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  1. My star player wants a new contract way above what I can offer. In the past I've ask the board to take this on as I know they have more headroom on wages. I started the negotiations with the player but couldnt see the option to ask the board, so I went to the Club Vision screen and looked there to no joy, so went back to the contract screen. At some point whilst trying to tweak the contract the ask the board option suddenly appeared - I asked, they agreed to deal with it, but then the game wouldn't let me progress, had the red Must Respond button. I reloaded from just before, tried again, but this time I can't get the Ask the Board button to appear at all. Is this just bugged? Anyone know what determines when the option appears?
  2. I've run into another stuck transfer which seems related. Don't have a save from beforehand, this is after Battles Atlas - Touring (v03).fm I delayed confirming a contract a couple of weeks, transfer window opened in the mean time. Then I left the club for a new job, forgetting about the transfer. I wanted the player at the new club, so added a manager to the original club and cancelled the deal. Now the player is stuck in limbo - still registered at his old club, but neither his club, or my old or new club can do anything - just get the message that he's already accepted a contract.
  3. Saved uploaded Battles Atlas - Touring.fm Player Chabot - during Jan transfer window Chinese club SIPG bid for him, I accept but delay confirmation for a week. When I ask to bring confirmation forward a few days later I get the confirmation option, agree, everything as normal, then... nothing. He's still in my team, there is no completed transfer news, and if I look in the transfers screen it has his transfer listed as in Contract talks. I've played forward another few days and still the same, seems to just be stuck in stasis. Edit: If I leave the transfer alone it does trigger confirmation at the end of the day of the transfer deadline, and then completes correctly, so the bug is with the request to bring the confirmation forward I presume.
  4. I'm in 2029 in my game and I've noticed that the transfer policies of Juventus are a bit mad. I presume the club has a policy for buying world class veterans, but it seems a little over the top in its implementation, to the point of absurdity. This is the ages of the players (at time of buying) they have signed in last 3 seasons, for fees over £5m: 32, 32, 33, 32, 33, 32, 34, 34, 18, 18, 19, 29, 28, 32, 27, 16 There were also big end of contract signings for players aged 34, 33, 36, 34, 33. It's basically a retirement home for world stars. I'm not saying its completely wrong, but it seems a extreme. Edit: just to add, all of the teenage signings were for fees just around £5m, more squad fillers than next generation superstars.
  5. One thing I've noticed is loan manager doesnt intervene if the player is in the first team.
  6. It's not fixed, has started happening in my game, seriously annoying to have a top youth prospect get unhappy because you promised to loan him out and the loan manager pops up to block transfer when youre supposed to be the one deciding. Resets regularly.
  7. Quick question: When you have a medium skill analyst studying next opposition you get a pre match report that shows what style the opponent plays with. This is the only useful information I ever take from these reports - eg if they're route one I might not play a high line, or back off on pressing. However, when you recruit a really good analyst it seems you get a different report with all these bells and whistles but I can't find the key bit of information I want - what style to they play? So am i missing this - is that info still there somewhere?
  8. One of my wonderkids, player called Diaz, has 2 and half years left on his contract, but a £7.5m release clause, and wants to leave the club, so I can't do anything about it. Then, he reconsiders and announces he wants a new contract. I have the space in my wage budget, but my max wages wont go high enough, so I ask the board to negotiate it. They duly do. Week or two later he signs a new deal, on near twice the wages, for 5 years, but with a release clause of £5.75m! So given I'm a selling club the board have effectively paid an extra £25k a week in order to lose £1.75m on his sale. This is clearly not realistic. Uploaded as Battles Atlas - Touring (v03) - this save a couple of days before he signs the deal.
  9. Tell me about it, when I go to the park at the weekend and all the kids are there raising livestock and digging up the football pitches to plant crops I get furious! Then I come home and turn on Sky Sports and all there is to watch is the Farming League highlights, so I drive to the shops but I get stuck in traffic from all the fans going to the stadium to watch the combine harvesters! Mad of me to think football simulation could ever sell as many games as this
  10. I have a dream that someone comes along that finds some way of using image recognition and machine learning to build this mindblowing match engine just by feeding the ML algorithm footage of millions of football games, from which it learns football simulation from the ground up. Overnight Football Manager's match engine is shown to be the obsolete programme that it is, SEGA/SI panic and throw money at it, and suddenly we get the match engine we - as purchases of this series for the last three decades - get the simulation we deserve. How you could hook up what the ML simulation could do, with a user interface to set tactics and instructions is something way beyond my limited comprehension, but now Google's Deepmind has conquered Starcraft maybe this can be its next challenge.
