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  1. Well there goes my promotion attempt... time to thank the board Pep Guardiaola style. Down to my very last prospect for the AM position now, who isn't really ready for this season.
  2. Etoile Carouge FC 2023/24 Table | Squad | Transfers After relegation the board only expected us to struggle against relegation again, which was a nice pressure relief. In fairness we had lost the players that got us promoted in the first place so consolidating the season in mid table was an acceptable result for me. Taking stock of the youth options I have and having completely lost faith in Målmaskinen, he of 54 game goal drought fame, following his 2 in 6 record at taking penalties I decided to just go strikerless. The team was already based around the excellent Fabio Roger as a #10 who will be joined next year by Max Vergnaud following a sucessful loan spell. Vergnaud will replace the artist formally known as Målmaskinen in this formation as the shadow striker and I highly tip him to become next seasons top scorer as I attempt to make a promotion push. Top scorer/Best player - Fabio Roger Joint top scorer - Damien Proust The youth intake features another DM who is really a DC, quality prospect, the rest of them I'm not sure about. Top prospect - Gabriel Wagnon Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe --------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Challenge | 1st | 3rd Rnd | N/A 2021/22 | Super | 8th | 2nd Rnd | N/A 2022/23 | Super | 9th R | 2nd Rnd | N/A 2023/24 | Challenge | 5th | 3rd Rnd | N/A
  3. You have to play to your teams strengths so we will all be using different tactics which wouldn't work on each other's teams.
  4. I ignore that news message completely now, it always seems to be a bunch of positives, and then it says a bunch of contradictions so I have no idea what the intake is going to be. Its only slightly better than the one says your players being mentored have gained some positives and some negatives and you think, great... thats very informative.
  5. Quick question, does anyone else feel like youth intakes consist of a lot of wide players but very little central options. Especially players that you need aerial ability for, centre backs are rare and strikers are all tiny.
  6. Etoile Carouge FC 2022/23 Table | Squad | Transfers Last year my strikers combined for 3 goals between them, this year they managed just one goal between them all season. With the long shots being nerfed a bit half way through my top scorer this year is a centre back. It should come as no surprise therefore this wasn't a good season. Only the incompetence of Servette saved us from automatic relegation setting up a playoff against Zürich. I gave my "goal machine" star striker a new nickname to instill confidence in the man before the first leg, which remarkably paid off as he scored his first ever senior goal after a 54 game goal drought (we lost 3-1). We fought bravely in the second leg but it wasn't enough, a somewhat deserved relegation is the result. Top scorer - Eric Gueguen, 5 goals, he wasn't even very good. My player of the season - Fabio Roger, 7 assists, possiblya player to build around. The youth intake is underwhelming, a decent goalkeeping prospect and even more fullbacks and wingers to add to my mountain of mediocre talents out wide. Top prospect - Armand Andre Honourable mention - Léopold Gillet, his potential has dropped already but I need him as a CB, he'll never actually play at DM for me. Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe --------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Challenge | 1st | 3rd Rnd | N/A 2021/22 | Super | 8th | 2nd Rnd | N/A 2022/23 | Super | 9th R | 2nd Rnd | N/A
  7. This guy really sums up my general struggles in front of goal, he isn't even that bad a prospect.
  8. I've uploaded 2 saves, Mr. Duck - Etoile agebefore.fm and Mr. Duck - Etoile ageafter.fm. The before one is from about a year before it happened because I turned off the rolling autosave by accident :(. As I said the change happened sometime between the dates of those screenshots during the players being on holiday in between the seasons.
  9. Yes it certainly looks like there was a bit of an update, it needed it just for my team its hurting. Also I just had the exact same conversation with one player. He is more of a useful rotation/development level but I can't afford to lose him.
  10. I'm really struggling with the match engine change. Its exposing my woefully inadequate centre backs at this level when the goalkeeper isn't so much of a god... and I still can't score.
  11. Etoile Carouge FC 2021/22 Table | Squad | Transfers Following last seasons unexpected promotion this was always going to be a brutal season. It took 7 games until I got my first point of the year with quite a lot of tactic tinkering going on, including attempting to go with a 7-0-3 mega hoofball against the top teams in a desperate attempt to fm them. The saving grace this season was how bad Zürich was, it always gave me some confidence that survival was possible even though in took until the 4th meeting between us of the season before anyone scored a goal (I won 2-0 in the final game). Goalscoring was a problem all season with 3 goals shared between my 3 strikers for the entire year! Still I wasn't conceding much so I didn't dare touch the tactics again after the defence looked good (In games against teams I had a slight chance against). More of the same I expect next season, the notable absence will be Óscar Correia, refusing to renew his contract, thankfully I have a lot of talented wingers coming through and I don't feel I ever really unlocked Correia's abilities. Top scorer - Alban Ramadani, A defensive midfielder winning this says a lot about my team. My player of the season - Léo Lécureux, The number of clean sheets and penalties saved were invaluable. The youth intake was not as good as last year but a few good players to build on. Top prospect - Damien Proust, Will possibly be turned into a DLF given my glut of wingers and his all round ability. Honourable mention - Max Vergnaud Season | League | Position | Cup | Europe --------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Challenge | 1st | 3rd Rnd | N/A 2021/22 | Super | 8th | 2nd Rnd | N/A
  12. I'm not breaking any goalscoring records here but I'm not in the relegation zone!
  13. Pace, good personality, natural on both wings. So the board sold him from under me for £115K with no sell on's, I managed to protest the transfer once at about £80K but they took the second offer. Now he's at the only Superleague side that is worse than my team.
  14. I did this in a different save, it was impossible to get the guy happy again. He was playing regularly for the first team for two years and happiness screen saying he was pleased with everything apart from not being able to go on loan 2 years ago to a much worse team. Submitted it as a bug so maybe they will tweak this issue.
  15. Its really tough this season as I expected, got my first point of the season away at Zürich. I think the only hope is that there are more terrible teams than there are relegation slots.
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