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  1. To add to my earlier contribution, I firmly believe that the single most important overhaul/revamp that SI can do is in the match engine. I appreciate that it's a fine balance between having good graphics and allowing those with low-end PC to enjoy the game, and also appreciate (if not necessarily comprehend) the amount of work involved in making the ME a fluid and realistic one. I'm also not one who gets distracted with shiny graphics and I certainly don't expect FM graphics to be of FIFA 17-quality. But I personally think that the match graphics on FM are seriously underwhelming for 2017. While the range and variety of animations is improving with each version, I still think there is a lot of work to be done to adequately represent football on the pitch in FM in a realistic manner. I think dribbling needs a lot of work, defending animations need a lot of work, animations to accurately display technique in action are sorely lacking (passing with the outside of the foot, quick feet to escape out of tight spacing, cushioned headers, miskicks etc.), it's hard to distinguish a playing style For me, these are the small things which break the immersion. When watching an FM match these days, I can't shake off the feeling of "that's not realistic" multiple times every match. Again, I appreciate the work involved in bringing such a complex game to life, and I can only imagine the complexity in having a match engine capable of realistically displaying lower-league matches between poor teams as well as top-level fixtures. But I still yearn for the day when this utopia of FM happens. I'm sure SI are striving towards it, but I sure hope it comes sooner rather than later
  2. While it'd be nice to see a household football name on the front of the game, I, for one, don't think it would translate into proportional revenue for SI. I have no idea how SI spend their money, but I really don't see this as being beneficial. For all I know, we may see Pep on the front cover in FM18, but it's a cosmetic gimmick and doesn't really do anything for me. With regards to SI-approved mods, licensing restrictions again force SI's hands somewhat. As a long-time modder, I think the current situation where SI enable the addition of graphical content and editor data files by users aids the community immeasurably. There's always a grey area with some of these files, and I can fully understand why SI can't be seen to formally approve of files which may not necessarily be fully compliant with present licensing restrictions. Besides, how can SI vet files which they do not create? I would't want to take ownership of anything I didn't do myself, and I can't imagine SI being willing to do so. There's often minor issues even in the leagues which they provide out-of-the-box, with anything from prize money to regional organization to future seasons' league structures etc., let alone with anything involving files provided for free made by the community. It's a nice idea, but I don't think it's feasible. You may not be aware of it, but there are some licences which other companies already have exclusive rights to, such as the Premier League, Japan, Brazil, Portugal and the German national league, i.e. SI (or anybody else really) cannot do anything at all. SI already straddle a very thin line in including these teams and also in facilitating the community to produce files which revert these changes, having secretly-approved files is not something that will do their legal position any favours. Besides, I think the community already does a very good job in producing files which enhance the FM experience and also wheeding out those which are not as optimized as can be. There's plenty of those annoying little things in the game, true, and they could really do with being trimmed out of the game tbh. I know it's facile, but have you reported these kind of issues in the bugs section. You could well argue that it's not your job to do so, and I can see where you're coming from, With respect to testers doing long-term lower-league saves, I reckon it's a bit hard to do anything in that regard other than a somewhat superficial analysis. After all, by its very definition, that type of game takes up a lot of time. For testers to notice bugs of that nature, they'd have spend weeks if not months on a save game. And in an environment where code changes all the time, I don't know how that can be accomplished. Don't get me wrong, I'm not excusing the presence of game-changing bugs, but in a game as complex as FM, a lot of bugs are "niche" and are only identified if the right (rare) combination of events occurs - which is why it's important that they are reported in the right forum for the testing team to have a look at.
  3. This is what forameuss said: You could argue that with all the money sunk into the game, it being the main sport of the country and population relative to other countries that England should perform better This is what you said: Premier league is now renowned as the best... we attract the best... our teams have now got real financial bulk... over the next few years we should start toppling the likes of Bayern and Madrid. Pardon me if I'm wrong (and I'll no doubt be called a miserable sod or worse for my troubles), but that is definitely not exactly what he said. You interpreted, in my opinion wrongly, what forameuss was trying to say...
