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  1. Most teams in the game won't really have the players to do this from the start of the game and its likely the AI wouldn't pick the right sort of players. My squads for this tactic typically have 7 or 8 full backs in them, far more than a normal team would have in the first team. Also the WB's I pick based on your classic attacking winger stats, their defensive ability isn't so important, the full backs also need to be very good going forward but in a more rounded way and the inside fowards should really be good in the air not just short fast guys.
  2. Is it possible to have a back 4 where the full backs are allowed fly forward like wingers but if the right back goes forward, the left back tucks in to form a back 3 and vice versa?
  3. I've never tried the wide targetman, it could work but I'm a little worried that everyone will just ping the ball to him rather which would would be a contested header rather than to the space on the flanks. I was talking more about trying to get a big guy who was still able to play well out wide so that I have him and the 2 CB's to help at corners both attacking and defending. Of course @wearesporting, if you do a quick counter attack down the flanks I'm in trouble, I can just hope the BWM is quick enough to break some legs.
  4. I made some pictures of how it tends to work; Defensive shape Loads of players are back if they don't commit many people to the attack the BWM will get them in the end, the IF's with no one to mark really end up with endless space. Transition After the tackle it fell to the right IF, the IWB's instantly charge forward adding to to midfield at first drawing players away from the DLP who wasn't needed this time as the crossfield ball is always on and was used. Attack The wingbacks are always the pure widemen, Kawaya puts in an early deep cross towards the 3 on 1 at the back back and the IF hits it home. The existance of the left sided IWB and IF seem to draw the attention of any midfielder that should be helping out their left back. If anything goes wrong my DLP is always open outside the box to recycle play and its pretty important to keep the BWM back to try and destroy any counter when I have so many people forward, especially with how the IWBs think they are strikers.
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've made some changes to the midfield. The central pair work better like this, the playmaker has a bit more freedom and the ball winning midfielder helps a lot against counter attacks. IWB's on attack see you have the ball and fly forward without a care in the world, they're often my further forward players and make a lot of chances and overloads. On support they only help with the midfield rather than helping midfield and then running beyond. I'm thinking its not so much an exploit but that could just be the level of opposition since I'm not running this as an extreme budget team in ligue 1. Other things people mentioned, I think early crosses are quite important here, the wing back is the pure wide man here. On a counter he is starting from quite deep and will have 5 runners sprinting into the box, the time for maximum chaos is to the hit the ball in early. On a slower build up, I need the wing back to just fire it in the box on sight, again to prevent them organising because everyone in the team is basically a quick wide player not strong aerial players, I need Jostein Flo in the team really
  6. In the responsibilities you can set yourself to decide to set up individual training for the players, so if you want him to train as a right back then you can make it so. Then set the plan general training one to your assman so you don't have to micromanage that every week.
  7. I'm top of the league with Ajaccio, supposed to be a boring mid table team which requires a massive overhaul because the decent players and most the team in general is over 30.
  8. Someone has to be standing around the half way line surely? Otherwise all you have to do is stick your fast man there and hoof it up there instantly.
  9. Is the concept that the wing backs stay back on attacks more? So its like saying that if the opposition tries to counter in behind the wing backs are quicker and better at defending in open spaces than the centre backs would be so you might as well send the centre backs forward instead?
  10. I made a pretty silly tactic because I was pondering whether it would work or not. I haven't tested it long enough to be sure but I've been scoring an insane amount of goals with it. It feels like its weird enough that it might just be exploiting the match engine. Defensively its solid, 2 banks of 4 playing pretty deep with a couple of spare people closing down ahead. Only really fails if I get countered or from set pieces as I only really have 2 players good in the air. Offensively I have a 2 on 1, both flanks, all the time. The IWBs pretty much add to the centre midfield and on attack with the BBM its a bit like having 3 late central runners into the box. I cross it early where there is always going to be at least 2 runners at the far post. Their centre backs have no one to mark until all of a sudden theres late runners from deep all over the place so I score a lot from crosses.
  11. It depends on the roles you need them to do I think. For example at a lower level no one you get is really going to be a good complete forward because it needs too many attributes to be decent at this role. Anyone rounded in all of these things at that level would be just a bit rubbish at everything and so not worth using over a pure advanced forward or target man. Same thing goes for all the more luxury roles in the game, complete wing back, libero, roaming playmaker, trequartista, raumdeuter etc... You can't expect them to play quite such complete football in lower leagues.
  12. As a semi-pro Stranraaaaaaaaaeeeeer team it seems almost impossible to build up match sharpness in the squad. My guys that play almost every match get match sharpness up to around 85% maximum, any rotation/backup player has 55% sharpness and so injury risk. I'm using default training schedules (assman controlled), it used to be guaranteed your key players would have 100% match sharpness and you could build it up on rotation players too so only people you didn't really play would be lacking.
  13. This concept would be very hard to implement in a way that gives results you are looking for. I've done quite a lot of directed evolution research, which is basically similar to have machine learning works. The tricky part is that you have to be very careful what it is that you are selecting for. The ultimate thing to select for in terms of FM would be for it to be like football, thats a very vague and hard to define concept though. In order to do any AI work towards this you need to define something clearly for it to select for, if you do that slightly wrong you will end up with something nothing like a football simulator but something that exposes a weakness in the simulation.
  14. This used to be a fixed for sure but I'm not certain on this version. It was very noticeable when you played in leagues that start very low and built up to a decent side in Europe. You would have players worth £1M who would easily be 10x that in England.
  15. Ask Man City "fans" about this issue. Personally I think its the issue of the short time between matches and the large home/away difference that can cause problems. Its worth resting your key men in the league before the match and pretty much playing for the clean sheet in home games in Europe. I'd rather get a 0-0 home draw and then try to blow the match wide open away from home with chances all over the place than win 3-2 at home and hope we can hold onto this away.
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