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  1. Thanks a lot, have logged this and assigned to the South Korea head researcher to take a look at.
  2. Really sorry but I don't follow what you mean when you say "because of new season". Loading your save, your schedule page shows everything as normal. Were you getting inbox items that referred to a new season starting? I can't really help further without any further information. Seems like you have continued on and are still playing the save though, and this hasn't been reported by anyone else, so perhaps it's normal for this season (when the 2022 World Cup occurs) and everything is OK?
  3. Hi thanks for raising this. So are you saying that the youth leagues should match the teams in the senior leagues every season, with the same amount of teams? If so I'll log this as a bug and check in with the head researcher.
  4. Thanks, I have contacted our head researcher about VAR. I believe the fix for the ineligibility bug will only work for newly started careers, I'm afraid.
  5. Can you provide any further info? Was there an "update" (like you normally get between seasons) on a particular date? What exactly happened? I can't reproduce this in-house and this is not something we have had reported by anyone else in Germany or any other nation as far as I am aware. Managing Bayern in the 2021/22 winter break everything happened as would be expected.
  6. This is an issue we are aware of and has already been reviewed by coders, but as it will take a major change from the transfers & contracts coding team we will not be able to make a change prior to FM21 I am afraid.
  7. Yes, the ineligibility issue should have been resolved in newly created saves in an update we released in December. We do not have VAR in Croatian leagues in game as this has not been requested by our head researcher. Can you link us to evidence that it is used and for which competitions please? When you say starting "this year" do you mean from the 2020/21 season?
  8. Do you mean you have gone past season update after season 1 but season 2 hasn't scheduled any fixtures? Can you please provide us a save ideally from just before this happens, and also a save with the issue present? Are you using any editor files or third party content?
  9. Hi, was this game started in the public beta version? Can you please provide a save game with this issue present, and if at all possible a save game from before this happened? Are you using any editor files or third party content?
  10. There aren't any league specific issues included in this update I'm afraid. We are working towards a major update at the moment but it is not confirmed when this will go live. The issue you mention is something we are aware of. Thanks.
  11. Hi Dennis, I'll take a look into this and let you know if I can find a solution.
  12. Apologies for this. This has been attended to by coders and the fix will be included in the next major update.
  13. Thanks, this will be one we will need to check with the head researcher. It isn't unprecedented for B teams to play their parent club in cup competitions in FM (or I should imagine real life!) but I'll log it and see. Cheers!
  14. Bit much, this post. I'm not being biased and he isn't my favourite player. I have rated him based on his ability at his best. I already lowered his consistency rating. It is something I will consider again, as I will be with all other attributes for all other players. Him and Emery didn't get on and he was clearly unhappy and was probably not applying himself in training as much as he should have been, hence being out of the team. Hopefully Arteta will get the best out of him on a more regular basis. I take it you watched the game last night? And actually watched him and saw how well he played in general? And are also aware of the stat that Ozil covered the most ground of the entire team? Don't want to get into an argument. This isn't a discussion thread, it's a thread for bugs. You clearly don't like the guy, fair enough. I'll take your comments on board as I have already said I'd do. Cheers!
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