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  1. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Damola, thanks for this feedback. It is very in-depth and provides statistics to back up your opinions - exactly what we ask for. Some of it I disagree with, some of it isn't quite correct in terms of how the game works (or how research interacts with the match engine), but a lot of it is very interesting. It is too late for any of this to be considered for FM17, but I will refer back to this thread and consider everything you have posted here ahead of FM18. Thanks.
  2. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Both these players joined before I took over as researcher, but good spot, I agree these both look too high. Iliev certainly should come down. Crowley was so highly rated when we signed him from Villa that it is possible we are paying him that much, but I agree it is perhaps unlikely and would have been more likely to reach that point dependent on first team appearances during the course of the contract (of which he has not made what would have been the requisite amount, I'm sure). Will make some enquiries. Thanks!
  3. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi there, Nothing you have described here, apart from the initial transfer budget, has anything to do with the database & research department. We have nothing to do with the progression of finances, and we do not set the player values. Plus I think the initial budget is fine. It starts as a default at roughly £40m as you describe. Yes, you can take it up to around £60m, but then you have no excess wage budget so would have to sell players to get them off the wage bill in order to sign anyone, which at the amount players are paid these days, would free up a lot of money (if you sold Walcott for instance, this would bring in whatever you sold him for, plus free up around £7.25m a season in wages). I do not see an issue here I'm afraid. If you think there is an issue with Arsenal getting too much money allocated to transfers (or just too much income in general) as the game progresses, then please raise this in the "other gameplay issues" forum with a save provided where the issue is present. Thanks!
  4. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Hello - could you quote to me a) what the budgets currently are in your game at game start, and b) what you believe they should be? Thanks.
  5. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Yonko - your general point is a valid one to raise in many ways, and it has flagged up to me that Maitland-Niles does actually need a slight change (was something that was altered by the Ipswich researcher that I admit I overlooked in the last cycle and this one), so thanks for that. However I have decided to hide your previous post in case users don't want spoilers on certain players PA ratings. I will say to you and anyone else that read the post though, that the PA values you listed were not correct in the main - I'm not sure if perhaps there might be a bug with the editor or it is displayed slightly differently there or something - I will send you a private message to discuss. Cheers.
  6. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    The way this works, the "PA" rating will be different in every save within certain boundaries. It seems like you understand this already from what you've said, but I'm not sure. Maybe you think I have set fixed PA ratings for these players - I haven't. They are set within a certain boundary limit to vary in each unique career game. Reine-Adelaide's and Nelson's will be higher as I have decided that they have the best chance out of our current youth system of being eventual Arsenal first team regulars. Remember - only very few will actually make the step up in real life. Taking the example of Maitland-Niles, while looking like a good prospect, I have deemed that he is less likely to become an Arsenal first-team regular in real life and he is rated as such. But he already has a CA rating which would mean he could play at Championship level from the get-go, which he demonstrated while out on loan last season. Given the right opportunity to develop in-game he would, in most career games, have a good chance of becoming a Premier League standard midfielder. In some games he may even break through at Arsenal. If he didn't get the right opportunity to develop in-game, he might only play at Championship level. This, I think, is as accurate a reflection of real life as I can create. Two things are true here: 1) None of the players you mention are rated so that they would not be able to end up being at least a Championship level pro given the right development in-game. I believe this is true to real life for the players you mention. Some may not develop to this level if they are not given a fair chance to develop by the AI or the human player, some will develop into Premier League standard players if they are. It will vary from career game to career game. 2) There will be some career games where all of these players could become Arsenal first team players given the right development in-game. Some will be more likely than others to achieve this in a higher number of unique career games than others. Hope this explains a bit better.
  7. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    I have undertaken a full review of the youth team in this cycle. Nketiah especially has really stepped up and been very impressive. I am careful to show restraint in these things though regarding initial attributes / current ability ratings. While the players you mention have been doing well at youth level, it is a big step up from that to the big boys. Maitland-Niles and Reine-Adelaide played well against Southampton the other day, but both are rated as such already. If you put effort into developing any of the players you mention in the game, nine times out of ten they will become very good. Let's hope they all reach their undoubted potential in real life.
  8. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks a lot for the info! @Pete Sottrel @Simon Tipple can we get this changed? Cheers
  9. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    I think Ramsey has been a little unlucky with injuries and not getting a decent run in the team, and like the chap says above, he was very good at the Euros. He's a better player than his current form suggests. His CA has actually been dropped very slightly but it is not a drastic change, just a reassessment of his attributes.
  10. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Can confirm that increasing Walcott's current off the ball rating is something I have already done in my file. He was rated accurately as of the last time I was able to update the file before the game's release. I don't think anyone who watched him play at any point last season would have been arguing this point with any particular conviction at the time, but to bring it up now is fine and I agree, that on this season's showing so far he has been making better runs and moving more intelligently.
  11. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    A fair point to bring up. This is not something I have personally set, it will have been set by Pete or the previous researcher Ed, and I have had no reason to change it since taking over as researcher, as since that point in time Wenger hasn't suddenly started signing loads of domestic based players. From the list of players you note there, most are young English talent that go towards helping with the quotas imposed whereby you have to have a certain amount of homegrown players registered in a 25 man squad, so are almost required signings. I may be wrong but I don't think Arsenal under Wenger has signed a higher number of such players than any other Premier League club over the same period. All of these players started out as youth or fringe/squad players - this includes players who have since gone on to be first team players, like Walcott, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain). Silvestre and Poom were free transfer backup players. Of the first teamers, Campbell was also a free transfer, Gallas was a part-exchange, Benayoun was a loan and Cech was essentially a steal at £10m. Welbeck and Arteta would be the ones that stand out as major cash signings that went straight into the first team, but even these transfer fees were pretty low considering the climate at the time and should also probably be seen as thrifty buys in a crowded market rather than specifically targeting signing domestic players. Nearly all of Wenger's major first team signings have been from abroad, so I don't think it's unreasonable to have this tendency included in the game. However I don't know its exact in-game effect (as in whether it applies just to first team signings or not, and to what extent if so) so have tagged @Pete Sottrel to see what he thinks. Cheers!
  12. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Possibly, but I don't think so? Because both are essentially going "forward". The latter is just about how he times his runs forward. Anyway - Jon Toral hasn't actually been in my file at any point since I took over due to him being constantly on loan so I have not set these. These would either have been set by the Birmingham researcher last season, or the Brentford researcher the season before. Toral is currently under the control of the Spanish researcher (he is on loan at Granada).
  13. Hello, I believe this is by design. Having been previously stripped of the captaincy, Lascelles does not want to be considered for the captaincy role, so he does not appear on the list as players you can appoint. Thanks for raising though!
  14. post-match analysis problem

    Thanks for raising this, do you have a save you could provide, ideally before the news item generates where the issue is occurring? Thanks! Realise this is present in a news item, but do you think it may be a UI issue @Jack Deal @James Buchanan @David Utteridge ???
  15. Sacked after 9 days.

    A PKM wouldn't be of use in this case unfortunately. Glad you got a new job though! Good luck in Belarus