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  1. FAC seems to be Ferroviário AC, a Série C team from Fortaleza. If you compare FOR and FAC in FM21, the only things they share are their city (correctly) and their home stadium (seemingly incorrectly for FAC). All other info is different, identifying the two separate clubs. It seems FAC should have their home ground changed to Vila Olímpica Elzir Cabral, which is currently set as their training ground in-game.
  2. Always glad to see you back at it. Will you be attempting next season's structure change?
  3. Not sure if this is necessarily the right place for this, but Niue seems to not be present as a nation. I know the national team rarely ever plays fixtures, but from next year on the club champions of Niue are eligible to qualify for the OFC Champions League. For those that are interested in managing in Oceania/playing in the Champions League, it'd be nice if Niue were added as a nation to allow the league structure and an accurate Champions League to be able to be created.
  4. A few information points for Newcastle: Miguel Almirón - details of his first international goal are missing. It was vs Jordan on 10/9/19 Isaac Hayden - should have Jamaica as an additional nationality. His mother is Jamaican. Matty Longstaff was born in Rotherham, not North Shields. Javi Manquillo - should have 7 U21 caps for Spain. Allan Saint-Maximin - should have French Guiana as an additional nationality. His mother is apparently French Guianese. Kyle Scott - should probably have Italy as an additional nationality. Various articles say he's eligible, but I d
  5. So you effectively need 20 extra teams not in the current system to add in starting next season? Any idea who you'd want to include?
  6. With the extra Northern Prem league added, how many extra teams would there be starting next season to add in?
  7. Brentham - Founded 1919 - Brentham, Ealing, London - Brentham Club, Ealing - Blue Shirt w/ White Trim, Blue Shorts, Blue Socks Cricklewood Wanderers - Founded 2011 - Wembley, London - Vale Farm, Wembley (groundshare with Wembley) - Red Shirt w/ White Trim, Black Shorts, White Socks Indian Gymkhana Club - Founded 1916 - Hounslow, London - The Indian Gymkhana Club, Hounslow - Yellow Shirt w/ Green Sleeves, Green Shorts, Yellow Socks Lampton Park - Founded 2004 - Lampton, Hounslow, London - Cranford Community College, Hounslow - Blue Shirt w/ White Trim, Navy Shorts, Navy Socks
  8. Have you tried this? Go to Stages for each Cup (I assume they all just have one stage anyway), then under Teams, when specifying which divisions to add teams from, set Team Type to First Team for each division.
  9. Hi @claassen, Firstly, like every year, thanks for all the hard work you put in to make the game that much better. A couple of things regarding England - - I see that from next year on, you've halved the prize money for (at least the preliminary rounds of) the FA Cup. Is this just for balance purposes, as I'd be surprised if the prize money will actually decrease considering the way the English game is going? - Level 6 down are regional leagues, but I couldn't see that regional boundaries are defined for the parent leagues. Is this the case? If so, would you like me/us to p
  10. Considering the issue is related to movement between the 2nd and 3rd divisions, do you know if it's safe to use the file with only the 1st division activated?
  11. I like this idea I can finally start my career now. As always, many thanks for all the time and effort you put into making these. It definitely enhances the experience.
  12. @claassen - a mistake I notice with the Central African Republic file - Réal Olympique Castel is in the top division, but this is the old name (same club) for Olympic Réal de Bangui (which is also in the same division).
  13. CFU Club Championship. It's the route for Caribbean (i.e. these French) clubs to qualify for the CONCACAF League/Champions League.
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