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  1. I have really screwed up this save. A couple of days ago I loaded up a 10th tier save from Norway, and wanted to just holiday a few years in to the future. Somehow I managed to click my Montferland save when you can name your save. And after holidaying for 5-6 seasons, all of the saves I had for Montferland had been saved over with the norwegian league save... So that is the end of this...
  2. Champions League 2035/2036 We faced two teams we had no problems with, and managed to get in to the Champions League Group Stages for the first time! I rotated the team a lot in the second game against FC København, and lost that game. We got a very tough group! Milan have won Serie A three times in a row, Dortmund have won the Bundesliga two times the last six years and OL has finished second behind PSG the last few years. The last team of the group stages is Feyenoord.
  3. August 2035 A goodstart to the season with two wins in the league and winning the Super Cup as well!
  4. There goes our starting GK. He had a release fee, and Hertha decided to use it. Our new starter GK is actually just as good, but has bigger potential, so this transfer does not bother me the slightest!
  5. He looks like a good prospect! If only he had stayed at the club.
  6. Pre Season 2035/2036 We had a few good games in this pre season. Squad I might try to sell Eric Hall this season, as he only has two years left of his contract, and I should cash in on him. Starting XI GK RB - CB - CB - LB RW - CM - CM - LW ST - ST This is a lot higher than I was anticipating before the season! The finances are looking better and better.
  7. End of the 2034/2035 Season We end our fourth season in the Eredivisie as bronze winners! PSV had a bad run of games and we managed to brab it from them. That means that we have a shot at the Champions League next season! If we only could have scored the goals needed in those games we drew in February/March, we could have been second. We're still outscoring all the teams in the league. Dutch Cup But we actually managed to win the Dutch Cup this year! It was an amazing finale, and we won it 7-3 in the end. Reynir Hreiðarsson (YP05a) had another a
  8. April/May 2035 We end the season in the third place, the highest we've ever been!
  9. Youth Intake 2035 Well, that is crap... The two top players are decent talents, but they have bad personalities.
  10. January/February/March 2035 We started the new year three wins. After that we really struggled to score the goals we needed to win, and we lost a lot of points. We're still in the top four. Europa League 2034/2035 After we managed a decent draw in the away game we lost in the game. We missed five of the starters in that game, I think that we had won the game if they had played.
  11. Europa League 2034/2035 We started the group stage with an amazing 9-1 win against Olympiakos! We lost both games against Stuttgart, but still finished second in the group, and got through to the knock-out stages.
  12. November/December 2034 We had two good months in november/december, and won six out of eight games. We're actually only four points behind Ajax, the leaders.
  13. September/October 2034 It's incredible how unconsistent we can be. From a 0-5 defeat to 6-0 win in just eight days. The worst, or best, part is that the team we beat 6-0 is above us in the league table. We're right where we want to be. If we finish higher I'll be happy though.
  14. I think this group is a lot tougher than our last group. Atlético Pamplona is the last team.
  15. August 2034 A good start to the season! And a lot of goals. The biggest surprise so far might be that Sparta Rotterdam is currently top of the league.
  16. Pre Season 2034/2035 A decent pre season, with a lot of goals! CSV started as a 6th tier team, and now play in the second tier, so their journey has been similar to ours. Squad Outside of our starting XI, we don't any good players. Other than in the GK position that is! We really need a left back soon. Starting XI GK RB - CB - CB - LB RW - CM - CM - LW ST - ST We're not predicted at the bottom! The finances is looking good!
  17. Reynir Hreiðarsson (YP05a) was picked in the Europa League best XI. The only player not from the two teams that reached the finale!
  18. Oh yes! We will still have a pretty small stadium compared to a lot of teams in the league, but it is more than three times bigger than our current one!
  19. End of the 2033/2034 Season For the second season in a row we finish in the fourth position, and I am very happy with that! We ended the season with 63 points, three less than last season. We scored 17 goals less than last season as well, but on the other hand we conceded 11 more goals the season before. PSV had an amazing season and won the season with 21 points and a goal difference of 65! Eric hall was not as good as he was last season, but thankfully Reynir overperformed this year! Fans' PotS Eric Hall was vot
  20. April/May 2034 We ended the season with a decent run of games, and finished 4th. PSV had amazing season!
  21. Youth Intake 2034 For the first time ever we don't get a player with 5* potential ability. No wonder, as our best player at the club, Eric Hall now is considered a Wonderkid! One thing I have noticed is that the players that come in through the youth intake now is 15-16 years old. At the start of the save all of them were 16-17. I don't know if this happened when we turned pro, or if it's when we got the highest possible youth coaching and recruitment. Should be a good backup to our best center-backs. Good personality as well. Another good opti
  22. January/February/March 2034 Even though we haven't been our best of late we're still punching above our weight to be honest. And we're still 4th! Ajax Knocked us out of the Dutch Cup. And Real Madrid did the same in the Europa League. Not really a surprise, was it? We scored three goals against them though, an achievement we can be proud of!
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