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  1. Hide Player Attributes, so It's harder to sign good players every single time and makes for a more realistic way of judging how good players are. (by watching how they are Performing) (Make It Selectable tho... so you can choose If you want that in your save or not) No More This offer Is to good to refuse so we accept It Board Unless you are in debt... Stadiums without Stands or Seats but just a Fence to stand around (For lower League clubs who have no Stadium Capacity, For mods like England 22 tiers etc) Being Able to shout more often In a match 2D Hairstyles so
  2. Yes, Sorry that I didn't say that I removed It Because a lot of People had Issues with Holidays and League Cups, and at that moment I didn't have enough time/motivation to fix It. I will Re-create It In the future again. And since i learned more about using the editor i think It won't happen again
  3. Soooo I am starting a new project were I am going to try and make the first ever Football League. I am pretty close to release a Beta. I am planning to add Stadiums, Players, All that kind of stuff Structure 1. Football League 2. I am Very Tempted to make Football Alliance too, But that was announced 1889-90 so I want your opinion If I should add It. Teams: Football League Accrington Aston Villa Blackburn Bolton Burnley Derby Everton Notts County Preston Stoke West Brom Wolves
  4. Finally its done! sorry for the dark blue-ish Text.. If i missed something or made mistakes feel free to comment it
  5. First Season is over and a good season it was! Even tho we had 5 different competitions to play for we only played in 3 because i wasn't interested in the other 2. The League We managed to win the league with 7 points difference, It could have been more but at the later stages of the league I wanted to focus on the other 2 since this was decided pretty early on Our only other Rivals for the league title were Hosilot F. but even they weren't strong enough to prevent a 4 title streak in a row for Istiqlol The National Cup My first 2 games in management of this chall
  6. After Looking at the Job Market i applied for 3 Jobs 1 of them was Istiqlol Season 2017 Starting in Tadjikistan isnt bad at all! Istiqlol is a great team. Time when i got the Job they wer
  7. What can you Expect After the Beta: Another 94 Players Face Pack with 47+ Faces Another 7+ Competitions B League and Works League Another 6 Teams + Ness C Another 3 Sponsors Another 31 Cities More Awards FIles is in the Post
  8. I think the game decides how good your players are (Not sure tho)
  9. I decided that im going make 2 files. 1 Realistic. Other 1 with Europe qualification
  10. I have decided that i am going to make a file with and a file without European Qualification Trying to get a Beta FIle out This Weekend: Not Sure if i manage to get it done before sunday but im trying
  11. Very Annoying to win from Kobenhavnn in the Champions League but losing to them in the Europa League Tajar Bajrami (YP1D) Hero
  12. Well Teams don't play international cups in this country (As far as i know) the International Cups are only for the National Team. so no worries about money
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