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  1. If managing a big club, the best way to keep it interesting and difficult is to set challenges. for example: 7 Trophies in 1 season, an season unbeaten, the treble, etc.
  2. When making a bid for a player, I love to make the most out of the monthly installments option. The maximum you can offer in installments has gone from £200m all the way down to £50m. Capping it at £50m is very frustrating, especially in today's inflated market, it's extremely restricting. Why have SI done this?? Installments are becoming more and more popular in real life so to reduce what you can do with the feature seems very strange and frustrating to me.
  3. After the current squad let me down once again. Time to start a new save with the Mad Scientist's 03/04 database. Returning to when times were good and try and continue the run of the invincibles.
  4. Struggling to understand how my home and away form can be so different. It’s a rather ridiculous. Just started a new save with a big club. I am losing to dross away from home and smashing the big boys at home. These have been my results so far. First game of the season lost away to Cardiff 3-0. Then won at home to Huddersfield 7-0. Then lost away to Palace 2-1. Then won at home to United 3-1. Then lost away to Watford 1-0. Then won at home to Chelsea 4-0. Then lost away West Ham 3-2. I have used the same trusted tactic (424) that has served me very well both in FM19 and previous versions. Wondering first of all why this is happening? Also if other people have occurred this problem and had huge differences with their home and away form and is so any solutions to help with it?
  5. You're right, you barely get any money to start with. I firstly stated to the board my expectations were to win the Championship, then asked for more wage budget which they agreed to. Sold both Kemar Roofe and Gianni Alioski for decent money. Tonali £7m Marin £1.5m Arp £17m (only £5m up front) Xadas £400k
  6. First summer, signed Tonali, Marin, Xadas, Arp and brought back Robbie Keane! 4 of the best wonderkids on the game in the championship!
  7. Sandro Tonali £8m Antonio Marin £2m Fiete Arp £16m Matthijs de Ligt £20m Moise Kean £15m
  8. I have two save son the go, Arsenal and Newcastle. For both I would say an average of a goal every other game. Which is crazy!
  9. A hybrid of man and zonal marking seems to be the best, but even then concede SO many goals from corners.
  10. Could SI find a solution with this error in the ME?
  11. I leave training to my assistant who has great stats. I always check what he plans and it always includes at least one session every week on defending set pieces.
  12. Apologies in advance if this is in the incorrect place and/or if this has been mentioned previously. But the sheer volume of goals I concede from corners is past ridiculous. It literally occurs numerous time each game. I have tried various different tactics in an attempt to prevent it. I have tried purely zonal marking, purely man marking and a hybrid of the two. Nothing works. Anyone else experiencing the same issues?
  13. When facing a player you sold, the probability of them scoring increases.
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