  11. If you used to "run simulations" then you should understand that a simulation doesn't automatically become better on more powerful hardware, it just has more coding headroom to become better. Not the same thing. The coding part still has to be done. I've already said why I think the problem is investment (eg the state of audio for one example), you're just choosing to ignore it. Anyway, here's a different tack: if the ME was being held back for the sake of the min specs it would be commercial idiocy: A) people upgrade their hardware when they need to, within reason. I flat out do not believe that there is a huge number of FM buyers out there who would not fork out the equivalent of two annual FM titles to buy a refurb machine in order to keep playing - because that isn't how any other consumer technology market plays out. The £70 refurb PC I found on ebay in seconds earlier has 4 times the RAM of the min spec, and 3 times the processing power. If it were really true that the ME is being crippled by this min spec then a simple bump to a £70 upgrade would open up incredible new opportunities - 3 times the power! Three times better simulation!!!! B) the ME as it is costs a ton of extra sales, because of all those buyers who ignore FM for the crap visuals it has. For proof, just look at Farming Simulator 19. It sold 2m copies, twice what FM20 managed! You think farming is more popular than football? No, but FS19 sure is a pretty game, so despite having the most niche of subjects, it has shifted a mountain of copies. The idea that the underlying problem with the ME is the min specs does not add up, which ever way you look at it.
  12. Maybe you're right, but consumer technology upgrades get driven by content requiring it. If there is no 4k content, only a few with money to burn would pay extra to have it in their TV. Same goes for those of us with better PCs - I didn't buy it for the sake of it, I bought it to play specific games. I think those running Vista still are exactly those who buy a refub off Ebay, but only if they have a reason to. Needing to for FM is exactly such a reason. If we're role playing these people, *when* (cos it has to happen one day yeah?) FM specs increase they probably dont even notice the change, buy the game, find it cant run on their x86 waffle iron, complain on this forum , then go and buy a £70 PC of ebay to run it, a recognise that actually this was totally worth it because the game is much better and it doesn't take half an hour to boot the PC. Hell at some point that Vista PC is dying anyway (its already an absolute security nightmare as it hasn't been patched in years). FM spec requirements can't just live forever in their own bubble whilst the rest of the world moves on, unless the Amish are the target market. [Also this is still irrelevant to the ME performance for the reasons I gave earlier why do we keep debating this omg omg omg ]
  13. Also pheelf, I still say its not relevant, but given you are convinced otherwise - on the idea that the min specs have to stay where they are else a "huge majority" of players will be locked out of playing the game, I think a bit of a reality check is worth while. There is a big space between cutting edge gaming rig on the one hand, and the minimum specs the game quotes, which is basically a Windows Vista era PC. On ebay right now you can buy a refurbed quad core with 8gb ram for £70. So I find it hard to believe that there is a *huge* number of players that can afford to shell out £40 for FM20, but can't find £70 for a modernish PC. Skip a year of FM and you have most of the required cash.
  14. How on Earth do you know this? Yes a simulation running on a 16 core machine has a lot more resources than one on a dual core, but those resources are only useful if the match engine is built with the complexity to need them. To use an example in this thread, the audio on FM2020 remains awful, but the CPU/memory requirements for a reasonable facsimile of stadium sound are absolutely minimal - and indeed the problems with the sound are less about quality and more about buggy implementation. It's the same with player animations - the problem with how goalies look isn't a lack of some power-hungry fancy ray tracing or ambient occlusion or whatever, it's a shortage of animations to show what they are doing in relation to the ball. None of this suggests that SI are deliberately holding back the ME to serve low performance systems. It suggests the ME is held back by a lack of investment by SI (actually probably SEGA who set the budgets) who are leaning heavily on a ME that is decades old now.
  15. No, in my opinion this discussion is irrelevant because it is not what is holding back the ME. *If* it ever becomes an issue, then yes, some balance has to be struck between being playable on a Nokia 3310 so everyone on Earth can join in, and harnessing the technology that has become available in the last ~15 years. It's the same balance that every franchise has to make, because whilst building a Crysis-like game that hardly anyone can run isn't great commercial thinking, neither is allowing your game to become completely obsolete due to self-imposed hardware limitations. But, again, this is not the reason the ME is as it is, so it doesn't need discussing in this context.
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