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  1. When was this save created? The posts directly above this one report a similar (perhaps the same) issue which seems to have been occurring in the beta version, but is not happening in the full release builds of the game. Thanks.
  2. Apologies for this, it is a human error on the part of somebody that is not me! There were no changes made for Croatia for this particular "hotfix". As I say, we are working on fixes for the next major update as a priority. Thanks.
  3. This is because the homegrown rules are different for the different competitions. Our head researcher specifically requested the rule for the league was "4 years between the ages of 12 and 19". This I believe is the correct rule, but what caused the problem is the existing code was not set up to deal with newgens, who mainly generate at the ages of 16 or 17. The Champions League rule is "3 years between the ages of 15 and 21" which the vast majority of newgens will achieve. As I say, we are working on a fix as a priority for a future update.
  4. Yes, we are also making some changes to the amount of teams in the Second League. Thanks.
  5. In that case, it may have been something the gameplay team has identified and fixed already. Post about it over in the transfers & contracts forum if anyone else spots it again from a new game. Cheers.
  6. Yes, thank you for this. I think you misunderstand me. We received the information on the forums here and are very grateful for you and other users for providing this. We have this logged in our system to change and have verified it is valid, so we now have this information and will be making changes that will be in a future update. The issue with newgens came about due to a rule which I think may be unique to Croatia that players must play 4 years between 12 and 19 to count as homegrown. As this is a new and unique rule, there was a discrepancy in the existing code which didn't accou
  7. Thanks, this sounds like it is a bug. We will look into this.
  8. If you are able to register the player OK, it sounds like a bug for the transfers & contracts section of the gameplay team. Looks like the contract panel is showing incorrect information for some reason, which may not be connected to the actual rules set, which sound correct if you are able to register the player. Please post here https://community.sigames.com/forum/825-transfers-contracts-scouting-recruitment-meetings-and-staff-responsibilities/
  9. Hello, it is my understanding that as we are not including the 2020 season in FM21 and the first playable season is 2021, that we have not included the different system as our head researcher believes it will only be used for the 2020 season. Thanks.
  10. Firstly, many thanks to franjo17 for pointing this bug out to us. The issue is valid and is being worked on as a priority by our coders. I do apologise for its unfortunate inclusion, but hopefully you can appreciate this was a very difficult one to spot as it would not have become apparent for multiple seasons. Regarding the substitute / foreign player limit rule changes, unfortunately we were not supplied this information by our head researcher. I believe we have now been made aware of all the changes required and these will be included in a future update, along with a fix for the newgen
  11. Hi there, you can continue your save from the beta. However, you must understand that the "beta" phase carries the risk of more issues being present. One of those issues was the issue with the Greek Cup, which I believe is now fixed for the full release, but it was not possible to rectify in existing save games created in the beta phase. Sorry about this, but it shows the beta phase is useful and working as we were able to fix this issue for the full release. Big thanks to the user who raised this issue.
  12. As regards the scheduling issue, we made some changes to general scheduling ahead of the full release of the game, which, if I understand correctly, should have helped the issue you raise. So you would need to start a new game to see this take effect. Thanks.
  13. @Fire_03 can you respond to the issue with the youth leagues raised here please? If this is something we need to change in game, please log an issue with full details. Thanks
  14. Hello, can you please repost or link me to the post about the German youth leagues issue you did not get a reply on? We have multiple different staff covering this forum at different times and it sounds like it was missed at the time. Sorry about this. It isn't because we aren't interested.
  15. What is the issue exactly? We don't include official fixtures for the second season in the game. It looks like there is a winter break there which would be normal, unless you are not happy about the exact dates? Or is the issue the gap in December? Is there an international break in game then?
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