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  1. I'll be following this with interest. Always love keeping up to date with Cruyff 343 diamond threads!
  2. Here's my 442 I'm using with a fictional London City steam workshop team with a squad full of wonderkids. Currently in Vanarama League South. Mentality - Positive Team Instructions Wide and Slighly higher tempo (part of mentaliy.) Higher DL Distribute to FBs Tactics AF(a) DLF(s) WM(s) CM(s) CM(d) WM(a) FB(a) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) GK(d) I am storming an admittedly easy league with the caveat of having a relatively strong team. 14 games won. 1 draw so far.
  3. Does it make sense (conceptually) at least if I select Counter Press TI and then set my LOE and DL to "Lower?" My reasoning being that as soon as a team loses the ball they will immediately press the opposition to regain the ball. If they fail to win the ball they will drop back to the Out of Possession Instructions.
  4. Well Cruyff was never afraid go direct if necessary. An example, Ronald Koeman bringing the ball out and hitting accurate long range passes usually to the wing to shift the opponent. Or if they draw the opponent out then a long ball into space for a forward to pounce onto. In FM I would set passing to "shorter" and add "play out of defence". I would not add "work ball into box" as Cruyff was slightly more direct than Guardiola was. You can play with wingers that cross more or inverted wingers or inside forwards. Those 2 roles influence how direct you will play in the final 3rd. "Work ball into box" affects crossing and long shots. Roles and duties can do this for you instead. The main thing is short passing and play out of defence. Then depending on the game situation you can adjust the forward roles.
  5. Have you uploaded this anywhere?
  6. I would recommend Jonathan Wilson's book The Barcelona Legacy. Lots of interesting anecdotes and tidbits of info which might prove useful. It's a great read!
  7. Interesting. Perhaps a DLF (S) and a poacher could work really well. If the DLF moves into the right half space or drifts wide, then logically you would expect the defence (assuming back 4) to shift to that same side, just opening up space for a Poacher to slide in and grab a goal. The Hold Up Ball PI for the DLF could also allow a midfield runner to exploit the space, thereby allowing potentially 2 players to get into goalscoring positions. Also not forgetting if you have a winger on the opposite side to the DLF you could have him swinging crosses into space. Maybe this is just a bit too theoretical and only how I see it working in a game but hopefully I'm not too far out in terms of expecting this to happen in FM20 ME.
  8. 1) You do not have a defend duty in midfield. The BWM(s) will be a bit too aggressive in his approach in the centre and will push up trying to win the ball and leave a hole between midfield and defence. 2) Your DLP(s) makes more sense to be in the middle as he will hold his position. I would recommend you swap your DLP(s) and BWM(s) around. I also strongly suggest that if you decide to do this put the DLP on defend. He will be more conservative and offer just that bit more protection to the defence. You can still add the "Take More Risks" under the Plauser Instructions menu.
  9. Hi @Experienced Defender. How would you look to utilise 2 IWB's? Here's my current setup. W(s) DLF(a) W(s) DLP(s) MEZ(a) HB(d) IWB(s) CD(d) BPD(d) IWB(s) SK(s) I'm using your suggested tactical instructions for the progressive possession. My idea is for the wingers to stay wide while the wing backs cut inside.
  10. @Experienced Defender Would you use any PI's? Also why have you gone with a striker on Attack duty? Wouldn't it be better for him to drop into space to create room for the AM? Perhaps a F9/SS combo could work?
  11. Cheers for your advice. I understand that role & duty variety is important in a system but can I find success using two IW on both flanks?
  12. @Experienced Defender Hi. Would you suggest any changes to the recent tactic you suggested if I was playing with a CM(s) or a non-holding role next to the CM(d)? Thanks. "DLFsu AF IWsu CMde DLPsu WMsu FBat CDde CDde WBsu"
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