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  1. Interesting that you change your formation from the 343 Diamond to 433 when the 343 was specifically envisioned by Cruyff to overcome a 442 because of the numerical superiority it offered in defence and midfield. 4 at the back being a waste against 2 upfront
  2. @crusadertsar Great stuff! For the past few versions of FM I have obsessed over creating a reliable and defensively sound Cruyffian 343 Diamond. I will be following this thread very closely.
  3. Woah the number of people viewing this thread has dropped significantly.
  4. With improved marking and dealing with long balls over the top promised in FM21 hopefully the issues with being overloaded on the wings and being caught by long balls will help make the 343 Diamond more viable.
  5. Might mean nothing but on FM Blog it says the Steam code will be released on Beta release day if you purchase a pre order. I've received my steam code...
  6. PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE release the Beta we could do with some good news this year.
  7. Hi. is my current laptop suitable to run FM21? Specs are below; GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 8 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx RAM: 8GB Thanks
  8. As a follow up to my last post, I hope I have found a workable solution to the issue of being outnumbered on the flanks while having a diamond in midfield and it's about using IWB's on attack. I have uploaded some match screenshots which demonstrate this. My initial tactic is below and in further posts I will offer a more detailed explanation of my roles and duties. GD DC DC DC IWB DM IWB W AM W CF Screenshots A 334 shape in attack Diamond in build up Second diamond midfield example 3rd and final example of the d
  9. The biggest issue I've encountered when experimenting with Ozil's diamond and variants is being outnumbered in defence against 433/4231 formations and being heavily exposed on the wings. If there was a sure fire way to counteract this issue then this tactic would be my absolute favourite! I've tried setting CM's to mark opp. Wingers but this doesn't happen consistently.
  10. I'll be following this with interest. Always love keeping up to date with Cruyff 343 diamond threads!
  11. Here's my 442 I'm using with a fictional London City steam workshop team with a squad full of wonderkids. Currently in Vanarama League South. Mentality - Positive Team Instructions Wide and Slighly higher tempo (part of mentaliy.) Higher DL Distribute to FBs Tactics AF(a) DLF(s) WM(s) CM(s) CM(d) WM(a) FB(a) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) GK(d) I am storming an admittedly easy league with the caveat of having a relatively strong team. 14 games won. 1 draw so far.
  12. Does it make sense (conceptually) at least if I select Counter Press TI and then set my LOE and DL to "Lower?" My reasoning being that as soon as a team loses the ball they will immediately press the opposition to regain the ball. If they fail to win the ball they will drop back to the Out of Possession Instructions.
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