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  1. Hi there, I have spoken to the Database & Research team and they will need to remove the U19 team you created as we don't cater for U19 teams in England in FM. As far as I am aware, this will be represented by an U18 team in game. While this may not be fully accurate to real life, this is how we currently deal with this. So once this is removed, you should just have an U18 team. Cheers!
  2. We are still working on Argentinian issues, I will look into this particular issue. If you have a save to provide us before the playoff game should be played but is not, then please provide that. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, we have this information logged already but it is awaiting implementation. Thanks for raising this though!
  4. Hi there - we have a schedule as provided by our Italy research team logged but not implemented yet. However we will not include the exact fixtures and fixture dates because the league is not licenced. Can you provide a link to official confirmation that VAR and goal line technology is used at all Serie B games? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, I have now logged this issue!
  6. If this is not correct in game can Daniel D please log a bug in Helix fully explaining the format of the playoffs, as is customary for letting us know about format changes. Thanks!
  7. Hi Paulo - I will log this, but could I just check - should teams in Brazil be playing any friendlies at all? In late December / early January before the season starts should there be friendlies?
  8. Thanks. Presumably the registration windows should match?
  9. Hi there, just to be clear - you only wish for the Second Division transfer window to change? The First Division transfer window is also 12/07/21 to 06/08/21 in game at present - is this correct?
  10. The leadership attribute will have been set by the previous researcher. Mari got injured early on after joining and I didn't get to see him play much at all, none of us did, so I did not have any reason to drastically reduce his leadership attribute from what it was previously. I agree that regardless of his leadership attribute being 14, he shouldn't be recommended as vice captain, but this would be an issue for the gameplay team, which covers the code which determines suggestions of suitable captains. Please post in the "All Other Gameplay" forum and explain why Pablo Mari shouldn't be recommended as vice captain - I'd suggest his limited time at the club; his low position in the hierarchy; his relatively low CA in terms of the first team; and anything else you might consider relevant.
  11. Yes, he has had well documented discipline problems, but on reflection I actually felt I overrated him a little last year after his very promising progress and I feel what I have set for this season is fair. It wasn't just discipline problems he had. His on field performances fell away as well. Drops to his determination and team work are fully justified. His teamwork could arguably even have gone down further. His work rate is 15 and I think this is also accurate. Please look into exactly what these attributes cover, you can see a description by hovering over the attribute on the player profile. Of course, the appropriate members of the Germany research teams will be reviewing him in the next major research update and I will be keeping a keen eye on his progress too, of course. I hope he sorts his attitude out and progresses as a player this season. He isn't rated as an "average" player in FM21, his CA hasn't dropped much at all and his PA is such that he has every chance in game of fulfilling the clear potential he has if you manage his attitude correctly. This will also have to be the case in real life and I hope it works out for him at Arsenal.
  12. Thanks Kyle, but this would actually be an issue to raise in the Chile thread on the Database & Research forum, if the issue is missing transfers.
  13. One last (hopefully) reply on this issue from me. The thing is you are asking for a PA change for Saka so that he will become a world beater unless you are asking for a very marginal PA increase, which I'm sure you can't be, because otherwise I can't understand why it would be an issue, or an issue of the magnitude it appears to be for certain posters, in the first place. Because of Saka's already relatively high (though justified) CA for a player his age and a number of other factors such as the club he is at and some of his hidden attributes and so on, he will hit his maximum PA in a high percentage of users saves within 3 or 4 seasons. This will place him as a key player at more or less any top European club. This could well happen in real life, but there are so, so many players that are highly thought of and highly talented and have first team exposure at a young age that don't make it. I also support my local team Sutton United and our 29 year old goalkeeper Dean Bouzanis was once called "the best goalkeeper in the world for his age" by Rafa Benitez at the same age as Saka. While Bouzanis didn't have the same level of first team exposure as Saka, in the same year, someone that did was Jack Wilshere who won the PFA Young Player Of The Year and was going to be the linchpin of England's midfield for years to come. Saka of course is performing to a very high level for his age, which is rare as young players aren't often given the chance at that age at a big club and even fewer grasp it in the way he has, but as previously explained this does not necessarily correlate to him becoming a world beater in future, it just means he has matured and adapted very well at a young age. I've watched him play since he was 16 and while he is obviously very talented and has been playing excellently for the first team and receiving a lot of justified public praise from fans and pundits alike, I've not got carried away as an Arsenal fan where I could reasonably have done so and I have not let this influence my work as the Arsenal researcher for FM. In the past I have been accused in a similar way of overrating certain players. I could definitely have "got away" with giving Saka a PA score about ten points higher if I had wanted to, but that isn't my job here. My job is to rate him as accurately as I possibly can and I am confident, despite anyone that disagrees with me, that I have achieved this. This seems to have come across as arrogance to some people here, but in my view it's confidence at having watched him closely since he was a 16 year old playing in the FA Youth Cup, to the present day, all the while with the FM Arsenal research in mind. You may disagree with what I have set but a lot of thought and background work has gone into it and that is the thing which is unfair with a lot of posts in this thread - to suggest that I, or any of the other researchers are not doing their job properly just because there is a disagreement. Sorry josipk - this isn't aimed at you. I hope this is something that anyone posting any comments in here questioning the integrity or ability of the researchers considers though.
  14. Regarding the opening sentence - I apologise if this is how it seems to you and some others. It is not my intention. Regarding the rest of the post, what you are describing is current ability. Do you disagree with Saka's current ability? His potential ability doesn't have anything to do with this. I'm sorry if this comes across as dismissive, but it is a true statement. As explained in my post earlier today, I have made a judgement that Saka is unusual in the fact that he has got to a high level at a young age but I don't believe he will improve in a massive way where he will go on to be one of the world's leading players. I have given him a PA that I think will be accurate to real life, where in most FM saves he will go on to being a genuine leading Premier League and international player. I'm not really sure what else I can say.
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