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  1. Someone has posted a similar post up above but I definitely only have one English file in an attempt to start a new game. I used the Lv16 file in the editor to add media sources and update local clubs around me, so all I've done is change colours, add players, add towns/cities and websites/newspapers. I haven't touched the leagues it mentions. Anyone?
  2. @Dan BHTFC - Wythenshawe Amateur in North West Counties Division One South should be Wythenshawe Amateurs (plural). Wythenshawe Town. They also play at Hollyhedge Park, not Valley Road.
  3. Avro and Prestwich kits are also wrong but I assume this is more to do with the fact they're automatically generated; Chaddy and Prestwich are listed as extinct on the game and Avro I assume had to be created, @Dan BHTFC?
  4. Apologies, I deleted the game. I'm about to start a new save in the next few days, I'll see if it comes up again!
  5. Never noticed this before but a change of team due to injuries meant my set-pieces were a bit off, so went into Tactics and Corners to sort it out. As you can see from the first picture, my M L Jordan Clarke is still on the pitch, neither sent-off or injured, yet he appears nowhere on either my left or right sided corner tactics? This been spotted by anyone else?
  6. A thousand times this. Annoying as hell and horrendously unrealistic. Was exactly the same on FM18 too. Players' stats don't even seem to matter in relation to it. My striker was just caught offside 12 times in one game - off the ball is 14, anticipation is 12, pace and acceleration 13. Even Conference players, who would have lower stats, wouldn't be caught offside that many times in an actual game. Needs really looking at.
  7. Think this one is self-explanatory from the Checkatrade Trophy. Four players are selected but still coming up with a warning image? Was also an existing bug in FM18. The exclamation disappears if I add a fifth player. To me, "a minimum of" means four is sufficient?
  8. Johan Branger has gone by Johan Branger-Engone since signing for Oldham, it's even his shirt name. He's been utilised frequently this season as M R but cannot play this position on the game. Mohamed-Labib Maouche has never gone by the Labib part of his same since signing for the club, he's just simply Mohamed Maouche. Mohamed-Labib Maouche should be saved for just his full name. Ewan McFarlane has the squad number 43 having been involved in a number of squads as substitute. Harry Norris has the squad number 45.
  9. Chadderton and Prestwich Heys are still missing off the game, they're usually ticked as Extinct on the editor. Avro aren't on the game, either - their first year as a semi-pro club having previously been in the Manchester Leagues. All three are seen in the Hallmark Security Division One North table here.
  10. Cheers. It was my own edit file impeding the load. Is there any way of pinpointing what could have caused it?
  11. Having trouble starting a new game. Is there a certain amount of time I should have to wait when the game is "setting up database"? The load bar has gone as far as it will but I've been stuck there (with the same tip) for numerous hours. I've loaded a large database with all English players, along with Maltese selected and various leagues, mainly all View-Only. I've got a couple of editor files added on, one being making the Maltese league playable, the other being my own edits (which is simply making the Stalybridge squad up to date and adding a couple of media outlets for the area). Player count is only 108,000, well below recommended but it's not going anywhere! Help!
  12. Hi Having trouble arranging friendlies for my reserve and youth teams. Whereas on my last game, I would have no problem with this - higher and lower reputation teams as well as nearby teams would come up - I now have no options to select whatsoever. I've changed dates to try and find a day when a game would suit anyone to no avail and I've also selected teams manually (eg selecting u21s for the likes of Cheadle and Stockport Sports) but I keep getting told everyone I select's schedule is "far too busy", despite the fact they haven't got a single fixture listed? I have tried this with the option for my u21 and u18 managers' responsibilities both on and off for arranging friendlies... Any help appreciated, thanks.
  13. Hi Sadly not, just the one save game file. The image attached is simply what came up. I've started a new game now and have seen sense on auto-saving every week!
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