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  1. Hello, this is not an issue for this area of the forum, we deal with competition rules and structures here. It sounds like this may be something to raise on the match forum.
  2. Under normal circumstances what would happen here is the affiliation is cancelled and you are promoted, but we will need you to provide us a save to work out why that hasn't happened in this scenario. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, this is a decision we made by design after consultation with our Head Researcher for Africa. While in real life the games may not be billed as "B" internationals, the nations are restricted to only selecting players that play in their domestic leagues, plus the matches do not count as full international caps. So we decided the best course of action was to have the competition contested in FM by the nation "B" teams. Hope this explains.
  4. Can you provide us with the save where this issue is occurring please? A save from before the point it crashes would be very helpful. Thanks!
  5. Sorry, but this is an irrelevant rant that isn't for a league specific forum or even bug specific area of the forum. Yes of course there are some situations with fixture congestion in rare situations - much rarer than "99% of users" as you say - where there has to be multiple fixtures played in a short space of time in FM. We've seen that this week in real life with Man Utd. What I meant was, in situations where there isn't an essential need to squeeze fixtures in, the game won't allow situations of two games in two or three days, the code will attempt to move the fixtures. There wou
  6. I can't answer that definitively. I think that this is purely an issue to do with the information displayed and that having spent his entire career in Germany he should count as an EU player in Italy. So in that sense I don't think there is anything wrong happening. However, I do appreciate there is an issue with this not being clear and I don't know the exact reason why. So I will look into this further. Would it be possible to provide us a save game please? https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015264418-How-to-upload-files-for-support#text
  7. He's homegrown in Germany so counts as EU. I also think Chinese players cannot have dual nationality if their primary nationality to begin with is Chinese, but I don't think that is even relevant here. Either way, no bug here. Cheers for raising though!
  8. Thanks for the info here, but I'm still unclear on everything I asked about apart from the Sunday fixture getting moved to the Monday. When you say "Steel & Sons on Xmas Day morning except Sunday when it moves to Xmas Eve" - our game mechanics won't allow matches to be played with a one day gap, let alone on consecutive days, so can you explain exactly what you mean here? In real life do clubs really have fixtures on consecutive days most seasons? If not, then which fixture gets moved? Can you answer the above questions and the following questions? If not don't worry, but just
  9. Hello, we have a head researcher for Peru and he tells us what to set and we set this. The changes we made for FM21 were deliberate and requested by the Peru head researcher.
  10. Hello, we are looking at the possibility of introducing this for the next FM. Can we have some more information? - What happens if Boxing Day is a Sunday, when does this round of fixtures take place? - When a team is relegated, does whichever team comes up take the relegated team's place, even if it is the other side of the country? Or is there a re-jig of the "derbies" at all? - Is it random who the home team is each season? Please feel free to respond to this if you know the answer, even if you are not the original poster! Thanks
  11. Sorry I'm confused by the screenshots you have posted here. Unless I am misunderstanding, you have posted a screenshot of the semi final second leg showing it finished 2-0 in the first leg and the second leg. Then you've posted a screenshot of the "semi final first leg", which appears to be happening after the second leg! Did you play three games? Looks like it might have gone to a replay after the second leg finished tied? This isn't in the regular format, but are you using a custom DB, any editor files or third party content?
  12. This is a gameplay issue, please post about this on the All Other Gameplay forum. Thanks.
  13. Probably want to be posting this in the Switzerland thread on the Database & Research forum to see if this is something the research team meant to set. Thanks.
  14. Sorry, missed this at the time. This is a gameplay issue, but I think it is already known about.
  15. I have noted it down to get the Scotland head researcher to provide us with full information as to how we should be determining teams for the Scottish Cup before the next edition of FM.
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