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  1. Them being regens or not doesn't really have anything to do with it tbh. As in real-life, teams are aware of the financial means of clubs bidding for their players and, as in irl, richer clubs can be asked to pay a higher amount than a team who is less rich. See the Dembele to Barcelona transfer. Dortmund knew Barcelona had the Neymar money burning a hole in their pockets and extracted much more money than he would ordinarily have moved for. The AI might not necessarily know that you have 300 million to spend, but they'll know whether you're rich or you're skint, and that makes perfect sense imo
  2. Mons

    [Europe] Data Issues

    It could possibly be related to any custom editor data files you may have downloaded, and whose author may have inadvertently made a typo If that were the case, I'm sure that the author will correct it in any forthcoming update
  3. Summary: Issue with edited surnames in editor data files being recognised as separate surnames Description of Issue: I created a player with the surname 'Barthet' but misspelt it as 'Bathet'. No worries, I edited it to the correct name, but misspelt it again to 'Ba4thet'. Oh well, I guess I'll edit it to the correct name then. Result: Players were being generated with the surnames 'Ba4thet' and 'Bathet', despite these having been fixed in the editor data file loaded when starting a new game. Seems like the game is taking all versions of the surname input at any stage of the editing process and not just the final one. Steps to Reproduce: Not straight-forward, would need a new game to be started, in this case also all Maltese players to be loaded, and let the game go on holiday. In 5-10 years, maybe some players will be created with this surname. Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: mons_surname.rar, including the editor data file in question, a save game with some players with the 'wrong' surname, as well as screenshots of what to look for within this save game and in the editor data file
  4. If you want to save yourself some work, feel free to skip the Maltese file as I hope to release my usual comprehensive league file in the next couple of days which is completely compatible with your files Maltese
  5. Here's hoping today's patch will allow claassen to edit files more quickly
  6. What a killjoy Well done on turning the conversation onto the exact type of topic the OP explicitly wanted to avoid.
  7. Somebody's stuck in the 1970's, I see "Punish them for a defeat by giving them loads of running, that'll teach them!"
  8. It is quite rare that editor data files for a version of FM will work in the next year's version without needing a little bit of tweaking. It's not really related to any bugs in this year's FM editor. Also, keep in mind that graphics and editor data files work in a different manner, which is why the former usually work in multiple versions of the game, while the latter usually doesn't.
  9. This is an issue which I suspect only SI can fix.
  10. @claassen I've used your work for years and it's always top-notch. Really happy to see you're going through with the project I'm hopeful the issues with the editor will be sorted out by SI soon and give you much less hassle and discouragement! If you want to, you can skip the Maltese league file. As in previous years, I will be releasing a comprehensive file enabling the Maltese league with real competitions and rules. It has always been compatible with your files and I'm hopeful it'll be the same this year
  11. To add to what pembehasan has said, the more divisions you add from a country, the more players will be loaded as well
  12. Mons

    edit hair colour

    It's really quite simple. Just load the pre-game editor, use the search function to find the player you want and double-click on him. On the landing pace, there is the option to change the person's hair colour. Save the change, and whenever you load a new career, the change should have been effected.
  13. Mons

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    @kevinhowourth, Date of birth of Joe Friar (UID 28118198) [Newcastle U18s Data Analyst] is 03/04/1993. Source: the guy himself told me
  14. Mons

    [Europe] Data Issues

    0 means it's random and varies from game to game. I don't have the slightest idea as to why the respective researcher did not assign a fixed number to it, but I suspect it depends on the fact that it's too early to tell what level of youngsters will be produced by Kosovan football clubs irl.