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  1. Homegrown Eligibility Not Shown

    Thanks a lot. Hopefully @Daniel Marshall or someone in the UI QA team can help from here...
  2. Board accepting bid

    Hi there, I believe something very similar to this is already under review in-house, but do you have a save game you can provide from before the board accept the offer? Thanks.
  3. I think it is likely this advice is generating as the game has identified that you could strengthen in this area - there are better centre back options available that you could potentially sign to improve the squad (over and above improvements to other positions). Is there an area you think would be more suitable to be suggested? Looking at the squad, central midfield perhaps? Do you have a preferred formation set? Or have already prepared a formation in the tactics panel? If you have a formation including 3 DCs then it could be suggesting you need more depth for this reason.
  4. Club Affiliations Not Working

    Think this might be an MLS specific issue @Freddie Sands ?? This isn't the way it works in-game in Spain with Senior teams and B teams, for instance.
  5. More press conference awkwardness

    This is a different issue and again, as I said to the original poster, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide a save from before this press conference generates. As you can appreciate this is a somewhat niche scenario and very hard to reproduce.
  6. Friendly Fixture Issue

    Where exactly is the fixture played though? Is it played at a stadium in Hong Kong and is appearing as "H" for "Home" or is the fixture played at Spurs' home ground Wembley? As that may be a different bug that they are playing a home fixture while abroad on a training camp. If you could provide a save and a screenshot showing the issue this would be very helpful. Thanks
  7. Homegrown Eligibility Not Shown

    Hi thanks for the further info, I now understand the issue you've encountered. I am moving this to the UI forum, to see whether this information has been deliberately removed from this panel for FM18. If you can provide a save game from just before you sign this player (or if you do not have this, a save while the player is at the club but is yet to gain home grown status) this would be helpful to us. Thanks
  8. Homegrown Eligibility Not Shown

    I don't understand the issue here or what the screenshots are meant to be showing me. You are managing Milan in Italy and signed the player from Porto in Portugal. Why would he be showing as homegrown in Italy?
  9. Friendly Fixture Issue

    Can you provide a save and a screenshot demonstrating this issue? Where is the game that has an "H" symbol actually played, or is scheduled to be played?
  10. More press conference awkwardness

    We'll need saves uploaded from before each press conference generates here. Thanks.
  11. u20 head physio

    Hi there, can you upload a screenshot demonstrating this issue? And also a save with the issue present (ideally just before the backroom advice generates where it suggests hiring an u20s head physio)? u20s head physio is not a supported role in the game so this should not be happening.
  12. I would assume this is carrying over from the end of the previous season, but if you have so far not played a league match in the current season, then I agree this should not be triggering. We will need a save uploaded to our FTP from before this press conference triggers if you have one please?
  13. What league are you playing in and what is the in-game date at the time of signing these players? I would guess that it almost certainly has something to do with specific league rules meaning these players cannot be signed until they are 16/17.
  14. FM Freezing

    It's Christmas Eve. I'm normally a gameplay tester. I'm trying to help you like I have tried to help dozens of other people today while covering this area, but it seems I cannot in this case and I apologise for that. I will flag up to Neil to take a look at your crash dump when he is next available.