than having 17 in long throws, positioning or penalty-taking. Going by your reasoning, a striker with 17 in finishing and a 10 in long throws is equally as effective as one with 10 in finishing and 17 in long throws. Assuming everything else is equal will mean that the average is the same, after all, won't it?
  6. I'm not sure what the bit in bold means, sorry. Can you expand on it? Don't change the goalposts re attributes for lower divisions. At the start you mentioned League 2/Conference players, now you've gone all the way down to tier 21 The game isn't really designed to cater for divisions that low down, truth be told, since the lowest playable division is the English tier 6. Imo the 1-20 attribute spread still holds at that level. I'm not sure I agree with you re the lack of consecutive passes irl. Imo there's been a marked improvement in a global sense in terms of a small shift towards possession football. I can only compare at the low level I participate in and what you say was certainly the case when I started out 15-20 years ago, but it's much less so these days. Plenty of teams attempt a passing game, though naturally without anywhere near the level of success shown by City, Barcelona etc. That said, if the match engine in FM isn't capable of adequately displaying a low-level team trying, but failing, to play this particular style of football (or any other style of football, really), my point is that is not because the attribute range is not nuanced enough, but because the match engine is not sufficiently advanced to do so.
  7. I edited my original post to include spoilers on the images. Perhaps you may wish to do so too to avoid cluttering the thread Ah, but that's an entirely different matter now though. That then becomes a match engine issue, rather than an attribute issue, which is a completely different argument. Apologies if I'm not aware of your post history, but I was under the impression that your argument was related to attribute spread rather than match engine representation. Nonetheless, I'm not entirely convinced that using the exact same tactic in different divisions produces the same results. I would need some proof before agreeing it's as big an issue as you make it out to be.
  8. It's the cumulative effect of the attribute spread which makes DDG such a good keeper. He's more "complete" and is good at all the goalkeeping attributes; actually he's very good in most and excellent in some of them. Compare him with 3 first-choice goalkeepers chosen from random low-half-predicted League 2 teams in my save. Out of those 3, the latter's 1-on-1 attribute is the only important one which is within at least 2 of DDG's. I don't see much wrong in that. By definition, the best passer and crossers in the world should have 20. A solid Premier League player would have 14/15/16 if he's a good crosser. That said, it's not impossible for a lower-league player to have the ability to deliver a good cross. What will make him different than a Premier League is his movement to be in the right place to deliver it, the decision-making attributes to deliver it at the right time, the stamina to be in the right place, his composure to deliver it when under pressure, his vision to see the striker's run etc. etc. Attributes should not be considered in isolation but combined with others. The examples you mention are a perfect example imo. Maybe the full back is tired, maybe his technique is not good enough, maybe he was under pressure FYI, these are the attributes of Tranmere's left-back: And these are Luke Shaw's: Sure, they may be at the same level crossing attribute-wise - but put the former in the latter's position and he certainly won't be in a position to deliver the identical amount of quality crosses that the latter would.
  9. All very well taking a quote of mine completely out of context, but at the risk of reopening a closed argument, how does it NOT work as advertised? Ask anybody who plays the game and who hasn't been exposed to the depressing whinging outlook in this forum whether they think the game is bugged to hell and is lacking the fundamentals of a good match engine, and I would reckon that the vast majority would say that it's quite realistic but that it could be improved, which is a fairer reflection of the state of the game. Saying it is broken or that it does not work as advertised is a complete lie and betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of how things work. RobertPage said originally "Clear statements regarding current problems and plans to fix them need to be made, and need to be made on a consistent basis (bi-Weekly at best, Monthly at worst)". That is as succinct a self-entitled post as possible. Expecting SI to list the issues they have identified and updating it on a schedule, just because you want to is just madness. I haven't seen it happen in any comparable industry and I doubt it can, because it is completely illogical. There's nothing wrong with being disappointed when an identified issue isn't immediately resolved, but welcome to the real world, son - things don't get fixed asap just because you stamp your foot and cry out loud. Have a look around the gaming industry and realize that the way SI operate is far from common, and that the game, though not perfect, is perfectly playable.
  10. If DDG has a CA of, say, 180, and a part-time GK has a CA of, say, 30 - is that not a massive difference? Would that massive difference not be displayed in the respective player attribute spread using the current system? And reflected in the ME accordingly? What's so wrong with it then?
  11. They have no obligation to do anything like that and anybody who thinks so is, frankly, deluded and needs to rein back his sense of entitlement. This kind of post is why the kind of communication you expect to be the norm from SI isn't and will never will be the case. A generic "we're trying our best and are working on solving a number of issues, but we believe the match engine to be the best we have made" post by an SI member is either transmuted into an SI-admit-they-release-a-bugged-game argument or a why-don't-SI-tell-me-what-will-be-fixed-and-when argument, both of which are deliberately unhelpful. As for your daft argument about patch release dates, I would imagine that a patch is released round this time of the year so that (a) players can enjoy it over Christmas and (b) SI employees can enjoy Christmas with their families. The final patch is released at the start of March (and not before) simply because that's when the Chinese transfer window closes, so releasing it earlier would not be entirely logical and any major bugs have had plenty of time to be eradicated by then. If any major bug was identified in the interim, I'm pretty sure SI would release a 19.2.1 etc to fix it.
  12. I'm afraid I didn't have much time yesterday evening and that was the only thing I noticed in terms of editor changes. Here's hoping that issue got fixed too
  13. It is now possible to save files compressed