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  1. This is an issue that is known about and been discussed before. Nothing to do with leagues or Germany though. If you feel strongly that this is affecting your enjoyment of the game then feel free to raise this on our feature request forum, but if you are someone that otherwise enjoys managing a club and international team at the same time, be warned that one of the solutions to this would be to stop joint club/international management altogether.
  2. Hi, what season was this in? I know there were some issues with fixture congestion in the 2022/23 season due to the 2022 World Cup in FM19, though I wasn't personally working in the competitions area then. As you can imagine we are no longer making changes for FM19, nor indeed for FM20. I do know that lots of work and testing was done to make instances of fixture congestion a lot rarer in FM20, but in isolated situations it can still happen, much like in real life. I'll be making sure that there are no avoidable instances ahead of our next release.
  3. I'm saying this not as an Arsenal fan - I'd be saying this were you describing a player from any team, even (or perhaps especially!) Arsenal - I'm saying this as a researcher and an employee of SI - I don't think you can be realistically expecting the Spurs researcher to be raising Son's CA by 10-12 points if he's previously deemed him to be at the level he's at as recently as our last data deadline in February, when there's only been a handful of games since then. Fine to have an opinion and you've been very detailed in your reasoning, but in general we need to be assuming that a player's CA is a player's CA and any attributes raised will need others to be lowered. Just looking at your suggestions, you're asking for pretty incremental changes anyway, apart from an increase to 18 for long shots, which I don't think is realistic or justified. I don't think Son is unfairly rated in game and think the Spurs researcher has done a good job. This is, after all, a bugs forum, for glaring errors in attributes and actual data errors. There aren't any present here. I'm sure the Spurs researcher will take your feedback into account when reviewing his squad ahead of next season, but I don't think you should be expecting much change.
  4. Which of his attributes would you put down to allow this change?
  5. We implemented a very complicated series of changes for Argentina for FM20 which were extensively tested. In our internal builds we can't seem to reproduce this issue. If there are problems with the live version of the game that are happening every time from the latest official DB with no edited files or third party content then we apologise and will make sure we look into this in detail for the next version.
  6. Having delved into exactly why this was happening, this is actually quite a complicated issue. We have it in our system to fix before FM21.
  7. Hi there, yes please can you upload a save file to our cloud service showing this issue? One from before the season update day where this happens for the first time would be most helpful. Thanks!
  8. As I say, for FM21 if we are allowed to include the real first season fixtures then I will make sure this happens. As for FM20, sorry if you were put out by them not being there.
  9. I don't know a specific answer to this I'm afraid. But I do know that this wasn't a requirement specified by the league. So it may be that they said we could not, or this was inferred. If we are able to set the correct fixtures for next season then this is something I will make sure happens.
  10. Hello, are you using and editor files or third party content? A save from before the season update day before the season in question would be very helpful. Thanks.
  11. The table not showing the amount is a known issue that is already in our bug reporting system. You should have received the prize money though - can you take a look at the detailed finances section to check?
  12. This is a third party add-on so it seems very likely that there is an error in the setup. This issue is not reproducing in the default DBs.
  13. Can you post this in the Europe issues thread? Would be one for Freddie to check out.
  14. Hi, we have tried our very best to represent all the rules of the Peruvian First Division on the rules screen, but you'd pretty much need to attach a 50 page manual if you were going to explain absolutely everything. The "i" icons on the league table on the rules screen should offer most information on permutations for qualifying for the champions playoff. The information is included here that if a team wins both the Apertura and Clausura there is no Champions playoff. So that sounds like it might be a bug if you are getting a Champions playoff anyway. If you provided us a save from before this happened, ideally before you win the Clausura, that would be extremely helpful. The second thing with the odd aggregate score also sounds like a bug, but I am convinced we fixed this. The third thing with the extra points is to do with teams winning the reserve leagues. I can't remember the exact criteria but this should be explained on the screen that shows the reserves league table at the conclusion of a season and I thought also somewhere on the rules page, but perhaps not. Either way, this is highly likely to be working as intended, even if an explanation of the rule isn't in a completely obvious place. Finally, the two bugs you do seem to be experiencing might be caused by editor files / a custom DB (if you are using one?) as I am sure we fixed both issues. But either way providing saves to us would be helpful. Thanks.
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