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  1. End of the 2037 Season We had a huge gap after the normal league ended! For some reason we're really struggling with Riteriai, and lost three out of the four games against them in the league... That was the only three games we lost... The gap was so big that we actually won the league before the Campions Playoff, making it two in a row for us! We should have won the Lithuanian Cup as well, but lost it against a team from the tier below us. They won the league with a nice 15 point gap, but still... The main reason we lost this game was that we only 14 availabe players in total! The game took place in a international break, and most of our players were gone. PoTS Aidas Baranauskas had an amazing season, and deserved to win this. But I'm a bit surprised that he won it with this much. https://i.gyazo.com/d3616e27de6717fb620cfce5eaa17157.p Best XI 2037 Best Overall XI Robertas Paulauskas (YP08j) will most likely be our most capped player at the end of next season.
  2. Youth Intake 2037 Looks like another great striker prospect has come through our youth academy! And the CB does not look that bad either! Other than those two, there's not much to write home about.
  3. Gariunai In Europe 2037/2038 pt.1 We won the league last year, that means we go straight in to the Champions League group stages! This is a decent group for us, and I believe a second place could be possible. The last team is Dinamo Moscow. Other Lithuanian teams in Europe FK Suduva Marijampole A hard group for Suduva in the Euro Cup. FK Atlantas Klaipeda And this is a very hard Euro Cup II group! FK Kauno Zalgiris FK Zalgiris Vilnius
  4. That is more players in the senior national team than we've ever had!
  5. Getting some seriously big offers for players now! *EDIT* Not giving up. *Another Edit* They came in with another offer. If they keep this up, the board will accept soon...
  6. Well, after I made that update they sacked their manager and won four our of five games. So they are doing better!
  7. This is by far the biggest club that has shown interest in me.
  8. Mid Season 2037 It has been a very good start to the season, and we're sitting comfortbaly at the top of the table. We've had one really bad game though, and that was against Riteriai. They had two shots in total and we had 28! The biggest surprise in the league so far has to be that Zalgiris currently sits bottom, and looks like they might get relegated! Best player so far is Aidas Baranauskas (YP12f). He has an avg rating of 8.18 in the league! Youth Intake Preview The first time in a few years we don't have the "Golden Generation" tag. But again, this looks like a decent youth intake.
  9. Wow, I missed this last year, and I did not know we were that far up in the ranking!
  10. Gariunai In Europe 2036/2037 pt.3 After finishing second in the group stages of the Europa League we faced Molde in the first knockout round. The first game was amazing, and we won it 6-1! I was a bit too confident going in to the second game, and changed a lot of players. It was not a good idea, and we lost the game 0-3. But we were still through to the next round. There we faced Rennes. After two very close games, we were the team that won it all! Rennes might not be too happy with their strikers, as they had some golden opportunities to score more goals in both games. In the Quarter Finals we faced Athletico Madrid. The firs game was a lot closer than expected, and even though we lost it it could have gone both ways. The second game should have been a walk in the park for A. Madrid, but our GK was amazing, and finished the game with a 9.4 rating! It did not matter in the end tough, we still lost the tie. But I'm happy with our performance!
  11. A new record for the team, with seven players called up to the senior national team! The most surprising player is Darius Romanovs (YP11d), he's barely good enough to be on the bench for us at the moment.
  12. Pre Season 2037 A lot of good games this pre season. The game we lost 0-7 I had to send out only U19 players, as we had our first game of the Europa League against Molde two days after this. Hopefully we will clinch the title this year as well! Squad The value of some of our players have really gone up over the last year! Key Players
  13. F**king hell, I thought we were over this so far in to the save. We're doing extremely well in terms of finances... That being said, it is a good offer! *EDIT* He actually declined the contract offer!
  14. Gariunai in Europe 2036/2037 pt.2 The most surprising thing in this group is that Rostov ended last. I thought Craiova would be the worst team. Well, we lost one game against Rostov, and won both against Craiova. With us finishing second in the group, we got through to the next round, there we face Molde. Three norwegian teams in the first knock out round! Other Lithuanian teams in Europe. Atlantas. They got one more point than I expected. Last placed of course. Next year it is our turn in the big league! FK Zalgiris Vilnius. Finished third in their ECII group, and did not make it to the next round.
  15. A season to remember! I thought we could perhaps fight all the way to the end for the league win, but winning it with 21 points was a bit unexpected!
