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  1. Hello, can you provide us a save from just before the final game of the season takes place, and a save from after the final game of the season is completed, so I can take a look? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have recently taken over as the lead tester in this area. First thing I did when I received the news was to start some FM careers in nations where I was less familiar with the rules and league structure. Romania was one of these, and I identified the potential issue with the transfer window / registration window straight away, and it was logged by me at this point. I can't speak for what has happened before, as I have only just started testing in this area. All I can say is that I will do my utmost to make sure that bugs like this are not present at release for FM20. Thanks.
  3. Hi, this has already been logged and is under review.
  4. Actually on second inspection, the section actually says "Replay Match Rules" so this is actually correct information. But I agree this isn't presented in the best possible way, as it fooled the both of us! I have logged it that there should be a line added to the main "Match Rules" section for every round up to and including round 4 that says "Match goes to a replay if scores are level after ninety minutes".
  5. Hi there, in the event of an FA Cup match finishing in a draw after 90 minutes, up to and including round 4, the match will go to a replay. From round 5 onwards, there are no replays and the match goes to extra time and penalties. This is a new rule introduced this season. I have checked in-game and you are spot on, the rules page for the FA Cup up to and including round 4 is incorrect. Thanks for raising this, this issue is now under review.
  6. We think this might be some sort of timeout issue with OwnCloud due to the size of the file you are trying to upload and your slow upload connection, as you say. If you can't manage to upload successfully, then perhaps we can look at using a file hosting site for this particular save and we can get the file from there? Thanks.
  7. Actually the save doesn't seem to be there...? Did you upload to the correct place?
  8. I personally don't think that is unrealistic at all. Six losses in the league and in 4th position. Three league losses in a row and a 3-0 loss to knock them out of the cup to make it four losses in a row. Their minimum expectations would, I imagine, to have been to win the Premier League and reach the FA Cup final. By all means provide a save and we can take a look, but I don't think this is a bug.
  9. Hi, we've made some changes in this area for the latest update. It is likely to be that this is working as intended due to various factors in your particular career, but could you provide us a save, ideally from just before the youth candidate match, so we can take a look? Thanks.
  10. Chambers is not in my file, he is in the Fulham file and it will be the Fulham researcher's responsibility to change him however he sees fit in this data update. I have already increased Aubameyang's AML positional ability score to 17. He is more than capable of playing well there in-game with this score (as he was with a score of 16). Anything higher than 17 I think would be wrong. He is first and foremost a striker. If you have an issue with the role score circle not being green enough (as some people have with various players/positions), that is not a database/research issue.
  11. Thanks for this. Can confirm that in the file I have already submitted, Mustafi has been looked at in this regard, as has Lichtsteiner. Saka and a variety of youth players have had a full review and this will be apparent when the update goes live.
  12. Maitland-Niles is a central midfielder. That is his natural position. If he was at a bottom half Premier League club or Championship club, he would be playing central midfield. He's playing full back because he has the attributes to do a job there and that's where he can get into the first team at present, and where we need someone to play given the injury problems we have. He has always played centre midfield for the youth teams, apart from a brief period playing wide right. If you take examples of players that have filled in at full back for the Arsenal first team in the past, like Craig Eastmond and Nico Yennaris for instance - when they played for the first team they generally, perhaps exclusively were filling in at right back. They have both now returned to playing central midfield at the clubs they have ended up at. It may well be that Maitland-Niles progresses as a full back and ends up making a career playing there at Arsenal or another club of that level. I'd say it was probably more likely he'll drop a level and play in midfield though. I'm happy with his current positional scores reflecting reality. Not the reality of where he is currently playing, I agree, but that isn't what the positional scores are meant to be showing.
  13. That actually says £125k for Welbeck unless my eyes are completely not working! Also around £180k for Lacazette? This is what they are in game!
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