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  1. Only Herrera was missing, the rest, as Makul said, is innacurate as transfermakt isn't up to day. Thanks nonetheless
  2. Listo, corregido todo. Gracias por postear y perdón por las molestias.
  3. This looks good but the numbers are all really high. If you downgrade everyone by 10-15 points, this will be awesome but like this it will make the game easily overloaded with godlike newgens
  4. Add Argentinian league, please. We've been receiving a lot of requests about it this year.
  5. I created a fixture, with dates, times and even results but when I want to create a save in a determined moment in the future is broken. For example, I put the results until last week, so if a start a save this week the matches I should play are already played but they are the matches and results from two weeks ago. And the matches that I should play that week are played the following week, messing the calendar. Any help?
  6. What do you think is the more realistic role for Torreira? In FM he could play at any role you like but I'm looking for the most realistic save I can.
  7. feche

    U17 tournaments

    If we can add players of 16 years old why the tournaments aren't added? Is really fun to play with NT (more improvements will be nice, though). One of the most fun saves I ever had was one in which I only took care of the U20 and was amazing trying to find the new talents and make them progress, but with the U17 added that could be expanded. Or at least make it easy to create them in the editor.
  8. Basically what it's said in the title, is awful that we have to play in Spanish when there's A LOT of expressions used there that no one in the continent ever heard of. I understand that we can't have a translation for every country but perhaps we can get a neutral spanish or give us access to the translation file and we can fixe it like we want.
  9. Finishing the second season, this is my team: GK: Cech, Lafont, Berke Ozer RB: Bellerín, Chambers RCD: Mustafi, Holding LCD: Koscielny, De Ligt LB: Kolasinac, Monreal CMR: Ramsey, Milinkovic-Savic, Maitland-Niles CML: Diawara, Wilshere AMR: Asensio, Nelson AMC: Goretzka. Iwobi AML: Brandt, Adelaide ST: Lacazette, Giroud, Nketiah Sold in: January 2018. Alexis 93M Euros Ozil 27,5M Euros Walcott 21,5M Euros. Sold in July 2018 Xhaka 55M Coquelin 36M Welbeck 35M El-Neny 26M Campbell 16M Ospina 12M Bought in January 2018 Goretzka 16M Brandt 40+40M Asensio 88M De Ligt 43M but loaned back 6 months. In July 2018 Milinkovic Savic 56M Diawara 53M Lafont 33.5M Ozer 2.3M
  10. Playing the UEL the first season allow me to play all youngsters, they did an amazing job. Macey, Bielik, Willock, Dragomir, Sheaf and Bola besides the obvious ones like Nketiah, Maitland, Nelson and Adelaide whom now are part of the first team.
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