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  1. Marchamalo - Youth Intake - April 2027 This is now a third poor intake in a row despite it being a "golden generation". At least the HOYD influenced some positive personalities and we have some non-Spanish players, but it's tough not having any players with 5 star PA (or even 4 star) for yet another season. Santiago García (27b) should develop into a first team player eventually with a Professional personality. Well-round, if below average, now, but has the potential to grow. More excited that we got a Chinese prospect in Zeng Tao (27c), but he also has potential to b
  2. Starting the season off well, is this the year things finally come together? Of course even winning the league does not even guarantee promotion.
  3. Marchamalo - End of Season - June 2026 Starting to see real signs of improvement. Some of the youth players have grown into players actually suited for this league. Only issue is that our stars refuse to sign new deals. Coupled with the lack of talent in the past two intakes, our window of opportunity is narrowing to win promotion and hopefully convince those players to stay. An inconsistent season in all, but we were able to compete in every match. Historically there were certain ties where we got played out of the stadium, but we had more chances this time around. Only two
  4. Marchamalo - Youth Intake - April 2026 Unfortunately, this is our second underwhelming intake in a row. Usually with these types of saves, there are plenty of 5 start PA prospects at the lower levels, but not all of them develop fully. This time, we've had a couple of poor intakes to the point where my HOYD has one more year before his contract will be revisited. Alberto Balaguer (26b) is the prospect to highlight if I had to choose one. Above average acceleration and crossing gives him the best shot to succeed, even if he is wrong footed for a winger.
  5. Marchamalo - End of Season - June 2025 (Only one season left of rapid updates before I catch up to where my save file is at the moment) This was a weird season. Finished in 13th, eight points clear of the drop, but had a less consistent string of performances. I continued to give the youth a run in the first team at the expense of veterans who are slowly being released. The amount of academy products making double digit appearances increased from nine to fourteen, with ten of those starting over half the league matches. Slashing the payroll allowed us to recover some of
  6. Marchamalo - Youth Intake - April 2025 Pretty terrible intake, the players with the seven highest PA include five Unambitious, one Fickle, and one Temperamental talents. Nelson Caballero (25a) is the best of a bad bunch. With 10 finishing and 14/13 acceleration/pace, he should function as a backup striker in the future.
  7. Marchamalo - End of Season - June 2024 Another tough season in which we barely survived relegation. Started the season unbeaten in five matches, but with four draws. Towards the end of the season, we played four consecutive 0-1 losses before taking six points from our final five matches to beat the drop. Hopefully another year will allow our youth to develop a bit more. Nine academy graduates made double digit appearance this season. Only lost about 20,000 pounds over the course of the year, so the finances are beginning to stabilize. Although having enough money to u
  8. Marchamalo - Youth Intake - April 2024 This intake seemingly answered all of my prayers about needing attacking players; it even provided multiple with CA high enough to start from day 1. The HOYD is absolutely incredible, directly influencing two Professional talents. In total, we got 2 Professional and 3 Fairly Professional. Carlos Alberto (24a) will start immediately. His CA and PA are the clear strengths since he unfortunately has an Unambitious personality and stands at a measly 5'5". We need strikers badly though, so I'm happy to get one through. Exciting to get
  9. Marchamalo - End of Season - June 2023 Last year the board wanted a top half finish, thankfully this year they were content with avoiding a relegation battle. Regardless, we still got partially tied up in that battle. Job security is thin at the moment, but finally the board gave up on the club vision to "sign young players for the first team." Finished 14th place in the league, six points ahead of relegation. We are really struggling to score goals, so an attacking focused intake next year would go a long way. Although the intakes in Spain are at the end of April, meaning we
  10. Marchamalo - Youth Intake - April 2023 Branded as a 'golden generation', I had high hopes for this. Unsure whether it is overall better than last year however. The HOYD did great work once again, directly influencing one Fairly Professional and one Professional talent. Unfortunately, the latter does not have very high PA currently. Overall 1 Resilient, 1 Driven, 1 Professional, 3 Fairly Professional is a good haul. Pedro (23a) is the pick of the bunch in terms of PA. I like the Resilient personality, although it does not reveal his professionality at all. Will train him as a
  11. Marchamalo - End of Season - June 2022 First season in the books was relatively successful. When arriving, the club employed no staff and all the players were on amateur contracts despite our club having turned Pro. We only had a squad of 22, so I signed everyone, leaving the task of filtering out dead weight to next summer. Two players chose to leave rather than sign professional deals with the club, and one I let go in January. Finished 6th place in the league due mainly to winning 7 out of our first 8 matches, since we only won 8 out of 26 to close the season. We did not pa
  12. Marchamalo - Youth Intake - April 2022 Currently, we have no regens in the club, nor any players in the U19 squad. I hired Óscar Álvarez as HOYD earlier in the year. While he did not manage to bring any Model Professionals into the intake, there are four Fairly Professional personalities, three of which have high PA. My HOYD singled out Santiago Catalán (22b) as the player to watch from this intake. At 5'11" and with potential to increase physicals, Santiago looks to be a future starter in the AM (C) spot. Mentals including teamwork, determination, and leadership are al
  13. Been over 2 years and multiple FMs since I've given this challenge a go, so time to start in Spain with Marchamalo.
  14. Gato's Great Managerial Gamble Porto B - 2024-25 I landed on my feet quickly, and took a job with Porto's B side in the second division of Portugal. Managing a B side puts me in an interesting position as I can't get promoted nor sign players, but I felt like this job could eventually lead to the main Porto job or another first division Portuguese job. I came in with half of the season remaining and a goal to fight against relegation. Luckily a couple of away wins in our final 3 matches saw us avoid the drop by a single point. A fall from grace for Portimonense to fall to
  15. Gato's Great Managerial Gamble Tianjin - 2024 This was supposed to be the season of success in Asia but, after a decent start, the team lost its goalscoring form and we limped across the finish line. The board issued an ultimatum of 11 points in 5 matches for the beginning of next season, but I decided to let my contract expire instead. That decision was also backed by our finances being 5 million in the red. Chinese Super League - Ended up in a disappointing 6th. FA Cup - Lost in the semis in our run of bad form. Champions League - Threw away a first leg w
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