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  1. Gato's Great Managerial Gamble Porto B - 2024-25 I landed on my feet quickly, and took a job with Porto's B side in the second division of Portugal. Managing a B side puts me in an interesting position as I can't get promoted nor sign players, but I felt like this job could eventually lead to the main Porto job or another first division Portuguese job. I came in with half of the season remaining and a goal to fight against relegation. Luckily a couple of away wins in our final 3 matches saw us avoid the drop by a single point. A fall from grace for Portimonense to fall to
  2. Gato's Great Managerial Gamble Tianjin - 2024 This was supposed to be the season of success in Asia but, after a decent start, the team lost its goalscoring form and we limped across the finish line. The board issued an ultimatum of 11 points in 5 matches for the beginning of next season, but I decided to let my contract expire instead. That decision was also backed by our finances being 5 million in the red. Chinese Super League - Ended up in a disappointing 6th. FA Cup - Lost in the semis in our run of bad form. Champions League - Threw away a first leg w
  3. Gato's Great Managerial Gamble Tianjin - 2023 Halfway through the Hong Kong season, a job opened up in China and I ended up at Tianjin. Their league runs by calendar years so I was able to make some transfers before the season started and got rid of some high earning foreign players. You can only have 3 foreign players in the match day squad, so I had to be picky. Very successful year, only finishing 2 points off the league title when we were predicted mid-table. Won the FA Cup as well. The plan is to see how far we get in the Champions League next year and take it from t
  4. Gato's Great Managerial Gamble Kitchee - 2021/22 A couple more foreign player signings pushed us over the top and we thoroughly dominated the league, only losing to Eastern who slipped up elsewhere. For now, the plan is to stay with Kitchee until a job opens up. We aren't quite at the reputation to get hired for the second tier in Spain or Portugal. There's no chance Kitchee can win the Champions League against the money of the Korean and Chinese sides. Hong Kong Premier League - Only conceded 6 goals all season. Senior Shield - Beat Eastern 3-0 in the first rou
  5. Gato's Great Managerial Gamble Kitchee - 2020/21 I eventually took a job with Kitchee, since they are traditionally a strong side in Hong Kong. It's a step backwards in terms of pay, but had a higher chance at trophies. We made a few decent signings and had a successful year, unfortunately Eastern went undefeated on their path to the league title. We managed to defeat them in the finals of one of the cups, so we at least got a trophy. Hong Kong Premier League - Decent season, but Eastern were unstoppable. Senior Shield - Not a good performance. FA Cup - Ou
  6. Gato's Great Managerial Gamble Eldense - 2019/20 None of my players at Geylang had their contracts running out at the end of the year, so I couldn't change my squad at all since nobody would buy them either. Halfway through the season, I took a job in the Spanish 3rd division and had an entire preseason to build my squad. Board wanted to fight against relegation, but halfway through the season we were sitting in 2nd position. I then changed the expectations to a top half finish. We then proceeded to fall apart and have a terrible second half, finishing 12th out of 20 team
  7. Gato's Great Managerial Gamble Geylang - 2018 Played 3 matches to end the season and won 2 of them. We are 2k/week over the wage budget, so a culling will be needed going into next season. Singaporean Premier League - In 3 games, got nearly 30% of our season points total. League Cup - Before my time. Singapore Cup - Also before my time. Transfers - Not mine. Squad - Lots of dead weight and wages. Key Player Profiles: Fumiya Kogure - Looks good, but has been injured. Barry Maguire - Our 2 foreign players and central midfield looks
  8. It's been nearly 4 years and a whole new thread since I've last tried this challenge. Turned the South American and Asian leagues on plus Portugal and we'll see where I end up.
  9. Is it a mistake that Fininho has a domestic release clause of nothing? Surprised you still have him if that's the case.
  10. Brlenic looks real good. Shame you have to wait a few years to play him.
  11. I don't check in for a couple of days and you go from qualifying for Europe through the cup to winning the Europa League. That's more up to your speed
  12. Starting to snowball now with better facilities and better players. Keep it up!
  13. Congrats with the promotion and successful first season in the second tier! Have the good youth prospects from a few years ago started to reach the first team yet and have any of them been sold?
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