  16. End of the 2036 Season This was an almost perfect season! Only three games lost in the normal league, and a massive lead going in to the champions playoff. Atlantas was on our backs the entire first half of the season, but after they got a place in the CL group stages their form was horrible. Just take a look at this. The first game of the champions playoff we had a bit of an injury crisis, and only had three players on the bench! But we still managed to win the league with 21 points more than the second place. That was our first league win, and hopefully there is lot more to come! Not only did we win the league, but we won the Lithuanian Cup and the Supercup as well. Our first treble! PoTS Aidas Baranauskas (YP12f) won the Fans PoTS, but in my opinion Tomas Stankevicius (YP14f) deserved to win it this year. His main problem is his stability. Sometimes he goes three-four games without scoring a goal, the comes back with a bang and scores four in a single match! Best XI 2036 Best Overall XI
  17. That is my plan! But in the youth intake preview the first thing that is highlighted is the "healthy number of new full-backs", and we only got three. I know that it does not say that any of them would be good, but it gave me a bit of hope :P
  18. Just going to post this before the season review. Let's just say we had a pretty good season...
  19. Youth Intake 2036 We get two very good talents at the CB position this youth intake, and one of the them is from Kazakhstan! But where is the fullbacks I was promised? Both of these players looks like decent talents, but in my opinion (YP18c) looks better.
  20. Gariunai in Europe 2036/2037 pt.1 Second try at the Champions League, the first time we got knocked out of the third qual round. Could we do better this season? First up was Brøndby IF from Denmark. We had an incredible firs game, and should have scored more goals. The second game was a lot tighter, and in the end we lost that one. But it did not matter as we won the first game 4-1 Next up, Spartak Moscow! I have no idea how we won the first game to be honest. The first half was good on our part, but we got the absolutely smashed in the second half of the game, and we were lucky not to concede more than two goals. But still, a win is a win. The second game we were much better, and ended up winning the game 3-1! That means we're through to the next round, and only two games from a Champions League group stages place! The team we faced for that was S.S. Lazio. And this was were it ended this season. We lost both games, but in the end it wasnt that bad in my opinion. But even though we got knocked out of the Champions League, we have a place in the Europa League group stages. We get a decent group, and the second place should be a possibility. Other Lithuanian teams in Europe. Because of the massive rise of the Lithuanian league, we now have a team in the CL group stages! Atlantas If they get a point from this group they should be happy. FK Zalgiris Vilnius Zalgiris Vilnius gets a really hard group in the ECII. FK Kauno Zalgiris FK Suduva Marijampole
  21. Mid Season 2036 Almost perfect! This is by far the best season so far, and we're sitting first at the midway point of the season. There is only one point down to Atlantas however, and we have to keep this up if we want to stay in this position. Tomas Stankevicius (YP14f) has been our best player without a doubt. Scoring 14 goals in 14 matches so far, and even added a few assists in there. Youth Intake Preview Looks like another great youth intake! Hopefully the preview of the full backs is true, as that is the main problem of the team at the moment.
  22. Thank you! Yes, I think it's a good addition to the European Cups.
  23. Gariunai In Europe 2035/36 pt.3 We finished third in our EC Group, and that meant we still had a chance in the ECII knockout stages. The first team we faced there was Cercle Brugge from Belgium. A team that had very similar players to us. And it was two close games, but it end we were the team that won the tie! I even gave Almantas Cesnauskis (YP17a) a start in the second game, and he answered with a goal! Next up, Trabzonspor A.Ş from Turkey. I thought we would have really big problems with this team. But even though we lost the second game (we should have won by the way), we had a very good first game, and that made us get to the next round. Next we faced was Napoli! The hardest team we could get a this stage I think. Even though the first game ended in a draw we should have lost that by a much bigger margin! The second game ended 0-2, even if it was a bit closer game, and we got knocked out. I noticed one thing in the first game against them. My best CB is 198cm tall (around 6'6 I think). And he was noticable smaller than their main striker, Adrian Gyllenberg. He's a giant! He is one of, if not the biggest player I have seen in a FM game. Especially with that quality. FK Zalgiris Vilnius had a very good run as well, and got as far as us in the knockout stages.
  24. Pre Season 2036 I'm not happy with our friendlies this season. The odds are getting better and better in our favour. Best XI GK RB - CB - CB - LB RM - CM - CM - LM ST - ST The only position I have a decent cover for is the CM spot. With this guy likely taking the starting place from Mantas Gasiunas soon. He played a lot of games last season, but he was very inconsistent. Squad
  25. Gariunai In Europe 2035/2036 pt.2 Well, this went much better than expected! I was prepared for some really bad results, especially against Atletico Madrid and Monaco, but we managed to keep the games close all the way to the end. We should even have won the 3-3 game. Zalgiris finished third as well. Even if we got knocked out of the EC, we're still in the ECII.
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