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  1. I’m trying to execute the modern attacking movements from managers like Pep, Arteta. Mostly Arteta as I’ve been following his progress with the Arsenal. When in possession up in the opposition’s half, they try to have at least 5 up front, 2 in front of them to recycle possession and a 3 man weary of counter-attacks. WB/IF/F9/Mez/IW would make sense in this case. WB and IW with width stretching the defense. IF, Mez in the half-spaces and the F9 up top. In front of them, a DLP and the IWB with the two DC with HB in the middle splitting them. Short passing would be the only Team In
  2. Thanks for the suggestions fellas. I think I'm shelving this game for a while. I can't seem to make it work and have been seeing unfair match engine replication where my CB's can't win a single header over a long lofted ball while the opposition nails it 9 times out of 10. It's crushing that a game I love so much over the years has become a chore, stressful and I don't think I'm that casual player that knocks in a 4231 Gegenpressing template and then spacebar. Unfortunately, it's come to that point.
  3. In my mind, encourage triangles when he drops deep during the build up phase before the final third. Well, the role combination was to have a clump of players in the same space for the overload? Cheers for the responses!
  4. I'm looking for the F9 and MEZ(A) with to be in the box when the WB(S) advances towards the bye-line while the IW(S) makes a late run? It sounds like to encourage more forward runs into the box, a shift in mentality to Control is required? Thanks for the suggestions, will give the CM(S) a shot with PI's. By moving into the same space, would you mean the right half-space? Here's how I'm hoping my players to attack the box.
  5. Hi, I had Hit Early Crosses on to encourage quick crosses/passes from my wider players instead of working it to the bye-line and cutting back across the box. It was a tip from the genius that is @Rashidi that playing Narrow encourages inwards passing freeing up space for the wider players in advanced areas. Playmaker on the MCL with Focus Down Right Flank was to focus passes for the overload on the right before switching it to the MCL thus making the switch to the free IF(A) or WB(S). Nope. The way I play the game is I would impose myself on the opposition instead of worrying
  6. Because for heaven’s sakes, it’s becoming a little too ridiculous. Am managing Lille in Ligue 1 and have shipped in almost 38 goals halfway through the season. I’m not a beginner neither am I an expert but I’d like to say I have a good handle on the most advanced strategies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going on a rant here, just felt I could let out some after countless hair-pulling moments with the game. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like it might put my health at risk with the stress levels. Onwards with the setup... GK: SK (D) - Maignan DR: IWB (S) - Celik D
  7. My apologies. When a FB on any duty is paired with a Winger and with the Look For Overlap instruction, will he still overlap? If my understanding is correct, the Fullback role crosses from deep and doesn't stay as wide as the Wingback.
  8. Thanks for the quickest response and am extremely honored to be graced by your wisdom. Have been reading up on your useful advices here too! Anyway, as the above with other role combinations, would be if they were on the overlap instructions still? Last, does the IW stay as wide as a winger before he starts to cut in? Thanks again!
  9. Hey all, it’s been slow and painful at times but I’m getting a good handle on the game after some reading around here. Just a few questions. I’ve been watching @Rashidi’s spectacular content and have been focusing on understanding the role of fullbacks and their overlap instructions. - If there is an inside forward or winger on attack duty in front of the fullback/wingback on support, will he overlap naturally? - Will a fullback on an attack or support duty with a winger, only overlap if the overlap instruction is given? Seeing in my understanding a fullback on attack would only
  10. Hi all, have been lurking around here for the longest time and thought maybe I could ask for inputs on a particular style I’d like to achieve. A style of a manager perfectly fit for the values of my beloved club, the Arsenal. Now, I know Arteta hasn’t been with the club long enough and has probably settled more with a back 3 than a 4 but having watch all the matches, and from what I can gather from my very limited tactical nuance, I decided to adopt some of his principles and went with a 433 or a 41221. SK (S) : Leno IWB (S) : Bellerin CD (D) : Onguene BPD (D) : Mari
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