  4. It's extremely unlikely that graphical add-ons will cause your savegame to crash if they are installed correctly. Which is a big if Are you using a skin which is not the default one? Try using the default one, without removing any other graphical downloads, and see if the issue persists. If it does, try removing the graphics folder and see whether you still have problems. Bear in mind, though, that, since you mention " crashes in match when red card and sub stuff going on, " then it may well be that the issue is save-game related...
  5. Have a look at this thread instead:
  6. I'm afraid that's not something I can help you with as I can't quite see what is wrong, as the file is installed correctly. Best to ask in the thread you got the file from so that somebody knowledgeable about that file can be in a position in assist.
  7. Can you give us a screenshot of where you placed the file you downloaded as well as a screenshot of what is being displayed in game? What file was it - perhaps you can also ask the creator for assistance? As for the logos query, best to either ask the file creator again or post your issue in the skinning hideout, ideally with the same type of screenshot.
  8. So you want to have an option to make a request which is automatically rejected. Am I understanding you correctly? Irrespective of the merits of a 3G pitch vs a real pitch (which is a separate argument), I'm not sure why you're complaining on a Football Manager forum about why 3G pitches are banned in the Football League...
  9. Appreciate this may be a bit of a niche request; this is related to my Maltese league file. I'd like it if it were possible for semi-professional clubs to be able to sign full-time players not from the country in which the league is based. In real life, Maltese clubs are semi-professional and yet they can sign foreign players on full-time contracts, even lower-league teams do this. Top-tier clubs can, and often do, have up to 8 foreigners in their matchday squad, second-tier 4 foreigners and so on and so forth. Every year, dozens of foreign players are signed by Maltese clubs, most of which are already in the FM database. FM does not currently allow this, at all. To be precise, in-game you are permitted to offer full-time contracts to foreigners only in the case of free agents whose last club was in Malta. It's not a question of adjusting club or player reputation or a question of loading a particular set of database options, it's simply and plainly not possible. I certainly don't expect fifth-tier teams to be capable of signing Serie A or Premier League standard players, but at present even unattached foreigners are unwilling to negotiate terms, which clearly flies in the face of reality. It's like the fact that a club is part-time in FM automatically precludes them from signing foreigners, which I believe could be tweaked slightly to better reflect real-life and the fact that if the financial parameters are acceptable, then the club's operational status is immaterial to a player's willingness to join. For the purpose of comparison, roughly around half of FIFA's associations have had at least a player try his luck in the Maltese football pyramid, including New Zealand, Chile, Japan and South Africa, so it's clearly not a geographical constraint. I have tried changing the contract restrictions section for each club in the editor to allow key players to be signed only on full-time contracts as a way of circumventing the current restrictions, but it doesn't work. The only fail-safe method to be able to attract foreign full-timers from abroad is to have clubs set as professional. The standard is inevitably shit, but that's to be expected, obviously... This is not only an issue with the Maltese league but also with the Welsh and Northern Irish leagues, who have semi-professional clubs. For some reason, this is not an issue with Icelandic clubs, who can freely sign assorted freebies from across the world on part-time contracts.
  10. If you have installed some editor data files and/or made changes to the data files in the game installation folder (like installing a popular fix file, for example), it could be that either the files are not compatible with the latest version of the game, or that you have installed them incorrectly. Best to ask wherever you downloaded them from
  11. info provided

    The Dinamo Bucharest kit entries in the database contain MUCH older kits from various seasons (2006-2011) and different competitions throughout all three kit types. Not sure if it's related to this issue, but I don't think there's any value added to having them there.
  12. The reason that you cannot manage Puerto Rico is that there are only 34 Puerto Rican players in the FM database. iirc there needs to be 150+ eligible players of that nationality to enable the selection of a national team. Your best bet to manage them is to start a new game with the Puerto Rico league loaded and ticking the add players to playable teams box just before starting it. This will populate the mostly empty Puerto Rican clubs with regens, thus enabling the selection of the national team as playable.