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  1. I have a player called Theodor Eßer and when he scores this is how the game appears. His name is Eßer, it appears like this above his player model, in squad screens/match stats/etc... outside of game. On the subs bench the eszett is replaced by double s which isn't terrible but a bit odd. The goal notification though changes to a double s and then drops the final letter giving Esse which is just wrong. I assume the game is seeing Eßer as a 4 letter name but then switching to ss and so losing the now 5th letter. I've uploaded the pkm but I think this is a general thing an
  2. There is still no way to add xG per 90 to the squad view, only available as the raw number. Every single one of these type of stats should be available in per 90 format (it would probably be easier to make a seperate menu tab for per 90 stats) its become quite messy and split over multiple menus. Other missing (I've probably missed some) ones are, key headers, crosses attempted, crosses completed, mistakes, offsides, saves held/parried/tipped, key tackles, fouls, yellow/red cards.
  3. When a player is sent off/misses training etc... the only option when a player doesn't have a salary is to issue a warning. It makes sense that I cannot fine him a weeks wages as he has no salary but the equivalent sanction would be to fine him one/two match appearance fee(s) but there is no option for this.
  4. The keeper makes a save but the catching animation takes the ball far over the goal line, nothing given. Match file attached, incident in 57th minute. Goal line.pkm
  5. African continental competition qualifying still has some issues that haven't been fixed. This screen is complete nonsense. The top top 12 nations should, and do in FM, qualify 2 teams to champions league and 2 teams to confederations cup which is not what is displayed here. Also leads to this screen for South Africa league rules being wrong. The top 2 South African teams do qualify for champions league, 3rd and 4th to confederations cup depending on the cup winner. Finally, I was also testing with Egyptian league in which I saw the winner of the confeder
  6. On the rules screen it should make a distinction of which competition's knockout round teams qualify for to prevent confusion. The 1st/2nd place qualify for 1st knockout round (Champions league), 3rd qualifies for 1st knockout round (Europa league). The exact same issue is in Europa league rules with respect to Europa conference league.
  7. I was checking the African qualification system because it was entirely broken in FM20. It appears to be giving 2 Champions league + 2 Confederations cup to South African teams which as a top 12 nation in Africa is correct. However, this is not shown in the qualification places screen where every nation is listed as 1 place; It is also not shown in the league rules, which should (and does) give champions league to 1st and 2nd, confederations cup to 3rd and 4th (depending on cup winner). I cannot check whether this competition gives places properl
  8. @XaW Is EA Bragança hard coded to produce Cape Verdeans like this? I had a look in the editor and I can't see anything that would make it do this. Seems like an interesting team, do you know any others that do this sort of thing?
  9. 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 2023/24 Table | Squad | Transfers A very tough year at the Willy-Sachs Stadion. We started with 1 win, 15 defeats in the first 16 games of the season culminating in a 7-1 drubbing by St. Pauli. That defeat was so bad the team seemed a bit fired up and we won the next two, including vs Erzgebirge Aue whom we also beat in the cup during that terrible run. The winter transfer window followed, with the board selling top right wing prospect from last year, Benitez, for £1.5M after also selling the best prospect overall from last year in the summer from u
  10. Just a quick mid-season update. Its going badly, really badly. The defence is slightly more leaky than the past two years but I can't score a goal, or even look like scoring a goal, even missed 3 penalties in a row.
  11. 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 2022/23 Table | Squad | Transfers Quite a struggle for goals this season, not really any progress on the pitch. Off the pitch, training/youth upgraded and second upgrade accepted, several coaching badges, 2 levels of youth recruitment/junior coaching and importantly the board has allowed me to reject up to £2M offers so we didn't lose anyone this year. The player in question, last years top prospect, Simon Dressel, he's 17 now and so can play in the league next season, most likely as a mezzala, mental stats are superb. Also growing excellently, Taso
  12. 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 2021/22 Table | Squad | Transfers We got off to a quick start, scoring after 10 seconds in the opener setting up a win, stealing the ball off an injured centre back to win the second game. It was as fortunate start but I'll take all the points I can. Form wobbled a few times but this league seems very balanced with us staying in the main pack of teams and most importantly we were better than the other promoted sides. A little up turn in form at the end of the season saw us finish 9th but it could have been almost any position with how close all the
  13. 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 Table | Squad | Transfers It has been ages since I played this challenge, I still have my Swiss save and they are doing ok but I wanted to start fresh in Germany. So, welcome Mr. Duck to 1. FC Schweinfurt 05, in their marvelously named stadium, Willy-Sachs Stadion, I do like silly names. We started off the year by immediately losing Amar Suljic, A decent young wide player, I had to sell before they bid the release clause and I would lose the 50% sell that I managed to slap on. Nevertheless, we got to training this tactic based around Sascha Korb, a p
  14. Also important to read the competition rules carefully for each league. In France especially you'll find theres an awful lot of countries that count as EU players, essentially the entire continent of Africa among many places.
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