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  1. @latrell, I really don't think that's too bright at all. Perhaps you need to adjust your brightness setting on your monitor?
  2. Like I said, no idea All looks fine but there will definitely be something wrong somewhere in your files, but I just can't tell what it is
  3. You have version 20.2.3, it's in the main menu and visible in the bottom left corner of your screenshots of the preferences. The database version 20.1.0 is correct and is the only version released thus far.
  4. Read this - should give you all the answers you need to do so
  5. Not sure what you mean by "see them on the internet". Player faces are only displayed for teams for which SI have a licence, e.g. English Football League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga etc. This means there will be plenty of players who won't have a face displayed, and whose face you will only see if you download one of the facepacks available online
  6. All looks fine there. No idea what's wrong
  7. The items in your editor data folder should be directly in it, and not in subfolders. Your preferences also need to be similar to this:
  8. Do you have a Mac or a PC? Can I have a screenshots of where you ve placed the files?
  9. This is fine and I didn't need to change anything. Can I have the image itself as well? What you need to do is make sure the preferences look like this:
  10. How about you post the config file and I add it for you, to be sure you're doing it right? Also make sure to change the preferences as well once you do so
  11. Mons


    You've done the hard work in getting the packs, don't give up. But it's best to ask wherever you downloaded whichever pack it is. Creators will invariably be helpful in explaining how to get the files extracted, but installation instructions may be different for different packs, so it's always a bit hard to give a correct answer to a generic question...
  12. It's an opinion, and you're entitled to it, but it's based on a misapprehension and is quite plainly mistaken, in my opinion. I've been involved in real-life football for over 20 years and I've yet to see players identical to each other. Anything which allows for greater diversity is to be welcomed. If anything, I'd argue that the 1-20 range is not wide enough to allow an adequate representation of the range of footballers in real life and in FM, from Champions League stars to non-league youth players, as well as semi-professional players from obscure or minor countries
  13. @ovsyany, you'd be best advised to ask the creator of the logopack for help rather than here. However, could you post a screenshot of your logopack folder? It looks like you may not have installed it properly.
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