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  1. Love this thread! Do you know where I could download the dream team players?
  2. In FM19 If I use a player in the DM-C strata will the defensive line drop slightly deeper as in previous versions?
  3. If I selected Counter Press and lower defensive line and lower line of engagement will the team fall back into defensive positions if the press is unsuccessful.
  4. I've found that if you want to play a posession based style of play that you only really need the following instructions. I've found there are the "core" ones. In Possession Shorter Passing Be more Expressive In Transition Counter-Press Counter Distribute to Centre Backs Out of Posession Pressing Intensity - More Urgent You don't stifle your players that way! And I'm seeing orgasmic approach play.
  5. You can select a wingback role in the FB strata so my guess would be that a wingback on attack is more attacking than a FB on Attack as they have to perform winger duties on top of defensive duties.
  6. Is there an updated Manchester United 99 team database for FM19?
  7. Is it possible to convert an FM18 save game and play it in FM19?
  8. I've decided to have a go at creating a tactic based on how England played under Sven Goran-Eriksson from 2001-2006. Above all I want this to be a discussion and to receive ideas about how and what to change etc. The Formation Standard 442 - They rarely budged from this shape except to try 4141 occasionally. http://imgur.com/BHVQHd6 In Possession -Slightly More Direct Passing (the team looked to play forward most of the time to Beckham to swing in those crosses or for Heskey to nod down to his partner.) -Pass into Space (again related to above. They always looked to explore Owen's pace in behind.) -Higher Tempo (running about for the full 90 minutes trying to unsettle the opposition.) -Play Wider (regularly looked to Beckham in attack) In Transition -Counter Press (Looked to win back the ball) -Counter - (Liked a quick direct counter attack) Take Long Kicks (The keepers (James, Robinson etc. generally hoofed it long) Out of Posession I've left it blank here as I'm unsure really how they behaved in defence considering they switched between attacking and tightening up. No PI's o'r OI's. Thanks for reading!
  9. When I select it from the news item it just says 'the groundsman has not altered the pitch size.' Or something along those lines.
  10. Barcelona. Trying to change to minimum allowed. Believe it's standard atm.
  11. A similar question. I have donwloaded a steam player database. It includes Iniesta. Whenever I import it loses all data on him and he doesn't appear IG?
  12. How do I ensure that Steam workshop files I have subscribed to appear as a local file? As I want to import to FM19
  13. You can't. Shape is now a label depending on the duties you use.
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