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  1. Add Argentinian league, please. We've been receiving a lot of requests about it this year.
  2. I created a fixture, with dates, times and even results but when I want to create a save in a determined moment in the future is broken. For example, I put the results until last week, so if a start a save this week the matches I should play are already played but they are the matches and results from two weeks ago. And the matches that I should play that week are played the following week, messing the calendar. Any help?
  3. He doesn't have it, although he can have it if he wants to.
  4. The transfer funds for Arsenal shouldn't be reduced taking into account the fact that we don't have any money to spend until next summer?
  5. I always play with the first transfer window deactivated and every time with January comes no matter the team I'm using, half of the players want to leave or receive offers when that shouldn't happen, at least not until the season is finished. Also, I think the amount on transfers that happen in that first January are broken, there so many and it happens just in that first season, cause the next ones are more normal
  6. Please add Boca Juniors as a favorite club (supporter) to Lucas Torreira.
  7. What do you think is the more realistic role for Torreira? In FM he could play at any role you like but I'm looking for the most realistic save I can.
  8. feche

    U17 tournaments

    If we can add players of 16 years old why the tournaments aren't added? Is really fun to play with NT (more improvements will be nice, though). One of the most fun saves I ever had was one in which I only took care of the U20 and was amazing trying to find the new talents and make them progress, but with the U17 added that could be expanded. Or at least make it easy to create them in the editor.
  9. We tested matches several times and we were amused by how many times the goalkeepers were often the ones with the worst rating of all. Is like the ME penalizes the keeper if he has responsibilities in the conceded goal or not. Even if they save 10 shots their rating don't increase that much but the moment they concede even a penalty their rating drops drastically.
  10. Gerónimo Rulli has random values at Aggression, Composure, Dirtiness, Flair, Leadership, Movement, Team Work, Sacrifice despite playing more than 100 matches for Real Sociedad. WTF.
  11. Giorgian De Arrascaeta has basque nationality. Why? Athletic can buy him in the game and I don't think that is realistic.
  12. Copa América will be played in 2019 at Brazil with the historic format for the last time. After that, starting in 2020, Copa América will be played with teams from CONMEBOL and CONCACAF, like it was played in 2016. After that, it will be played every four years. In the game is played at 2019 and at 2024. This is extremely wrong, there should be a tournament in 2020, host by EEUU, México, and Cánada most likely.
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