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  1. Altitude

    Time to revive a dead thread that never got an answer. I was recently toasting Peru's victory over Uruguay with some locals in Cusco at 3400m above sea level, which certainly leaves a mark on your physical abilities for several days. The locals proudly confirmed that Cienciano was the only Peruvian team to win a continential competition (even though they were banned from playing in Cusco for the final due to the altitude). It is clearly a massive advantage, the same day Bolivia defeated Argentina 2-0 in La Paz at 3600m. Is this extreme home advantage for acclimatised players modelled in FM?
  2. Well I found a Congolese guy called "Bigger Bola" which I think is in worse taste.
  3. Big Euro Challenge (FM17)

    This is exactly how my main tactic worked in the past two versions of FM, I didn't get it working in FM17 yet and kind of wanted to play a different way anyway. I really like tactics that don't require all the positions, you never need any wingers so you save spots on your bench for more depth, especially when some players can only play one side of the pitch. The tricky bit with this tactic especially was it was so hard to find wing backs that were worth it. They need to be total footballers and natural wingbacks are just quite rare in the FM world, lot of training and luck required, especially using this style when you become a really top team you find there are perhaps 5 potential players that are realistically going to join you that you could use for the spot in the entire game.
  4. Tutoring exploit

    I've noticed this issue too, regen with 5 DET sat down with old guy with 18 DET, in just two months the youngster had 18 DET. It just seems so rapid and dramatic a change than I ever remember it being before as if the old guy was the greatest motivator known to man. I like the mechanism that you can mould your squad personality as its so vital in youth saves to get the full potential from the hand you're dealt but it just seems too quick in this version.
  5. This has been a thing about managing in Israel for a while that they don't let you sign scouts. I remember a thread hundreds of years ago where someone said it was to do with real life clubs in Israel not using scouts but it does seem very odd.
  6. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    I know this is a little off topic but this thread is full of people who are experts on this aspect of the game. Have they changed something with the effectiveness of tutoring regarding personality changes? I got this 4 star potential rated goalkeeper in my youth intake and wrote him off with his 5 determination as never going to make it but gave him a tutor anyway. My 39 year old first team gk, retiring to become a motivational speaker at the end of next year. I have never seen anything so fast and effective in terms of tutoring before.
  7. I think the population and max attendance is linked and your board won't upgrade much beyond that number or it won't be full. Of course if you're a successful club the population can be quite low for the size of the stadium. Heerenveen have a 26,800 seat stadium in a town of 50,000 which is usually pretty well filled.
  8. I often play at the lower levels so to find a well rounded player doesn't really happen often. You basically have to pick the guy who has exceptional pace and stick him on the wing or up front to make use of it. The more rounded players just don't have much skill in anything to make it worth it, unless of course they are just a better than average player which you would take into the team regardless. This is why I find it hard to judge centre midfielders where the number of attributes that are pretty important is quite large. Further up the leagues I take into account the scout comments on injuries and consistency more and basically widen the number of attributes I care about for the role the player is supposed to do for me. For example in the low leagues I look just for the defensive aspects of a full back but later on the attacking qualities are very important assuming he can defend as well. I think the more extreme players only really work so well at the bottom because if you have 16 pace/acceleration in a league where the average might be 7 or 8 you can be super effective but a premier league player with 19 pace/acceleration and little else is still facing defenders with 15/16 and cannot rely on pace alone.
  9. I'm having similar issues. I've slightly fixed the conceding problem and got it to the point where most games I am having more shots and more clear cut chances but they just can't ever score. Before I go insane, if I'm getting my team to have more shots, clear chances, half chances then I've sort of done my job. (I just got dumped on 3-0 by a team I limited to only shots from outside the box while creating 5 clear chances inside their box and hitting the woodwork twice).
  10. The youth facilities rating is more of an abstract concept than simply the bricks in the buildings, a point well made. Even if it wasn't though, and one day you you go from a club with nothing to the best academy setup ever it would still be best represented as an incremental change in the quality in terms of the game. The rating changes the quality of 16 year old players appearing at your club. These kids have presumably been at your club for many years already. So if in 2016 you instantly have the best setup ever, your first youth intake has had less than a year of this exceptional football training, not enough to really turn them into wonderkids. In 2026 you will have had players coming through who had spent their entire childhood at your club with the best facilities and hence are now amazing prospects. All the years in between will be a mixture of steady progress.
  11. In leagues like Wales, you just have to plod on as semi-pro until you manage to get into Europe on a regular basis and get just far enough for a good payoff. Of course normally the round just before the money increases dramatically you draw someone significantly out of your league so it takes a few seasons of grabbing £200K or so.
  12. Is that still a thing in FM16 Pbrisebois? I remember it from last years game and it was so infuriating, I never played enough seasons to really become a force in Denmark but it was just like constantly buying random mediocre youngsters as they didn't count if they were actually good enough to start them.
  13. Wait what? This figure has certainly risen from FM15 the last time I was in this position.
  14. Indeed, an awful lot of people will see Rhyl aim for a record defeat this season. I have no hope, not even a whisker, San Marino qualifying group levels to be achieved. My group consists of Chelsea, AC Milan, Valencia and Rhyl
  15. Leaving spaces is basically the way I do it. You have 25 slots and you don't need 25 players, only 4 of those slots are tricky to fill. It can take a bit of a luck or very long term planning which you can't always afford or have the reputation for if you're improving a club quickly. The other 4 you have done something wrong if you can't find at least 4 players from the country you're in who can at least fill a roll in the team.