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  1. Counter press and a very high block seem to be very similar. If I took counter press off and played very high LOE and very high defensive line would the effect in game be the same?
  2. Hi Smurf What is your option on this laptop? My budget is £500-£800. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/asus-tuf-fx705dy-17-3-amd-ryzen-5-rx-560x-gaming-laptop-1-tb-hdd-128-gb-ssd-10189231-pdt.html
  3. With mentality and passing, would shorter passing on anything below 'balanced' be more likely to pass short in their own half as opposed to mentalities above balanced where they might be more likely to pass short up the field?
  4. I have one Nations League 3-0 against Portugal with a 4321.
  5. Thanks for the advice I've gone with a 4321, 4231 and 4123 to utilise the midfield players more that IRL! Instructions Mentality - Balanced Play out of defence Shorter passing Lower tempo --- Counter press Distribute to FBs+CB's Roll Ball Out Low Crosses --- Higher defensive line Much Lower LOE More urgent pressing Use offside trap
  6. Between 2002-2010 the England National Team played 442 which many think is one reason behind their perceived underachievement on the international stage. What formation would you have used to bring out the best of these players? What players would you have taken to tournaments? How would you set this up in FM? The players - Edit: I have the 2003/04 FM19 DB.
  7. Great post. One thing that bugs me though is Southgate's pressing. He had been banging on and on about pressing and winning the ball high up the pitch. But does that actually happen? When I watch England they usually fall back and press from there. I don't see that much of an intensive, " radical" press. Perhaps we can clear this up, how DO England press as it's not very clear to me tbh.
  8. Love this thread! Do you know where I could download the dream team players?
  9. In FM19 If I use a player in the DM-C strata will the defensive line drop slightly deeper as in previous versions?
  10. If I selected Counter Press and lower defensive line and lower line of engagement will the team fall back into defensive positions if the press is unsuccessful.
  11. I've found that if you want to play a posession based style of play that you only really need the following instructions. I've found there are the "core" ones. In Possession Shorter Passing Be more Expressive In Transition Counter-Press Counter Distribute to Centre Backs Out of Posession Pressing Intensity - More Urgent You don't stifle your players that way! And I'm seeing orgasmic approach play.
  12. You can select a wingback role in the FB strata so my guess would be that a wingback on attack is more attacking than a FB on Attack as they have to perform winger duties on top of defensive duties.
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