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  1. 1. I suspect this is due to the fact that clubs are semi-pro, and perhaps also related to the FM club status model, which isn't really intended to replicate the kind of system espoused by Maltese football. Although clubs are technically only semi-professional, you frequently have 5-10 full-time foreigners on the books, as well as another handful of local players with wages which can only be considered as part-time in name and certainly not in value. So, it's really hard to implement within the FM parameters, unfortunately. 2. This was an issue identified after release But I should have a possible solution for the FM18 version, hopefully.

    I think for the season also includes domestic and continental competitions, whereas for the competition is restricted to (in this case) only league games.
  3. @Viali, I can't tell from the screenshot, but are you using a custom skin? If yes, it may be an issue with the skin not displaying some graphical elements. Try posting on the site/forum you got it from to see if there's been a fix, a workaround or a new version of the skin which solves this issue.
  4. Will VAR included in FM18?

    Given that goal-line technology was used at the last World Cup in 2014 and it's not in the game yet, I would think that the likelihood of VAR being added for FM18 is very slim...
  5. How old is your manager? Maybe "experienced" is an alternative to "old"
  6. You'll need a bit more cutting edge up front to convert some of those draws into wins (and perhaps some of those defeats into draws as well). Interesting to see what you've done in the January transfer window. Quite curious as well to know what the board were asking for you. Surely, with that kind of transfer budget, they'd have expected a title tilt? Or were they happy enough with a playoff spot?
  7. view only leagues

    As far as I'm aware, the only difference between view-only league and non-selected leagues is the fact that the former simulates and displays fixtures of the leagues loaded, thus leading to a visible league table and other statistics. In fact, if you start a new game and toggle between having a league loaded as view-only and not having it loaded at all, you will see that the approximate head count is not different at all. Oh, and you cannot manage a club in a view-only league, naturally. I understand that the match engine used to simulate fixtures in view-only leagues, however, is a more basic version of the main match engine used to simulate user matches and those of AI teams in playable leagues, but I stand to be corrected on that one...
  8. First of all, keep in mind that to be a manager of a national team (either the senior or the U21s/U19s), a save game must have around at least 150 players loaded eligible for that squad. If the save game does not have that amount, then it will not be possible to manage that national team. When you start a new game, in the drop-down menu of the first page, you should be able to see all the clubs which you can take charge of, as well as the national teams eligible to be managed according to the database you've loaded.
  9. Can't Find Players

    I can't get my head around any Football Manager being "a bit tired of studying attributes" - that really doesn't make a lot of sense. They're your first and foremost guide to assessing a player, and the more you play FM, the quicker you should be able to identify whether a player is what you're looking for or not. Also, keep in mind that the star system is only a guideline, and is moreover only for comparison with your own team. So while you may have 3.5 star players in your team, it only means they are slightly better than others in your squad. It doesn't mean they'll be above average for the division you're in. If you restrict yourself to only looking at players with a high star rating, then you're unnecessarily limiting your options. Have a look at some players released from Premier and Championship clubs, there's bound to be some of them who are better than what you have at the club already and willing to join you. The star system is, for me, only really useful to see potential at a glance, for the here and now attributes are a much better guideline as to how good (or bad) a player is.
  10. We are not supposed to talk about circumventing licensing restrictions, but Google is your friend (rather than Steam Workshop) FYI, the league configuration is retained from the previous setup, but it is only set back to default if you add or remove any your editor data files from one new game start to the other.
  11. Surely too late for a run at the playoff places at this stage Out of curiosity, have you ever been mentioned in dispatches as a potential candidate for Premier League jobs yet? I know you haven't *really* done anything to deserve it (cup runs aside), but was just wondering whether these were enough to give you a bump in your profile. Also, what stage are your coaching badges at, in what must now be seen as your dotage?
  12. Why not try downloading the demo and see how it goes for you in terms of speed/graphics etc?
  13. The good thing about the current editor data file system is that multiple files addressing different changes can be used. This is because the game only selects the changes made in each editor data file. So, if you have 3 editor data files in one of which Messi has a change in PA, in another a change in his dribbling attribute and in the other file he has his footedness changed to right, then a save game started with the 3 editor data files will see all the changes. Think of players/teams/nations etc. not as a single, whole entity, but as a bunch of individual attributes and values. Just because one attribute or value is edited in 1 editor data file doesn't mean other attributes or values can't be edited in another editor data file. For example, I have something like 97 editor data files in my editor data folder. I'm pretty sure there's entries which are edited in more than 1 file - but the game runs fine as is On the other hand, if the same attribute or value has different edits in separate editor data files, I believe it is the change(s) in the editor data file which is last alphabetically which are taken into account. For example, if edit.fmf has an entry in which Ronaldo is transferred to Manchester United, while ronaldo.fmf has an entry in which Ronaldo is transferred to Barcelona, then starting a new game will see Ronaldo at Barcelona. This because the game first reads the file in which Ronaldo is transferred to Manchester United, and then the file in which Ronaldo is transferred to Barcelona. Hope this clarifies somewhat