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  1. Almost, I would imagine it's the 2022 World Cup in Qatar that is causing this issue! I agree that the domestic game scheduling isn't ideal though, we are working on improving this ahead of FM20. Thanks.
  2. Hi, sorry about this, this issue is under review by our coding team.
  3. Hi, this isn't a league specific issue, this is an awards issue. Can you post this in a new topic on the "all other gameplay" forum so our tester in charge of awards can take a look? Cheers.
  4. Hello, I use my eyes as much as data like this, and Aubameyang and Bellerin are both extremely quick. In past speed tests carried out by the club they have been verified as such. A couple of years back Phil Jagielka and Maya Yoshida were clocked as the quickest players (or two of the quickest players) in the Premier League, probably because they were in a small group of players able to hit their maximum speed due to a long sprint without the ball. Data like this is helpful, so please send the link to the article you mention so I can take a look, but it isn't the only deciding factor.
  5. Hi there, this is a match UI issue. If you are still experiencing this issue following the latest update, then please post about it in the User Interface forum - https://community.sigames.com/forum/659-user-interface-issues/
  6. If Hajduk II have been relegated from the second league, then there is a chance they will get promoted back to the second league in future seasons, but they will also be competing for just one spot in the league (only one side is relegated per year) under the hood with other clubs / "II" sides in the Croatian third tier, which is non-active. So it's not a bug, but hope that explains!
  7. Hey, this sounds like a gameplay issue - can you post a new thread (if a similar thread does not already exist) in the All Other Gameplay bugs forum? Thanks.
  8. Hello, can you provide us a save from just before the final game of the season takes place, and a save from after the final game of the season is completed, so I can take a look? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I have recently taken over as the lead tester in this area. First thing I did when I received the news was to start some FM careers in nations where I was less familiar with the rules and league structure. Romania was one of these, and I identified the potential issue with the transfer window / registration window straight away, and it was logged by me at this point. I can't speak for what has happened before, as I have only just started testing in this area. All I can say is that I will do my utmost to make sure that bugs like this are not present at release for FM20. Thanks.
  10. Hi, this has already been logged and is under review.
  11. Actually on second inspection, the section actually says "Replay Match Rules" so this is actually correct information. But I agree this isn't presented in the best possible way, as it fooled the both of us! I have logged it that there should be a line added to the main "Match Rules" section for every round up to and including round 4 that says "Match goes to a replay if scores are level after ninety minutes".
  12. Hi there, in the event of an FA Cup match finishing in a draw after 90 minutes, up to and including round 4, the match will go to a replay. From round 5 onwards, there are no replays and the match goes to extra time and penalties. This is a new rule introduced this season. I have checked in-game and you are spot on, the rules page for the FA Cup up to and including round 4 is incorrect. Thanks for raising this, this issue is now under review.
  13. We think this might be some sort of timeout issue with OwnCloud due to the size of the file you are trying to upload and your slow upload connection, as you say. If you can't manage to upload successfully, then perhaps we can look at using a file hosting site for this particular save and we can get the file from there? Thanks.
  14. Actually the save doesn't seem to be there...? Did you upload to the correct place?
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