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  1. Mainly that, when I create a new savegame and tick the option the game let me make offers for everyone from the start. I tought maybe some file in editor data broke something but tried without any file and it keeps happening, and it that does since the new update was released.
  2. Please set the future transfer of Gastón Giménez (14027034) from Vélez Sarsfield to Chicago Fire. He will join on March 5, 2020 until 31/12/2021 with a team option for another year. The transfer fee is 4.9M Euros
  3. Why give a 18yo a fixed pa? It's seems rushed. A -9 should be fine, I think.
  4. Martinelli ends playing for Italy. I know he has the double nationality but since he's playing for Brazil at the U23, I think it will be reasonable to declare him as such.
  5. Sorry but I prefer it that way, there are already too many spanish terms in the game for those of us who are from South America.
  6. In Argentina is the most official it can be. He wll go in conflict with Vélez and surely there will be a lawsuit and TAS will decide upon it, but he's going.
  7. Please set Matías Soulé (14222108) from Vélez as Free Agent and then set his Future Transfer to Juventus to 1/1/2020. Fee 0
  8. The HR did it. You set it at competition level not at club level. Is under Competitions/Staff amounts
  9. Sorry but you can edit this yourself. We did it in argentinian teams. You set the the mininum and maximun number of employes at every different type of role the clubs can have
  10. There's no need. We already created it. It last 3 years and then dissapears
  11. Xhaka isnt captain anymore. Aubameyang and Ozil? should be the two now Leadership 9 for Auba though...
  12. Martinelli isn't a -10 but a -85 at least he sure is. In the saves i created he never got more than 145 PA wich makes him just a fringe player for Arsenal.
  13. The new role "Technical Director" has a direct tranlation wich is "Director Técnico". But in latin america that term is used to name the person who has the role of "Manager". This will be leading to confusion. If the User is the DT why there's another with that role? I suggest to change it. Maybe Secretario Técnico could be useful.
  14. Add Argentinian league, please. We've been receiving a lot of requests about it this year.
  15. I created a fixture, with dates, times and even results but when I want to create a save in a determined moment in the future is broken. For example, I put the results until last week, so if a start a save this week the matches I should play are already played but they are the matches and results from two weeks ago. And the matches that I should play that week are played the following week, messing the calendar. Any help?
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