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  1. I'm kind of sympathetic to the ME there - you can see Alderweireld goes to pick up the player in front of him, but the the ball is played for a different runner in behind. Admittedly it takes a ridiculous amount of time for him to then start to recover his position, but at least the logic there is apparent. This doesn't seem as bad as the issues I keep seeing in my games, where defenders appear perfectly well positioned to cut out a ball over the top, but just weirdly stop whilst the attacker bursts past them for a 1 on 1 (which they then fail to convert).
  2. I've noticed this a few times, like in this game I'm away from home, with 3000 of my fans against 69000 of theirs, and they're dominating and win, and yet every time they get the ball they seem to be booed by the crowd. River v Boca.pkm
  3. This. The DoF is basically just there as a fail button at the moment it seems. Don't have it, or make it at least potentially useful.
  4. I've ran into this twice recently - I go to sign a player, their agent asks for me to make an opening offer, I have no real idea so ask my DoF to suggest (he has 14 in negotiations so isnt an idiot), when I go with his suggestion the agent gets mad, and demands I accept his terms. If I try and make any adjustments they call off talks, and I lose the deal. Clearly something not quite balanced here. Either the DoF should not be making suggestions that are so out of line, or the agents should not be making such a fuss.
  5. Ok will do! Edit: actually now i think about it my issue is not with its accuracy, but as a game mechanic and the way its implemented, so I'll post it in somewhere suitable.
  6. Actually various issues. Also when in negotiating the club vision, I could make edits to most items, but the option to make the proposed changes was greyed out, and I could only accept what they had put forward. Also the current season expectations were unchangeable on basis that they could be negotiated later, but when I got to the the contract negotiation later on there was no option to change them. Uploaded the save as Battles Atlas - All Boys.fm Edit: Ah ok after accepting job I did get the option to choose season expectations in the league, but have to say its rather confusing way of doing it. Other issue above about not being able to put forward edits still stands.
  7. During Boca job interview they have the club vision of signing players based in Colombia, which seems pretty weird for an Argentine club.
  8. You can have the 2D graphics now - its still there in options. The 2D and 3D are just visualisations overlaying the actual ME. The issues with no through balls etc we have right now has nothing to do with 3D vs 2D.
  9. I'm having this too, my star player a pressing forward (playing with two AM wingers behind him, with instructions to use the flanks and overlapping FBs) goes from 10 goals in 10 games pre patch, to not scoring in 10+ games since. Annoying thing was I came to this from FM2016, and I hated how in that that wide players *never* crossed for a tap in, always went for goal instead. In the FM2020 beta this was actually better, I saw that happen a few times and was stoked. Since full release this ME is broken though, my wingers are scoring more themselves, but nothing from striker.
  10. It's not just from throw ins for the record, here's my left back costing us the game with a diagonal suicide charge to their left midfield in the 88th minute, comes direct from their goal kick. Don't know if its related to the left back bug, but no idea what is going on with the rubber banding on the goal scorer, who is offside but gets away with it.
  11. I just uploaded a similar save - All Boys Vazquez unhappy.fm - I get a reminder in 5th Sept (a couple of months after transfer window closed) that my star player and captain expected the team to be strengthened "during this transfer window". Couple of weeks later - just after this save starts, he kicks off and now is demanding to leave. So this bug has really done a number on me!
  12. Might just be coincidence, but last couple of days I've had a few goals where the opponent just basically ran from deep through the middle of my defence without anyone moving to stop him. Then just had this - see their 3rd goal, where guy picks up ball 25yards out with literally five I think defenders around him, and none of them move towards him. Didn't see any of this in the beta. Godoy Cruz v All Boys.pkm
  13. Not this a bug or just balance issue, but I haven't found a purpose for the start of season reminder about changing playing time promises. Altering any of them seems to result in an annoyed player, but it doesnt seem to take all factors into account. I have a 2 star 20 yr old who moves from fringe to squad player, then kicks off when I put him back down to fringe. But that summer we've been promoted, and it doesn't seem like that is taken into account by the player, and I can't mention in in our conversation. Seems unrealistic.
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