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  1. Hi @claassen, Firstly, like every year, thanks for all the hard work you put in to make the game that much better. A couple of things regarding England - - I see that from next year on, you've halved the prize money for (at least the preliminary rounds of) the FA Cup. Is this just for balance purposes, as I'd be surprised if the prize money will actually decrease considering the way the English game is going? - Level 6 down are regional leagues, but I couldn't see that regional boundaries are defined for the parent leagues. Is this the case? If so, would you like me/us to provide you with some realistic city boundaries? Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for all the effort that went into this
  3. Considering the issue is related to movement between the 2nd and 3rd divisions, do you know if it's safe to use the file with only the 1st division activated?
  4. howabe

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Newcastle staff: Paco de Míguel Moreno is the Assistant Manager - https://www.nufc.co.uk/teams/coaching-staff/francisco-de-míguel-moreno Mikel Antía, currently Assistant Manager in-game, should be a First team Coach instead - https://www.nufc.co.uk/teams/coaching-staff/mikel-antía Jamie Harley should be Head of Sports Science - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamie-harley-2309b465/?originalSubdomain=uk Ben Dawson seems to be the head coach of the Under 23s, taking charge of them for matches, so would make sense as U23 Manager rather than just Coach. Sean Beech is Head Academy Physio, so might be more accurate as an U18 rather than Senior Squad Physio - https://www.osborneclinic.com/meet-the-team/ Neil Winskill is a Youth (apparently U15) Coach, not currently in the game - https://www.linkedin.com/in/neil-winskill-83886683/?originalSubdomain=uk Daniel Garcia Vallejo is a Youth (to U16) Goalkeeping Coach, not currently in the game - https://www.nufc.co.uk/news/latest-news/steve-harper-appointed-as-new-lead-academy-goalkeeping-coach Not sure if the last two merit inclusion given the age groups they work with...
  5. @claassen - a mistake I notice with the Central African Republic file - Réal Olympique Castel is in the top division, but this is the old name (same club) for Olympic Réal de Bangui (which is also in the same division).
  6. CFU Club Championship. It's the route for Caribbean (i.e. these French) clubs to qualify for the CONCACAF League/Champions League.
  7. Out of interest, what did the update change to mess up the qualification?
  8. Libya 1 Division - Libyan Premier League - 4 groups of 7 teams - Top team of each group qualifies for championship group Libyan Cup - 32 team knock-out tournament Few additional database edits to add missing teams, cities, stadia etc. Libyan Premier League.fmf
  9. Hi claassen, I see your CONCACAF League file has been taken off the Workshop. Does it not work? Should we avoid using it if we downloaded it?
  10. Puerto Rico 2 Divisions running in parallel: - Puerto Rico Soccer League (10 teams - 3 team championship play-off) - National Football League (LNF) (14 teams - 4 team championship play-off) Copa Luis Villarejo (8 teams cup tournament) - Top 4 PRSL teams - Top 3 LNF teams (No B teams) - Puerto Rico FC If using alongside claassen's CFU Club Championship file (which I would recommend), the following steps are required to have the correct teams qualify for the competition: - Load claassen's CFU Club Championship file in the editor - Select the Advanced Rules -> CFU Club Championship -> Stages -> Stage 0 - 0 (Group) -> Teams - Find "Get Last Winner" and "Get Last Runner Up" entries for Puerto Rico - Change the competition in these two entries to "Puerto Rican Liga Nacional Primera División" - Find entry "Get Specific Team - Puerto Rico FC" - Change this entry to something else (I recommend Get Last Third Place - Jamaican Premier League) - Save and Test Rules If you spot any issues, let me know. Puerto Rican League System.fmf
  11. Hi claassen - a slight issue with your DR Congo file in that it seems to clash with files activating lower levels in England. I believe it's possibly due to the following: To create the club "Nord Sport" you used the English team "Almondsbury". However, Almondsbury play in the English 10th tier, which is present in a lot of expanded England files. This means a clash occurs when using an English Lower Leagues file and the DR Congo file won't work alongside it. Perhaps it could be an idea to undo the Almondsbury change and use a different club, seeing as lower-league English files are quite common to be used? Keep up the good work
  12. In the French Cup, teams from the French overseas departments enter in Round 7. Does anyone know the criteria the games uses to select these teams? Are they random/based off reputation, or does it draw on competition winners? If for example, you make an update to make French Guiana playable, would the champions/runners-up be their French Cup entries, or would the game pick who it sees fit?
  13. I've encountered this too. I believe it's an issue when you use this alongside updates made in FM16 that include new-created teams. Probably a clash of UIDs due to the different databases. Try just this update and it should work fine - then you can add the others until you see which messes it up.